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Steel World: a short scene, inspired by YOUR comments!

How many ideas from your comments on this blog can you find in the short scene below?

I count three!


"Ah, the end of another relaxing day," Clara sighed as her husband finished kissing and licking her post-orgasm pussy. She pushed his eager tongue away with a laugh. "It's okay honey! No need to go for three tonight!"

"Please Clara!" Ted cried, sitting up and grabbing his wife's legs. "Can't you unlock me just for tonight?!?"

She giggled, looking down at the small metal tube dangling between his thighs. Ted had been of average endowment when he had been Wild, his cock even bordering on large. But the chastity cage the State had locked him in was so tiny- it was practically dainty! How did all of him fit in there?

Ted always complained that the tube was too small, that it hurt at the slightest arousal, but Clara deferred to the government fitting technicians. After all, she thought, they were the professionals.

"Oh dear, you know I can't," she giggled, fingering the silver key that hung around her neck on a slim chain. The key and chain were dainty too- so fragile, yet holding so much power! She kissed his forehead, smelling her own juices on his face. "Just four or five more days, and then it won't look so bad."

"I don't care how it looks to the women in your tennis club!" he fumed, stomping to the dresser and picking up a handtowel from the stack, then wiping his face clean. "I need to get out of this damn cage!"

"You know the cage's wifi transmitter will go off as soon as I put the key in the lock! How would it look tomorrow morning when all the wives check the State webpage and our house is the only one that has a red X over it! After only ten days! Millie and Kate would never let me live it down!"

"But Clara! This hasn't been an average ten days!"

Clara smiled, looking at the dresser. "Yes. That stack of handtowels is getting pretty low. I've kept your tongue hard at work every night, haven't I?"

Ted blushed. "Yes. And every morning, too!"

"Sorry, I'm just going through a horny phase!" she giggled. "You'll do the laundry tomorrow, won't you dear? We wouldn't want you to run out of handtowels and have to sleep with my scent on your face all night."

He sighed. "I'll do a few loads in the morning."

Clara smiled, fingering the key around her neck. "I knew you would." She patted the bed. "Now, come here. Maybe I can at least make one part of you feel better." Ted sat next to her and she proceeded to rub the knots out of his muscular shoulders.

"So tense!" she giggled. "Could this have something to do with what happened at the gym today?"

"I still can't believe you did that!" Ted groaned. "Pulling me into the women's locker room after our yoga class!"

"Everyone needs to shower after hot yoga," Clara giggled, kneading his neck. "And now that all women know that all men are locked, why not have a little fun? All those hot co-eds who tease you with their bodies during class, now you finally got to see what's under their tight yoga pants!  Or not- who knew so many of them shaved their nethers bare!"

Ted groaned. "But you didn't let ME take off my clothes! Or the cage!"

"You really wanted to show this tiny cage off to the girls?" she laughed. "They'd think you were hung like my finger! No, it was better for you to shower over your shorts while ten nude women
rubbed soap all over their slippery bodies just inches from you." She giggled as his cage surged again and Ted moaned. "Mrs. Kipling's daughters have really filled out, haven't they? I forgot how perky eighteen-year-old breasts could be."

"Clara!" he cried, grabbing at his balls.

"Oh, I'm sorry, dear! It's just something women notice. I won't mention it again," she said, kissing on his neck as she rubbed his spine and lower back.


"There, you're getting relaxed already. See, just three months in and you're already adjusting to the cage," she giggled. "All the boys at school have adjusted too. They're so well behaved now! I hardly have to send any of them to detention; just the threat of a note to their mothers whips them into shape!"

"That's good I guess," Ted sighed, rolling his shoulders as she worked down his arms.

"And did you notice?" she asked. "The President was making all those speeches, about bombing Syria for no reason at all, even though 90% of women were against another war? And then during the last press conference, the First Lady just coughed and played with that key around her wrist, and that was the last of the war talk! Think how many lives has the Universal Locking Law has saved already!"

He grunted. "I guess. I's been ten days Clara!"

"They start at two weeks over in Europe you know," she said, pushing him onto his back to start massaging up his legs. "Even for young boys, who are the horniest! That's why the girls at the country club are insisting their members go at least month. It's just not decent otherwise!"

Ted moaned as she rubbed his tense thighs, working her way north. "But... it's harder for me... you're much hotter than any of the other country club wives!"

"Sure I am," she laughed, rubbing the tight spots around his cage with expert fingers. "Flatterer. I've seen how you look at Kate."

"I don't-"

"Don't lie," she chuckled, pushing the blushing man's legs farther apart to get better access to his balls. "Now that you're locked up, I don't mind you peeking, and Kate doesn't either."

Clara's husband groaned as she started massaging his full balls, rolling them in her fingers and giving them a little relief from the metal ring separated them from his body.


"Sure! Why do you think she bends over so much in that tennis skirt when we play doubles together? She likes teasing all men, but you in particular. Look all you want!"

He gulped. "Okay."

She kept massaging his balls. "Feel better?"

"Yeah. A little."

Clara smiled and kept going. "And you know what Kate and I were talking about last week? What we both thought would be really really hot?"

Ted gulped again. "No.  What?"

"If... just for the rest of the year...I gave your key to Kate and she gave me Frank's to wear!"

He sat bolt upright in bed. "NO! That would be horrible!"

"You don't like the thought of having to ask my best friend if you can cum?" Clara giggled. "I like it. I like it a lot! I'd love to see the four of us out to dinner, you trying to flatter and pamper Kate while Frank tries to do the same to me. And neither man's wife having the power to give him release- only the other woman!"

Ted rubbed his forehead, trying not to think about that while she kept massaging his sore balls. "That sounds horrible! Thank god you asked me first." Clara's giggle made him open his eyes. "What?"

She had a mischievous schoolgirl grin. "We already did it. Last week!"

"No!" he cried, leaping forward to grab the key hanging between her breasts to read the number engraved on it. Every locked man knew his Penile Security Number by heart- if anything happened to his wife, that was the only way to get a replacement.  And this key ended in a '5', not a '9'!!

"Clara!" he whined and she fell into a fit of laughs.

"That's probably what caused my horny phase!" she giggled.  "Seeing you do all those little things to try and get on my good side all week, and knowing I didn't have the power to unlock you even if I wanted to!"

"Please," he begged, sucking on his wife's nipples just like she liked him to, "talk to Kate- switch the keys back!"

"Oh, it's just a game honey, let's try it for a few months," she giggled, rubbing the back of his neck. "It's got me so hot, and you have to admit, if you weren't locked, you'd find it pretty erotic too!  Having to kiss my friend's ass to have a chance to cum?"

His blush gave him away. "I guess."

"And Kate's more disciplined than I am anyway. She'll be good for us. I'll probably break and let Frank out once or twice a week if gives me the sad eyes, but Kate will keep you locked up as long as any other respectable businessman, no matter what charming tricks you try on her!"

Ted groaned again and Clara giggled. "Now that you'll stop bugging me to unlock you, how about we do something fun before we go to bed? Let's visit that porno site you used to love- the one where two women wrestle each other before a crowd and the winner gets to fuck the loser with a strap-on?"

Ted's belt about ripped off even as Clara massaged his balls with her fingers. "I'm not a member anymore! I canceled it after the Locking Law passed!"

"I know," she giggled, dragging her husband out of bed by his full balls and sitting in front of the computer. "But I bought myself a two year membership!"

"What?" he cried, as Clara brought the site up. Even the welcome screen made his cage ache!

Clara grinned at him. "Well, Kate and I were thinking, since our men can't really help us out in that department anymore... maybe we should enter the wrestling tournament ourselves, so at least one of us can get a hard fucking now and then!"

Ted threw his head back and groaned in pain, but then the Clara pulled his face next to hers. "But promise me something?" she giggled.


"That you'll come to the matches and cheer for me even though Kate is your keyholder now? Some of the stuff they let the winners do to the loser is really degrading, and you know how wicked Kate can be when she's got an audience. I don't know if I could take that!"

Ted sighed, pulling at his steel vise belt.  "Clara..."

"Please?" she said, peppering his face with kisses.

He laughed.  "Okay, okay!  I'll root for you to win!"

Clara smiled and held her husband's trapped, full balls with one hand as she pulled him in for a kiss with the other. 

"I knew you would."

*** THE END***

(Keep the ideas coming!)

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