Tuesday, December 31, 2013

Too racy for an erotic book?

So in Sex Powers University 1, I included a bonus captioned image at each third of the book, just as an extra little bonus to break the text up and give some extra eye candy.

The first 40 or so folks that bought the book from Smashwords got to see the images, but then Smashwords told me they'd have to be removed, because they have a "no nudity" policy for images.  I knew they had one for covers (fine, non-customers, children and I guess impressionable farm animals can see book covers without trying), but for INSIDE an erotic book?

Anyway, two out of three images had to be pulled, but take a look at them below.  Do you think this one below would have added something right after all the boys had to spend their first night in the steel chastity belts?

I thought that one was cute and adorable, but it was the second girl's "tasteful buttcrack" that Smashwords objected to.

This one was after Troy finally got away from his mother after Mid-term Break:

That's just straight up side-boob, so it had to be pulled.  But I think it fit because she was an older lady like Troy's mother.

Anyway, I just wanted you late SPU purchasers to know what you missed, and I do plan to have similar, but safe-for-smashwords, images in SPU 2, to provide "stroke breaks" at random spots throughout the book.

I'm halfway through the first draft of Sex Powers University 2, so look for that to come out around Valentine's Day 2014!

P. F. Dee


  1. Any update on this yet? I've been checking back everyday single Valentines Day! haha

  2. since valentines day*

  3. Anon,

    Sorry, still about halfway through. Look for SPU 2 around end of April, hopefully!