Sunday, November 3, 2013

Your poll results, future plans, and deal breakers!

These are the results from the poll on what series I should continue next:

Gods at Eighteen: 42%
Sex Powers U: 33%
Normal world CFNM stories: 14%
Sissy Sort: 9%

This is good, since my plans are to write SPU 2 next, which is in the Gods at Eighteen universe, so that will satisfy 75% of the audience. 

Also, I won't feel bad about maybe never continuing the Sissy Sort series, which was written on a bit of a lark since I typically didn't like sissy stories.  (Unless I got real horny and they were done just right..) 

Which brings us to our next poll: like sissy stuff for me a year ago, what tag/theme would make you shy away from story you'd normally read?

I'm not going to include the obvious scat/blood/snuff, since that won't show up in SPU 2 anyway.  But I'm trying to see, as I sketch out the plot, what are the minefields.  Not to say they won't show up anyway if the story needs it, but maybe I won't dwell on it. 

Put any dealbreakers I missed in the comments, or use them to explain yourself!


  1. I was thinking about a particular class in your university that the girls would have an easy time at taking advantage of the boys. It seems that most if not all of the boys seem to have some type of foot fetish that is exploited by the girls and their powers. What would you think about having a pedicure class where the boys learn how to properly worship and pamper the girl's feet. The girls would have no problem humiliating and mocking the boys for getting hard in their position, and god forbid they ever screw up (even if the girls were using their powers on them). Could make for an interesting class but just something I would like to see

    1. This is actually a great idea. I hadn't thought of such classes at SPU, but am thinking of them now!

  2. This will appear to be a little strange, but I do have a fetish for chocolate brown coloured panties. Can you help - please...

    1. Hmmm, that's quite specific. Is it always brown panties that gets you, or the cotton or a specific cut? I tend to always choose favor pink or powder blue panties when I write, but if an opportunity presents itself, one episode of SPU 3 might focus on some... I can't think of a way to work that in right at the moment, however... Thanks for the input!