Tuesday, October 22, 2013

Story inspiration from... The Discovery Channel?

So there's this Discovery Channel show called "Naked and Afraid".

They take a fit man and woman who know each other zero percent and strand them together on a desert island for 21 days with no food, no water and no clothes at all. 

Of course, there is NO sexual content on this show, which is strange because ALL the trailers highlight the "Naked" aspect all the time.  And why even have this premise if you're not going to go that direction?  The blur circles are small enough to verify that, yep, they're buck naked for 21 days together while a camera crew films them 24/7.

24/7.  Nude.  On a island with an attractive woman you must work closely with to get enough food and water to survive.  While a camera crew never stops filming you.

How many embarrassing hard-ons does the guy get in that time, do you think?  How much is he dying to get some privacy and touch himself by the time they finally get to go home?  How many times does he get caught by his partner or the camera crew?

Naked and Afraid.  The G-rated Discovery Channel show that launched a thousand male humiliation stories...


  1. Have you run across VH1's "Dating Naked" yet? One guy, one girl, three blind dates for each . . . and no clothes in sight

    1. Casual,
      I hadn't heard of that! Again, I ask the question: HOW IS EVERYONE NOT GETTING BONERS ALL THE TIME? And why don't the girls comment on it?!?

    2. Well, they do sometimes (and then the girls comment on it). But as any figure model will tell you, prolonged nudity gets boring. After the initial thrill is gone, at some point, nudity just becomes a "fashion statement". It takes something else to put the sexual tension back in - hence the reason the show has a lot of massage, body painting, and yoga dates.