Saturday, October 26, 2013

Small Penis Humiliation... there's an app for that!

So in my new ebook, "Sex Powers University", (free on Smashwords here) much of the teasing comes from the main character Troy having a penis only 4 inches long when erect. I didn't do any statistical analysis to get that number, I just chose it out of thin air based on some small penis humiliation (SPH) stories I had been reading at the time. 

(I had never been into SPH before since the women were always too mean and the men too grovelly, but if you balance those sides and do it with a sense of fun, it can flourish, just like any almost any other fetish.)

But now I stumbled upon this free site that lets you put in actual penis measurements to get a 3D computer-rendered image of what that actual penis would look like, compared to "normal" and the results are hilarious.

Here's the site so you can play along at home:
(You don't need to be a member, just hit "Enter" and make up some sufficiently old birthday.)

Here's the default comparison to "Average", and already Troy's not looking so good:

But things truly get funny when you go to the other helpful image choices, such as "The Profiler":

One can almost imagine the girls of SPU making Troy do this with the other "average" boys.  I like how the 3D models' hands are being held behind their backs, but I DON'T like how close those two cocks are to touching, however.  It's like the cocks are about to kiss!

And there's the last image choice, the best, "The Inspector":
Why does Mr. Medium seem so pissed that Troy is there to be measured?  Mr. Medium looks huge by comparison!  (But seriously, seeing it laid out like that, I'm actually feeling a little sad for Troy now- I didn't know 4 inches was that small, man- I didn't know!)

And of course, what penis measurement site would be complete if we didn't set the "Average" cock slider to the maximum, just like all the teasing ladies will do at home before sitting their men down in front of it, just to humiliate him further.  Here's what poor Troy looks like then:

A lot of little touches make that site great, such as how the expressions of the men change as their penis' do.  (Mr. Huge looks ready to get attention from two, possibly three women, while Troy is depressed for some unknown reason.)

I'm not going to cop out and have some magic pill that makes Troy bigger to please Amber in Sex Powers University 2, but man, now I feel for the guy and his quest to find love!

But ladies, it's not about the size, right?  If the man on the left above had a better personality and could make you laugh, you'd tell all your friends what a great lover he is, right?  Right?    

Tuesday, October 22, 2013

Story inspiration from... The Discovery Channel?

So there's this Discovery Channel show called "Naked and Afraid".

They take a fit man and woman who know each other zero percent and strand them together on a desert island for 21 days with no food, no water and no clothes at all. 

Of course, there is NO sexual content on this show, which is strange because ALL the trailers highlight the "Naked" aspect all the time.  And why even have this premise if you're not going to go that direction?  The blur circles are small enough to verify that, yep, they're buck naked for 21 days together while a camera crew films them 24/7.

24/7.  Nude.  On a island with an attractive woman you must work closely with to get enough food and water to survive.  While a camera crew never stops filming you.

How many embarrassing hard-ons does the guy get in that time, do you think?  How much is he dying to get some privacy and touch himself by the time they finally get to go home?  How many times does he get caught by his partner or the camera crew?

Naked and Afraid.  The G-rated Discovery Channel show that launched a thousand male humiliation stories...

Saturday, October 19, 2013

The Fundamental Paradox of Femdom Fiction (and Slasher Movies)

So I've been watching a lot of B horror movies preparing for Halloween and I just realized: good horror movies have the same problem as really good femdom fiction.  And the same saving grace.

Consider this movie poster:
(Used without permission, just like a college film class might.  I'm not making a buck off the movie, just making an academic point.)

Usually they put the star of the movie on the poster, like a James Bond movie with Bond front and center.  Who's the star of that movie?  Not the "heros", the innocent kids who will somehow find the strength to rise up and defeat a horrible supernatural evil in the final climax.  No, the poster prominently features the "villain", the horrible evil that is running amok.

Why do people go to franchise horror movies?  To see the "heros" win?  Name one kid that survived a Jason movie.  Their faces are never on the poster.  No, folks go to see the "villain".  They go to see how the villain will get the good guys this time, the cool kills or stalking tactics.

So now to get sexy...  why do we read femdom fiction?  To see the plucky male triumph over the mean, teasing, cruel domme?  Or do we read to see how the female is going to "get" the guy this time?  What cool teasing technique is she going to roll out now?

In all femdom fiction, the guy has to be "trapped" somehow.  Some reason he just can't flip the woman the bird and go off to find a loving, blow-job-giving Stepford wife in another city.  A chastity belt with only one key, blackmail photos, a female-led society, maybe a literal chain holding him down, or maybe he's "trapped" by his own desire to be dominated.  No different than running out of gas next to Crystal Lake or getting locked into a house with a serial killer.  If he suddenly finds extra gas and drives to safety and lives happily ever after, that's a pretty shitty horror movie.   

So this leads to a problem for authors like me.  Who is the "hero" of a femdom story?  If it's the dude, then he should win at the end.  But that dispels the femdom situation, which is a bummer.  If it's the woman, then it's like a movie where we're cheering for Jason Voorhies to kill more innocent campers; it doesn't work because we no longer care about the camper's struggles or pain, and thus the kills don't matter.    

Some femdom fiction deals with this paradox by giving the male character an "original sin".  He's too cocky about sleeping around, he's a jerk to women, or he's done something worth getting punished for in the past.  But then we're supposed to root for him?  No, we're obviously going to root for the woman domme.  But as the majority of femdom readers are males, now we're rooting for more of our fellow innocent campers to get killed again? 

Stories need tension.  Two opposing sides striving in opposition to each other.  If a femdom story begins with all women around the world in supreme, unassailable positions over sniveling, beaten males, where's the tension?  But then if a rag-tag group of mountain men overthrow the gynocracy and return life to normal, that's a bummer again.

So there's a needle's eye to thread.  People read femdom stories for "the monster".  You might as well replace the hockey mask in that poster with a chastity belt for most of the fiction I read.  (Actually, I would go see that movie, about a supernatural chastity belt that terrifies a small town or something.)  But we also have to put in a "good" side, guys who we side with so that when his cock gets teased and he's begging for relief, we feel it too, and we want it to end. 

I try to do that in my CFNM and orgasm denial books, have a non-original sin male opposing a cool villain we kind of want to see defeated but not really.  It's a tough balancing act, but when it's done right (see Cabin in the Woods for an incredibly good horror movie example, and my free "The Sissy Sort" story here for a femdom example, I think), it's a sublime victory.

Your thoughts?  Maybe I'm crazy, and femdom stories are more like rom-coms or something.  I watch those around Valentine's day, so stay tuned.

P. F. Dee

Open Thread: What do YOU want to see in femdom stories?

You've read my stuff on orgasmdenial and you know the type of light, CFNM, T&D femdom I do. 

What subjects/situations/concepts do you wish were tackled in femdom stories?

If I had more time, I'd take commissions for stories, churning out tales custom to your kinks (if they matched my writing style) for $15.  Not much to get to finally read the story you've always wanted!

But consider this free comissioning with no deadline.  Any situations you'd love to see?

P.F. Dee

Open thread: do covers matter?

So I put some thought into my erotic ebook covers.  Here's my latest:

Here's an earlier one for the Drake Cheerleaders Incident, which I think captures the grace, power but also fragility of an erotic power-seeking cheerleader perfectly:

That was also before I started putting Cosmo-like taglines on the covers and just let the picture speak.  (You can check out my other covers here:

I put some work into them, but I wonder, do covers really matter when you're looking at femdom books?  Which ones did you like the most, and why?  And do you like the 50s-style taglines on the front or just want a pure image?

P.F. Dee

Friday, October 18, 2013

Sex Powers University is up for sale! What do you think?

My newest femdom, psychic tease and denial, CFNM book is now up for purchase on Smashwords!

Nicely formatted with a hot cover (and other surprises throughout) you should check out the free preview here:

And due to the surprises inside, I recommend reading it on a Kindle for maximum enjoyment!

Let me know what you think of the cover, the story, or anything else you'd like to see at Sex Powers University in the comments!

P.F. Dee

Wednesday, October 16, 2013

A place to suggest femdom stories that YOU want to read!

My intent is for this blog to be a place that readers of my CFNM, orgasm denial, light humiliation femdom fiction (found here:, to let me know what really worked for them, what didn't, and suggest story lines that they'd love to see explored.

One of the worst feelings, I believe, is to be reading a hot, hot femdom story on, literotica, or orgasmdenial and when it ends, going "NO!  What about this direction?!?  Why wasn't this other idea explored in the way I liked?!" and having no way to tell the author that. 

So I'm going to fill this blog with polls, going to allow all sorts of anonymous comments (and read them religiously), so that you and I can craft more fun, better femdom fiction together.  Be warned: really good ideas suggested here may be turned into erotic books designed with you in mind! 

I may also post tips if new femdom writers ask for instructions on making their work more fun or  more arousing (erotic writing is still writing, after all, and those skills apply) but the main focus will be for you to 'commission' works, if you will, with the most popular threads being turned into novellas. 

Let the voting begin!

P.F. Dee