Saturday, October 8, 2016

You KNOW the Rules...

(P.F: So this is just a fun little story I just HAD to write tonight...) 

You Know The Rules...

Dick hard, heart pounding, high-schooler Bobby Thurgood slipped his boxers off and started quickly playing with himself under the covers. He had to get this done fast, before someone sensed him!
Masturbating in a land full of women with Sex Powers was always a dangerous proposition for any teenage boy, but his mother was staying over at her lover's house and he hadn't heard a single noise from his sister's room in over an hour. This might be his only chance this week!
He closed his eyes and thought of the hottest girls in his class as his hand moved faster and faster on his hard, denied dick...


Downstairs in the darkened recreation room, nineteen-year old Ashley Thurgood pulled one of her Beats headphones away from her ear and paused the movie she had been watching on her laptop, as the slow ringing in her head continued to get louder.
And when the sexual images Bobby was concentrating on started to flood her vision, as Sex Powers did for any nearby woman who wasn't trying to ignore them, she realized what it was and covered her laughing mouth with her hand.
“Oh god,” she giggled, closing her laptop. “Bobby thinks I'm asleep!”


Upstairs, Bobby licked his lips as he felt his balls grow tight, the tingling starting.
He pushed his covers away with his left hand, getting ready to spew cum all over his bare chest.
It was going to be rushed, but at least it was going to be a full orgasm!
Winter had just broken into Spring, and with the warmer temperatures the girls in his class had really started putting the screws to the boys, showing off their legs with extremely short skirts or dresses all the time, wearing backless shirts in the warmer weather and flip-flops that left their cute nude feet on display all day.
He had to cum before heading into that inferno again!


“Awww, are the mean girls from school cockteasing my poor little brother again?” Ashley laughed, sensing the backed up lust in Bobby's blue balls and every image that flashed through his mind as he masturbated.
There had been a period of adjustment, as the women of the world started to see men's unfiltered thoughts whenever hand touched cock, when the Powers had first came. But that had been her mother's problem.
By the time Ashley had come into her Powers, society had adjusted to the fact that men simply had no privacy anymore. Not unless they stopped masturbating.
Which none of them could ever seem to do.
The tall, athletic girl wearing only a thin t-shirt and short sleep shorts set her laptop aside and stretched out on the couch, crossing her feet at the ankles.
“Well, then you definitely deserve a little relief, little brother” she giggled, closing her eyes to enjoy the show. A smile crossed her lips.
“But only if you follow the rules.”


Upstairs, Bobby couldn't believe his luck as his balls pulled tighter.
Usually one of the neighbor ladies or even Ashley stopped him before now!
It was finally going to happen!
He licked his lips and tried to think of someone special for the big finale, settling on Megan O'Kelly, a popular, busty blond who sat next to him in English and always wore tops that showed off most of her amazing teenage tits. He had practically seen her nipples yesterday, as she bent over to get her books!


“Don't get too distracted little, brother,” Ashley giggled, watching Bobby's fantasy of a nude, oiled up Megan O'Kelly bouncing up and down on his cock as he lay in his bed. She grinned, idly playing with her own hard nipples through her shirt, which had gotten aroused from all the healing sexual energy pouring out of Bobby's room.
“You've got to keep your wits about you to do this right...”
Her Powers reading even deeper into Bobby's mind the closer he came to orgasm, Ashley gasped.
“That bastard! He's going to try and cheat!”
Ashley's fingers left the hard nipple she was toying with through her shirt and made a Loop in the air pointing at Bobby's bedroom upstairs, one fingertip glowing blue as she called on her Powers for the first spell every girl learned...


Bobby stroked faster, his hand becoming a blur on his dry dick, his back arching off the bed, holding his breath-
And slammed into his sister's orgasm block!
He didn't feel even one pleasurable contraction, as the micro-second the muscles around his cock started to clench, to pump out his days and days of backed up cum, magic directed all that pressure back inside him instead, pushing his cum into his balls with more force than which they would have left.
It was like getting kicked in the nuts, but from the inside!
“Nooooooo!” Bobby wailed, trying to stroke through the block and defeat it, but stopping after the pain got too bad.
He gasped, sweating and thrashing in bed, his cock steel hard and his balls even bluer than before.
That orgasm block hadn't been there a few seconds ago- he had felt the magic spell being cast!
Some nearby girl had cut him off at the very last second!


You didn't follow the rules,” Ashley sang, giggling in the basement as her Powers sensed her little brother's straining, desperate, untouched cock two floors above her.
She had denied her brother so long, fed off his sexual energy for so many years, that the connection between them was strong enough for her to actually see into his room!
Like a picture in picture inside her mind, she could see him twisting on the bed, nude, his dick dripping, desperate, but still denied.
“You know I'll let that little dick of yours cum any time you want Bobby,” she giggled to the empty room, “but only if you do it right.”


Upstairs, Bobby panted, not sure of what to do.
The orgasm blocks the neighbor ladies put on him were usually pretty weak, them being middle-aged women who didn't have much sexual connection with him. If he tried a few more times, he could probably break through one of those. But if it was an orgasm block his sister had put on him...
Ashley's blocks were like vault doors!
He held his breath again, straining to listen.
Usually he could hear her giggling in her room next door, when she blocked his orgasms, or teased his cock, or did any of the other million humiliating things sisters could now do to brothers with their sex magic.
But he still couldn't hear anything, not even the creaking of her bed springs. She had to be asleep!
His right hand slowly closed around his dick again.


“Oh, giving the old four-incher another pull, are we Bobby?” Ashley laughed, shaking her head. “If you knew how small you really were, you'd stop dreaming about girls like Megan O'Kelly. That slut would laugh your tiny dick right out of the room!”
She sighed, pulling up her shirt a little to cool off her flat stomach, which had started to grow warm with healing sexual energy.
“But I'll give you another chance to empty those poor aching nuts of yours,” his sister giggled. “As long as you follow the rules.


Bobby gulped, using his left hand to play with his full balls while he stroked.
He usually didn't have time to play with himself this much before someone caught him. But if he wanted to break through an old lady's orgasm block, he'd have to cum, and hard!
The boy mewed and put his feet flat on the bed as he wanked, thrusting his hips towards the ceiling by instinct and closing his eyes as he got close once again...


“Oh little brother, are you never going to learn?” Ashley sighed, then doubled her orgasm block with a flick of a finger.
She giggled as she sensed Bobby keep stroking at his furious pace- he hadn't felt the block go on this time!
The girl put her hands behind her head and relaxed, ready to watch the train crash happen.


Bobby howled as he hit the orgasm block again!
And this time it was even harder!
It felt like two girls had tied him down, spread his legs wide apart, and were punching his nuts with their fists as hard as they could!
The boy rocked in bed, clutching his throbbing balls and his dripping, denied dick as he remembered what his sister had told him years ago, one humiliating morning over breakfast.
“The harder and faster the ramp up to orgasm, the harder the pain when a boy hits his magical block,” she had giggled, eating her cereal as casually as if she was talking about the local sports team. “So the only way to be sure to have a pain-free orgasm, then, little brother,” she had told the red-faced Bobby, “is to have a nice gentle one. One where the cum like, just barely dribbles out of you. I'm sorry, that's just a rule of life now.”
And she had laughed as the boy's face had gotten even redder.


Downstairs, Ashley laughed and rubbed her long, bare legs together.
“Think hard, little brother. You'll remember what I told you...”


Upstairs, when his balls had finally stopped hurting, as much as weeks of blue balls ever could, Bobby reluctantly pulled his boxer shorts back up his legs.
If this was really one of Ashley's orgasm blocks, he had no chance of breaking it!
And if she was awake, the alternative was too horrible to think about...
Just think about math! the sweating boy told himself, rolling onto his side. That always puts you to sleep...


“Oh no you don't,” Ashley giggled, as she sensed her little brother's erection start to deflate. “Once you start something, you've got to finish it.”
The girl lifted her toned butt off the couch and pulled down her sleep shorts in the darkness to expose her tight cotton panties, then started drawing circles over her clit through the thin material, starting slow but eventually going faster.
“Here's a little motivation for you...”


Bobby gasped as his half-mast dick started to inflate again, ringing like a tuning fork.
This kind of sensation only happened one way; that meant Ashley was definitely awake!
And masturbating!
The boy blushed as just the thought of his long-haired, perfectly-tanned older sister touching herself sexually had him fully hard in just a matter of heartbeats.
And with the extra arousal her masturbation was feeding to his body, like it was to all the sexually active males on the block right now, his dick got even harder than fully hard.
It was a painful, throbbing missile about to shoot off from his body, the extra, magically-induced pumps of blood taking him past what his body was designed for, like shooting viagra directly into his veins!
The boy started to cry, gripping his sheets as he begged the empty room.
“No, Ashley! Please don't make me...”


“Come on little brother,” Ashley panted, her tiny panties damp where she had been rubbing them. “You know you want to.” She giggled, feeling the boy struggle not to grab his supernaturally hard and desperate cock. “Let's get your silly monthly release out of the way and then we can both sleep well tonight...”


Upstairs, Bobby was crying, his hard dick practically lifting him off the bed.
“Please Ashley! Don't make me!”
He gave in and started stroking his dripping cock furiously, then stopped and gripped his sheets again, his face going red.
“Not again!”


Downstairs, Ashley cheered to herself when she sensed Bobby start stroking himself again, then laughed as he stopped shortly after.
“Oh, you need more motivation?” She pulled her fingers out of her panties and stuck one in her mouth, sucking on the thin wet digit like it was a lover. “Here you go Bobby. A little gift from your big sister.”


Bobby wailed as he felt a coy psychic mouth start to suck on his penis.
She couldn't do this to him!
It wasn't fair!
But the hot, wet, invisible mouth kept on sucking his trembling cock, driving him crazy with desire.
He tried not to remember that it was an avatar of his sister's mouth, the same smirking lips he saw across the breakfast table every day, the same mouth she used to kiss her many hot, athlete boyfriends and do even more with them.
He was feeling on his cock by magic,the same mouth they got to feel on their bigger dicks in real life. Many many times in real life, if the stories at school were to be believed-
Bobby gave in and started stroking, writhing on the bed as his orgasm approached...


“There you go little brother, get it all out,” Ashley laughed, her finger leaving her mouth once she sensed Bobby's hand flying on his dick again. “It's not fair for a boy to walk around with balls that full all the time. A good big sister should help him go to sleep comfortably.”
She sensed him get closer, looked deep inside his head, and then lowered both her orgasm blocks.
Because she knew he was going to follow her rules this time.


Upstairs, Bobby was crying, not believing he was going through with it.
Maybe it won't be that bad!
But it's always really bad!
But he HAD to cum after all that, even if it was this way!
He tensed, feeling himself reach the point of no return-


Downstairs Ashley tensed, her glowing blue fingers ready to block Bobby's orgasm if he changed his mind at the last second-


Crying, just at the moment he was going to have his greatest pleasure, Bobby Thurgood let go of his cock.
To let it just jerk and twitch in the air, as it throbbed just above his bare abs.
He was tense, his eyes shut tight, his bare feet clenched, his fingers gripping the bed sheet with white knuckles...
And then he wailed as he felt weeks of cum rise up and slowly dribble out of his cock, giving him no pleasure at all.


“There you go, Bobby!” Ashley laughed downstairs. “Another great ruined orgasm to add to the list!”
She used her blue-glowing fingers to squeeze the air in front of her, about the size of a walnut, while thinking about her little brother's prostate.
“Let's get all that icky cum out of you. Let's make this your biggest ruined orgasm ever!”


Bobby despaired as more and more semen came oozing out of his still hard cock and onto his abs, no faster than syrup dripping from a bottle. The muscles inside him clenched, pushing it out, but it was no more pleasureable than taking a weak piss. It was just leaking out of him, in a long stream!
He had been so close! So ready, to feel his first real orgasm!
Judging by the amount of cum, it would have been huge and pleasureable, just like all the other boys at school told him about!
He cried even more as his cock just kept slowly pulsing out cum, covering his stomach, dripping onto his chest, leaking down between his thighs and across his hips to drip on the bed, like someone was pressing on his prostate from inside, robbing him of any chance of another orgasm tonight, or for the next few.
And he hadn't felt one single pleasureable contraction at all!


Downstairs, Ashley was laughing and laughing and laughing.
Her Powers could sense Bobby's desperation as his cock softened and became useless once again, still not once having felt the orgasmic pleasure every other boy his age had felt hundreds of times by now. She could practically taste her brother's utter despair as he started to clean up the lake of cum she had left him covered with, knowing he'd have to wait another thirty-one days to try again.
It tasted like a hot, delicious chocolate and walnut brownie.
Ashley pulled up her shorts, her tingling pussy forgotten as she grabbed her phone and started gleefully texting.


Bobby blushed as his phone buzzed, while he was cleaning up the last of the sticky, disgusting cum from his chest, stomach and thighs. He'd be sticky until he showered in the morning, but he was so humiliated, he just wanted to get to sleep!
But he picked up his phone anyway.
Bobby, the text from his sister read, hope you enjoyed your BIG, LONG orgasm tonight! I know you want to make nice HARD squirties like the other boys, but real orgasms aren't for little dicks like yours. Big, manly cocks like my boyfriend's Deshon get to pump out cum in hard spurts, like a real man should. But little baby dicks like yours only get nice 'gentle' orgasms once a month before they get tucked in for the night- those are the rules in this house!
As long as I have Powers, I will never, ever, EVER let you have a real orgasm, not even once- your cum is going to weakly dribble out of that cute useless penis for the rest of your life! I'm going to get your first girlfriend to agree to my rules or she can't date you, the same for the one after that, and the one after that- all the way up to the woman you eventually marry!
That is my solemn big sister pledge to you.
Sleep tight!
Love, XOXO,


Friday, September 30, 2016

Announcing the World's Biggest Fan-Written SPH Anthology Contest!

I'm thrilled to announce submissions are now OPEN for the first ever P.F. Dee-sponsored, fan-written, Small Penis Humiliation (SPH) anthology contest!

The rules are:

1.  All submissions must feature small penis humiliation as an element.  How much of an element this plays in the story is up to you, but you know how I love me some humiliation, and I'm the only judge in this contest!

2. All submissions must be in by November 30th, 2016.  The earlier you send them, the greater chance they will make the anthology, since I will have to edit them before publication.  Which reminds me...

3. All stories will be edited by P.F. Dee before publication.  This is probably the biggest benefit of entering this anthology contest for new authors, to be professionally edited with FULL feedback given on your story, and why an editor might make the changes I did.  All edits will be run past the author via email, with final approval on edits to me, but final approval to publish resting with the author.

Basically that means I'm going to make the edits I see fit to make the story as hot as possible in my eyes, but the author gets to decide if that edited story, after they see my draft, gets published or not.  I'll try to respect the original vision of the author as much as possible, and I'm sure some of us will go back and forth on email a lot, but I've got a pretty clear vision on how fast and fun I want this anthology to be.

Don't worry, I'll work with you to make it great.

4. All authors will get an after-story page to take credit for their work and share links to find their other work.  While the overall book will say "Edited by P.F. Dee." every accepted author will get a page after their story saying "This author believes in this and that, and more of their stories can be found at this link...." 

The main purpose of this anthology is to give some new femdom authors some exposure (tee-hee) to my audience, and vice versa.  So plan that author paragraph and submit it with your work!

5. The final e-book will published on P.F. Dee's Smashwords site, and the price will always be free.  I'm not making money off of this; the point is to expose new SPH authors to my audience (and the world)!

6. All stories must follow the usual erotic fiction rules: no characters under 18, even in flashbacks or 'fantasy' realms.  Yeah yeah, I know.  It's a Smashwords rule, not mine. 

7. And finally... every single story MUST start with the line "I always knew I had a small penis..." Yep, every accepted story will need to have that as its first line.  You can take it where ever you want to go from there.  But I want to see all the interesting stories that branch out from that common point, and I think it will give the overall anthology some cohesion.

Those are all the hard and fast rules.  Folks that want to win this zero-dollar contest and get into the book would do well to keep in mind my 8 rules of femdom fiction, handily summarized in this infographic here.  It's one of the main criteria I'm going to use to judge the entries!

So that's it.  I've never tried this before, I don't know if anyone will respond, and I don't know how long this editing process will take.  But as noted SPH enthusiast Ralph Waldo Emerson once said: "Do not go where the path may lead.  Go instead where there is no path and leave a trail." 

Submit all entries by November 30th to:

And have fun!

Sex Powers University Episode 3.5 is finally published!

With 0 days left until my self-imposed deadline, I finally published the next-to-last episode of Sex Powers University this year:

You can buy it from my Smashwords page here.

Whew.  If I had known back in January how taxing this grand episodic-book-a-month experiment would be, I might never have done it!  (But I have learned a lot about what my true writing speed is and the magic that can happen on a deadline.)

Okay fans, take your time reading SPU 3.5, because there's a very real chance the final chapter won't come out until the new year.  (Because of Literotica stuff.)

(But I'm still faster than George R.R. Martin!)

(And Happy Birthday Miles Prower.  Hope you enjoy it!)

P.F. Dee

Monday, September 5, 2016

On Motivation, Priorities, and a release date for Sex Powers University 3.5

So as I said in the comments of the previous post, the planned release date for Sex Powers University 3.5 is September 30th.  I've even got the cover already worked out:

Even though I'm 1/3rd of the way through the first draft of SPU 3.5, I really, really want to write more of my Literotica short story instead, "The Accidental Porn Star".  (Chapter 4 finally posted here!)

And because this same, book-killing struggle happens to a lot of other erotic authors when they think of a distracting new short story idea, I thought I'd reveal some strategies to get around it.  First, let's define the problem.

Problem: The new story idea you just thought of will always be more interesting than the developed book idea you're currently working on.  

This happens because, by definition, the new idea is new and shiny and unexplored.  Just thinking about all the things that COULD happen- why, I could do this!  And then this!  And then this could happen! 

By contrast, the well-trod, beaten down plot summary you've already worked out to great detail seems so boring.  You already know what's going to happen, because you had to work out all the surprises and scribble them on note cards or a legal pad or something, to be ready to write them.  For your half-finished book you've already done the fun part (brainstorming and following shiny new ideas through the woods) and now all that's left is the hard part.  (Actually writing the damn thing.  Word.  By.  Word.)

This is exactly what happened to me around June.  Sex Powers University 3.5 was due, but I read this great thread on the Literotica idea boards where some girl wanted a story about a nice, innocent housewife that was 'accidentally' turned into a porn star.  And I thought up a great plot idea based on what I read.

And then I thought up the first line.

And then the first page.

And then I was writing.

'The Accidental Porn Star' chapter 1 clocked in at 3400 words.  That's not much of a distraction from what I should be writing, I told myself.  I can stop anytime.  

'APS' chapter 2 cruised in at 4700 words.  APS 3 was 9300 (almost an SPU episode length by itself) and APS 4 was a whopping 15,300 words.

So besides the fact that each chapter increased in size, I've now spent 32,700 words on a 'side project' instead of writing what I promised the paying fans I would, which is SPU 3.5.   32,700 words is a whole book by itself!

And right now I'm thinking about scenes I could put into Accidental Porn Star chapter 5 while I should be writing SPU 3.5! 

Sure, I can stop anytime, I told myself.    


So how do you stay on target?

This long weekend I finally cracked SPU 3.5 open again and put about 3-4 hours of work editing the first bits and actually writing.  And now I'm back in that saddle, looking towards my September 30th release date.

So how do you pull your lizard brain away from the new shiny distraction and back to the story that looked so good when you first thought of it?  Here are some tips.

#1.  A deadline.  

Deadlines do work wonders.  That's why I committed to the September 30th date.

#2. Go back to basics.

We've got so much crap going on in Sex Powers University right now.  (Spoilers for SPU year 3!)  
Troy about to be cheerfully cucked by Amber.  He's still got the femme boi transformation thing happening each weekend, and Cheyenne is still angry at him, and Melina still out there, and whatever's going on with his roommates.  Jess is taking on professional sex fighters, and they're coming to get her, and she's still dealing with feeling like their should be more to life and then there's Amber's story with the succubi meditation and the cock totems and ruined O's and .....


All the plot threads I've built up in the previous SPU chapters sometimes feel like a mountain of obligations I now have to service, instead of awesome story points to play with.  Writing a clean sheet femsub story and posting it on Literotica just seemed like the easier road.

So when you find yourself paralyzed and burdened by all the previous continuity you think you have to maintain to keep your big, involved plot going, just... go back to basics. 

Sex Powers University started off as a fun, fast tease-and-denial story where Troy was humiliated by his sister and high school crush finding out about his extremely small penis, his foot fetish, and all the other fun humiliations girls can give to boys in the Powers Universe.  So when I needed to motivate myself to write SPU 3.5, I went back to that.

I put SPH and T&D, right in the first chapter.  Humiliation and blue balls for Troy, right from the beginning.  Just simple, fun scenes between him and Amber, him and the cheerleaders, Jess and Gia.  Nothing fancy, real bread and butter stuff.

If they moved the plot forward, that's good too.  But the most important point was to move the author forward.  To make me love writing in that universe again.

So now that story's rolling again, it's my main writing project (the Literotica fans will just have to wait) and I'm on track to hit that September deadline.

And if you find yourself stalled in the middle of a long-running piece of erotic fiction and itching to write all those new shiny ideas and abandon your fans instead, just do two things and you'll be back in:

#1. Set a deadline.

#2. Take your story back to basics.

Hope that helps someone out there, and look out for SPU 3.5 at the end of September! 

P. F. Dee

Sunday, July 31, 2016

I'm on Literotica! (And what other erotic writers can expect when they submit to Literotica)

So I got inspired by a post on Literotica's "Idea Board" to write a femsub story about an innocent housewife that 'accidentally' gets turned into a semi-famous porn star.  Since it was femsub and not my usual femdom, I posted it on Literotica only and not here.  (If you want to read them, here's the link to part 1, and here's the link to part 2Part 3 finally up here.)

Along the way, I learned a few very surprising things about how the big L works, which I figured I'd pass on for any budding erotica writers just starting out.  Here we go.

#1: The posting lag.  Oh my god the posting lag.  

So we're in the year 2016, right?  Can everyone take a moment to look at their calendars or sundials and confirm it's 2016 where you are too?  Well, for most of us, in the year 2016, if you type something into a webpage and hit "Submit", you kind of expect it to process, well, instantly, right?

Comments on webpages show up right after you submit them.  Posting on forums happen right when you submit them.  Even posting to Youtube, there's like a 2-5 minute processing time, but that starts the moment you hit "Submit" and that's pretty fast to process a video.  Everything else on the web processes from the moment you hit "Submit". 
Not Literotica.

This boggles my mind, but the absolute largest free erotic library on the web, with 100% user-submitted works in every possible fetish and genre, still has a 72-hour to SEVEN DAY MANUAL APPROVAL PROCESS FOR EVERY STORY.




That was the biggest WTF when posting to Literotica, that after I did all my editing (and re-editing, and re-editing) and submitted it, some human, somewhere, had to review the entire story (to quality check the arousal factor?) MANUALLY over the next SEVEN days before the public could see it.

Who are these people?  Why are they there?  What are they looking for in the stories?  How many boners (and lady-boners) does a story have to cause before it's "Accepted" by Literotica?  Because I've read some of the stuff on that site, and it's awful.

Maybe they're checking for spam, maybe they're checking for Nigerian hackers, but that was the weirdest thing about the whole process, waiting 7 days for my work to be posted.  If you submit in just text format, it takes "only" 72 hours they say (Progress!  By Moore's law, in 10 years maybe it will only take 5 hours to post a story to that site!) but then you lose all italics and bold formatting, and that's a big thing.

On my blog, the second I hit Submit, it's up.  Same for  The same for literally everything else out there on web 2.0.  I don't get it.  Weird.

#2: The crazy number of views


So, when I post a femdom writing tip here on my blog, it maxes out at about 200 views after a few weeks.  My deep thoughts on when to end a scene or how to escalate tension throughout stories only interest about 200 femdom authors in the world.  (That's fine, not everybody can be at the top of the bell curve, craft-wise.)

When I post an actual fiction story like Pool Days or My Tough As Nails Marine Corps Wife and promote it through where I've built up a lot of goodwill, then I max out at 2,000 views in a few weeks to a month.  That's a huge number for me, and seeing that big spike in traffic after each piece of fiction I post is one of the rushes that keeps me writing.  (That and your comments!) 

But posting my two stories on Literotica got me 20,000 views in about 2 weeks (and still going up!), with absolutely no advertising from me at all.  Let's review:
  • 200 views for the best (and only?) femdom writing tips on the world wide web
  • 2,000 views for a hot piece of short femdom fiction, after promotion on a fan-friendly site like OD where I've cultivated a lot of goodwill by being a long-time member of the community. 
  • 20,000 views on Literotica without any promotion at all, where I was writing in a genre I'd rarely touched, where absolutely no one knew my name.  
What I'm trying to show is the different scales of the ponds you can swim in as an erotic author.  200 views is still a lot, that's a huge classroom, and I'm honored that many authors care about whatever writing tip I'm blathering on about that day.  But if I post a piece of fiction on the big L, I'd probably get that many views in the time it took me to write this blog article.

Maybe it is worth waiting SEVEN FUCKING DAYS to get a new story up there each time.

#3: The total lockdown on any kind of self-promotion at all

So Literotica is about serving the erotic reading community, right?  So if readers find an author they really love, Literotica makes it super easy to find that author's other work on Amazon or Smashwords, right?


But if authors want to be generous and post the first few chapters of their for-sale erotic books for free on a site made up entirely of eager, dedicated erotic literature fans, they can do that too, right?


But just a short link to your blog or Smashwords site at the end of a 20,000 word free story you've just posted to increase their traffic is okay, right?

Triple Nope Nope Nope.

It's crazy, but Literotica has some of the most restrictive self-promotion rules I've ever seen in any genre.  No links in your stories.  No posting free chapters.  No real way for readers to contact you.  No way to link to your ebook stores.

That's because Literotica isn't there to expand the Erotic Literature community (even though it has those two words in its Monday-to-Friday name).  It's not there to serve erotic readers.  It's not there to serve erotic writers.  It's there to serve Literotica, and what ever money-making paradigm they use so they don't have to become or  (Or  Can you imagine?  Shudder.)

It's a huge marketplace with 100-1000x the customers you could ever hope to contact anywhere else, who are probably super interested in your product, but walled off so you can only do things inside there and not bring that success out to anywhere else.  In that way, it's a lot like Communist China is for America businesses.

And in that way, I'm probably going to treat it a lot like Communist China.  I'll always be envious of all those customers I could help if given a chance, but if they're going to wall it off so no one can profit except their overlords, I'll make products for that market only when I feel like it and when I have the time, and focus most of my efforts on writing great stuff for my blog,, and  (ALL of which can link to each other BTW, if ANYONE FROM LITEROTICA IS READING THIS.)

#4: The crazy hostile reader comments if God help you, you post your story in the wrong category 

This is something I noticed during reading, not posting there, but if you have a story where a loving wife gleefully cuckolds a submissive husband because that's what he's always wanted, and you post it in the "Loving Wife" category, prepare to get DESTROYED in the reader comments.

Your story has a few bi or gay elements and you don't post it in the "Gay Male" category?  FLAME WAR ARMAGEDDON.

It's a crazy amount of hate for well-written stories that could legitimately go into that category but don't match up with what some "accepted" view of what that category should be.

If I had more time I'd find some examples.  Watch this space for future edits.  (WHICH I CAN DO WITHOUT HAVING TO WAIT SEVEN FUCKING DAYS, BECAUSE WE LIVE IN THE FUTURE, LITEROTICA, NOT 1999.)

So those are a few of the crazy surprising things I've learned from posting on Literotica for the first time.  If anyone has any tips for breaking into Communist China, please leave them in the comments, and if you want to hear more about my adventures as an erotic author posting places (next stop... Wattpad?) let me know too.

Hope that helped!
P.F. Dee

***Update 8/9/16: So for part 3 of the story I chose the 'faster' method of Literotica posting, using the auto-formatter instead of a human and that 'only' took seven days and had a lot of wonderful line breaks in the middle of places they shouldn't be. So I probably won't do the auto-formatter again. 

And I've already got a comment from someone who's complaining the story's in the wrong category, that they hate it, and will never read any of my work again. 

And it's already got 13,000 views. 


Oh, Communist Literotica China...


Thursday, July 7, 2016

New Blog Header- like, love, or hate?

So I added a new header image to this blog, (a girl reading in her birthday suit) and long-time readers will have to tell me if it adds to your viewing experience or just mucks up the scaling.

Also, we have two possible images to go with here, the first, already up there, as you can see:

And a second choice, with a different tagline and saucier girl: 

Which one would you guys rather look at, every time you visit this blog?  Or neither?  Let me know in the comments.  

Sex Powers University 3.5 is still being written, and I've been doing some embarrassed housewife stuff for Literotica if THAT SITE EVER GETS OFF ITS ASS AND POSTS MY STORY.   (5 days and counting between submission and posting.  Is that normal for any community-driven webpage in 2016?)

Anyway, let me know about the new header!

P.F. Dee

Saturday, June 18, 2016

Writing Basics: When should I end a scene?

So as I'm diligently working on the next chapter of Sex Powers University, I'm helping a few other femdom authors sharpen their work with edits or writing tips.

(Didn't know that you could send me your femdom fiction and get detailed critiques of how you might improve?  You can- I'll reply to anyone that sends me a femdom story at!  All I ask is that you specifically state what you want critiques on (dialog, flow, is this hot?, plot, pacing, etc.) and be open to comments.  You can send a first draft, but you'll get more out of it if you send your second.)

And recently someone asked this awesome question: "I don't have a feel for 'flow' when writing. When is it appropriate to add breaks? A longer story with multiple scenes?"

This question looks simple but has a profound impact on the pace of your story.  Some people break scenes too often.  Some, not enough.  If any of you have ever found yourself doubting yourself or looking for rules on when to end a scene, read on.

In my philosophy, there are only three sections of any scene: The Ramp Up, the Linger, and the Ramp Down.  (Picture it like a line graph.)

In the Ramp Up, you want to establish quickly and clearly what the Goal of the scene is.  Timmy is nude in his sister's room and needs to escape without being caught!  Jeff needs to convince his secretary to not tell all the other office girls about his tiny penis!  Whatever.  But establish it fast, along with some Goalpost, some way to measure progress towards or away from that Goal.
In the first example, Timmy's proximity to his room and the noise from his unaware sister's slumber party downstairs are two ways for us to tell how well things are going in his plan to get his naked butt safely back to his room.  The Goal comes first, then the Goalpost so we, the reader, are given clues (and can anticipate!) progress towards meeting that goal.  

Some methods also call this The Dramatic Question.  WILL a nude Timmy trapped in his sister's room be able to make it back to his room without being caught?  However you want to look at it, establish Goal and Goalpost early, steadily increasing reader excitement as this section goes.  Hence the term, Ramp Up.  

Once established, now the scene can Linger.  This should take up the most words in your scene- it's the entire reason you're writing it after all!  Let the main (submissive) character twist in the wind, let him/her have a success, a success and then failure.  

Timmy opens his sisters door and doesn't see any one.  (Success!)

He creeps down the hall, heart pounding, little dick hard, and almost knocks over the lamp on the hall table but catches it before it crashes to the ground!  (Success!)

But then he steps on the creaky board in the floor and the girls in the slumber party downstairs stop talking for a minute!  (A small failure.)  

Nah, that's pretty lame failure.  How about:

Holding the caught lamp, Timmy looks up to see his sister's best friend is at the top of the stairs, her mouth wide open in shock as she looks at him!  (That's better.)

Again, the Linger bit should take the most space inside your scene. This is where you take time to wallow in the situation that made you want to write the scene in the first place, where you throw in all that hot, teasing dialogue from your dominant female hurricanes that make you tingle when you think about it. You've done the set-up work, enjoy the rewards.
(Suzie's slowly pads towards a deer-in-the-headlights Timmy and giggles "And what are YOU doing up here, nudie boy?  And why is your little thingy SO hard?")

And remember, going from the Ramp Up to Linger, we STILL haven't had any breaks in the scene.  We haven't thrown in a  "***" and a few lines of white space.  It's still one continuous scene, and I'm getting to the rules on when to end it.  

Finally, after the scene's big Dramatic Question has been answered (Will nude Timmy make it back to his room safely?  Nope, Suzie just caught him.) then you need to Ramp Down.  This is a section letting down reader interest in the original goal and tying up any loose ends.  You don't necessarily have to slow the pace, just unwind and disconnect from the current goal.  (Because the next scene will have its own, different, Goal and Goalpost). 

(Suzie takes the lamp out of Timmy's shaking hands, sets it back on the hall table, and grabs his hard little cock instead.  "Come on, nudie boy- let's go show ALL the girls downstairs the naughty little fish I just caught!")

In this case, the lamp was a loose end.  You can't start a new scene without telling readers what happened to that lamp!  (I'm sort of kidding, but not really.  Imagine if the scene broke right after Suzie saw him, and the next scene started with Timmy in the middle of all his sister's friends, nude.  That would feel a little jarring, right?)  

So at the simplest level, that's how I measure a scene's flow: Ramp Up, Linger, Ramp Down.  You identify which section you are in and see if the action and paragraph pace is appropriate for it.  

So when do you break a scene?  My way is unconventional, but I say break it whenever you want to switch from one Goal to another.  Some people say only break when there is a break in time ("5 days later...") but I say it's better when there's a break in Goals.  

In our second example, Jeff's first goal is to convince his secretary not to tell anyone about his really small penis, that she saw when he accidentally emailed his nude pictures to her instead of his mistress!  He tries to bribe, then threaten her, and that backfires (big failure).   She gets out of her chair and starts heading towards the secretaries room with her smart phone in her hand and a BIG smile on her face.  His new goal is to convince her not to tell the other secretaries about his tiny penis RIGHT NOW!

Even though those two scenes take place with absolutely no time between them, I would throw a *** between his secretary getting out of her chair with a smile on her face and Jeff begging her not to show the pictures to all the girls in the break room as they go down the hall.  

This works because we are switching between one Goal and another.  Breaking there lets you have a new Ramp Up as they get closer and closer to the secretaries' break room (Goalpost), and that increasing tension draws the reader forward. Constant, high tension gets exhausting.  You need changes in tension, acceleration and deceleration, and ramping up and down over short ranges like a sports car is much more exciting than no scene breaks in a chapter at all, which is like accelerating a loaded cruise ship. 

So that's today's writing tip: if you're stuck or doubting your scene breaks, plot each scene as a Ramp Up, Linger, and Ramp Down.  And then break the scene after the Goal set up in the Ramp Up gets resolved in the Ramp Down.  

Hope that helps!

P. F. Dee

Pool Days #3 (FF/mmmm, CFNM, momdom)

Quick programming note: I'm working on Sex Powers University 3.5 right now, but don't expect it until after the 4th of July.  Things are really coming to a head, so to speak, for Troy and the gang, and it takes time to make sure all the plots get the time they deserve!

(And yes, of course this is a work of fiction, and everyone is still 18+.  Enjoy!)

My mother's spanking was fierce and merciless.
At any other time I would have been mortified, to be buck naked over my mother's knee in my own back yard, getting my bare ass reddened in front of my best friends and the incredibly sexy older neighbor from next door. But after the first ten rapid-fire spanks from my mother's open hand on my naked rear, all I could think about was the PAIN.
I hadn't been spanked like this since I was ten! Back then I had cried like a baby, but surely I was tougher now, older and stronger!
I kept that fiction for about ten more hard spanks as the incredible fire grew in my rear, as every one of my mother's full force swats landed perfectly my sit spots, the lower round of my butt.
My mother was pissed.
“Mom! STOP!” I yelled, my voice higher than I wanted it to be. “I'm SORRY!”
“You will be!” she replied, not stopping for a second. “How dare you cum like that- and all over a female guest to this house!”
“Oh Kate, the boy barely got any on me,” Mrs. Barros laughed, crossing her long legs. “I managed to point his little penis away just before he spurted by accident.”
By accident?! Mrs. Barros had made me cum, while I sat helplessly on her lap!
And another life-changing humiliation I hadn't been able to process yet: because of my mother's nude swimming rules for me and my friends, the former Brazilian beauty queen who had been in my masturbation fantasies since she had moved in next door now knew I had a humiliatingly small penis!
And so did all my friends- Tommy, Hank and Uri had started calling me 'Shorty' at the mall the other day, in front of some girls we knew!
“No, it's the principle of the thing, Isabella!” my mother said, spanking with every few words, her anger starting to run out. “My little boy has a premature ejaculation problem, and I want it to stop! Last week he came in front of me too, without even touching himself!”
I couldn't believe she was telling Mrs. Barros this! But more immediately, I needed this spanking to stop- my entire ass was on fire!
I tried not to sob like a baby as I spoke, but-
“MOM please!” I bawled, my tears falling into the grass in front of my face. “I'll never do it again!”
She spanked even as she spoke. “Do what again?”
Cum too fast!”
Damn right you won't,” she laughed. “Twenty more and you'll really remember not to!”
“NO! Please!”
I tried to get up, but she just put one leg over both of mine like she had with Tommy and kept on spanking.
I tried to cover my ass, but she just grabbed my arm and twisted it behind my back.
I tried to shift, buck, make the spanks fall anywhere else but the zone she had concentrated on, but she held me perfectly in place.
There was nothing to do but stay bent over my mother's bare leg and take it.
I was crying, sobbing, kicking my feet like a mindless little boy when she finally, eventually stopped.
She was breathing hard, her flat stomach pressed against my side with every inhale she took.
Now, Jeff,” she laughed, wiping her glistening brow with her arm, “have you learned your lesson about shooting off your boy goo whenever you want, like a selfish little child? Or are you going to hold it in until a woman gives you permission, like a man?”
Hold in it!” I sobbed, tears soaking my face.
Even when you get really turned on? I let you boys do nude swimming as a privilege. Now I don't mind if you boys get the occasional boner, but cumming like that, out of the blue, is not allowed! What if you had been in the pool?!”
I'll be good!” I cried. “I promise!”
I promise, Mommy,” she laughed, slapping my burning ass once more.
I promise, Mommy!”
Now my face was really red; I hadn't called her that since I was 10 either! I could hear Tommy and the guys laughing to themselves, and Mrs. Barros snickering behind me!
She patted my butt again, and even that hurt.
I'm glad we had this talk. Now go soak these hot buns in the pool.”
I couldn't jump off her lap and dive into the water fast enough!
The cold water did feel great on my burning rear, but more importantly, I could hide my burning face!
I had sobbed like a baby in front of all my friends! And called her 'Mommy'! In front of Mrs. Barros too! I bobbed in the deep end far from everyone, just my nose and eyes above water. And I even considered lowering one more inch, just to end it all.
“Well, now that law and order has been restored to my backyard,” my mother laughed, adjusting her blue bikini from where it had bunched during my and Tommy's spankings, “what do you say we finally relax and enjoy some sun, Isabella?”
“Ahhh, mi bellisoma, that sounds great. Do you mind if I go topless?”
And then she was standing up to untie her thin sundress!
“I don't think the boys would mind,” my mother laughed, smiling at my three shocked friends, who were lying face down on the grass next to her towel. “Tommy, Hank, Uri? Any objections?”
Their jaws dropped, as did mine, as the long-legged, big-breasted Mrs. Barros slipped out of her dress to stand before us only in her g-string panties!
I, of course, had seen her breasts before, during that magical week when she had tanned nude in her own yard. But that was at a distance, furtively peeking through my blinds as I jacked off. But up close, they were even more magnificent!
Her surgeon had been an artist; the implants sat perfectly round and symmetric on her ribs, fuller and prouder than any eighteen-year-old's. They must have been bigger than half a grapefruit each, but those perfect round orbs still looked like they belonged on her body, like a gift from God.
The way they gently rocked side to side as she bent over to shimmy out of her dress was practically hypnotic.
“Fuck,” Tommy cursed under his breath, lifting his hips and reaching down to adjust himself.
I saw Hank and Uri surreptitiously shifting their hips against the grass too, making space, and I felt a burning stab of jealousy.
Here was Mrs. Barros, my masturbation fodder since I had been 12, topless in a g-string in front of me, and due to the incredible pain from my mother's recent spanking and the 'accidental' load Mrs. Barros had just forced me to shoot, I couldn't even get hard! I was limp as a wet dishrag between my legs!
From that one weekend where I had secretly borrowed Tommy's Lingerie issue Playboys, I knew that I could get hard almost fifteen minutes after I had just had a hard cum. I just hoped Mrs. Barros stayed topless that long!
“Ahhh, it is good to be in civilized society again,” Mrs. Barros laughed, lying on her back on the grass, her magnificent breasts jutting towards the sky. “If you're going to start a nude beach in your backyard, Kate, I'll be your first customer!”
I've already got four lifetime members right here,” my mother chuckled, nodding at me my and my friends.
I gasped, almost swallowing a lungful of water.
She couldn't be serious!
“What do you say, boys?” she laughed, looking at my friends. “Worth the price of admission?”
My friend's faces were red, but they were all smiling!
“Yes ma'am!” Tommy laughed, his eyes locked on to Mrs. Barros' breasts, as they rose and fell with her relaxed breaths.
“So you're okay with a forced nudity beach? Any time you four come over?”
I was about to scream in protest- I couldn't let that happen, I was in this backyard all the time!- when Mrs, Barros' fingers started pulling down the waistband of her panties!
“Oh, it is forced nudity for guests? Should I take off my bottoms too, then?”
“Yes!” Tommy and Uri cried at the same time.
My mother laughed and tossed her hair, pulling at the strap of her tight blue bikini top. “Of course not. It's only forced nudity for the boys, Isa, not us. Ladies can wear whatever they wish. I might even have an elegant garden party back here, with ladies dressed to the nines, with heels, pearls, fancy gowns.” She grinned. “And four teen-aged waiter boys, serving drinks and snacks to all the women, wearing nothing but their smiles!”
Okay, that got me feeling a tingle. Not at the base of my cock, like a normal erection would, but all up and down my spine. What would a party like that even be like?
“Oh, okay then,” my neighbor laughed, and her fingers stopped pulling down her tiny panties, right before they would have revealed her pussy! She even pulled her panties back up, laughing and rolling onto her stomach. “If you do hold that party, make sure to invite me too- I haven't seen a scene like that since back on the beaches of Brazilia!”
“So all the beaches in Brazil are nude then?” my mother asked, rubbing sun-tan lotion into her arms like it was a normal day!
“Some,” Mrs. Barros laughed. “But as I said, Kate, the boys in my family were made to go nude, even on public beaches, until they were nearly eighteen. Latin boys are so willful, so full of false machismo, my mother used beach trips as a chance to remind my brothers who really wore the pants in the family!” She smirked, covering her mouth. “My friends used it as a chance to keep tabs on the length of their dingas.”
“Maybe I should start writing those numbers down too, just like I did with Jeff's height when he was younger?” my mother laughed, lotioning right above and below her bikini top! “Some pencil marks on our kitchen table? Uri at nine inches, Tommy seven, Hank five, and little Jeff at three and a half.” She winked at me. “Right where Sierra could see?”
If my sister found out I had a tiny cock, she'd never let me hear the end of it!
I'd be humiliated my entire life!
“MOM! NO!”
She laughed. “But then we could track your progress as you grew over the years, honey. Three and five-eights... Three and three-quarters... Three and nine tenths... Why, if you eat your Wheaties, maybe one day you'll even break four inches!”
All the people outside of the pool laughed at that, probably picturing me straining against our kitchen table, trying to get my hard dick to clear a four pathetic inches! It was so unfair! It wasn't my fault I was born with a little dick, I didn't CHOOSE it!
And with my mother leading the laughter...
My little four inch dick started getting hard again.
“Did his father ever grow out of it?” Mrs. Barros laughed. “His little problem, I mean.”
“Nope! A sub-four incher for life!” my mother laughed, then covered her mouth. “Ooops! Jeff, don't tell your Dad I just told all your friends that!”
Even as my face burned, I saw Tommy grinning that stupid smile of his again. Now, not only did he know he was twice as big as me down there, but my father as well! This was horrible!
And then the idiot turned over onto his back, to let his thick, hard cock flop against his stomach as he lay just a few feet from my bikini-clad mother.
“Awww, I feel bad for you, Mrs. Gainer. To live your whole life and not have a man around that can really take care of you?” He smiled, his dick getting harder as he sat there, pulsing in the air. “Now I know why you love having me and Uri nude around you all the time!”
“Don't flatter yourself, Tommy Thompson. If I made you a notch on my garter belt, you'd be the second smallest boy I'd ever slept with.”
The shit-eating grin fell off his face. “What?”
She laughed. “I went to college in Atlanta, dear. Lots of chances for me to find strapping young men who could 'take care' of me. You wouldn't stand a chance.” She looked right at Tommy's erection, which was easily twice the size of mine, and laughed at it! She scooted closer to the shocked boy and held her hand three inches out past his twitching, dripping cockhead. “Try again when you've out to about... here.”
Tommy was beside himself. I guess no girl had ever called his dick small before! “Yea... but, but... I've got stamina that those other guys can't-”
“Honey, my first time was with the starting linebacker for our college football team. He was as black as night, 270 lbs of pure muscle, and even better hung than Uri. And I went up from there.” She laughed at the flustered boy with his slowly wilting dick. “If you tried to keep up with me in bed, I'd break you in half!”
His face was red, his dick shrinking. “But, but-”
My penis on the other hand, was rising to full mast.
Thinking about my mother as a young, sexy co-ed, moaning as she took a monster cock between her legs- a monster black cock- while an impossibly-muscled, angry young man rocked back and forth between her spread legs, thrusting that missile in and out of her wet privates...
“Oh fuck!” I gasped, my dick going fully hard, just ten minutes after I had cum. A new record!
Time stopped as my mother turned to me, saw the expression on my face, and giggled.
“Honey? Why is your face so red? You don't have an erection in my pool, do you?”
I was as hard as I had ever been in my life. “NO!”
“You know the rule,” she laughed. “No erections in the pool! Come on out.”
I didn't want to, but my ass was still aching from the last spanking she had given me. I sure didn't want that again!
I cringed as my hard dick broke the surface as I climbed the ladder, especially since both women were looking right at it.
“Did hearing about my wild college days make you feel funny down there?” she laughed as my hard dick throbbed in plain sight. “Awww, honey...”
“At least he recovers fast,” my neighbor chuckled, sitting up right to stare at me, totally topless.
“Last time I let the boys stroke themselves off in front of me if they had erection problems in the pool,” my mother explained to our neighbor. “They all came in less than thirty seconds, Isa, you should have seen it!” She looked at her watch. “I wanted to get in a little more tanning today, but what do you say Isa? Should we let the boys relieve some 'tension' again?”
My neighbor smiled, crossing her long, nude legs, her tits bare to the world. “If it is tradition, I suppose we must!”
“Okay boys, up and in a line! You know the drill.”
I couldn't believe I lived in a world where my friends beating off nude in front of my mother was a 'drill', but I had to have a good cum this week- I couldn't take another ruined orgasm!
“Oh, little Jeffie wants to get in on the action this time too,” my mother laughed, pulling up a chair for her and Mrs. Barros in front of us. “Good, Jeff, I'm proud of you. Just because you've got a little tiny wiener doesn't mean you can't pull it for women like Mrs. Barros from time to time.”
All I let the smallest ones do is stroke off in front of me,” my neighbor laughed, slipping back into her dress and then sitting down next to my mother. “They look so cute when they try not to cum too fast!”
“Then you'll love this,” my mother laughed, squirting sun-tan lotion onto her hands again. And then she reached forward and grabbed Hank's stiff cock! “I did promise you a little treat, for going the longest without masturbating this week, Hank. So enjoy!”
Hank was already gasping, his eyes bugging out as my mother's slick hands slid expertly up and down his shaft. “Please Mrs. Gainer! Slow down!”
“It's his first handjob,” she giggled to Isabella. “Ever.”
“Then I'm surprised he's even lasted this long,” the Brazilian woman laughed. “Go faster, Kate. I want to see him try to fight it.”
“NO!” Hank cried, as my mother's slick hands sped up the pace, one hand rubbing his balls, one twisting his cockhead on every stroke. His fists were clenched white at his sides. “Ma'am!”
“This is going to be your first orgasm at the hands of a real woman,” she told my friend, grinning at his tormented face. “You're going to remember this for the rest of your life, Hank. What's it gonna be? That you held out and experienced a skilled, sexy older woman to the fullest? Or that you yelled and came in less than thirty seconds like a cute, immature little-”
“AAHHHHHH!” Hank yelled, cumming all over my mother's tits. He shot his warm cum all over her chest and she didn't even flinch, laughing as my neighbor looked at her watch.
“Fifteen seconds!” Mrs. Barros laughed. “Kate, your hands haven't lost one spot of their magic!”
“I knew all that practice I got in high school would be good for something,” she laughed, making Hank's last spurts pleasurable ones, using her thumbs to rub his cockhead as he gasped and twitched.
I almost shot off right then.
Besides being a size-queen slut in college, my mother was also the hand-job queen of her high school?!
Oh god...
Fifteen seconds, Hank Goldstein?” she laughed, wiping off her gooped cleavage with a tissue. “I didn't even have time to duck! Goodness!”
His face was beet red, his breath, coming in heaves. “I'm sorry ma'am!”
She patted his deflating cock, giving it a loving squeeze. “We can try again next week. I'm going to make it my special project to get you over a minute in stamina!”
“You might as well teach sheep to talk,” Isabella laughed, then scooted forward in her chair too. “Let me try one!”
And then she was grabbing Uri's hard throbbing cock!
“Awww, you took the biggest one!” my mother pouted.
She was so interested in big cocks! My dick almost shot off my body again!
“I also took the smallest one,” my neighbor laughed, making my face burn. “Unless you were going to help your son.”
“My son can help himself,” my mother laughed. “He does, in the shower every morning. I can hear it every time.”
My mother knew, every time?! That was even more humiliating!
For his part, Uri was holding up well to Mrs. Barros using two dry hands to stroke and rub his massive member.
Two hands?
When I beat off, I barely filled my one, and pumped up and down in short fast strokes! But Mrs. Barros was sliding her hands down Uri's cock like a handrail with long, slow glides, and still couldn't fit it all!
“Such a gift,” she purred, getting into a steady rhythm. “You will please many squirming girls with this wonder some day, young man.”
His eyes were closed, his breath getting faster. “Thank you ma'am!”
“He likes it when you watch him though,” my mother added. “Open your eyes, Uri! I want you to see me looking right at you when you explode. I'm going to be looking right at you, watching your entire body shudder as you cum. And there's not a thing you can do to stop me-”
Sheiss!” the Russian cried, and suddenly he was cumming like a fountain!
“Oh no!” Mrs. Barros gasped, letting go of his cock.
“Isa, no!”
“Arrrrgh!” Uri growled, grabbing his spurting dick in front of everyone and pumping away as his orgasm dribbled out. “NO!”
My mother was laughing. “Isa! You ruined it!”
“I did not expect him to cum so quickly!” the Brazilian laughed, looking at the embarrassed cum-covered boy. “He was doing so well!”
“It must have been something he saw,” my mother laughed, crossing her long, bare legs with satisfaction, bobbing her foot in the air. She was flirting with my friends again- pleased that they could bare last around her! “Pity, Uri.”
“Maybe a few more years before this monster can please women,” Isabella laughed, patting his softening cock. “We can try next week as well.”
My mother laughed. “Two premature shooters down, two to go! Okay, Tommy, think you can beat Hank's record of fifteen seconds?”
“I don't WANT to beat his record!” the jock said. “I'm a man, not a boy like them!”
“Oh, you're a man, huh?” my mother laughed, putting a squirt of lotion on her hands. And then a second. And a third. “You think because you've bagged a few clueless high school cheerleaders you can hang with women like Isa and me?”
Watching my mother rub the insane amount of lotion between her hands, scooting forward in her chair towards his dick as she did, my friend swallowed.
“Well, I mean, I ain't going to shoot off in fifteen seconds like Hank did!”
“A minute then? Surely a big tough man could last a minute before messing himself. It's just a handjob, after all.”
“Yeah, I can last a minute!”
“But if you don't,” she giggled, her hands absolutely dripping, “both Isa and I get to spank you like a little boy if you get erections around us again! Little boys don't get to be hard around older women. And if you do, I'll go topless next week.”
He gulped, but nodded. “I can last a minute!”
My mother grinned. “Time me, Isa.”
I braced myself.
And then she did the most amazing thing.
She used her slick, dripping, nimble hands to reach around and grab Tommy's bare buttcheeks, yanking his hips towards her.
And put her whole mouth around his cock.
My mother was sucking off Tommy Thompson, right here in my backyard!
“Oh jesus- oh FUCK!” he cried, pumping his hard dick down her throat.
And my mother was doing something with her hands, between his buttcheeks, reaching her fingers into his crack...
“OH JESUS!” Tommy gasped, going up on his tiptoes.
“Fifteen seconds,” Mrs. Barros laughed. “Better hurry, Kate.”
I saw my mother tip her head, and then her nose was bumping his pubic bone with every downstroke. She was deep-throating him!
My balls started to pull up.
“Thirty seconds! Tommy, you're looking pretty close- you've gotten blow jobs before, right?”
“Never.... NEVER LIKE THIS!” my friend cried, fucking my mother's mouth.
Or more precisely, her mouth was fucking him. She was definitely the aggressor, forcing him in and out at her crazy fast pace, jamming his hips forward to get him deeper, playing with his balls, sliding a slim finger up his ass.
She had her middle finger up Tommy's lubed ass!
As I watched her, hair flying, her breasts shaking in her bikini top as Tommy's knees shook, a living, breathing, mature, sexual dynamo, pulling my cockiest friend's orgasm from him totally against his will, I couldn't help it.
I came.
All over myself.
My untouched dick gave two hard spurts, splashing my stomach and chest, the later weak dribbles coating my balls, running down my thighs. It was a ruined orgasm again!
And then Tommy came too. He yelled and thrust his hips forward, dick clenching as he spurted and she squeezed and milked his balls to make sure she got it all.
His yell rang off the nearby houses, his mouth wide open as he pumped cum deep down my mother's throat.
Or at least that's what we thought. Because as soon as his hips stopped thrusting, my mother rose to her feet, his balls still in one hand, and gave him a long, deep, French kiss.
Tommy tried to resist, but I saw the hand that had easily spanked me to tears grip his balls even tighter, and Tommy's head rocked back to let my mother's tongue do what ever it wanted to his mouth.
And what she was doing was pushing a huge mouthful of his thick, creamy cum back into his throat.
She hadn't swallowed any of it.
But she was going to make him do so.
I saw her push the last tongue-ful of his own cum back into his mouth, then hold his lips together with her other hand so he couldn't spit, and only then release his balls as she stepped back.
“Sorry!” she blushed, wiping her mouth. “Force of habit!”
I almost fell over.
Did that mean...
With my Dad...
“But you still have to swallow honey,” she laughed, still holding his lips shut. “House rules.”
Tommy looked like he was about to throw up, but trapped nude in my backyard, his warm cum in his mouth, his mouth sealed, he didn't have a choice. After a long few seconds, we all saw his Adam's apple move! Tommy Thompson had swallowed his own cum!
“Kate, you trickster,” Mrs. Barros laughed. “That barely took forty-five seconds!”
“Boys these days,” my mother said, using a swallow of bottled water to rinse her mouth and then spit. She didn't let Tommy do the same. “And he was trying to call himself a man. Little boy Tommy's going to get his butt spanked red by both of us for the rest of the summer!”
His face was deep red, his knees week. “But, I can't-”
“Quiet, cum swallower, or I'll make you do that every week,” she laughed, then turned to me. “And now we'll see how long little Jeffie can-” She broke into laughter when she saw my humiliated face, and the cum all over my chest. “Oh NO, Jeff! Again!?
“This time I really did not touch him!” Mrs. Barros laughed, making me want to die. “He just... exploded!”
“Oh, Jeff, you know what that means,” my mother laughed, sitting down and patting her nude thighs again. “Another long spanking, and then you boys are going to have a very long, hard summer!”


And we did.
My mother and Mrs. Barros made us strip and swim for them every weekend that entire summer, sometimes joining us in bikinis, sometimes staying fully clothed, laughing as we got hard for them anyway.
Tommy did get spanked every time he got hard outside for the next few weeks, but then my mother guessed he had learned his lesson since he wasn't his normal cocky self anymore, and he was allowed to join the rest of us beating off at the end every swim, where ever and however the women decided.
My mother never blew any of us again, although she did use her hands to tease Hank and Uri to full hardness a few times every weekend and to make them cum extra hard and fast when she was feeling naughty. Hank never did last more than a minute with her, either by his hand or hers.
I never got any help cumming, I would always have to pull my little dick myself in front of two laughing women, even when Mrs. Barros started going fully nude during her tanning visits, sometime in the middle of the summer. She loved how hard it made us even when we tried not to be, and had all four of us running around to get her drinks or serve her with bouncing boners, just like she had with her brothers back home.
And once, as she was directing me how to rub sun-tan lotion onto her naked, bronzed back, my penis slid into the soft crack between her oiled buttcheeks, and I gasped and came yelling, making everyone laugh as Mrs. Barros pushed her butt back into me, to give me something to grind against.
It remains the highlight of my sexual life to this day.

***  THE END ***