Saturday, October 26, 2013

Small Penis Humiliation... there's an app for that!

So in my new ebook, "Sex Powers University", (free on Smashwords here) much of the teasing comes from the main character Troy having a penis only 4 inches long when erect. I didn't do any statistical analysis to get that number, I just chose it out of thin air based on some small penis humiliation (SPH) stories I had been reading at the time. 

(I had never been into SPH before since the women were always too mean and the men too grovelly, but if you balance those sides and do it with a sense of fun, it can flourish, just like any almost any other fetish.)

But now I stumbled upon this free site that lets you put in actual penis measurements to get a 3D computer-rendered image of what that actual penis would look like, compared to "normal" and the results are hilarious.

Here's the site so you can play along at home:
(You don't need to be a member, just hit "Enter" and make up some sufficiently old birthday.)

Here's the default comparison to "Average", and already Troy's not looking so good:

But things truly get funny when you go to the other helpful image choices, such as "The Profiler":

One can almost imagine the girls of SPU making Troy do this with the other "average" boys.  I like how the 3D models' hands are being held behind their backs, but I DON'T like how close those two cocks are to touching, however.  It's like the cocks are about to kiss!

And there's the last image choice, the best, "The Inspector":
Why does Mr. Medium seem so pissed that Troy is there to be measured?  Mr. Medium looks huge by comparison!  (But seriously, seeing it laid out like that, I'm actually feeling a little sad for Troy now- I didn't know 4 inches was that small, man- I didn't know!)

And of course, what penis measurement site would be complete if we didn't set the "Average" cock slider to the maximum, just like all the teasing ladies will do at home before sitting their men down in front of it, just to humiliate him further.  Here's what poor Troy looks like then:

A lot of little touches make that site great, such as how the expressions of the men change as their penis' do.  (Mr. Huge looks ready to get attention from two, possibly three women, while Troy is depressed for some unknown reason.)

I'm not going to cop out and have some magic pill that makes Troy bigger to please Amber in Sex Powers University 2, but man, now I feel for the guy and his quest to find love!

But ladies, it's not about the size, right?  If the man on the left above had a better personality and could make you laugh, you'd tell all your friends what a great lover he is, right?  Right?    

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  1. what a good "friend" he is, maybe.