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Writing Better Femdom Fiction- 8 (finale)

Lesson 8: The best stories end with a hint of more to come.

This lesson is pretty obvious and it's great weather out, so I'll keep it short.

Femdom stories are monster movies. The monster has to be dealt with at the end, but no one in the audience wants to see it killed. The monster is what they came to see. It's on the movie poster.

So your main character makes the Big Choice in the Finale (where else?) and solves the situation.

For now.

Then, after your climax (literally and figuratively), have a small, low-key, catching-your-breath scene. The characters are recovering. They are planning for the future. And the future involves... more of the same teasing that this story covered!

It can't be exactly the same, but it can't be totally different as well (remember lesson 6: Stay on Target). It should be the same tag, but in a different setting.

Jason's going to New York.

One of the aliens has survived.

Godzilla is dead... but she had a baby!

You don't have to go deep into description, you never even have to write that sequel. Just hint at more to come. Leave the door open. Give a hint. And your audience will be happy.


At the end of Kylie's story- she's fully okay using all of her Powers on her family. (Quite an arc from the beginning scene.)

At the end of Dude Ranch- Dexter's girlfriend is going to keep him CFNM, outside of the ranch!

At the end of The Drake Cheerleader Incident- well, I fucked that one up. No hint of more.

At the end of Summer Break- the cousins are back for Christmas! (Same tag, different setting.)

And at the end of Sex Powers University 1, that little scene with the three students and the headmistress, (after the climax), Troy agrees to come back for a second term. (Solidifying the big choice). We don't know WHAT'S going to happen to him next time around, but the fact that it involves 'Futanari' and that Troy doesn't know what those are, gives us a good sense of the adventures to come!


So that's it- always leave them wanting more.  It puts a little lift at the end of the tale, a little energy and anticipation to leave the audience in a hopeful state.  

Alright students, if any of you make it this far, no assignment this time.  You've gone through eight lessons, and now you're on your own. Now you've got 4 weeks to write your own short story (usually 3,000-10,000 words, but you can go more or less) using all these principles. Feel free to bounce ideas off me in the comments.  Or we can trade anonymous emails and I'll edit the best I am able.  

Afterwards, post the stories on, and if any of them hit all my principles well, I'll ask you if I can post it here or link to your site.

I'm going back to writing Sex Powers University 2 now, so I don't know if I'll run this class again for another set of students.

If there is a lot of buzz in the comments and readers ask for more, I may write another set of classes: "Everything I learned about how to self publish erotic fiction on".  That will teach folks how to format for ebook standards, create sexy covers with little effort, and publish their work so everyone can read them for profit!

Have fun, and I really do hope this helped.  I can't wait to read your stories. 

P. F. Dee.

Writing Better Femdom Fiction- 7

Lesson 7: Unless there's an arc, it's not a femdom story, just a femdom setting.

At the end of Cocksitter's Club 1, Robert resented Lori watching over him and he didn't know what he was going to do about it.

At the end of Cocksitter's Club 2, Robert didn't get to cum, but the new, exciting teases from Lori gave him some sort of satisfaction and he fell asleep happy, for the first time in weeks. He liked having a cocksitter.

At that point, all your author instincts should have been yelling “Something bad's about to happen!”

And look what happened in Cocksitter's Club 3: Lori led Martha into making Robert wait another week to have a chance to cum! And then humiliated him in front of another girl! Robert didn't want that! He made a small choice to deal with Celeste (the bank loan) but The big Choice still looms, waiting for the finale like it should.

And in Chapter 4, he made it (not masturbating in front of the girls, asking Lori to put on his belt instead) and emerged out the other end of the story a changed man (being able to thoroughly please Martha when she came home and looking forward to Lori sitting him next time).

He started one way, learned some sort of lesson and ended up changed. It's called a character arc, and without it, all you have is a neat femdom setting, not a femdom story.

Consider this plot: A man hates eating his own cum. His girlfriend gains psychic Sex Powers and forces him to eat it all the time. And at the end, he still hates eating it!


That story just feels lame, doesn't it? But that could be a whole book, with escalation (first eating ounces of cum, then GALLONS!), and hot teasing dialog (“How does that taste honey? Yummy yummy?”) and gut punches and all the other tricks I've gone over, but at the end... it fizzles out. He still hates eating cum? So what was the point of it all?

Consider this plot instead: A man hates eating his own cum. Really hates it- can't even think about doing it. His girlfriend gains psychic Sex Powers and blocks his orgasms until he gives in and takes just a little taste. Then she escalates, using her feminine wiles and new Powers to make cum eating erotic and sexy (basically Pavlov's dogging him) even if it still humiliates him. And at the end, when they are relaxing nude, in a hot tub with all her sexy friends, the girls make a half-serious plan to have him eat the cum of all their boyfriends's orgasms, for a whole sex-filled weekend... and his cock stands straight up!

What's the arc? He's come to like the very thing he once hated, even though it's still very humiliating to admit. This is the same arc I tried to have in The Dude Ranch, even though I barely knew what I was doing at the time. When Dexter's cock gets hard in the very last scene, it's a sign that this “temporary” kink that he wanted to explore only on vacation will become a permanent fixture in his life, even at work!

There is a fundamental arc in most good sissy stories: at first, hetero man doesn't want to wear panties because they are unmanly, but by the end, he's blushing and helping his wife shop for him at Victoria's Secret because it turns him on so much!

If you don't have the characters change and learn something from their travels, all you have is a static, unchanging femdom landscape for someone else to come along and build a really awesome story on. Writers call that static landscape a setting, and they will laugh at you if you tell them it's a story.

A school where boys have to be kept nude and teased all the time? That's just backdrop, man. Every day is like every other day until somebody starts an arc, you dig?

An island where strong sexy women rule, trading nude men like cattle? Sure, dude, that's a hot setting, but like, what's changing? A proud modern man shipwrecks on the island and refuses to be tamed? I guess. But then he comes to love it, and starts helping the amazons lure more men from the modern world to the island? Now you've got something.

As the name implies, arcs are not straight lines. At a minimum they have three points (the Starting point, the Turn for the Worse, and the End), not two points like a line. The Start and End points are pretty self-evident, but the interesting point is the Turn for the Worse.

As they say in the movie biz, that's when shit gets real. Up until then it's been all fun and games (Lori reading him Kelli and Tammi). But in the Turn is where some of the fun ends (Lori convinces Martha to keep him denied as Robert thrashes and protests = fun innocent cocksitter is gone).

So focus on the Turn most of all.

And don't just tell us how much the character has changed, show us.

Robert didn't want a cocksitter before. Now he requests one.

The sissy hated panties before, now he sighs and puts them on, even when his wife is away.

The man locks up his own chastity cage.

He hands over the key.

So many little gestures can mean so much, if they are part of an arc.

Alright students, if any of you are left, assignment time! Find a femdom story on Literotica whose premise pushes all of your hot buttons, but whose characters don't go through any kind of meaningful arc. Remember, the key is the character grows or learns something about himself/herself, not just ends up in hopelessly worse situation by the end.

Give us a Google searchable title of the story in your comment (links don't work for comments?), and then, give one way you could rewrite the story to give the main characters an arc. What could they learn about themselves through that journey?

If you do the exercise well, and have been following these lessons, maybe you'll learn a little something about yourself as well.

OH! See what I did there?

Hope this helps, and see you next time,

P.F. Dee

Cocksitter's Club - 4 (the finale)

(This is the fourth part of a 4 part series set in my 'Steel World' universe. Students of my 'Better Femdom Writing' class will recognize the previous lessons at work here, including: Women driving the plot but the Man making a Choice, Leaving Room for Escalation, Hot Dialog and Gut Punches, Showing the First and Skipping the Second, and Staying on Target. This is required reading for the final lessons, Lessons 7 and 8.)

"My my, Mr. Lewen, just look how far you've come!" Lori giggled as Robert rushed to lay out plates for their Chinese take out. "Did you ever think you'd be setting the table in front of teenaged girl wearing nothing but your chastity cage and a smile?"
"I am not smiling!" the nude man cried, trying to get the humiliating task over with as quickly as possible.
It was day twenty seven, his last scheduled night out of the cage before Martha got home. Lori had to let him orgasm tonight, she had to- and that's the only reason he agreed to her humiliating suggestion to strip this far ahead of bedtime! She had seen him nude before, why did her giggles make him blush each time?
"Well then that's something we've still got to work on, isn't it?" the girl laughed, and as he rushed past with his hands full of takeout, she gave his bare butt a solid spank.
"Oh hush. You love being nude for me, I can already see your little stiffie stretching your cage," she giggled, making the naked man blush anew as he rushed to the kitchen and back. “Don't worry, I won't tell your wife how hard you try to get every time I make you strip. If I did, she might never let you wear clothes at home again!”
Thanks. I so appreciate that,” Robert said. But he was smiling as he said it.
Lori grinned and crossed her legs.
Make sure to set a place for Celeste too.”
Robert swallowed hard. “She's... she's coming over for dinner?”
Of course. If a girl is coming all this way just to suck you off, you should offer her a meal too. That's just being a good host.”
His hands were shaking, but Robert went to get another place setting anyway. “Oh... okay.”
Lori smiled and picked up her chopsticks. “Celeste's really good at sucking cock, you know. All the boys talk about her like she's a legend. They say she sucked Jimmy Heyser off right through his cage, and he exploded while he was still all locked up!” Lori sucked a long Chinese noodle into her mouth, giggling as the man blushed even more.
But... you're going to unlock me for my blowjob, right? You're not going to make me cum through my cage are you?!” It was painful just getting half hard in his little steel prison- cumming in the cage after a month of teasing would be agonizing if he wasn't free!
The teen laughed. “Oh Mr. L, I'm not going to make you do anything. And don't worry, as soon as Celeste gets here, I'll unlock you with this little key and...” She lifted the tiny silver key hanging around her neck, but then her eyes got wide. She stopped, looking at the key more closely, and then all the color drained from her face.
Oh no.”
This... this is Derrick's key! I must have switched them when he threw me down and fucked me on your couch last night-”
Robert jumped up, almost turning over the table. “NO! We've got to call Derrick's mother right now! Hurry, before it's too-”
The teen was laughing, holding her stomach. “Oh god, you fell for it! You're so funny, Mr. L!”
Robert's face turned three shades of red and then he sat back down, cleaning up the fried rice he had spilled. “You shouldn't joke about things like that. It's... it's very mean to us men.”
Oh Mr. L,” Lori laughed, “you should know by now, a girl of the Cocksitter's Club would never lose her key. It's more precious to me than it is even to you.” And with an air of ceremony, she lifted the key on its chain and kissed it with her glossy, pink lips. And even that made the ring around Robert's balls seem two sizes too small! Lori put his key back around her neck, settling it between her breasts so he could see. “Don't worry- this will be a night you'll never forget. And one your wife never needs to know about.”
Robert started trying to eat again, even though his heart was going a mile a minute. The teen was bringing over one of her hot girlfriends to give Robert a slow, excellent blowjob, as a reward for following her instructions all month. And no one was going to tell his wife.
After tonight, he was going to go on-line and give Lori the best review in history.
Lori giggled as the man jumped when the front doorbell rang. "Why don't you go get that? That'll be Celeste."
His gut clenched as he looked down at his nude body. “But... but...”
She's seen it already. And it's just proper that you greet her at the door.”
Stomach tumbling, Robert went to his front door nude, checked through the peephole, then took a deep breath and opened it.
Well aren't you all dressed to party?” the cute Mexican teen laughed, looking him up and down.
Robert blushed and tried to cover himself, but it was futile. She smiled, looking at everything he had.
Lori called out from the dining room, "Come on in Celeste!" and Robert nodded, quickly, looking at the empty but well lit street behind the girl.
Yes, come in! Please!”
The girl did, and Robert finally got to close his front door.
"Thank you so much for approving my father's loan,” the black-haired girl said as she took off her shoes in the foyer. “He's already made ten percent of it back with the new equipment he bought. He'll pay it off in no time!"
He was starting to sweat, being nude, so close to a new girl. "No problem."
His normally deep, commanding voice came out as a squeak.
"Oh my god, Lori, he's so nervous! He's like a little shivering Chihuahua!” Celeste laughed as she joined her friend at the dinner table.
"Yeah, I haven't gotten Mr. L fully broken in yet,” Lori laughed. “Maybe his wife will let me train him more some other time.” She looked up at him. “Why don't you get Celeste and I two cold beers to go with dinner?”
The curly black-haired girl's eyes got wide and she whispered to Lori, but Robert heard it. “He let's you have beer? Even though you're underage?”
Lori answered out loud, smiling at Robert the whole time. “Of course! My sweet Robbie doesn't want to make me mad. Not tonight!”
Robert sighed and got the beers from the fridge, but when he handed them to the two beaming girls, he said in his sternest voice: “But only one beer each tonight. That's my rule.”
Lori sat up in her chair and tried to look appropriately serious. “Of course, Mr. L. You wear the pants around here.”
And the girls broke into laughs as the nude Robert sat down, straining in his cage.
Robert was their fetching wench all through dinner, getting more beers, ice, plates and food at their command, and trying not to get hard in front of the giggling Celeste. But every time his cage got even a little bit tight, Lori would point it out and both girls would laugh about it.
Wow, he's so... domesticated!” Celeste laughed as Robert cleared their dishes and the extra food away after they were finished. “Do all men become your little bitch when you cocksit them?”
The teen was halfway through her third beer and speaking a bit too loudly.
Oh, Mr. L just likes to be helpful,” Lori giggled, through her third beer as well. She wasn't being as loud as the other girl was, but her cheeks were starting to redden. The blond patted the bustling man's ass with one hand, twiddling the key around her neck with the other. “He just wants to keep me happy. Speaking of which, come here, you cutie!”
Robert's hopes surged as he went to her, hands full of dishes, and Lori took the key from her neck and inserted it into his belt, right there at the dinner table!
But she didn't turn it.
Now, I'm trusting you by doing this, Mr. L,” she said, looking him in the eye. “You're not going to make me regret not tying you down first, are you?”
His throat got tight. Was this really going to happen? He shook his head.
Of course not, Lori!”
Okay. No touching yourself. Ever. But remember to have some fun tonight,” she giggled, and then turned the key.
The lock popped with a click that echoed in Robert's ears and Lori slipped the steel off his dick and balls with deft fingers before he even started to erect. God, she was good at that, Robert thought.
The blond handed the stunned man the empty cage. “Put this in the dishwasher, Mr. L. We won't need it for a few hours.”
His hands were shaking as he took it. She had never unlocked him like this before! And the girls were getting tipsy... and they had promised him a blowjob... His heart pounded. What if it turned into... more?
Oh my gawd, little white dick is getting hard already!” Celeste howled, breaking his daydream. “And he's still keeping it shaved like a little boy!”
Go on, put that in the dishwasher and turn it on,” Lori giggled, nodding at the cage he still held. “But no touching Mister Lewen, or you'll regret it!”
Robert hurried to put his cage in the dishwasher and close the door. Once the cycle started, it would be a few hours before the automatic lock on the dishwasher door could even be opened again. Hours of freedom, guaranteed! Robert's dick got harder as he added the soap to the machine, set the cycle and hit GO. He had to resist reaching down for a quick touch- oh god, how long had it been?!? This was going to be a great night.
The doorbell rang.
"Oh, those will be my other friends,” Lori said, stretching and going to the couch. “Let them in, will you, Mr. L?"
The man turned to look at Lori in absolute shock. “Your other friends?!”
Yep. Don't keep them waiting.”
"But...but I'm naked!"
His cocksitter turned and raised one eyebrow at him. "You'll be naked and spanked in a minute, if you make me ask you again!”
Ooooooo!” Celeste giggled, joining her friend on the couch. “Someone's going to be in trouble....”
Robert was frozen, unmoving. The doorbell rang again.
Lori crossed her arms. “You've come so far this month, Mr. L. Don't ruin it now!"
Time seemed to stop.
He couldn't open that door! But he had to cum tonight! Celeste had already seen him, what was a few more girls... But he was hard, his dick on full display... Oh god, this was going to be horrible...
But Robert grit his teeth and opened his door.
On the other side was a tall, teenaged girl with long, straight black hair, looking incredible in a short sundress and high wedge sandals. The wedges did incredible things to her bare legs, making her round, hard calves stand out and her lean, muscled thighs tight and sexy. The heels made her much taller than the barefoot Robert, but even without them, the Amazon girl would have beaten him by an inch or two.
"Lori's finally stepped up your training I see," the girl snorted as she looked over the blushing, erect man. "I told her to strip you bare and spank you the first night."
"You can't always win by stripping men and spanking them," Lori giggled from the couch. “Sometimes you have to take a softer approach. Get us some more beers and some lemonades, will you Mr. L? By the way, this is Victoria, Sergeant at Arms for the Cocksitter's Club.”
Robert gulped as the teen walked in. He could see why she was the sergeant at arms- she was built like the girls on the cover of fitness magazines, every sexy muscle defined! He looked at Lori as the amazon took off her heels and joined the other two on the couch, and Robert's cocksitter gave him a wink and motioned towards the kitchen.
He was just barely getting back with six tall glasses for the girls when the doorbell rang again.
"That will be Melissa," Lori told him. "Let her in too."
His heart pounding in his chest, he did.
Melissa turned out to be a cute brunette dressed in a proper English nanny's shirt, skirt, stockings and heels, who smirked at Robert, and then his crotch.
"Oh my dearie! Is that a penis- or just a large clitty?" she laughed in a British accent. "You American wankers are so tiny!" She handed him her purse and jacket as all the other girls laughed at the blushing, erect man.
Melissa giggled and stepped inside, asking Lori as she sat on the couch. "Is that all he's got? Doesn't his little willie get any bigger?"
"It gets a little bigger, if you talk dirty to him or let him see your bare feet," Lori giggled, and Robert blushed anew. "But I think his tiny dick is perfectly adorable just the size it is.”
Dicks are just like dogs,” Vickie snorted, downing half her beer in one swallow. “Some are made big for getting the job done. And some are like little toy poodles, perfect for petting for a while and then locking up back in their little cages!”
All the girls laughed and for the first time in his life, Robert wished he had his cock cage to protect him. At least locked up, it was a little bit of a mystery how big his dick was!
Four more girls arrived in quick succession, each one giggling at Robert's nudity as they entered. Some brought cupcakes, some brought more beer, Victoria turned on his sound system, and very soon a party was in full swing.
Totally nude, blue-balled, and surrounded by young, attractive girls, Robert was afraid to leave Lori's side.
"These girls... they're all in the Cocksitters Club?" he asked, holding his red solo cup with both hands.
"All except Celeste," Lori said. "I'm working on recruiting her. She needs the money, but she's got that fiery Latin temper. If a man she's cocksitting disobeys her, I'm afraid she might flush his chastity key down the toilet and then just kick him in the balls!”
"Just like it should be!" the passing Victoria laughed, and before he could react, the tall girl's palm was traveling upwards at his exposed balls to make solid contact.
"AHHHHH!" he cried, spilling his beer onto his chest and doubling over as Victoria and the nearby girls, including a drunk Lori, laughed.
"Good thing you didn't spill beer on me, or I'd give you another!" the athletic girl threatened. "Now, what do you say?"
Robert was hunched over, clutching his nuts. The amazon stood right in front of him, and all Robert could think about was how sexy her bare, muscular legs were.
"Thank you... Miss?"
"Good boy," she said, patting his head as she walked off. “Lori's trained you well.”
Lori helped Robert stand upright and towel the beer off his chest, giggling. “I should have told you- always guard your nuts around Vickie. She loves slapping balls!”
Thanks,” Robert winced, and Lori sat him down on the couch next to Melissa and some another girl. Victoria's slap had taken some of the air out of his cock, so at least he didn't feel totally ridiculous anymore.
Until Melissa turned to him and said, "So, Lori tells me you like Kelli and Tammi books."
"Um, no, well-"
"He LOVES it!" Lori laughed, dancing with another girl in the kitchen. "He's practically got the first book memorized!"
Robert groaned as Melissa and the other girl giggled.
"Oh? What's your favorite chapter? When Suzi Lebomb pulls out that feather and starts tickle teasing Kelli's pussy, or when they have to shower with the volleyball team..."
Robert gulped, looking for some way to escape. But Victoria was prowling around the living room, just looking for some balls to slap. Lori was busy dancing in the kitchen. So he stayed where he was, and as Melissa recalled the same scenes Lori had read to him each night, his dick started erecting again, straining and twitching in front of all of them!
Lori came by to refill their beers and gave Robert a wink.
Melissa is the head of the local Kelli and Tammi fan club. She and Jasmine read the books to each other every night, which usually leads to a lot of slippery fun.”
Sure does!” the British girl giggled. And putting her hand high on the other girl's thigh, she gave her a deep kiss.
Robert's jaw dropped. "You're.. you're lesbians?"
"Of course dearie," the British girl laughed, crossing her stockinged legs. "Why do you think my girlfriend and I love those books so much? You can't get much decent lesbian romance adventure stories nowadays."
"But.. but you're cocksitters!" he sputtered. "You hold men's chastity keys for a living!"
"Then it's a perfect job, no? No conflicts of interest!" the teen laughed, then showed Robert her tennis bracelet with two dangling chastity keys and pointed at one. “I'm holding this one for the lead singer of this up-and-coming rock band. He's ripped, going to be rich someday, and he's got this nice, thick eight inch long dick! All his groupies wet their panties every time he plays, but I went on tour with him for three months, sleeping right next to him in that tiny tour bus, and what do you know? I didn't feel the slightest urge to let him out once!”
Robert's hard dick throbbed painfully as all the nearby girls laughed. It was such a struggle not to touch himself, but they were all watching him!
Melissa's lover stroked her stockinged thigh protectively. “Not even for the groupies, dearie?”
Especially not for them!” Melissa laughed. “My stud's manager wants him to get a good night's sleep every night, and I make sure he does!”
Jasmine smiled, but then looked at the British girl's tennis bracelet thoughtfully.
What's this other key for, then? Whose is it?”
Melissa stopped laughing, looked confused, and then started laughing again.
You know what? I've bloody well forgotten!”
All the nearby cocksitters started roaring in laughter again.
Enjoy your book talk,” Lori giggled, turning back to the kitchen. “And remember... no touching little Robert!”
Melissa grabbed the stunned man's arm. “Have you gotten to the part where they have to nude oil wrestle each other? That chapter always gets me so wet...”
The rest of the party was similar torture.
The girls danced to pop music, sometimes grinding against each other, and Robert's dick felt like it was going to explode! Some of the hot girls sat or stood too close to the naked man, enjoying how his dick jumped for them and the struggle in his face as he fought not to grab it, for just one quick stroke.
At some point, Victoria demanded that he arm wrestle her, and Robert didn't want to but Lori egged him to agree.
The stakes were that Victoria would jack him off onto the muscular calves he had been staring at all night if he won, but he would have to kneel and kiss those same calves and feet while loudly proclaiming how much weaker he was than she, if he lost.
Even though he was a man and twenty pounds heavier than Vickie, the athletic girl beat him three times in a row, and then gathered every girl at the party over to watch him pay up.
His face was burning red as the chanting girls forced him to sink to his knees and kissed the gloating girl's bare feet. His dick was half-hard by this point, and he used all his will to think about something else... But while Lori wore his key on her neck and Melissa wore hers on her wrist, the athletic Victoria wore three little silver keys on a chain around her ankle. They were staring Robert right in the face as he bent to kiss her foot, and he could only imagine what she was doing to their owners-
Oh! His little willie's getting hard again!” Melissa cheered, and Robert almost died of humiliation, his lips on Victoria's painted toenails. “He's such a foot perv!”
How much Viagra did you give him today?” the amazon asked Lori.
His cocksitter was beaming. “None. That's all natural Robert! We've been doing cock strengthening exercises every night.”
His dick was as hard as an iron rod when he finally stood up, and even the Amazon laughed and shook her head.
If I was cocksitting him, he would have been doing ball strengthening exercises instead!” she chuckled, and then the foot Robert had just kissed was rocketing towards his nuts.
He yelped and closed his legs, but Victoria never followed through on the kick, just laughing and patting the man on his head.
Maybe next time, little puppy. I'll leave your nuts unkicked for now.”
After the laughing had died down, Lori called for everyone's attention, pointing out that it was now nine o'clock.
Now normally,” she said, “this is little Robert's beddy-bye time, but I think for his last night with us, we can let him stay up late for a his going away present, right girls?”
The teens cheered and whistled. One of them, Robert couldn't tell who, gave his naked ass a quick squeeze.
Oh, your dickie is dripping,” Lori giggled. “Let me wipe you clean before we begin.”
More whistles and taunts from the crowd, but Lori did wipe his dick head like a mother wiped a infant's dripping nose, and then turned the nude, blue-balled, red-faced man back to the crowd.
Can you believe that just a month ago, this man was too proud to think he needed a cocksitter?!”
The crowd booed.
He was the vice president of a bank! A big one! Mister important pants!”
And now he's got NO pants!” Victoria laughed.
BUT,” Lori said, holding Robert's arm to keep him from running upstairs, “I'm not a total bitch. I'm going to give Robert the thing he most wanted, all this month! Celeste, where are you?”
When she didn't answer, the girls looked around, confused, then started giggling when they spotted Celeste asleep in a corner of the room, a half full beer still in her hands.
Well,” Lori giggled, “I guess the blowjob queen can't handle her liquor. Plan B!”
And all the girls laughed as Lori spit in Robert's right hand, then pulled it to hard, begging erection.
Lori!” he whispered. “What are you doing?”
Go on, Mr. L. You can masturbate, just like you've been wanting to do around me all month,” she giggled. “You said you used to do it all the time before the Locking Laws. Go on. We're waiting.”
HERE? In front of... THEM?”
Oooo! It's getting bigger,” Melissa giggled, then squeezed her girlfriend's ass. “Reminds me of that tiny training strap-on I used on you your first time!”
I bet he finishes in twenty seconds,” Victoria laughed. “Come on, girls, let's show him our feet and make it ten!”
His dick was painfully hard. Robert forced his hand to his side before the urge to stroke became overwhelming.
Lori! I can't!”
But Mr. L, don't you need to cum?” she giggled. “It's almost been a month! You told me yourself, no man alive could ever go a whole month without getting off!”
All the teenagers laughed, watching his needy erection drip and twitch in the air. Some of the girls giggled, showing him the tops of their breasts down their shirts or their bare feet.
His balls hurt so badly! But he if did this...he could never look any woman in the eye again!
Maybe...” He took a breath. “Maybe I can go a few more days...”
The girls cheered and Lori hushed them. “Are you sure, Mr. L? I know your wife would really love it if you were primed and ready when she got back. Think about how proud she'll be if you make it a whole month, when the longest you'd gone was only a week before.”
A week!” Victoria cried, spitting out her drink. “You big pussy!”
Lori touched his cheek. “And I would be really proud of you too, Mr. Lewen. It would be so adult of you, if you asked me to lock you back up right now. Just like you should be.”
Robert looked at the crowd of eager girls, all eyes on his desperate cock. Some were making kissy faces at him, some were bending over so he could see down their shirts at their young full, breasts. He felt the urge building- god it had been SO long!
Heart pounding, Robert said what he never thought he would.
Lori... please... can you lock me back up? Before I start to touch myself?”
She kissed his cheek as she gave his dripping erection a loving squeeze, already starting to slip the steel ring behind his balls.
It would be my pleasure, Mr. Lewen.”


Martha was surprised when her husband pulled open her taxi door the minute the driver stopped.
Martha! I've missed you so much!”
I can see that,” she laughed as her husband peppered her face and neck with kisses. “Robert! My goodness, we're out in public!” She pulled his roaming hands off of her ass and slapped his wrists playfully. “Wow, maybe I should leave you with a cocksitter more often!”
He blushed, then said, “Let me get your bags!” He paid the driver, didn't ask for change, and rushed his wife and her suitcase into his house, where he started kissing his wife again, hands pulling her close to him, wandering up the hem of her short sundress, up her thigh, to her tiny thong.
This time Martha's step back was a little less playful.
Robert! What in the world has gotten into you?!”
I'm sorry, Mrs. L, it's probably my fault,” Lori laughed, coming out of the kitchen with a tray of ice water with lemon slices for them. She was wearing just a casual t shirt and jeans that stretched to her bare ankles, but still did great things for her ass. “I may have given little Robert a bit more teasing these last few days, so he'd be nice and ready for you when you got back.”
I can see that,” Martha giggled, accepting the glass of water. “Did everything go okay while I was gone?”
I'll let Robert tell you about that,” Lori said, then pulled the thin necklace over her head, and handed it to the older woman. She stepped over and gave Robert a big hug. “Good bye, Mr. L. It's been a lot of fun.”
Robert's cage got tight, smelling the young girl's perfume for the last time. “Yeah. It has.”
And then she was gone, closing the front door behind her.
It only took Robert a moment to clear his head and grab his wife's wrist.
You! Bedroom! Now!”
Martha gasped in delight as her husband dragged her up the stairs.


She sighed in delight again a half an hour later, as they both lay, naked and sweaty, tangled in their sheets.
Oh my goodness Robert!” she giggled, the blush of her third orgasm just starting to fade from her still red cheeks and neck. “I'm going to be sore for days! What the devil had gotten into you?!”
He smiled weakly, exhausted as well. “I... I just missed you, that's all.”
That's not all,” his wife laughed, rolling onto her side. “Your cock... it was like a steel rod! I hadn't felt it so hard in... in ever!” Her hand had been drifting down Robert's new flat abs as she talked, and when it found his cock, she startled. “And you're getting hard again? What the hell did that Lori do to you while I was out?
He blushed. “Nothing, really... just- oh fuck! Oh god, MARTHA!”
His wife had just started licking his hardening shaft, bringing it back to life. “It better not have been nothing!  I want this new Robert around for a while! Whatever she did to you this month, I'm going to do to you all the time!”
Robert moaned and thrashed on his sheets as she took all of him into her mouth, deep throating him.
Me? What was that?” he demanded.
Now it was her turn to blush. “A little college trick I, um, remembered, while I was down at the resort. You're not mad at me?”
He looked at his nude wife. The only piece of clothing he hadn't ripped off of her was the thin chain hanging around her neck, and the silver key now dangling from it.
No. Not as long as you came back to me.”
I did. Now, tell me how often Lori let you cum this month, because that's the same schedule you're on for the rest of your life!”
No! Martha! Please!” he begged, but his wife was sucking on him again and his resistance didn't last long.
Well that's quite a orgasm schedule!” she laughed when he spilled the beans. She still held his hard cock, licking it every few seconds to make him shiver. “No orgasms at all!”
Please! Let's just go back to every three days!”
She laughed and gave him another lick, his hanging key tickling his balls.
Mmmm, I love this new shaved crotch of yours! Tell you what, if you let me try your new once a month schedule for a few months, when I have to go to Chicago for business in July, I'll invite Lori and her Club to cocksit you again. Would you like that?”
Robert swallowed, his hard cock dripping and twitching in her grip.
Yeah,” he said, his throat dry. “I would like that. I would like it a lot.”