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Steel World, Part 2

This story was inspired by YOUR blog comments on previous posts, wanting a femdom tale with loving wives, and one with chastity belts.

Read the first "Steel World" chapter to know what's going on, and keep those comments coming if you want to see your ideas in story form.


"Gold or silver, gold or silver... it's so hard to choose what to wear on a night like this," Clara giggled, switching between two necklaces in front of the mirror and her husband. "You men are lucky you don't have to decide such things. You all get to wear the same jewelry every single day!"

Standing behind her, Ted blushed, nude except for his State-mandated steel chastity belt. "Clara! Please! Can't I get dressed now?!"

"Not just yet dear, I still need your opinion on a few more things," she chuckled, switching necklaces again. She turned to check out her reflection from different angles. "You really think this dress looks okay on me?"

Ted swallowed. The tight black number hugged her ass like a second skin, exposed all of her sexy back and the top half of her firm cleavage- just glancing at it made his cage tighten! "Yes."

"How about the stockings? These are the extra silky ones we bought in Paris. Not too old-fashioned looking?"

He grunted, pulling down on his belt. "No. They're good."

Clara smiled and leaned forward to touch up her lipstick as she talked. "And the five inch stilettos? I know you always say they're too suggestive to wear in public, but I figured, special occasion, right?"

Clara knew he had a foot fetish and that he loved those heels, why was she asking! Ted couldn't even look! "They're fine!"

"Fine!" she cried, turning to face him with hands on her hips. "Fine!"

"No!" he gulped. "They look great!"

"Ted Roberts! You're not even looking!  I don't sweat buckets at the gym every day for fine!"

"Your legs look fucking amazing in those shoes!" he cried, opening his eyes and pulling on his belt to get even a little relief from the pressure. "God, Clara, can I stop!? It hurts!"

"Of course dear, I'm not trying to torture you," she giggled, letting him turn away. "I just wanted your honest opinion, that's all." She smiled as he groaned behind her, holding his swollen balls. "So you really think I look sexy?"

"Of course!"

"Even sexier than when we got married?"

He didn't have to think for a second. "Yes! I hadn't been locked away thirty days without cumming then!"

Clara turned, strutting over to him with a new-found confidence. Ted gulped- she looked as good as any Hollywood star dressed up for the red carpet!

"You know the Universal Locking Law is the best thing that ever happened to our marriage, don't you dear?" she giggled, inches from him. She pushed his resisting hands away from his crotch and massaged around the belt to soothe the ache. "How many husbands find their wives more desirable after fifteen years of marriage than after one?"

Ted groaned as her fingers made one ache lessen, while making another one grow. "Lucky ones?"

She looked into his eyes as she knelt before him. "Damn right."

And then his balls were in her mouth.

"Ahhhh! FUCK!" he cried as her tongue lathered his shaved, swollen blue balls with attention. "Clara! Oh god!"

She redoubled her assault, her hot mouth taking all of his cage she could, her nimble tongue trying to push between the bars to meet the surging cock trying to explode out and reach her.

"I love you like this," she growled between sucks. "I love feeling your huge cock fighting to get out of its tiny cage-"

"Oh fuck-"

"I love how much how it much makes you need me," she panted, her tongue trying to snake around his steel ring- "And most of all, I love how much it makes you desperate to throw me down and fuck me!"

"Then let me out!" he screamed as his wife licked and sucked all around his throbbing cage.

And then her mouth was gone.

"You know I can't," Clara giggled, standing up and straightening her dress, what little of it there was. "You know, I think I'll go with the silver tonight, to match that little number you're wearing." She winked at her husband, who was red faced and trying to catch his breath on the bed. "After all, it's not every day we go on a double date with your new keyholding mistress."


"I really wish you hadn't given Kate my key!" Ted groaned for the hundredth time as he parked their car in front of Kate and Frank's mansion. "It's not right for her to have it!"

"It's just a little fun between girlfriends," Clara giggled. "She's my best friend, and now you two will be so much closer! And I've got Frank's only key too, so it's balanced."

"How is that balanced?" he demanded, opening his door. "Neither of you have any incentive to unlock your friend's husband, ever!"

"We'll see tonight, won't we dear?" Clara laughed, just waiting in her seat. Ted got the message and hurried around to open her car door for her. "God, that cage is magical," she chuckled, and let him catch a glimpse of her panties as she stepped out of the low sports car.

"I hate it when you do that," he grunted, discretely adjusting his chastity belt through his suit pants.

"You love it when I do that," she giggled back, taking his arm as he led her to the front door. "Hmmm. I wonder if Frank will love it too?"

Ted stopped in his tracks, stopping her as well. "Clara! You can't let him!"

"What?" she grinned. "Open doors for me?"

"Let him- " Ted looked around, then whispered, "-see your panties!"

"Oh? You're putting restrictions on me now?" Clara laughed, fingering the key hanging on the silver necklace above her cleavage. "Should I put restrictions on what Kate can do for you? She's not going to be a very fun keyholder if you two just sit around discussing the weather each week."

He was at a loss. "But... I don't want Frank and you...to..."

"Looks like someone's got a hard decision to make," Clara giggled, pulling her husband towards the house again.

The man that answered the door was ten years older than Ted, taller but with less muscles even though he stayed trim. And he had a debonair, almost James Bond-air sometimes.

"Hello my dear Clara," Frank said. "You are looking absolutely ravishing tonight. Those dress and heels look decended from Versace himself, although you wear them better than his models ever did."

"Oh! Thank you for the compliment!" Clara giggled, extending a hand for him to kiss and rub with his thumb. She turned a raised eyebrow to her husband. "Given without prompting, I might add."

"Hey-" Ted started, but Frank pulled her inside like a prince leading Cinderella to the ball.

Ted fumed as he watched his competition show his wife around. Frank had a hand on the small of her back- the naked small of her back- but it was done so naturally that Ted couldn't object without looking like an ass!

Wait until I get my shot at your wife, Ted thought. I've wanted to lick between her golden thighs forever and she'll never see you the same after that! Ted adjusted his belt again as he imagined tasting a new woman. He had never gone down on a woman before his marriage, but Clara had certainly turned that around! Especially after the Universal Locking Law! No one's as good as me down there- Kate will be writhing to let me out!

The woman in question descended down the stairs a minute later, while Frank was making Clara a stiff drink. Ted grinned and licked his lips.

Kate was a few years younger than even Clara. Before the ULL, the well-built blonde would have been called a trophy wife. But with all men in belts, the members of their country club had given her a new name: the Head Cocktease.

She would giggle and flirt with most men, but her tennis skirts seemed to be extra short on days when Ted would meet the girls for a game. She flashed him her panties every time she picked up a ball, and Clara had stopped inviting Kate to their golf foursomes because of how poor Ted's score was getting.

And today was no different: her light blue, nearly-transparent dress flowed like a cloud around her body and the leg slits showed her off from ankle to hip bone as she regally walked down the stairs, forcing both Ted and Frank's eyes to check for any evidence of panties.

There were none.

"Ted," she purred, extending a hand for him to kiss. "Thank you for coming. I've looked forward to this day ever since Clara handed over the key to your cock."

Ted froze mid-kiss. He hadn't expected her to get right to it! "I, uh.. me too!"

Clara cried out behind him, her spiked drink half empty already. "Really!"

"No, I just meant that-"

"I know what you meant," she said, then drained her glass. "Another for the road, Frank."

"Gladly," the man purred, mixing the liquor heavy.

"Hey!" Ted protested. "Honey, you told me it was okay to look! You said she loved teasing me extra hard!"

"Oh, is that what Clara told you?" Kate laughed, pulling on a stole. She smiled and tossed her hair at the other man. "Ted honey, I haven't even started teasing you yet!"

Ted gulped, trapped between the two women in his life. "No, I meant-"

The patio door flew open and a teenager ran inside. She was nude and dripping wet head to toe, with curly blond hair like Kate's on her head, but absolutely none on her bald pussy, where Ted's eyes immediately went before he forced his gaze away.

"Mom! Leave already! My boyfriends will be over any minute!"

Kate laughed and turned Ted so that he had to look directly at the nude, wet young woman impatiently tapping her bare foot as she dripped onto the hardwood. "Ted, may I present my daughter, Angela? You haven't seen her in a few years, I think."

Ted swallowed, trying not to look at the eighteen-year-old's gravity-defying tits, or her smooth pussy lips, or her feet, or anywhere! "Hello," he croaked.

"Hey Mr. Roberts, hey Aunt Clara," the girl said quickly, then turned back to her mother. Ted looked in the hallway mirror to see the globes of her perfectly pert teenage ass. "Mom! Get out of here! You're going to embarass me when the boys come over!"

"I suppose we should get going," Kate laughed, picking up her purse. "Angela's hosting a boy-girl swim party tonight and I guess us stuffy old people would cramp her style."

"Finally! Gawd!" the girl cried as the couples went out the front door. Ted heard her bare feet running towards the backyard then a big splash as she dove into the pool. And then the laughter of multiple teenage girls.

"Shouldn't she need a swim suit for a co-ed swim party?" Clara giggled, needing to pull Ted's arm to make him match her pace out the door.

Kate laughed as Frank led the group towards their touring car. "Oh, I've talked to all the boys' mothers and made sure all their keys will safely stay at home! That's the rule the girls and I have, and lets them feel a little more... free with their attire?" She turned to her husband. "Angela turned eighteen the same day the Locking Law passed, and she's hardly worn a bathing suit at home since then, hasn't she dear?"

For the first time, Frank's stiff upper lip broke, just a little. "I don't believe so. No."

"Oh well, girls will be girls!" Kate giggled as Frank opened the back door for her. And before Ted could get to it, Frank opened the passenger door for Clara as well!  The bastard!

"Thank you," Clara said. "And boys still come to those parties? Even knowing how tight their belts will get?"

Kate relaxed, slowly crossing her long legs in front of Ted so that her dress showed most of them. "You've seen her, Ted. Wouldn't you?"

Frank closed her door and Ted scrambled into the last place, in the rear seat. His wife was staring at him from the front, Kate smirking at him from the side! Ted gulped, caught between two women in his life! "No!"

Kate laughed and stroked the key hanging between her breasts, Ted's key. "Liar." She snapped her fingers at her husband. "Now, Driver! Let's go! I'm famished!" Then she hooked Ted's trembling arm and laughed. "And not just for food."


Dealbreaker Poll results

Okay, fine!  I get it!  You guys don't want sissy stuff in your femdom books! 

The poll was overwhelming, 53% "no sissy stuff", to 21% "Nah I'm fine with it, if it's hot". 

Jeez!  I hear you already!  You just missed out on some hot SPU 2 scenes however...

I'll have a new poll up late January, when I think of something else I need to know from you all. 

Keep giving me your suggestions in the comments until then- if you've ever wanted to see a certain element tell me- it might inspire a story!

Too racy for an erotic book?

So in Sex Powers University 1, I included a bonus captioned image at each third of the book, just as an extra little bonus to break the text up and give some extra eye candy.

The first 40 or so folks that bought the book from Smashwords got to see the images, but then Smashwords told me they'd have to be removed, because they have a "no nudity" policy for images.  I knew they had one for covers (fine, non-customers, children and I guess impressionable farm animals can see book covers without trying), but for INSIDE an erotic book?

Anyway, two out of three images had to be pulled, but take a look at them below.  Do you think this one below would have added something right after all the boys had to spend their first night in the steel chastity belts?

I thought that one was cute and adorable, but it was the second girl's "tasteful buttcrack" that Smashwords objected to.

This one was after Troy finally got away from his mother after Mid-term Break:

That's just straight up side-boob, so it had to be pulled.  But I think it fit because she was an older lady like Troy's mother.

Anyway, I just wanted you late SPU purchasers to know what you missed, and I do plan to have similar, but safe-for-smashwords, images in SPU 2, to provide "stroke breaks" at random spots throughout the book.

I'm halfway through the first draft of Sex Powers University 2, so look for that to come out around Valentine's Day 2014!

P. F. Dee

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Your poll results, future plans, and deal breakers!

These are the results from the poll on what series I should continue next:

Gods at Eighteen: 42%
Sex Powers U: 33%
Normal world CFNM stories: 14%
Sissy Sort: 9%

This is good, since my plans are to write SPU 2 next, which is in the Gods at Eighteen universe, so that will satisfy 75% of the audience. 

Also, I won't feel bad about maybe never continuing the Sissy Sort series, which was written on a bit of a lark since I typically didn't like sissy stories.  (Unless I got real horny and they were done just right..) 

Which brings us to our next poll: like sissy stuff for me a year ago, what tag/theme would make you shy away from story you'd normally read?

I'm not going to include the obvious scat/blood/snuff, since that won't show up in SPU 2 anyway.  But I'm trying to see, as I sketch out the plot, what are the minefields.  Not to say they won't show up anyway if the story needs it, but maybe I won't dwell on it. 

Put any dealbreakers I missed in the comments, or use them to explain yourself!

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Steel World: a short scene, inspired by YOUR comments!

How many ideas from your comments on this blog can you find in the short scene below?

I count three!


"Ah, the end of another relaxing day," Clara sighed as her husband finished kissing and licking her post-orgasm pussy. She pushed his eager tongue away with a laugh. "It's okay honey! No need to go for three tonight!"

"Please Clara!" Ted cried, sitting up and grabbing his wife's legs. "Can't you unlock me just for tonight?!?"

She giggled, looking down at the small metal tube dangling between his thighs. Ted had been of average endowment when he had been Wild, his cock even bordering on large. But the chastity cage the State had locked him in was so tiny- it was practically dainty! How did all of him fit in there?

Ted always complained that the tube was too small, that it hurt at the slightest arousal, but Clara deferred to the government fitting technicians. After all, she thought, they were the professionals.

"Oh dear, you know I can't," she giggled, fingering the silver key that hung around her neck on a slim chain. The key and chain were dainty too- so fragile, yet holding so much power! She kissed his forehead, smelling her own juices on his face. "Just four or five more days, and then it won't look so bad."

"I don't care how it looks to the women in your tennis club!" he fumed, stomping to the dresser and picking up a handtowel from the stack, then wiping his face clean. "I need to get out of this damn cage!"

"You know the cage's wifi transmitter will go off as soon as I put the key in the lock! How would it look tomorrow morning when all the wives check the State webpage and our house is the only one that has a red X over it! After only ten days! Millie and Kate would never let me live it down!"

"But Clara! This hasn't been an average ten days!"

Clara smiled, looking at the dresser. "Yes. That stack of handtowels is getting pretty low. I've kept your tongue hard at work every night, haven't I?"

Ted blushed. "Yes. And every morning, too!"

"Sorry, I'm just going through a horny phase!" she giggled. "You'll do the laundry tomorrow, won't you dear? We wouldn't want you to run out of handtowels and have to sleep with my scent on your face all night."

He sighed. "I'll do a few loads in the morning."

Clara smiled, fingering the key around her neck. "I knew you would." She patted the bed. "Now, come here. Maybe I can at least make one part of you feel better." Ted sat next to her and she proceeded to rub the knots out of his muscular shoulders.

"So tense!" she giggled. "Could this have something to do with what happened at the gym today?"

"I still can't believe you did that!" Ted groaned. "Pulling me into the women's locker room after our yoga class!"

"Everyone needs to shower after hot yoga," Clara giggled, kneading his neck. "And now that all women know that all men are locked, why not have a little fun? All those hot co-eds who tease you with their bodies during class, now you finally got to see what's under their tight yoga pants!  Or not- who knew so many of them shaved their nethers bare!"

Ted groaned. "But you didn't let ME take off my clothes! Or the cage!"

"You really wanted to show this tiny cage off to the girls?" she laughed. "They'd think you were hung like my finger! No, it was better for you to shower over your shorts while ten nude women
rubbed soap all over their slippery bodies just inches from you." She giggled as his cage surged again and Ted moaned. "Mrs. Kipling's daughters have really filled out, haven't they? I forgot how perky eighteen-year-old breasts could be."

"Clara!" he cried, grabbing at his balls.

"Oh, I'm sorry, dear! It's just something women notice. I won't mention it again," she said, kissing on his neck as she rubbed his spine and lower back.


"There, you're getting relaxed already. See, just three months in and you're already adjusting to the cage," she giggled. "All the boys at school have adjusted too. They're so well behaved now! I hardly have to send any of them to detention; just the threat of a note to their mothers whips them into shape!"

"That's good I guess," Ted sighed, rolling his shoulders as she worked down his arms.

"And did you notice?" she asked. "The President was making all those speeches, about bombing Syria for no reason at all, even though 90% of women were against another war? And then during the last press conference, the First Lady just coughed and played with that key around her wrist, and that was the last of the war talk! Think how many lives has the Universal Locking Law has saved already!"

He grunted. "I guess. I just...it's been ten days Clara!"

"They start at two weeks over in Europe you know," she said, pushing him onto his back to start massaging up his legs. "Even for young boys, who are the horniest! That's why the girls at the country club are insisting their members go at least month. It's just not decent otherwise!"

Ted moaned as she rubbed his tense thighs, working her way north. "But... it's harder for me... you're much hotter than any of the other country club wives!"

"Sure I am," she laughed, rubbing the tight spots around his cage with expert fingers. "Flatterer. I've seen how you look at Kate."

"I don't-"

"Don't lie," she chuckled, pushing the blushing man's legs farther apart to get better access to his balls. "Now that you're locked up, I don't mind you peeking, and Kate doesn't either."

Clara's husband groaned as she started massaging his full balls, rolling them in her fingers and giving them a little relief from the metal ring separated them from his body.


"Sure! Why do you think she bends over so much in that tennis skirt when we play doubles together? She likes teasing all men, but you in particular. Look all you want!"

He gulped. "Okay."

She kept massaging his balls. "Feel better?"

"Yeah. A little."

Clara smiled and kept going. "And you know what Kate and I were talking about last week? What we both thought would be really really hot?"

Ted gulped again. "No.  What?"

"If... just for the rest of the year...I gave your key to Kate and she gave me Frank's to wear!"

He sat bolt upright in bed. "NO! That would be horrible!"

"You don't like the thought of having to ask my best friend if you can cum?" Clara giggled. "I like it. I like it a lot! I'd love to see the four of us out to dinner, you trying to flatter and pamper Kate while Frank tries to do the same to me. And neither man's wife having the power to give him release- only the other woman!"

Ted rubbed his forehead, trying not to think about that while she kept massaging his sore balls. "That sounds horrible! Thank god you asked me first." Clara's giggle made him open his eyes. "What?"

She had a mischievous schoolgirl grin. "We already did it. Last week!"

"No!" he cried, leaping forward to grab the key hanging between her breasts to read the number engraved on it. Every locked man knew his Penile Security Number by heart- if anything happened to his wife, that was the only way to get a replacement.  And this key ended in a '5', not a '9'!!

"Clara!" he whined and she fell into a fit of laughs.

"That's probably what caused my horny phase!" she giggled.  "Seeing you do all those little things to try and get on my good side all week, and knowing I didn't have the power to unlock you even if I wanted to!"

"Please," he begged, sucking on his wife's nipples just like she liked him to, "talk to Kate- switch the keys back!"

"Oh, it's just a game honey, let's try it for a few months," she giggled, rubbing the back of his neck. "It's got me so hot, and you have to admit, if you weren't locked, you'd find it pretty erotic too!  Having to kiss my friend's ass to have a chance to cum?"

His blush gave him away. "I guess."

"And Kate's more disciplined than I am anyway. She'll be good for us. I'll probably break and let Frank out once or twice a week if gives me the sad eyes, but Kate will keep you locked up as long as any other respectable businessman, no matter what charming tricks you try on her!"

Ted groaned again and Clara giggled. "Now that you'll stop bugging me to unlock you, how about we do something fun before we go to bed? Let's visit that porno site you used to love- the one where two women wrestle each other before a crowd and the winner gets to fuck the loser with a strap-on?"

Ted's belt about ripped off even as Clara massaged his balls with her fingers. "I'm not a member anymore! I canceled it after the Locking Law passed!"

"I know," she giggled, dragging her husband out of bed by his full balls and sitting in front of the computer. "But I bought myself a two year membership!"

"What?" he cried, as Clara brought the site up. Even the welcome screen made his cage ache!

Clara grinned at him. "Well, Kate and I were thinking, since our men can't really help us out in that department anymore... maybe we should enter the wrestling tournament ourselves, so at least one of us can get a hard fucking now and then!"

Ted threw his head back and groaned in pain, but then the Clara pulled his face next to hers. "But promise me something?" she giggled.


"That you'll come to the matches and cheer for me even though Kate is your keyholder now? Some of the stuff they let the winners do to the loser is really degrading, and you know how wicked Kate can be when she's got an audience. I don't know if I could take that!"

Ted sighed, pulling at his steel vise belt.  "Clara..."

"Please?" she said, peppering his face with kisses.

He laughed.  "Okay, okay!  I'll root for you to win!"

Clara smiled and held her husband's trapped, full balls with one hand as she pulled him in for a kiss with the other. 

"I knew you would."

*** THE END***

(Keep the ideas coming!)

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Small Penis Humiliation... there's an app for that!

So in my new ebook, "Sex Powers University", (free on Smashwords here) much of the teasing comes from the main character Troy having a penis only 4 inches long when erect. I didn't do any statistical analysis to get that number, I just chose it out of thin air based on some small penis humiliation (SPH) stories I had been reading at the time. 

(I had never been into SPH before since the women were always too mean and the men too grovelly, but if you balance those sides and do it with a sense of fun, it can flourish, just like any almost any other fetish.)

But now I stumbled upon this free site that lets you put in actual penis measurements to get a 3D computer-rendered image of what that actual penis would look like, compared to "normal" and the results are hilarious.

Here's the site so you can play along at home: http://www.thevisualiser.net/
(You don't need to be a member, just hit "Enter" and make up some sufficiently old birthday.)

Here's the default comparison to "Average", and already Troy's not looking so good:

But things truly get funny when you go to the other helpful image choices, such as "The Profiler":

One can almost imagine the girls of SPU making Troy do this with the other "average" boys.  I like how the 3D models' hands are being held behind their backs, but I DON'T like how close those two cocks are to touching, however.  It's like the cocks are about to kiss!

And there's the last image choice, the best, "The Inspector":
Why does Mr. Medium seem so pissed that Troy is there to be measured?  Mr. Medium looks huge by comparison!  (But seriously, seeing it laid out like that, I'm actually feeling a little sad for Troy now- I didn't know 4 inches was that small, man- I didn't know!)

And of course, what penis measurement site would be complete if we didn't set the "Average" cock slider to the maximum, just like all the teasing ladies will do at home before sitting their men down in front of it, just to humiliate him further.  Here's what poor Troy looks like then:

A lot of little touches make that site great, such as how the expressions of the men change as their penis' do.  (Mr. Huge looks ready to get attention from two, possibly three women, while Troy is depressed for some unknown reason.)

I'm not going to cop out and have some magic pill that makes Troy bigger to please Amber in Sex Powers University 2, but man, now I feel for the guy and his quest to find love!

But ladies, it's not about the size, right?  If the man on the left above had a better personality and could make you laugh, you'd tell all your friends what a great lover he is, right?  Right?    

Tuesday, October 22, 2013

Story inspiration from... The Discovery Channel?

So there's this Discovery Channel show called "Naked and Afraid".

They take a fit man and woman who know each other zero percent and strand them together on a desert island for 21 days with no food, no water and no clothes at all. 

Of course, there is NO sexual content on this show, which is strange because ALL the trailers highlight the "Naked" aspect all the time.  And why even have this premise if you're not going to go that direction?  The blur circles are small enough to verify that, yep, they're buck naked for 21 days together while a camera crew films them 24/7.

24/7.  Nude.  On a island with an attractive woman you must work closely with to get enough food and water to survive.  While a camera crew never stops filming you.

How many embarrassing hard-ons does the guy get in that time, do you think?  How much is he dying to get some privacy and touch himself by the time they finally get to go home?  How many times does he get caught by his partner or the camera crew?

Naked and Afraid.  The G-rated Discovery Channel show that launched a thousand male humiliation stories...

Saturday, October 19, 2013

The Fundamental Paradox of Femdom Fiction (and Slasher Movies)

So I've been watching a lot of B horror movies preparing for Halloween and I just realized: good horror movies have the same problem as really good femdom fiction.  And the same saving grace.

Consider this movie poster:
(Used without permission, just like a college film class might.  I'm not making a buck off the movie, just making an academic point.)

Usually they put the star of the movie on the poster, like a James Bond movie with Bond front and center.  Who's the star of that movie?  Not the "heros", the innocent kids who will somehow find the strength to rise up and defeat a horrible supernatural evil in the final climax.  No, the poster prominently features the "villain", the horrible evil that is running amok.

Why do people go to franchise horror movies?  To see the "heros" win?  Name one kid that survived a Jason movie.  Their faces are never on the poster.  No, folks go to see the "villain".  They go to see how the villain will get the good guys this time, the cool kills or stalking tactics.

So now to get sexy...  why do we read femdom fiction?  To see the plucky male triumph over the mean, teasing, cruel domme?  Or do we read to see how the female is going to "get" the guy this time?  What cool teasing technique is she going to roll out now?

In all femdom fiction, the guy has to be "trapped" somehow.  Some reason he just can't flip the woman the bird and go off to find a loving, blow-job-giving Stepford wife in another city.  A chastity belt with only one key, blackmail photos, a female-led society, maybe a literal chain holding him down, or maybe he's "trapped" by his own desire to be dominated.  No different than running out of gas next to Crystal Lake or getting locked into a house with a serial killer.  If he suddenly finds extra gas and drives to safety and lives happily ever after, that's a pretty shitty horror movie.   

So this leads to a problem for authors like me.  Who is the "hero" of a femdom story?  If it's the dude, then he should win at the end.  But that dispels the femdom situation, which is a bummer.  If it's the woman, then it's like a movie where we're cheering for Jason Voorhies to kill more innocent campers; it doesn't work because we no longer care about the camper's struggles or pain, and thus the kills don't matter.    

Some femdom fiction deals with this paradox by giving the male character an "original sin".  He's too cocky about sleeping around, he's a jerk to women, or he's done something worth getting punished for in the past.  But then we're supposed to root for him?  No, we're obviously going to root for the woman domme.  But as the majority of femdom readers are males, now we're rooting for more of our fellow innocent campers to get killed again? 

Stories need tension.  Two opposing sides striving in opposition to each other.  If a femdom story begins with all women around the world in supreme, unassailable positions over sniveling, beaten males, where's the tension?  But then if a rag-tag group of mountain men overthrow the gynocracy and return life to normal, that's a bummer again.

So there's a needle's eye to thread.  People read femdom stories for "the monster".  You might as well replace the hockey mask in that poster with a chastity belt for most of the fiction I read.  (Actually, I would go see that movie, about a supernatural chastity belt that terrifies a small town or something.)  But we also have to put in a "good" side, guys who we side with so that when his cock gets teased and he's begging for relief, we feel it too, and we want it to end. 

I try to do that in my CFNM and orgasm denial books, have a non-original sin male opposing a cool villain we kind of want to see defeated but not really.  It's a tough balancing act, but when it's done right (see Cabin in the Woods for an incredibly good horror movie example, and my free "The Sissy Sort" story here for a femdom example, I think), it's a sublime victory.

Your thoughts?  Maybe I'm crazy, and femdom stories are more like rom-coms or something.  I watch those around Valentine's day, so stay tuned.

P. F. Dee

Open Thread: What do YOU want to see in femdom stories?

You've read my stuff on orgasmdenial and smashwords.com- you know the type of light, CFNM, T&D femdom I do. 

What subjects/situations/concepts do you wish were tackled in femdom stories?

If I had more time, I'd take commissions for stories, churning out tales custom to your kinks (if they matched my writing style) for $15.  Not much to get to finally read the story you've always wanted!

But consider this free comissioning with no deadline.  Any situations you'd love to see?

P.F. Dee

Open thread: do covers matter?

So I put some thought into my erotic ebook covers.  Here's my latest:

Here's an earlier one for the Drake Cheerleaders Incident, which I think captures the grace, power but also fragility of an erotic power-seeking cheerleader perfectly:

That was also before I started putting Cosmo-like taglines on the covers and just let the picture speak.  (You can check out my other covers here:  https://www.smashwords.com/profile/view/PFD.)

I put some work into them, but I wonder, do covers really matter when you're looking at femdom books?  Which ones did you like the most, and why?  And do you like the 50s-style taglines on the front or just want a pure image?

P.F. Dee

Friday, October 18, 2013

Sex Powers University is up for sale! What do you think?

My newest femdom, psychic tease and denial, CFNM book is now up for purchase on Smashwords!

Nicely formatted with a hot cover (and other surprises throughout) you should check out the free preview here:  https://www.smashwords.com/books/view/368837

And due to the surprises inside, I recommend reading it on a Kindle for maximum enjoyment!

Let me know what you think of the cover, the story, or anything else you'd like to see at Sex Powers University in the comments!

P.F. Dee

Wednesday, October 16, 2013

A place to suggest femdom stories that YOU want to read!

My intent is for this blog to be a place that readers of my CFNM, orgasm denial, light humiliation femdom fiction (found here: https://www.smashwords.com/profile/view/PFD), to let me know what really worked for them, what didn't, and suggest story lines that they'd love to see explored.

One of the worst feelings, I believe, is to be reading a hot, hot femdom story on asstr.org, literotica, or orgasmdenial and when it ends, going "NO!  What about this direction?!?  Why wasn't this other idea explored in the way I liked?!" and having no way to tell the author that. 

So I'm going to fill this blog with polls, going to allow all sorts of anonymous comments (and read them religiously), so that you and I can craft more fun, better femdom fiction together.  Be warned: really good ideas suggested here may be turned into erotic books designed with you in mind! 

I may also post tips if new femdom writers ask for instructions on making their work more fun or  more arousing (erotic writing is still writing, after all, and those skills apply) but the main focus will be for you to 'commission' works, if you will, with the most popular threads being turned into novellas. 

Let the voting begin!

P.F. Dee