Saturday, December 26, 2015

Oh my god Cocksitters Club #1 is finally published (and news about Sex Powers University 3)

Because one anonymous commenter asked for it, Cocksitter's Club #1: Lori's interest, just got published on Smashwords today!  (See, your comments DO matter!)

It's a lot of the same stuff I wrote for my better femdom writing blog posts a year back, but with some stuff cut, some added, and a lot polished up.  You can always read it for free on my blog, but some folks wanted a downloadable copy to keep (and that cover is adorable) so here you go:

You can find the book here.  These two sentences are a link.  Click them.  Shit, I meant these four sentences are a link.  

And I've also got big news about Sex Powers University #3.  There's a big change in how I'm going to release it.

Instead of one big 40,000 word book available in six months (or a year, knowing how my schedule goes), I'm going to release SPU 3 in six smaller 10,000 word episodes, one month at a time, for 99 cents each episode.  This will have a few benefits:

  • The book comes out faster, the first installment due in Feb, instead of July. 
  • I am more able to respond to feedback, just like we did with the story "The Best Costume at the Party": if readers suggest something awesome in the comments for episode 1, it can show up in episode 2!
  • I am more able to explore diversions and side stories that always get cut for space in the final book, just like monthly comic books can, (vs. a 1.5 hr comic book movie, which has to be tight) 
  • It will force me to produce great work consistently, not just once a year.
And the final omnibus will get released in July or so anyway, as a collection of all 6 episodes, for $5.99 or something.  So folks who want to wait and get it all at once can do so.  (And there'll be a coupon for steady readers of the episodes, to even out the prices.)  

Anyway, that's the experiment and I'm really excited to try it.  It could fail, it could be awesome, but the great thing about self-publishing is the freedom to try. 

But I do think making each 10,000 word episode stand on its own will make the whole work stronger and give me the space to explore ideas, and I hope a lot of you cum with me.  I'll be letting folks know more news as it happens. 

Thanks for all your support!

P. F. Dee

Thursday, December 24, 2015

Anyone making resolutions to write more femdom fiction in 2016? Download this graphic to help you out!

A while ago I did a 8 part blog series on "Writing Better Femdom Fiction".  It was just a set of rules I've stumbled across to make my writing more fun, and a few, not many, people read those posts.

But IN CASE there are any aspiring femdom writers out there who want to do more in 2016 than they did in 2015, I've summarized those rules into the infographic below.  You can download it, make it your desktop, whatever, I just want more folks to write more awesome femdom stories for me to read!

Enjoy and happy 2016!

Sunday, December 20, 2015

Pool days #1 (F/mmmm, CFNM, momdom)

The sun was hot but the water was cool, and I couldn't think of a better way to spend my summer vacation, floating on an inner tube in my pool. Especially as I watched one of my friends sneak up behind the other, as the third distracted the target from the other side. Hank never saw it coming until both boys struck, Tommy pantsing him and Uri pushing him into the pool at the same time.
“HEY!" the suddenly nude boy cried, as he flew backwards into the deep end. He surfaced, spitting up mouthfuls of water. "Give those back!”
We were all dying of laughter.
"Make me!" Tommy cried, then ran off with the boy's swim shorts when Hank burst from the pool to give chase. Hank was never going to catch him- he was trying to cover his crotch with both hands as he ran- it was too funny!
“Come on, this isn’t fair!” Hank cried. Once he did get close, but Tommy just tossed the shorts over the nude boy’s head to Uri, who now ran the other way. I started almost crying in laughter as Hank's nudity dragged on, the other two playing an expert game of keep-away as the boy turned red, all over. At one point he looked at me. “Jeff! It’s your house- make them give my clothes back! This is embarrassing!”
I was laughing so hard my words came out as coughs. “No- way! This is- hilarious!”
That just made Hank curse and start to chase Uri again.
“You're not trying very hard!” Uri laughed at the hobbling nude boy. For a moment, Hank gave up trying to cover himself- not that he was doing a great job before- and running wild and free, his bits flopping everywhere, he finally cornered Uri against the grill. The blond Russian jumped and tossed the shorts across the pool, right to me.
Hope sprung in Hank's eyes, as he looked at me. "Jeff! Thank god! Give them here!"
I looked down at the decision in my hands. Then laughed and tossed the shorts to Tommy instead of Hank. “Sorry!”
"Come on!" the nude boy cried, now having to turn and chase Tommy instead. Hank wasn't even trying to cover himself anymore, and raced after his shorts, with a speed borne of desperation. He had been naked almost a full minute now! Tommy was staying just out of arm's reach, laughing as their circles around the edge of the pool became tighter and tighter-
What the holy heck is going on out here!” my mother cried, coming out of my house.
Tommy put the shorts behind his back, Hank yelped and jumped into the pool, and Uri just froze, as my mother walked off the back porch, barefoot in tight jeans and a tee-shirt.
“Nothing, Ms. Gainer!" Tommy said, holding the shorts behind his back with a grin. "We were just horsing around, is all. Sorry if we disturbed ya.”
"I'm sure you are, Tommy Thompson," my mother smirked as she walked towards him. “And I’ll be more disturbed when one of you slips on these wet concrete and cuts their heads open! You boys are in high school and you’re still acting like ten-year-olds!”
I gulped. Any second she could look down and see Hank nude in the pool! The red-faced boy was low in the water, hugging the wall with his front, but still...
“Sorry mom!" I said. "I’ll keep them in line! You can go back inside now!”
“I will. As soon as Tommy hands me Hank’s shorts.”
I almost fell off my inner tube. “What! You saw that?”
“Of course,” she chuckled, as I saw Hank try to sink even lower into the water. His face was bright red now! “I was washing dishes and had a front row seat to how all of you teased poor naked Hank for entirely too long! Now give them here.”
Tommy handing them to her, like he had gotten caught stealing cookies. “It’s just a little fun, Ms. Gainer. It didn’t really hurt him any.”
She took the offered trunks but didn’t return them to Hank, wringing the water out of them instead. “I know. That’s why you other three are going to hand over your shorts and be naked, too.”
This time I did fall off my inner tube, into the shallow end of the pool. I came up spitting water. “What!”
“You boys like stripping and embarrassing Hank so much, let’s see how you like it!” she laughed.
“Mom! You can’t be serious!”
“I sure am. There’s hedges all around the pool, no one will see you.” She gave Tommy a wink. “Except for me.”
Tommy and Uri both looked at me, to see if she was kidding.
“Ha ha, mom,” I said. “We get the lesson.”
“Not yet you haven’t." Smiling, she put her hand to her chin. "I think... fifteen minutes of outdoor nude time should do it?”
“Mom! Enough!”
Even the normally bold Tommy was starting to swallow hard.
My mother dropped her smile. “Shorts,” she said, holding out her hand. “Right now. Or I’m telling all your mothers what type of movies you four have really been watching during your sleepovers here. You geniuses know that the cable company mails me a record of every pay-per-view ordered, right?”
We all instantly fell silent.
That would be disaster! Especially with Hank’s conservative mother! Even Uri's mom might make his life hell if she knew. But, I thought, that would still be MILES better than having to-
“Oh hell, it’s just fifteen minutes,” Tommy laughed, and before my disbelieving eyes, he cannon-balled into the pool, came up holding his swim trunks in his hand, and tossed them to my mother's feet!
“Somehow I knew you’d be the first, Tommy Thompson,” she chuckled, picking up his discarded swimsuit and wringing it out as well.
“I’ve got nothing to be ashamed of,” the now nude boy said. He was facing right at her while he treaded water in the deep end!
“Of course you don't,” my mom chuckled, then turned to the other boy. “Uri?”
The blond Russian was blushing. “Sorry, Ms. Gainer,” he gulped, getting into the water first, then hugging the sidewall as he slipped his shorts off and handed them over. "Sorry."
"I'm not mad. I'm just letting you boys see how it feels," she said with a smile, taking his shorts too. And then, finally, she turned to face me.
"No WAY!"
"All four of you will be nude for fifteen minutes," she said, "or I'm locking the doors to the house and three of you can be nude for an hour.”
Hank gasped. “Jeff! Your sister will be home from volleyball practice by then! We can't!"
I had planned on resisting this horrible command to the last- she couldn't make me do this- I wasn't a child anymore! But between my mother's stonewall attitude and my friends' relentless pressure, I started to have doubts.
“Please,” Uri begged me. “We cannot be like this when Sierra comes home!”
Hank nodded. “Jeff, you have to!”
Even Tommy laughed, treading water nude like he did it every day. “It's just your dick and balls, dude. It's no big deal.”
“I told you not to start that stupid pantsing thing, Tommy!" I spat at him, holding my waistband underwater like it was a lifeline. "Look what your stupid game has gotten us into now!”
"Actually, it looked like you encouraged it, not tried to stop him," my mother laughed. "And that's why you and I will have words after your friends have left, mister. Now drop those shorts, or you WILL be naked when your sister comes home!"
That would be the worst humiliation of them all!
My heart was pounding as I undid the string on his waistband. Could I really do this? It was going to be so embarrassing!
"Now, mister!"
"Come on, Jeff! Before it gets worse!" Hank begged.
I took a deep breath, dove deep underwater, and pulled my shorts off. I had done it! I was naked and swimming in my back yard!
I surfaced and tossed my only piece of clothing onto the concrete deck, at my mother's feet.
Who smiled and picked it up. "Maybe this will teach all you boys a lesson,” she said, wringing the water from it. "None of you boys thought about how being nude against your will would feel, so now we're all going to deal with this." She walked back to our porch, tossed the shorts inside, and closed the sliding door. “Together.”
“You’re going to stay with us?!” I cried, shielding my crotch with my hands underwater.
“Of course,” she laughed, walking back to poolside and relaxing into a lounge chair. "How else am I going to make sure you boys don't horse around during your time out? If one of you smacked your head while you were buck naked, now that would be an embarrassing 911 call!"
"But, but, Mrs. Gainer..." Hank sputtered. "We're naked! And you're a woman! You can't just watch us swim!"
"Of course I can. When I was a young girl, women used to watch men swim naked all the time.”
“Really?” Uri gulped.
“I'm sorry you boys don't have any way to look it up on Wikipedia right now, so you'll have to believe me,” she laughed. "It used to happen all the time at the YMCA, at the beach, at school. Most women my age have relaxed around nude boys all the time. And all mothers definitely have; Jeff was practically naked all the time until he was five- I couldn't keep clothes on that boy!”
I started to blush even more as she laughed and non-chalantly waved her hand. "So you boys just go on and do what you normally would have done. Just pretend I'm not even here."
None of us moved a muscle.
"Well go on. Swim!" she laughed. "Unless you boys want to do nude activities outside the pool. I've always got gutters you can clean!"
We looked at each other and gulped, then started slowly swimming, trying not to get too close to each other or show our bodies to her. That eventually resulted with all four of us hugging the walls and making a circuit around of the edge of the pool, passing my mother once every thirty seconds or so.
She just leaned back in her chair, watching us!
"I'm so glad all four of you are cute, muscular young men," she laughed. "It makes monitoring this punishment barely a chore at all- I could watch this all day!"
My friends blushed, me most of all.
I couldn't help it- moving around in the pool, buck naked in the broad daylight... And the water, swirling around my totally exposed cock and balls...
I gasped as I felt a tightness in my crotch, one that I knew all too well.
Not NOW! I begged my body, as my penis started to stretch.
But with an concentrated effort I willed my erection back down, even though the tingles threatened to strike again at any moment.
My mother wasn't making it any easier.
She wolf whistled, then laughed, "I should get a drink to go along with this show!" We all blushed as she laughed again. "Looking good, boys- only thirteen minutes left to go!"
Then she started talking to each of us as we floated past her chair.
"Is this the first time you've been totally buck naked outside, Uri?"
The Russian blushed and nodded. "Yes Ma'am."
"How about you, Tommy?"
"Nah, I've been skinny dippin' twice before!" the idiot laughed. “I wouldn't even mind if you joined us, Mrs. Gainer- I mean, in a bikini or somethin', of course!”
I groaned. Why was I friends with him again?
"I don't think I'll be putting on a bikini for you boys any time soon," my mother laughed, crossing her long legs fetchingly. Her nude foot bobbed right at our face level now. “But thank you for inviting me."
She turned to the next boy. "How about you, Hank? Is this your first time being nude outside?"
The curly haired boy blushed as he slowly waded past. "No Ma'am. Tommy has pantsed me like three times before."
"But you've never stayed nude this long before?"
He shook his head, ears turning red. "No."
"And never in front of a woman?"
"No!" he gasped, swimming past. He seemed as embarrassed by this as I was!
My mother chuckled as I came by her chair. "And I know it's Jeff's first time baring his bits to the sun this year- his white butt is blinding me from here!"
The way she was laughing at me, her superior smile- I forced my erection down again, just barely! What was wrong with me?
My mother chuckled, her bare foot stirring the air, then she pointed at the equipment at the other side of the pool deck. “What were you boys planning to do with that net over there?"
Uri gulped, looking where she pointed. "We were, um, going to play some water volleyball, Mrs. Gainer."
My mother just laughed and settled into her chair. "Well don't let me stop you. That sounds like a fine idea."
"Mom!" I wailed.
"Oh look,” she said, glancing down at her wristwatch, “now you boys have twenty minutes left on your punishment! I wonder how in the heck that happened?"
Blushing, Hank and Uri scrambled to drag the floating net into the pool, while not getting out of the water themselves. Tommy snagged the ball while only showing a little of his butt- making my mom wolf-whistle again!- and reluctantly, I took a serving position.
My serve was too soft and hit the net. Uri served from the other side and hit the net as well. My teammate Hank got his serve over, Tommy set it back to us, but neither Hank or I really tried to get to the ball.
"This is the weakest game of volleyball I've ever seen," my mother laughed. "A nursing home team could beat you guys!"
“Because we're naked!” I protested.
"I know. I can see four bare pink butts from here! Now you boys better start playing some real volleyball, or when Sierra gets home I'm sure she'll be happy to give you four nudists some playing tips. In the front yard.”
The game picked up immediately.
My mother wolf-whistled when Uri jumped for the first spike, his crotch rising out of the water for a long moment. The boy blushed harder when he landed, and stayed low in the water for the next few points. Tommy got bolder after that, leaping up high for spikes, letting his cock and balls flop in her view many times on the same point.
"Whoo! Looking good, Tommy Thompson!" she cheered, as the rest of us just blushed.
The muscular boy swam over to her side, arms on the edge of the concrete as he grinned up at her. "You're looking pretty good too, Mrs. Gainer! Are those, ah, designer jeans or somethin'? Your legs look awesome in them.”
“Why thank you Tommy,” she chuckled. “When I shaved my legs just this morning in the shower, I didn't know I'd have three appreciative nude boys staring at them this afternoon- I would have worn short shorts instead of jeans!”
Tommy's stupid flirting grin was back. “There's still time to go change...”
"Hey, are we playing here or not?" I demanded. I knew how my male friends looked at my thirty-seven year old mom- I heard them talk behind my back- and I knew her legs were her best feature, that was obvious- but why did Tommy have to go and mention it like that?
"I don't know, honey,” she laughed, “are you? It seems like only Tommy and Uri are spiking the ball. You and Hank seem to like getting beaten. I wonder why that is?”
My face turned beet red.
“No reason!” I told her, about to die of humiliation.
I served, soft again but over the net, Uri set Tommy up, and Tommy spiked the ball so hard it bounced off of me and out of the pool.
All four of us froze, looking at the ball lying halfway across the wide open lawn.
My voice was wavering as I said, "Well, go get it Tommy."
"Me? It bounced off your side!"
“You hit it!”
"Yeah, but you touched it last!"
I gulped and looked at where the ball lay, out in the bright sunlight halfway across the backyard, then up at my mother's smirking face. "Uh, mom? A little help here?"
"Sure honey. I think... the boy who touched the ball last should have to get it."
"That's not what I meant!" I cried as the other boys- my friends!- laughed at my expense.
"Why? Afraid your mommy will see your little pink sausage flopping around?" she said, making my old friends laugh harder. "Now go! The point of this punishment was to embarrass you, remember?"
I groaned, but I knew better than to argue with her now! I burst from the pool to get the ball and ran back, diving into the pool. My mother broke out in loud laughs- half the neighborhood must have heard her!- and I turned to her in shock.
She was still laughing. "Sorry dear! I just realized- how much you take after your father!"
And then, to my horror, she held her thumb and forefinger up, the tips of her fingers barely four inches apart.
Was she saying I had a little dick?!
“I mean, really take after him...” And then she moved her fingers even closer together!
She was saying I had a little dick!
Oh god...
She composed herself, waving at the four of us. “Keep playing boys.” She laughed, looking at my red face. “I'm sorry, Jeff!”
I wanted to die as the others laughed. “Just serve already!” I yelled, throwing the ball to Tommy.
Now that I started to look, one thing was as crystal clear as the pool water itself.
Tommy's dick was a thick hose that hung halfway to his knees. Uri's was even longer than that. Even though Hank's was shorter than Tommy's, it was still swinging and respectable. But mine was even smaller than Hank's, not even half Tommy's size.
I had the smallest dick of all my friends!
And now my mother knew!
That was it- my cock started expanding and there was nothing I could do to stop it. I stayed extra low in the water, only moving as little as needed, always keeping my back to my mother.
“Jeff, come on!” Hank yelled at me as yet another point landed on my side. “You could have gotten that one!”
“Just play, okay?!”
Hank got mad on the next point and jumped up high to spike the ball down on Tommy, after which the ball went off into the far bushes.
My mother cheered at her good luck. “Go get it, Tommy!”
He blushed and scrambled out of the pool, his back to us. It seemed like he was running faster than usual, and he had almost made it back to the safety of the pool when-
"Tommy Thompson! Stop right there!" my mother cried, and the boy froze, at the edge of the concrete. "Are you getting an erection?! In my pool?"
The nude boy blushed, shaking his head with the ball held in front of his crotch. The cocky boy had turned into an embarrassed one in one stroke. "No ma'am!"
"Throw that ball to Hank," she commanded, then laughed. "Then what's that, then?"
The boy's thick cock was sticking out in front of him, getting stiffer with every rapid heartbeat. His face was red as he stood, exposed.
“I'm sorry!”
"Were you playing with yourself in my pool?" she laughed. "Tommy!"
"No ma'am! I wasn't! It just... happened!"
“Come over here,” my mother snapped, pointing to the concrete in front of her. “You'll just have to get rid of it.”
Tommy's steps were slow. “What do you mean?”
“I know a situation like this can be sexual for young boys like you,” my mother laughed as Tommy slowly came to her side of the pool. “But trust me, for experienced women, it's just like watching four naked puppies play in my back yard. Amusing, entertaining, but not sexual.” She glanced at Tommy's large, throbbing cock, grinning. “Even if three of you boys are hung very well.”
I blushed again- she was never going to stop teasing me about that!
“Hold out your hands, Tommy.” Blushing, he did, and my mom put one squirt of suntan lotion into each of his palms from a bottle on the table. “Now go ahead. Take care of your little problem.”
Tommy almost fell over! “Right here?”
“Better here than in the pool,” she laughed. “I don't want to fish that stuff out of the filter!”
“But, but...” He looked around, then at her legs and bare feet, then licked his lips. “Are you going to... help me?”
She laughed. “No dear! I'm going to watch. And then you're going to go back and play some more volleyball.”
Tommy was beet red, and rock hard!
And so was I.
“But...” he gulped, looking around. His hand was starting to creep closer to his erection.
“I know you're going to do it to yourself tonight, thinking about this situation,” she laughed. “So why not just do it here, right in front of me?”
His fingers closed around his shaft. “Oh god!” His slicked fist started moving up and down, faster.
He was beating off, right in front of us!
And my mother just giggled.
“Take a step to the left, dear. I don't want you falling into the pool when you cum.”
He did, still stroking himself. “Oh god... ahhhhh!” Tommy's hips bucked and he shot out a long white stream of cum onto the concrete, groaning as he did. “AHhhhhh!”
“Keep stroking and get it all out,” my mother laughed. “I don't want that stuff clogging up my filters!”
Red faced, the panting boy did, stroking his softening cock to make the last spurts full ones, splattering on the concrete.
My mother handed him a tissue when he was done. “Feel better now?”
Tommy just nodded- he couldn't talk, and neither could any of the rest of us!
Had that really just happened?
My mother looked at her watch and giggled. “You barely lasted thirty seconds, Tommy! Did having me watch make you shoot off faster than usual?”
His face reddened even more. “Yes ma'am! I'm sorry!”
She just relaxed, crossing her legs again. “I don't mind, dear. I consider it a compliment. Now go back and join your friends.”
Blushing, embarrassed, he did, looking at our three shocked faces. “Serve already, will you?!”
Almost in a daze, we did, and got through two whole points before my mother stopped us again.
“Hank Goldstein,” she tutted, shaking her head. “Are YOU hard in my pool now?”
Hank was breathing fast, his face bright red. “Yes ma'am!”
“Come on out, then.”
Hank pointed a finger at me accusing. “Jeff's got a boner too!”
“Well I can't very well make my own son masturbate in front of me,” my mother laughed. “Not unless he wants to?”
“NO!” I cried, wishing, praying, begging my boner to go away. But as she squirted suntan lotion into the shaking Hank's palms and made him stand in front of her, I only got even harder!
“Then it's just you right now,” she told Hank. “And try to last longer than Tommy did? Popping off too quickly isn't a habit young boys should get into, especially not cute ones like yourselves.”
Hank looked like he was about to have a heart attack. “Yes ma'am!” He closed his eyes and wrapped his fingers around his smaller cock, and started doing the most private of motions. And my mother just looked on!
“Just try to forget I'm here, dear. Watching you.”
“Oh god, oh NO!” Hank cried and exploded all over himself, thrusting his hips and shooting his cum on the concrete, just like Tommy had. He also got some on his chest and arms. It was quite a cum shot!
“Goodness, Hank, that was barely ten seconds!” she laughed, handing him some tissues. “Is that what normally happens?”
“No ma'am,” Hank wailed, wiping his cum off his chest. “It was having you here!”
My mother fanned herself dramatically. “Boys, this is embarrassing! You're making me feel like a supermodel!”
It took superhuman effort to keep my hands of my painfully hard dick- but I did it. I couldn't touch myself- in front of my own mother!
As Hank continued to clean himself up, she looked down and laughed. “Oh, honey, you got some on my foot. Clean it up for me?”
She extended her leg in the humiliated boy's direction, her nude bare foot held out a foot above the ground. And just as she said, there was a puddle of Hank's cum dripping from the instep.
All of us watched as he went to his knees, nude in front of my mother, and cradled her slim foot in his bare hands.
“Careful!” she giggled. “I'm very ticklish, Hank!”
“Sorry ma'am!” he cried, blushing even more. And then I heard Uri cough from across the net.
“Mrs. Gainer. I... I think I may have some tension to work out, too.” His face was as red as the old Russian flag!
“Well come on, then,” she laughed. “Over there, so you can't splash me too!” She waved at the boy still wiping her foot. “That's good Hank- you got it all.”
“Yes ma'am!” Hank said, slipping back into the water, as red-faced as Tommy now.
Uri rose from the water, dripping, and my mother looked at his huge erection and laughed.
“That's going to take a lot more suntan lotion than the others! Wow!”
I almost exploded then, watching my mother eye up a huge, throbbing cock with anticipation in her eyes. I had never seen her this excited, not even at Christmas!
She crossed her legs again, wigging her newly cleaned bare toes. “Now Uri, point that cannon away from me, out into the grass. I'm sure you could cover me with cum if you wanted to, couldn't you?”
“Yes ma'am!” the boy grunted, already stroking himself.
I blushed as I noticed that it took two hands. I had never used two hands- I barely filled up my one!
“Have you ever had a woman watch you do this before, Uri?”
“Well I'm watching now. I'm watching your face strain, I'm watching your chest heave. I'm even watching the cute way you're clenching your bare buns as you get closer and-”
“AHHHHHRRGH,” Uri screamed, unloading his cum into the grass with rifle velocity. The cum came and came, in jet after jet.
“Less than twenty seconds,” my mother marveled. “You boys are definitely a boost to my ego, I'll tell you that!”
“Because you're beautiful, Mrs. Gainer!” Tommy said. His cockiness must have returned as his embarrassment faded. “I mean, if you got into a bikini or something, I bet I could even show off for you again-”
“Tommy Thompson, stop trying to get me in a bikini!” she laughed. “You're the ones that are exposed for me here, not the other way around! You mention that again and I'll make you boys swim naked in this pool every time you come over this Summer!”
She was waiting for us to laugh, but what met her words were embarrassed, horny silence. She turned, looking at us. “Boys?”
I had to say something!
“No mom! Okay, we've learned our lesson! Can we PLEASE get dressed now?!”
“Not very convincing, from a boy who's little willie is rock hard right now.” I blushed and covered myself as she looked at my friends. “And what do you boys say? Do you want to swim naked back here again?”
Hank was blushing. Uri was blushing, now back in the pool. Even the normally confident Tommy had a rosy glow to his cheeks.
“I mean,” he said, “would you be out here with us? Watching us?”
“Well of course, Tommy. I have to make sure you boys don't do anything improper,” she giggled, giving him a wink. “But that's all I'd do- watch. I'd just sit here and drink a lemonade, maybe read a magazine or talk to a friend on the phone while you boys frolic in my pool. Buck naked. Would you like that?”
“No Mom! That's sick!”
“That's one vote for no,” she laughed. “How many votes for yes? You don't have to talk, just raise your hand.”
And I couldn't believe it as Hank, Uri and Tommy all raised their hands!
“Guys! Come on!”
But my mother just laughed, "Okay, that's enough swimming for for today. Get out and dry yourselves off. Sierra will be home any minute.”
The other boys rushed to their towels, my mother brought our suits back from the house, and we all put them on quickly.
“If you boys are going to be naked in my backyard next weekend,” she said as my friends dressed, “you're going to be totally, truly, helplessly naked. I'm going to take your clothes away the moment you get here, keep them locked where you can't get at them no matter how much you beg, and not give them back to you until I'm good and ready, is that clear?” She looked at us. “Is that what you want? Hank?”
The boy just blushed and nodded. He was already getting hard in his suit again!
“Yes ma'am.”
“Of course, Mrs. Gainer. Or should we call you Kate?”
“Mrs. Gainer is fine. And just for that, I'm going to make next week extra embarrassing for you boys.”
“Mom, no!” She was talking about my sister!
“Not that dear,” she laughed. “I'd never bring Sierra into this. This is just our thing, you boys and mine. I meant...” She smiled at us. “I know what you boys are going to do, thinking about this incident later. You'll probably do it as soon as you get home!”
We blushed a little more.
“But I want you boys to NOT do that thing tonight. Or tomorrow.”
Tommy gulped. “For how long?”
She grinned. “Did you boys enjoy having me watch you relieve your tension?”
“Yes ma'am!”
Why the heck were they so happy?
“Then don't relieve any without me, until next weekend, okay? If you do that, I promise we'll have fun. In fact, if all four of you keep it bottled up until next weekend, well, I may just wear something a little more... fun next time?”
“Like a thong bikini?” Tommy hoped.
“That's it, you boys are naked in this house all summer long!” my mother stated. “Every time you come over to visit Jeff, be prepared to put on your birthday suit because that's the only way I'm letting you step inside, swim party or no!” She laughed at the shocked boys. “Now get out of here, boys- and remember our deal, but only if you four are good throughout the week!”
I stamped my foot in disbelief as my three so-called-friends raced out our pool gate, blushing but smiling.
“Mom! No! You can't do this!”
“My house, my rules,” she laughed, then looked down at the tent in my shorts. “And are you sure you don't want to relieve any tension today, Jeff? You look like you need to.”
“No! Never! That's gross!”
“Then why don't you go take a cold shower, Jeff? It looks like you need it.”
I raced inside, hearing my mother's laughter behind me.


Five minutes later I was taking a hot shower, playing with my hard dick in my soapy hands.
I hadn't wanted to jack off, but I was so horny!
I tried to think of other things, other girls I knew- it was gross, thinking about your mother- but I kept returning to how she had looked, supremely confident, sitting in that chair fully clothed while we were totally naked...
Naked and hard...
“I assumed this is how I'd find you,” she laughed, walking right into the bathroom.
“MOM!” I yelled, yanking my hands away from my dick and facing the corner of the shower. “GO AWAY!”
Instead she just leaned against the bathroom sink like she was going to be there a while.
“Why? Because you're naked? I've already seen that today. Or because you're masturbating while thinking about me?”
“I wasn't thinking of you!” I cried over my shoulder.
“Turn around Jeff. I need to make sure you aren't masturbating while you're talking to me. Now.”
Hands shaking, face burning, I did, letting her see my hard, bobbing dick through the clear glass shower door. Which she promptly slid out of the way.
“Oh, dear, is that as big as it gets? I'm so sorry honey, but I know you didn't get that from my side of the family.”
My tiny penis bobbed as she made fun of its size.
The sound of her teasing laughs...
“Goodness, you look ready to pop,” she laughed, then looked at my eyes. “But it's not appropriate for a son to think about his mother while he touches himself. So stop.”
I gulped, willing myself to not reach out and touch my painfully hard dick.
“I just wanted to make sure you were okay with what just happened.”
“Of course not, Mom! You, you...”
“Just sat in a chair and watched you boys swim. That's all.”
“But we were naked!”
“So?” she laughed. “I know about the secret stash of Playboys you think you have hidden in the back of your closet. If there was a bunch of cute little eighteen year old girls swimming naked in our backyard, I bet you'd sit down and watch too.”
I gritted my teeth as my erection tried to leap off my body, it was surging so hard. “That's not the same!”
“I know,” she laughed. “My version is a lot more innocent- I can control myself! I don't know what you would do, if those naked eighteen year old girls started coming out of the water at you, telling you how horny they were, and then used sunscreen to play with their young bodies, squirming and using their fingers on themselves until they-”
“Oh fuck!”
I was cumming!
I wanted to reach down and grab my pulsing cock so badly, but my mother was right there! I grabbed the hair on my head instead, pulling on my roots as the cum raced up my tingling shaft, against my will, then spurted out the tip, right in front of her! The first contraction was hard, but then the spurts got weaker and weaker.
My mother's cheeks were red, and she had her hand over her open mouth. “Oh my goodness, Jeff! Your father had premature problems too, but he never... wow!”
I couldn't respond. I was dying of shame as my bobbing cock just kept weakly pumping out my cum in front of my mother, and I couldn't stop it!
She was still laughing. “And that didn't even look like it was any fun! Adults call that a ruined orgasm. I bet you it didn't feel very good at all, did it honey?”
I couldn't even look at her!
She stood up and patted my burning cheek. “But at least you got a little release. That's good, because the same rules for your friends apply to you too: no masturbating this week, and you all get a little treat next Saturday.” She opened the door and looked back at me. “I know it's going to be a rough week, you'll probably want a real orgasm instead of that weak ruined release you just had.” She laughed at me. “But if I suspect you masturbated for real before next Saturday, I'll go on your Facebook page and tell everyone about how you just lost your load without even touching yourself, just from having a woman look at you.”
I felt my heart stop. She wouldn't!
She was closing the door. “Have a nice week, honey. And be sure to invite your friends over next Saturday.”


Saturday, December 19, 2015

A Frank Conversation Between Two Women About Swallowing Semen (Powers, cum-eating, humil)

"So, how often do you make your husband swallow his cum?" the brunette in the tight black dress asked.
"Oh, every time he shoots," the blond woman laughed, dabbing the corner of her mouth with a dinner napkin. "That's usually once a week, but Tim's gotten a tasty treat each of the last four days- I think being on a cruise has got both of us quite randy!"
Tim face blushed at his wife's confession- to another couple they had just met across the dinner table, no less! Sandra smiled and squeezed her red-faced husband's thigh. "Yes, my dearest Tim has been a proud cum-eater for two straight years now, ever since the Powers came."
The two men at the table shivered, just hearing the word. Powers. The psychic sexual abilities that had brought all men to their knees, once women had mastered them. The final volley in the battle of the sexes.
"Every time!" the brunette gasped, then slapped the leg of her own stone-faced husband. "See, Hank! It doesn't make you into a sissy!"
"Not completely, no," Sandra chuckled, as Tim blushed even more. “But there's a story I like to tell, you know the one, Tim dear." He tried to sink below the table as Sandra laughed.
"I tell my dear husband," she continued, "to think about the sluttiest girl from his high school, the one who slept with all the stars of the football team, the one who blew every member of the basketball team in the showers after the big game. Every high school has one. What was the name of that girl at your school again, dear?"
Tim swallowed, his throat dry. "Michelle Mikinos."
"That's right," Sandra said, patting his thigh. "So I tell Tim to think about Michelle Mikinos, and all the names the boys in his class used to call her: 'cum dumpster', 'semen sucker', 'load licker'. And then I remind Tim that, in the two years since Powers came, he's swallowed more cum that Michelle ever had in her four years of high school! And he's just getting started!"
Julie squealed, eyeing the red-faced man. "Oh my goodness, that's too funny!"
Sandra smiled, watching her husband squirm. "Yes. I want Tim to realize that, over the course of his life, he's going to swallow more cum than every single woman he knows. He's going to eat more hot loads than any porn star he's ever looked down on, even if she does nothing but bukakke videos! He's going to taste, swallow, and digest more than one hundred Michelle Mikinos amounts of semen, because I am going to make him eat every single load he shoots, for the rest... of... his... life. Oh goody, our main course is here!”
Tim blushed as a pretty young waitress took away their salad plates. How much of Sandra's words had she heard? The waitress wore the same tiny tight skirt that all the female cruise staff did, but barely looked eighteen. He couldn't stop peeking at those young, tan legs as she served their section, even though that made his balls fuller-
And then the girl was standing over him. "And would the gentleman like sauce with his meat?"
She was smirking at him. She knew! She had to!
"No!" Tim coughed, waving away the gravy boat as the women giggled. "No thank you!"
"So he has to swallow even after masturbation?" the brunette Julie giggled immediately as the waitress was leaving, making him blush even more.
"Every time," Sandra confirmed, digging into her prime rib. "Constant cum-eating is the best way to keep a willful husband in line. I love making him lick his own, hot slimy load from my fingers while teasing him about being the Michelle Mikinos of the neighborhood- you should just see how contrite he gets around me for the next few days!”
Julie almost spilled her drink with laughter. "Oh my lord, that is a riot!"
Tim couldn't look the other woman in the face, just like he hadn't been able to look his sisters in the eyes for months after Sandra had told them too! His wife, a little tipsy, waved her nearly empty drink at Julie and Hank.
"So how about you two? Has male cum-swallowing become the norm out East too?"
"Oh goodness no!" Julie laughed, digging into her steak. Somehow, Tim didn't feel hungry anymore. "That's why I asked, when I heard you two were from the West Coast. I mean, there are a few women like you out our way, and you hear stories sometimes, but I don't think I know any man who swallows his cum every time," she chuckled, throwing a quick smirk at the red-faced Tim.
"So you don't make Hank eat sperm? At all?"
The brunette grinned. "Not his own loads, no-"
"Julie!" the other man gasped, almost dropping his fork.
"Hush dear, they're being so honest with us, it's only fair we be completely open with them as well!"
"NO Julie! I won't have you-"
Julie made a pinching gesture in front of her mouth and across the table, Hank's lips suddenly clamped shut. Tim watched in horror as the other man tried to speak, but Sex Powers held his lips together!
Julie shook her head and laughed to Sandra. "Men."
The blond smirked at her husband. "I know, right? Always using their mouths for the wrong thing. Go on, dear.”
Her husband cowed, Julie continued. "So about a month ago I read on HuffPo about how much fun you girls on the left coast were having making your men swallow their own cum, so I surprised Hank one night by freezing him with my Powers after sex and straddling his face." She smirked at her husband, who was now head down, picking at his food just like Tim was. "We had talked about it before, but somehow, the idea of a cream pie didn't interest him nearly as much after he had cum as it did before."
Sandra laughed and looked at her blushing husband. "Sounds familiar."
"But oh, the rush," Julie said, shivering. "The look on his face as his own cum slid down his throat for the first time, when he tasted what he wanted me to swallow all those years- I came almost right away!"
"Now that definitely sounds familiar!" Sandra laughed.
"Well, Hank didn't want to have sex the next night, because he was afraid I'd do it to him again. Or the night after that. Or the rest of that week." Julie shrugged. "But I had to have that feeling again! This time, I froze Hank when his dick was the hardest, when he had painful morning wood, so the Freeze spell would be even harder for him to try and break.”
Sandra was nodding. “Smart.”
“I know,” Julie giggled. “I even had enough power to levitate Hank into the closet and hold his struggling body there while I went next door to go get the hot college boy who used to stroke himself off each night in high school thinking of me." The brunette smiled. “The one who had a thick, beer-bottle sized cock!"
Fear shot through Tim's heart as his wife just chuckled and said, "Interesting...”
"God, that boy was hung," Julie sighed. "I let him fuck me in our bed so hard we practically broke the springs! And I didn't have to fake an orgasm like I do with Hank, I just let loose and moaned, begging him to go deeper, harder!”
“With your husband right in the closet?” Sandra laughed.
“Strangely enough, it only made his cock harder!” Julie giggled.
Fear gripped Tim's heart as his wife looked at him meaningfully again. “Interesting...”
“And after the boy had done his deed- god young studs cum so much- I used my Powers to free Hank from the closet and told him, if he ever wanted to touch me again, he would get between my legs and clean me up!"
Tim was shivering, because Sandra was listening intently. And because he was rock hard under the table.
“And what happened?!”
Julie gave her husband a look as she ate another piece of steak. “Best. Oral. Sex. I've. Ever. Had! Having him rock hard and eating cum out of my pussy was so much better than having him limp while he did it!”
Sandra's hand was on Tim's thigh, squeezing it. “Interesting.” His heart was racing, from the look she was giving him right now! “And the college boy...?”
“Oh, we made it a weekly thing,” the brunette purred. “Strangely enough Hank started bringing me flowers, complementing my clothes and taking me out to dinner all the time- he thought by being romantic towards me he could make me forget about my new fling. But all he did was get me wet and ready to see my lover!”
Both women laughed as Hank's face, still unable to speak, got red and he looked like he wanted to dive overboard.
“That's actually why we came on this cruise,” Julie said. “Neighbors would talk if I started to sleep with every college boy in town, but I just HAD to have the feeling of my horny husband licking cum out of me each night!” She shook her head, pouting a little. “But everyone we've met on the cruise has been couples so far! I even ordered Hank to stay in our stateroom all afternoon as I laid out on the adults-only sun deck, wearing nothing but a smile and suntan lotion! I mean, I got plenty of appreciative looks as I lotioned up my entire body, especially my breasts, pussy and ass, right out in the open, even pulling on my nipples to make them hard, but not one man came up to me!” The woman giggled. “All I think I did was get five or ten husbands spanked by their wives for ogling me and then put in chastity belts bought from the ship's duty free store.”
“Men never learn,” Sandra chuckled. “I had to put my little Timmy in chastity for a month last year, because he wouldn't stop watching women's tennis.” She patted his cheek. “Poor baby missed eating his own cum so bad that month!”
“How do you do it, Sandra? How do I get my Hank to enjoy swallowing cum as much as your husband does?"
Now it was Sandra who almost spilled her drink laughing. "Oh Tim doesn't enjoy swallowing!Not any more than you or I did! But he eats his own cum, because I tell him to. Oh, thank you dear," Sandra said, as the waitress topped off her water glass.
"No problem, ma'am," the girl giggled, and gave the men another smirk. “Any one else getting dry mouth? Let me top off that glass, sir...”
Now Julie was laughing too. To Tim it felt like the whole room must have been listening to their conversation!
His wife motioned her fork towards his plate. “Eat your prime rib before it gets cold, dear. Some things you don't want to eat cold.”
“Ain't that the truth!” the young waitress giggled, her cleavage right in his face as she refilled his glass. He had closed his eyes not to look, but he could still sense her there!
“You ladies need anything else?” the girl giggled, standing back up.
“Not now dear, thank you so much.”
As the girl strutted away and the red-faced Tim opened his eyes again, Julie smiled and sipped her drink. "So what's your favorite way to do it?"
Sandra rubbed her chin. "You know, I love bending Tim over in half and making him shoot right onto his own face! That way I can use my hands to make sure I milk out every drop into his mouth, and I get to see the panicked expression on his face right before he explodes."
"Oh my god, I love watching videos about that one!” Julie cackled. “Do you ever use dishes to collect it too?"
"I used a saucer and a spoon once," Sandra giggled, and Tim almost stopped eating. "I made little airplane noises as I fed Tim his sperm, one teaspoon at a time. I posted a video of that one to my Facebook feed. His mother and older sisters 'Liked' it."
Tim's face was on fire.
“Oh wow!” Julie was laughing. “I wish I could make Hank do things like that, but he's just being stubborn, aren't you dear? You're just making me seek out other lovers, aren't you?”
She made a gesture in the air with her fingers that Tim couldn't follow, and suddenly the other man could speak again.
He was red faced, contrite. “Julie, please... don't tell them any more...”
The slim brunette just laughed at him. "You know, ever since he ate my first lover's sperm, I think I want Hank to taste every flavor of the cuckold rainbow. I want him to eat spicy Mexican cum off my tits, lick thick Italian sperm that's been blasted all over my ass, and suck loads and loads of Black cum right from my pussy." Julie licked her lips. "SO much Black cum."
Sandra purred, shooting more fear through Tim's stomach. "Mmmm, that sounds fun. Can I help?”
“You're going about it the wrong way- trying to tempt the men on this boat to cheat. That's like asking them to cut off their own balls. Which they'd rather do than have their Powers-enabled wives mad at them!”
“What then?”
“Ask the wives,” Sandra laughed. “I bet plenty of women would love to help you humiliate your husband. There's so many passengers on this ship, we could set up a twenty man bukakke in your cabin every night and never use the same man twice! Hank would be drowning in cum he'd have to lick off your body!”
Tim saw the other woman's cheeks get red. “Oh god- Hank drowning in cum? I love the sound of that!”
Sandra exclaimed with her mouth full, then swallowed quickly to speak. "Oh, and have them take Zinc supplements for a few days before they come over. I give them to Tim daily and it doubles the amount he has to eat every time." Tim looked at the ground as Sandra patted his belly like he was a child. "Can't have my hubby going hungry!"
Julie was typing a note into her phone. "I'll have them try that! Oh god, twenty men, shooting out double the cum they usually do... Hank, the cruise brochure said this ship had a never-ending buffet, and you're going to prove them right!”
The other man was practically crying. “Julie, please! We're married! Please don't do this...”
“It's your own fault, dear. If you just agreed to eat your own cum from me every time, I wouldn't have to go out looking for more...”
Tim saw the women look at each other expectantly, holding back giggles.
The other man wiped his eyes. He was crying now. “Okay! I'll do it!”
His wife was smiling. “Do what?”
“Every time?” she giggled. “You're still a young man, Hank. That's a lot of cum over your life.”
“That's a Michelle Mikinos level of cum,” Sandra giggled. “Times twenty.”
“And I'll be feeding you Zinc tablets every day, so you can double the amount of sperm you swallow, without having to do any extra work!"
Tim noticed the other man's knuckles had gone white almost as white as the napkin they clutched. “Yes! Please, just no more other men!”
“Not as many other men,” the woman corrected. “I still might keep my weekly date with that college boy.” She winked at Tim's wife. “Big, willing, cocks are worth keeping around.”
The man lowered his head in defeat. “Yes dear.”
“Awww, what a happy ending,” Sandra laughed, sucking on her beer bottle. “Tim just loves happy endings, don't you Tim? Don't you just love them?”
Tim gasped as he felt experienced phantom lips pulling and sucking on his cock, the same way his wife's lips were sucking on that beer bottle!
She just winked at him as she continued to chug her bottle.
Tim squirmed in his seat, his balls pulling tighter. But a moment before he would have exploded, Sandra made a loop with her free index finger at his crotch and his orgasm hit a wall of magic instead, his sperm shooting back into his own balls with the force nature intended they should have shot out with. It felt like a punch to his balls while giving him no sexual relief whatsoever and he cried out, gripping the table as he yelled. He turned beet red as the conversation around all the nearby tables came to a dead halt.
Then turned even redder as the women at those tables clapped, before chuckling and turning back to their companions as if nothing extra-ordinary had just happened.
“Don't cum yet, dear,” his wife chuckled, putting down the beer bottle as he tried to collect his breath. “You'll spoil your dessert.”
“Self facial tonight?” Julie laughed. “Or the saucer?”
“I was going to let him fuck my ass,” Sandra said. “He's been such a good boy tonight, trying so hard not to ogle this hot little cock-tease they've got serving our section.” She lovingly patted his arm. “Yes dear, I've noticed when you've tried to be good.” Her voice got lower. “And when you haven't. You can stop looking at Julie's tits anytime.”
He gulped and forced his eyes to his plate as both women just laughed.
“But Julie, the way you've described how much better the oral sex is when Hank licks cum from you when he's hard, not soft... it makes me want to give my husband the 'never ending cum buffet' experience too- I bet I could get ten men to shower me with loads tonight if I wanted!”
Now it was Tim's turn to go white in the face. “Sandra! No!”
He was shocked as this time, Sandra made a clamping gesture with her fingers and it was his lips that were magically sealed shut!
“Oh my god, I'd love to see that!” Julie squealed, sealing her husband's lips as well. “And Hank can be there to pick up the leftovers!”
“There won't be any leftovers, honey.”
“Oh we'll see about that,” Julie laughed. “I bet we can get so many guys to bukakke you tonight, Tim will be begging to have Hank help lick it off!”
The women were still laughing when their young waitress came up to the table again to clear their plates.
"And will you folks be wanting any dessert tonight?"
“We absolutely will,” Sandra laughed, and Tim jerked as her psychic Powers paid attention to his rock hard cock again. A slow building handjob, this time. “The lady and I will be having the chocolate fudge cake, and the boys will be having cream pies. Lots and lots of cream pies.”
“Oh, I'm sorry ma'am,” the girl giggled, knowingly looking at the two red-faced men. “Our kitchen doesn't make cream pies.”
Tim was squirming, panting. He was about to hit his orgasm block again, with this barely eighteen year old girl standing just inches from him!
Sandra leaned forward, her chin in her hands, her eyes sparkling with mischief. “About that dear- maybe the kitchen doesn't. But amongst the kitchen staff, do you have any tall, muscular men who... eat a lot of Zinc?”


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How should this story end? "I Love Being A Cock-Tease!"

(Note: YOUR comments will decide how this story ends; it's not a democratic vote, but I will be swayed by good arguments on what a "satisfying" ending would be!)

I Love Being A Cock-Tease!

I love being a cock-tease.
I love shaving my legs and wearing thin, flowery sundresses that barely cover my butt and walking down the sidewalk on a windy day and watching the men almost hurt themselves as I strut by. They're so cute, trying to crane their necks to get even a quick peek at my panties- I only wear the girliest, sexiest ones- and if I bend over even a little bit in my heels to make faces at a cute doggy in a window, I can hear the silly boys walking into stop signs and newspaper stands behind me! I love being a girl and having kind of that power!
I'm even worse in the clothes stores. Of course I try on all the cutest, sexiest outfits- lingerie, dresses, tights, I love them all!- but what I love the most is getting totally butt naked in one of the changing rooms, then sticking half my body out into the store- using the curtain to just barely, barely keep my girly bits covered- and then waving down a waiting married man I had seen trying not to stare at me.
“Excuse me, sir?” I say in my high-pitched voice, blinking my long eyelashes at him and chewing on my glossy lip as if I'm so worried. “My friends played a prank on me- I'm totally naked in here! Could you help me?”
I love watching the man- who's probably waiting for his plus-sized wife to try on some frumpy jeans- track his eyes from my cute bare feet with their pink painted toenails, up my smooth, bare leg, around the swell of my nude hip, up my bare stomach and to the swell of my breast whose hard nipple is barely covered by the curtain, until he finally gets to my cute face- and he can barely say a word!
“Um, ah, um, what do you want me to do?” he usually stammers.
“Well, I like, need some clothes, duh!” I giggle. “Could you get me those pants from the rack, in a size 2, and some panties- with a bow on them!- and a little crop top?” As the man lurches to follow my orders, I usually squeal, “No, not the blue crop top! The cute PINK one!”
Normally a naked person would have no power, but even with a middle-aged married man fully dressed and me wearing nothing but lip gloss- I'm in full control! Have I told you how much I love being a girl?!?!
“I'm sorry! I'm sorry! Here, will these do?” they eventually stammer, handing me the clothes from very far away, like I was some tiger who could bite them in half.
And then I giggle: “Well, sir... I'm totally naked behind this curtain- I don't even have my purse with me! I need you to buy the clothes for me, or else I can't wear them out! If you did that-”
-I usually lick my lips cutely here-
“I would really appreciate it. You know what I mean?”
And the middle aged men are so flummoxed, thinking about a naked, appreciative twenty-something just inches from them behind a thin curtain, I can practically hear their cocks throbbing inside their jeans- and then they always go buy the clothes for me!
Sometimes I can even see the outlines of their poor, aching stiffies in their pants as they rush to the counter to get the deal done before their wives return- I wonder how they explain those credit card charges later- but I don't care about that because I just slip those new clothes, grab my purse and walk out the door.
The poor men are always so confused, seeing me walk by with a purse and shoes that they didn't buy, and usually can't say anything as I give them a peck on the cheek and giggle “Thank you!” into their ear.
If they're cute or bought me especially expensive clothes I'll also give their silly boners one quick squeeze right through their pants as I kiss their cheek, just to tease them a little more. Some of the men almost have a heart attack when I do that! And then I strut my ass right out the door without looking back. Whenever I pull an outrageous stunt like that, my wife always demands I tell her all about it when I get home.
“And he was hard?” she'll laugh.
“SO hard!” I'll squeal back. We'll usually be wearing sleep shirts and cotton panties as I tell her this story, sipping white wine on the couch- you know, real girly stuff.
“Tell me again!” my wife said one night, her eyes bright. “How exactly did you say it?”
I fluttered my eyebrows like I did to that day's poor horny husband and giggled: “But sir, I'm totally naaaaaked behind this curtain! Could you pleeeeease help me?”
“God you are SUCH a flirt, Chrissy!” And then Lisa- she is so pretty, I wish I could look like her- leaned over to kiss me, our lipsticked lips meeting. After the kiss she whispered in my ear: “And you touched his cock on the way out?”
I gulped- Lisa's kisses always left my heart racing. “Yeah!”
“Did a hard cock feel good in your hands?”
I blushed then. “I don't know...”
“Sure you do! Didn't you want to stroke that cock more? Suck it with your hot little mouth?”
I slapped her shoulder. “Lisa, no! I'm a cock tease- nothing else!”
“That's right!” my wife said, her fingers drifting under my sleep shirt to find my naked ribs. Her long fingernails suddenly unleashed an assault of tickling. “Who's my cute little cock tease?”
“I am!” I squealed, gasping and thrashing under her talented fingers.
I was always helpless when Lisa tickled me.
“Who's my little girl who loves wearing pink panties and getting the boy's dicks hard?”
“I AM!”
The change in her fingers was so subtle I didn't even notice she had switched from tickling to arousing me until she was lovingly cupping my pert A cups and pinching my hard nipples. “That's right,” my wife purred, sucking on my ear in a way that made me feel all squishy inside. “Who's gonna be my little girl forever?”
“Me! Lisa- oh god- please make me cum!”
My clit was hard and throbbing, making my cotton panties tight... so tight.
She used one hand to keep pinching my nipples, one at a time, and used the other to rub my little clit through my panties, up and down. “You want me to play with your clit tonight Chrissy? To make you feel good?”
“Yes Lisa! Yes!”
Both her hands left my body at once.
“But maybe I like you all wound up and horny like this,” she chuckled, settling back down on her side of the couch. “I think it makes you a much better cock tease!”
“But Lisa-
“Maybe tomorrow night, okay Chrissy?” she said, rubbing my smooth, girly ankle. “I'm feeling a little tired tonight. Aren't you?”
“I don't know.” My clit was still so tight in my panties, but I was starting to feel tired. “I guess so. I am tired.”
“Then go to sleep, Chrissy.”


I loved cock-teasing men so much, I had dreams where I WAS one, a man with a stiff, hard cock, aching for release.
What was weird was the dream was always very specific, I was always the same man working at this same software company, stressed and in charge of five other programmers and trying to meet a deadline that never came. What was also strange was that Lisa was always there in the dream with me too. She was always my wife there too, taking my coat when I got home and kissing me on the cheek- I had a five o'clock shadow in my dream!- and always telling me to relax.
I didn't worry about it too much because it was just a dream and each time I woke up, it was just Lisa and Chrissy again and we had so many fun girly things to do.


“Hey sleepy head,” Lisa giggled as I yawned and came awake in our fluffy bed, the afternoon sun streaming in through the windows. She kissed me and my heart beat faster. “Wanna watch some porn?”
That got me awake fast. “DO I!”
“Then take a shower and shave you silly goose!” she giggled, tickling my ribs until I squealed and jumped out of bed. “And let's make it special- why don't you put on your teddy?”
I was already slipping off my panties and warming up the shower water. “The sexy white one?” I gasped.
She had bought me that on our second anniversary!
Lisa was smiling at me. “The sexy white one.”
I took a shower and shaved my legs in record time, but Lisa had to help with the tricky area around my  little clitty- I always got confused around there, I don't know why. Then she did my make up so I'd have a fresh, natural look and helped me slip into the silkiest, most feminine garment that I owned.
I shivered just putting it on- the silk barely felt like more than feathers against my soft, pink skin!
“Oh god, my nipples are hard already!” I giggled as I skipped over to the computer in the corner of the bedroom.
“I love you when you're horny,” Lisa giggled, sitting down in the reading chair first. Like me, she was wearing a silky teddy, but hers was red, went almost to her knees, and was much less transparent. But it still felt great against the back of my legs as I sat on her lap. She smiled. “Now, what kind of porn do you wanna watch?”
“Lesbians!” I squealed, kicking my feet. Sitting on Lisa's lap, my feet couldn't touch the floor. It made me feel small and delicate. “You know I love lesbians the best!”
“I know,” she chuckled, using her fingers under my chin to bend my head around so she could kiss me deeply. I was breathless when she broke the kiss and said: “But how about we watch some boy-girl stuff tonight?”
“No!” I pouted. “I wanna see lesbians!”
“Come on, you'll like it,” she laughed, rubbing her hand over my smooth legs, making me shiver.
I giggled. I guess boy-girl stuff could be fun too.
I watched her type in: 'Blow-jobs', then 'facials'.
“Lisa, ewww! No!”
“We're watching this tonight,” she stated, and that was that.
My wife could have a very commanding voice when she wanted to.
“Okay...” I pouted. A girl came on screen, slowly unzipping some guy's jeans to reveal a mass of pubic hair. “Lisa! Ewww! He's too hairy!”
“That's right, I forgot you don't like hairy guys,” she chuckled. “How about this one?”
“No! His dick's too small!”
“That's right, you like big cocks, don't you, Chrissy?”
I giggled. She knew me so well! “Yeah.”
She clicked again. On screen a shaved, ripped guy- he must have been a weightlifter- was taking a shower. He turned to the camera to let us see a soft, wet, cock that swung like a horse's. “How about him?”
I gulped. His muscles were so well defined, so bulging. But all I could look at was that wet, gleaming cock. “He's okay.”
“He's better than okay,” Lisa chuckled, rubbing my thighs, getting dangerously close to my tight clit. “Those hard pecs, his solid thighs, those huge biceps... How does seeing a man like that make you feel, Chrissy?”
I swallowed. My clit was so hard- I couldn't think straight! “Small!” I squeaked. “And delicate.”
She laughed. “And if you were home alone with a real man like that, and he wanted to fuck, there's nothing you could do to stop him, is there? He would bend you over our bed and take your little virgin ass any way he wanted, couldn't he?”
I squirmed, trying hard to ignore my stiff, throbbing clit. “No! I'd give him blue balls and then send him home!”
“You'd try,” she laughed, kissing my soft neck. “But a man like that could pick you up and break you in half, couldn't he?”
I had to agree- I was no match for a stud like that! “I guess.”
Now a girl entered the video, nude and walking towards the shower. That made me feel better. She was willowy with small tits and a nice round ass, just like me.
“She's cute!” I told Lisa. “I'd totally fuck her.”
“I bet you would,” my wife chuckled. “But only after you sucked his cock dry.”
“No! I'm not a cock sucker!”
“Tell that to Mr. Handy,” my wife giggled, pulling open her top desk drawer.
My eyes got big.
Mr. Handy was what we called our biggest dildo, the ten-incher that Lisa jokingly referred to as 'the real man' around the house. I swallowed hard, squirming a little on her lap.
“Why do we need Mister Handy?”
“To give you something to do while we watch,” Lisa chuckled, setting the base in front of the keyboard. She got a bottle from the same drawer and dripped a few drops of thick, shiny honey on the tip of Mr. Handy, then pointed the cock at my shiny lips.
“Come on, sweetie. Give him a little suck.”
I licked my lips.
Lisa knew I had a thing for honey...
“Good girl,” she laughed as I opened my mouth and started licking all around the fat head. “I always knew you were a cock sucker, deep down inside.”
I came off the cock. “I'm not a cock sucker! I just like the-”
She was dripping even more honey on Mr. Handy, all down his thick, veiny shaft.
“Lisaaaa,” I whined, then fell to licking and sucking him all over. “I'm on a diet!”
You can cheat a little every now and then,” she chuckled, watching me suck. She tilted my head towards the screen. “Do it like she does. Come on, we'll do it together.”
I loved these fun girl games that Lisa always thought up!
We had so much fun, licking that huge cock just like that slut did, making the same silly moans she did, pretending that we just loved having a big cock between our lips- it was so funny! Lisa kept the dildo well lubed with honey so it was extra yummy for me to suck.
“Do you like sucking cock, Chrissy?”
I giggled- this felt so naughty! “Yeah!”
“But what if it was smaller? Like... this small?” She was holding her thumb and forefinger next to Mr. Handy's base, her fingertips barely reaching half his length.
“No, eeeewww!” I laughed. “That's just a baby dick!”
“So you wouldn't suck a man who was only this big?”
“No way!”
“And how often would you let such a guy cum?”
“Never! Little dicks like that don't deserve to cum!”
My wife laughed. “God, you came out perfect, Chrisy!” She pulled a little tape recorder from her desk drawer and hit the red button. “Say that again.”
I was confused. “Why?
She was nuzzling my neck now, nipping and kissing me in a way that made my clit so hard and drippy I could barely think.
“Because at work I've got this friend named Chris. And he's got the hots for you so bad- getting into your panties is all he thinks about...”
“Chris?” I said. It sounded familiar. “Do I know him?”
“You've never met,” Lisa laughed. “But just two months ago I found Chris has a baby dick, only as big as I just showed you! I want to play this tape for him so he knows he never has a chance with you- that he'll always be staring at you from a distance but never able to have you. It would cock-tease him SO bad!”
I licked my lips. That sounded like SO much fun! “What's his name again?”
“Chris,” she said, holding the tape recorder near my mouth. “And I told him you don't like boys who masturbate, so he hasn't touched himself in a real long time. He's so, so horny for you, baby- so what do you have to say to him?”
I giggled and brought the recorder near my lips, licking them.
“Now listen here, Chris,” I said in my sweetest, sexiest girl voice, “my name is Chrissy and I'm the hottest piece of ass you could ever hope to meet! I'm wearing a little see through teddy and I'm totally shaved and so fuckable and I'm so turned on watching porn here with Lisa, and if you were here with me right now... I'd fall over laughing at your tiny little dick! Lisa tells me you're so horny because you're not masturbating for me, but guess what- little dicked men like you don't deserve to cum!”
“Never?” Lisa prompted.
“Never!” I laughed. “Shrimp dicked men don't need to cum- only hung studs do!” I slurped Mr. Handy extra loudly, for Chris' benefit. “Hear that, loser? That's a real cock going in an out of my mouth- mmmm, it's so thick- I love sucking big cock and I love teasing little dicks like yours!”
I gave the dildo another loud suck, smacking my lips at the end. “Mmmm! You can keep not masturbating for the rest of your life- I don't care! I'm only going to suck big cocks and you'll never have a chance to cum with me! I hope you die of blue balls, looooooser!”
Lisa shutoff the recorder and kissed me fiercely. “Oh god, you are perfect Chrissy- you're so perfect!”
“I'm just a cock tease,” I laughed at her, passing her the cock so she could suck too. Which she did, giving the dildo such enthusiastic licks it made me think she was an expert at. But she was a lesbian- how could she be?
“I know, but you're mine! You're my perfect little cock-tease!”
On screen, the weightlifter picked the girl up like she weighed nothing, threw her on a bed and started pounding his huge, well-licked cock into her tight snatch as she screamed in pleasure.
“Oh no, now how are we going to do that?” Lisa laughed. “Get on the bed and spread your legs, slut!”
I squirmed, watching that huge guy pile drive that cute little girl. “Lisa, noooooo! I can't take Mr. Handy like that! He's too big!”
She stroked my face, her other hand playing with my clit in a way that made my heart almost explode.
“Don't worry, Chrissy, I'll go slow,” she giggled. “The key with you, has always been going slow.”


I had the boy dream again that night, and of course Lisa was there again.
But I wasn't in an office, I was in a house, a house that looked so much like ours. Dreams are weird like that.
I didn't like this dream; Lisa and I were having an argument over something.
“God damn it, Lisa! What have you done?”
My dream wife laughed. “Exactly what you wanted.”
I didn't know what the argument was about; everything was fuzzy around the edges.
“This has gone too far! How long has it been?”
“Fifty days, give or take.”
“This is crazy, this is crazy,” dream me was saying. “I'm too horny- you've got to let me cum!”
“But Chrissy doesn't want you to cum, didn't you hear?” Lisa laughed. “Or do you want me to play the tape for you again?”
“No, goddammit I don't want to hear that tape again! I want to cum- before this goes too far!”
“Oh honey, I might never let you cum as a man again,” Lisa laughed. “This is too much fun!”
Remembering this part later, I giggled. Even in my dreams Lisa was a cock tease- go Lisa!
“No, no, no, this needs to stop! I'm still sore from what you did to me last night!”
“That's what happens when you let a real man into the house,” Lisa chuckled. “Just be happy I didn't film it.”
For some reason that made dream me scared. “Don't you DARE! Don't you fucking DARE!”
“You're getting all agitated, dear. The point of this was to relax you, remember? Why don't you go to sleep?”
“I don't want to fucking go to-”
“Go to sleep, honey.”
And the dream faded to black with me looking up into Lisa's loving eyes.
God, I loved her so much!


I was still sore between my legs from Mr. Handy when Lisa's co-workers invited her to go clubbing with them a few nights later. But I still tagged along, because it's not like any of those club boys would have even a snowball's chance of going where Mr. Handy had gone- no way! And besides, it was so much fun getting ourselves all femmed up and ready to go out- those club boys were going to go home with extra heavy blue balls tonight!
After shower, shaving and make-up, I tried on so many dresses at home with Lisa, but everything seemed too loose in the hips and too tight in the shoulders.
“Why don't I have any dresses that fit?” I whined. “Am I getting fat?” I started to panic. “I'm getting fat aren't I!”
“No honey, the way you eat you can't get fat,” Lisa laughed. “Those are just old dresses I have. Here, why don't you try this one- I bought it special for you.”
The dress she pulled from the back of her closet was a slinky black party dress of my wildest dreams. It was SO short- boys might be able to see my panties every time I twirled around!
“Lisa! You got that, for me?”
“Just for you, Chrissy. Try it on- I bet it fits perfectly.”
It did!
“Oh my god, I love it!” I squealed, twirling in front of the mirror. “I feel so girly! Should I wear pantyhose with it?”
“Garters,” Lisa said, covering her mouth with her hand. “Definitely garters and stockings.”
Those just made me feel even sexier!
“And honey, maybe a push up bra?” she suggested. “You know, for a little help up front?”
I blushed. I had never been big up top- I hated how small my breasts were! At least my nipples were really sensitive. “Okay.... if you think it'll make me look sexier.”
“I do.”
After that we refreshed our make-up, slipped into our sexy high heels, and were off to the club.
I barely said hello to Lisa's co-workers when we met them inside. I drained the first drink I was offered and then headed out to the pulsing dance floor- cock-teases didn't stand around and watch from the sidelines!
I found the beat and started swaying my hips in a smooth, sexy way- I knew because Lisa had made me practice in front of a mirror for hours- and within a minute I had three horny boys dancing around me. God, they're so predictable!
I pressed my ass against one, grinding hard, then pressed my front against a second guy, my thigh grinding right against the bulge in his jeans- a nice one- and then danced super close against the third guy, letting him grind against me until I felt his hard dick throbbing against my leg. Throbbing, throbbing, about to cum-
“Bye boys!” I laughed, leaving him with a wet spot starting on his jeans, as I giggled and skipped back to our table.
The music was so loud in the club, I couldn't really hear what Lisa's friends were saying to her; I only caught snippets as I got closer.
“-can't believe that's Chris-”
“-he looks so feminine-”
“-and dances so slutty!”
“Time and patience,” I heard Lisa chuckle as I finally got to their level. “That's all it takes with boys.” She smiled widely as I reached the table, raising her voice to talk to me. “Having fun out there, sexy?”
“You bet!” I giggled, taking the drink she offered me- a pink Cosmo martini, my favorite!- and downing half in one gulp. “I got three cocks hard and left them hanging! One even made a wet spot- he wanted me so bad!”
Lisa's friends, all women from her office, for some reason thought this was the funniest thing they had ever heard.
I frowned at them. Her friends weren't nearly as sexy as Lisa and I- they hadn't teased any boys yet tonight! I pulled on her arm. “Come out and dance close with me Lisa- you know how that makes the boys go crazy!”
“Maybe later,” she laughed, taking my empty martini glass and handing me a full one. “We'll take a cab home tonight. Feel free to drink up tonight!”
I giggled, drinking the new martini. “Okay!”
One of Lisa's co-workers, a tall black woman with a smirk on her face, sucked at her straw and asked, “So Chrissy, do you like wearing a hot little party dress?”
“Of course, duh- it's so sexy!”
Another woman asked, “And how do you like wearing panties?”
I didn't really care about their dumb questions- they were so plainly dressed, they weren't teasing any guys at all!
“I like it,” I said. “But I like not wearing them more!”
The girls all laughed, hooting and congratulating Lisa. For having such a hot wife, I guess.
“I still don't believe it,” the black woman said. “It's got to be an act.”
“It's not,” Lisa said as I focused on finishing my drink, “it's what he really wanted, deep down inside.”
The black woman laughed. “Yeah? Hey Chrissy, do you see that tall young waiter coming towards us?”
“Un-huh. So?”
“Do you think he's hot?”
I shrugged. “He's okay.”
“I bet you can't get his dick hard,” she said. “Like you said you did to those guys on the dance floor.”
“And you have to rub his cock through his pants!” another co-worker squealed. “Get it hard and squeeze it hard right here- where we all can see you do it!”
I snorted. “Why?”
“Because that's what a real cock-tease would do,” Lisa said, smiling. “She'd tell him how hot he is, how much she wanted to suck his cock after work, get his cock hard every time he comes over here to serve us, keeping him eager with the promise of your hot little mouth at the end of the night- and then not let him have you!”
She was right- that IS what a cock-tease would do!
When the young guy came to our table, I pounced, grinding against his front, letting my thigh rub right against his crotch. “Hey sexy- come to get me wet?”
He almost dropped his tray as I was kneading his cock through his pants. “What?”
“My drink, silly!” I laughed, shaking my glass at him as I still ground against his front. “I'm out!”
“Yes miss, right away. I'll-”
He tried to back away but I grabbed his back with one hand, kneading his cock through his pants with the other. He wasn't getting away!
“If you put extra liquor in this one, I'll lick you at the end of the night,” I whispered into his ear. His cock was growing and stiffening in my hand, just like a boy's leash should. “I promise, baby- take care of this table tonight and I'll take care of your cock at the end of your shift- with my mouth!”
He was stammering, hard in my hands. “Yes ma'am! I'll-”
If the martinis hadn't hit me so hard on a bare stomach, I wouldn't have pulled him into that kiss. But I did, and I felt his cock surge to full hardness. I smiled as I felt his hands under my dress, grabbing my bare ass and heard Lisa's co-workers going nuts behind my back.
“Oh my god, I can't believe it! I just can't believe it!”
“She really believes it!”
Lisa's friends were just jealous of how good a cock-tease I was.


We were watching porn in the bedroom again.
Lisa had just gotten home from work and was still dressed in her power pants suit and heels. I was naked, sitting on her lap- she didn't let me put on any clothes after my shave and shower- but she did let me wear bright red lipstick and dangly hoop earrings, so I still felt extra girly.
I was licking Mr. Handy again- no honey needed this time- and Lisa was running her hands up and down my body, pinching my hard nipples, rubbing my thighs, pulling on my throbbing clit with two or sometimes three fingers. I was shivering in sexual need, buzzing with arousal- I never wanted this to end!
But my body needed it to.
“Lisa, please!” I panted, pulling the cock from my mouth. “Let me cum! I'll even spread my legs for Mr. Handy again!”
She stopped stroking my clit a second before I would have exploded all over us. “Not yet, pet.” She nibbled on my bare shoulder, making me ache. “Don't you like being on edge like this, just seconds from pleasure? Just like all those boys you want to tease?”
“No! I'm a girl!” I whined. “I get to cum!”
“Sure you do,” she chuckled. Her hands found my bouncing clit again, teasing the tingling tip with her feminine fingernails. “But last time, Mr. Handy didn't do it for you, don't you remember?”
I scrunched up my face. “He didn't?! I can't remember!”
“Oh yeah,” she said. “You rode him for so long- you moaned like a little whore the whole time- and just when you were about to cum, you fell asleep for some reason!”
“I did?”
She laughed. “Sure did, just like that. So I just pulled out and let my little girl sleep.”
That explained why I was so horny! “So I-”
She pushed the cock back towards my mouth. “Lick Mr. Handy while you talk, honey.”
I did, speaking between urgent licks. “So I- haven't cum- in days-?!”
“Longer than that,” she laughed. “Maybe I should find you a real Mr. Handy to play with, hmmm? They have services were men come over to your house, no questions asked...”
Her hands were lovingly teasing my naked body again. I felt so helpless, nude and sitting on her clothed lap, sucking a cock like a little girl as I swung my painted toenails! My nipples were on fire, my clit was aching to be touched- it was hard to have real thoughts!
“I don't think I want that...” I moaned as she licked her fingers then pulled on my pink, hard nipples.
“Come on, it'll be fun!”
“No! I'm just a tease! I couldn't do anything...” I gulped, watching another weightlifter pound some tiny girl on screen with his huge cock. “...with a real man...” She pulled on my clit, making me moan. “I'd be so scared!”
“I'd be right there with you, honey.”
“You would?!”
She chuckled. “Wouldn't miss it for the world.”
I squirmed on her lap, lost in a sexual haze. “I- I- don't know!”
“Let's go through some possibles,” she laughed, switching websites. I caught my breath as she turned off the porn and went to a Playgirl-type site, but with bios of each hunk. “This is an escort service one of the girls at work suggested for you. Which of these guys catches your fancy?”
They were all very muscular, very well hung, and all had a burning, animal hunger in their eyes.
“None of them!”
“Come on honey, we're just looking, nothing's going to happen. If you don't want to play along with me, I guess you can go back to sleep for tonight.”
It was only seven o'clock! “No, Lisa, I don't want to go to sleep yet!”
“Then let's look around a bit,” she chuckled, moving the mouse to the first guy's photo. “How about him?”
I swallowed. He was blond, all-American looking. “No. Too plain!”
“How about him?”
This guy was Italian. “No- too hairy!”
She laughed and went to the next guy. Black, head shaved smooth, and on his topless photo, he was built like a Greek god.
“Oh baby, your pulse just started racing!” Lisa laughed, feeling at my neck. “Let's see more about him. Hmmm, his name's Andre... shaves all his body hair... was a former weightlifter- oh my god!”
I was sucking on Mr. Handy again, imagining how he would feel if he were hot, throbbing, alive. “What!”
The chuckle that came out of Lisa was the most evil I had ever heard.
“His bio says he just got out of prison, Chrissy. He hasn't felt the touch of a woman in three years- if we contract him to come over, oh god, can you imagine what he'd do to you?”
I threw Mr. Handy across the desk, covering my little A cups with my arms. “I don't like this game anymore Chrissy! I don't want a real man to fuck me!”
Her hands were soothing my nude back. “Okay, okay, just relax-”
“No! I don't want to fuck a guy! I don't want to f... what's going on? Lisa? Is that you?” My voice was suddenly deep again, like it was in my boy dreams. “Were you trying to turn me gay?”
“Oh shit, you're breaking through,” she laughed, wrapping her arms around me. She felt so strong around me. “Sleep honey, sleep. You're getting so tired...”
I was squirming in her hands, my cock throbbing with need. “Lisa, no! Don't make me do this! I don't want to be gay!”
“Sleep, baby, sleep. I'm not turning you gay, I'm just making you horny enough to become what you always wanted to be,” she giggled. “Now go to sleep so I can strengthen the commands you you gave me.” My eyelids were closing of their own will, but I saw her bookmark the escort page.
Lisa laughed in my ear, whispering. “And when you wake up, you're going to be my silly little cock-tease again. Or a cock slut. We'll have to see what comes out.”
And when I answered, right before I dozed off, my voice was high pitched and girly again.
“Okay, Lisa.”


“How long has it been now?” my dream me asked.
“Eighty days,” dream Lisa chuckled. “But you might as well stop counting. I told you I'm never letting you cum as a man again.”
“Eighty days without cumming! That's impossible!”
“Well to be fair, you don't remember any of them. Only I know.” She flicked my tie. Why was I wearing a tie in my dream? “And the best part is, the hornier you get, the more Chrissy wants to come out and play!”
“But how will I cum then?!”
My dream wife laughed. “You'll cum as Chrissy. In a Chrissy way. If you're good I'll even video tape it so you can see how it happens. Not that you'd remember it.”
I shivered in my dream. “No! Please, not that!”
“Sleep honey. I've got something BIG planned for you tonight.”
“NO! Lisa! Please-”


We were getting ready for another night out together, soaking in our oversized bathtub, up to our shoulders in peach-smelling bubbles.
“We've got to get you extra smooth and girly tonight,” Lisa laughed, raising her slim foot out of the water to tap me lightly on the nose. “I've got a friend meeting us at the club.”
I giggled and blew the bubbles off her foot, and then kissed it. “Oh? Who?”
“No one you know. But you and I are going to blue ball him soooooo bad.”
My clit started to expand, under the water. “We are?!”
Her other foot, the one I wasn't kissing, slid between my legs and pressed my clit against my stomach, then rocked up and down, making me moan. “You like that idea, you little cock-tease?”
I giggled as I sucked her toes- I loved doing that- and her other foot did its magic on my clit. “Yes!”
“First I'm going to shave every inch of you,” she said. “Armpits, legs, even between your cute little buttcheeks. I'm going to make every part of you soft and girly and pink.”
My clit was like a steel rod! “And then?”
“And then we're going to dress up. Teeny, tiny panties. High heels so tall we're almost falling over. And little dresses- Chrissy, they're going to call the police and book us for indecent exposure!”
I panted, closing my eyes and licking my lips. “Yeah? Then?”
“And we're going to meet my friend at the club. And we're going to dance with him all night, taking turns, we're practically going to ride his pole right there on the dance floor- but we're never going to let him cum in the club!”
“Never,” I agreed.
“And then we're going to bring him back here and give him the sexiest lesbian strip tease he's ever seen. He's going to be so sure he's going to get laid, and then we're going to pull out the hand cuffs...”
“Yeah?” I was thrusting my hips forward to meet her foot. I was so close...
The pressure on my clit disappeared.
“And that's it!” she laughed.
“Lisa!” I whined, thrusting my hips forward but finding nothing. “Keep going!”
“What? That's the end of the story,” Lisa laughed. “Unless you want there to be more...”
I was blushing, panting, so horny! How many days had it been since I had cum? I couldn't remember. “I don't know! I just want...”
Her eyes were gleaming. “You want to what, dear?”
My clit was on fire- I was running my hands up and down my thighs- I felt like I should do something more with my hands, something that would make the painful ache in my clit go away, something I used to do a lot-
But I couldn't think of what that was.
“I don't know!” I wailed.
She came towards me in the tub then, her thighs spreading mine, her hands pulling mine away from my clit and holding them pinned behind my back as she laid on me, her glorious wet boobs pressed against my chest.
“Oh god, I love you so much Chrissy!” she laughed, kissing my face. “I want to spend the rest of my life with you just like this!”
My legs were spread, my ankles crossed around her back just like they had been when she had taken Mr. Handy to me. I ground my pevis against her smooth, shaved pussy, driving myself mad with desire.
“Please! I'm so horny! Just let me cum!”
“Just wait for tonight, pet,” she laughed, holding my hands behind my back as she kissed me, making me even hornier. “Just wait until we meet Andre tonight.”



As I said, there are a few ways this story could end.  What satisfies you the most?  Thanks for the input, it will help me get over my femdom writer's block!

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