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Would you read this book?

I might also call it "The Beta Bachelor". 

I don't know, just an idea I've been kicking around.  

Saturday, January 27, 2018

Sticks and Stones (Powers, F/f, CFNF)

(Yes, I'm still working on the last chapter of Sex Powers University year 3, but here's a little story I thought up in the Powers world, since readers are always asking me what it would look like if the tables were turned...


I was sunbathing naked out in my backyard, wearing nothing but a blush and baby oil.
My heart was racing a mile a minute- I didn’t want to be here, of course- and while we had a six foot hedge all around the back acre, it wasn’t perfect. There were a few gaps at the corners of the hedge, and Sydney had forced me to leave the back gate unlocked; anyone could walk in from the driveway and catch me naked at any time- friends from school, our parents- boys!
I shivered again, my rock hard nipples pressing into my tanning towel as I lay stomach-down, my hard clit throbbing as my nude back and buns soaked up the rays.
Goddammit Sydney! I hate you I hate you I hate-
My hot pink jewel-encrusted cellphone rang, each vibration of the device magnified 10 times and transmitted directly to my hot pink, throbbing clit- another of my Sydney’s horrible spells!
I gasped and snatched the phone off the grass, rushing to answer it even as I squirmed on the towel, grinding my naked hips and pussy against my towel out of humiliating reflex.
YES!” I hissed, my face burning. “What do you want Sydney?!”
I love how quickly you take my calls now,” my younger sister laughed into my ear. “I should have enchanted your phone a long time ago!”
My face flushed even more as my bald, unused pussy burned with need- Sydney knew exactly what she was doing, every time she called me!
Please, Syd, can I come inside now?” I whispered urgently into the phone, in case the neighbor Mr. Slotnik was home already. He’d just love to ‘accidentally’ catch one of his hot teenaged neighbors sunbathing nude next door! “You’ve made your point!”
I haven’t even started to make my point,” she laughed. “Trust me, sis, you’re going to have a lot of ‘points’ made on your defenseless little body over the next few months.” She laughed again, but this time meaner. “You know, I was just about to let you come back inside... but then I just sensed you thinking... about how much you hate me? I guess you just earned yourself another hour outside!”
I groaned and kicked my feet against the grass. Goddamned Sex Magic!
It wasn’t FAIR!
Everyone knew that boys had to watch their thoughts when they got erect, especially when they were jacking off, since the telepathic sexual powers all women on Earth had gotten five years ago meant that they could sense (and control) all male arousal close to them.
But I was a girl- a hot one too- I should have been the beneficiary of Sex Magic, denying orgasms to the neighborhood boys and teachers, teasing and taunting them with psychic pleasures until they broke and fell to kiss my perfect feet. But at twenty-one, I still hadn’t gotten psychic Powers yet.
But my eighteen-year-old sister had.
What’s a matter, big sis?” she taunted when she heard me groan. “Feeling a little... pent up?
And then I felt the tongues.
Perfectly trained, magical tongues, wet and eager, sucking my hard nipples, flicking my clitoris, lapping up the growing wetness on my pussy, even eating out my virgin ass!
Oh SHIIIT!” I squealed and heard Syd laughing on her side of the phone.
I gasped and squirmed on the towel, grinding my pussy against the earth, covering my ass with my other hand, anything to try and make them stop! The tongues weren’t really there, just phantom sensations applied by Sydney’s Powers directly to my nerve endings; but my body didn’t know that!
I moaned and clamped my slippery thighs together, practically gushing a river down there, as I balled my fists in shivering agony.
Please SYD! No MORE!”
Now there were fingers- intrusive psychic fingers pushing into my ass and pussy, fucking my wet holes!
Say you’re sorry...” Sydney sang as I thrashed.
So you don’t hate me any more?”
NO! I love you! I REALLY DO!”
The fingers and tongues disappeared instantly, leaving me a gasping, sweaty, unfulfilled mess.
Syd giggled softly into my ear. “Even though I never let you cum?”
I was panting, my breath heaving, sweat beading on my totally nude body as I tried to collect myself, even as my pussy burned from the sudden loss of stimulation. I dared reach my left hand down between my legs and was humiliated to find my pussy gushing like a faucet. But forty-five days without orgasms will do that to a girl.
Did I mention that Sydney was also a denial queen?
Ah ah ah, no touching your naughty bits,” she giggled, and I felt the force-field around my clit start to expand, pushing my left hand away like an inflating balloon. “At least not until I make ya.
My eyes got big as the invisible force-field grew and grew. Now my left hand couldn’t be below my tits- now my shoulders!
It kept growing- now I couldn’t even keep the phone next to my ear- Sydney’s psychic ‘no-touch’ bubble around my clit was so large I had to extend both my hands above my shoulders- and it was still growing!
My sister’s Sex Magic force bubble- a spell she had invented to keep me from playing with myself- kept pushing my hands further and further away from my pussy until my arms were at their max- like I was stretched out on a rack!
And then the tongues started on my pussy and asshole again!
YAAAAHHH!” I wailed, unable to move my arms, unable to get up off the ground, unable to stop her from shredding my private parts with the most intimate sensations. All I could do was roll on the ground kicking my feet. “Please Sydney please Sydney- NOT AGAIN!”
Hold on, I’ve got to see this in person,” I heard the phone dropped near my head laugh, and then the call cut off as I continued to squirm in forced pleasure.
It wasn’t fair!
Everyone knew the sex magic bond started off tightest between family members, for some sick reason. And most everyone looked the other way when sisters just getting into their Powers sometimes blocked their older and younger brothers from cumming for days, or even weeks; that was just girls being girls.
But I had never expected it to happen to me!
I was a girl!
And the OLDER sister!
But Sydney was a mutant, a freak of nature. Not only did she get Powers way before I did, somehow they also worked on me, like other women’s Powers did with men!
She had sealed off my orgasms, peeked into my sexual fantasies, magically kept me from masturbating for months, and each day she seemed to invent new spells to torment me!
The tongues eating out my back and front increased in intensity, fucking me with their hot, slippery insistence, making me curl my toes and shudder all over- and then disappeared one second before my orgasm hit. Like they always did.
FUCK! NO!” I squealed, pounding my feet and fists into the grass, grinding my desperate pussy against the rough towel to try and more stimulation, any stimulation. GOD DAMMIT!”
Oh good, I didn’t miss it,” a high-pitched voice above me giggled. “I so love seeing you throw your no-cumming hissy fits, sis.”
I looked up- having to painfully crane my neck to do so- and there she was.
Maybe a 4’ 11” and a hundred pounds soaking wet.
Wearing a little gray cut-off top that stopped just below her perky A-cup tits and a bright orange thong over slim teen hips.
Her lips were perfectly glossy and she had painted her finger- and toenails a sexy baby blue with light gold stars. I had taught her how to do that, and now she didn’t even let me wear nail polish or makeup anymore!
Or anything else!
Sydney, please-”
Force-field off,” she laughed, and I gasped in relief as my arms were no longer being stretched above my head.
Time to flip over!” Syd giggled. “Let’s show the world the sexy bits you’ve got in front.”
I gasped, my heartbeat rising.
Sydney, please- I’ll be nicer to you, I promise-”
Flip!” my pixie sister commanded, pointing with her finger. “Or else I’ll psychically grab you by the clit and drag you into the front yard, and then lock the gate behind you!”
Sydney giggled as I, still sweating from the edges she had given me, scrambled to flip over onto my back. I was exposing myself to the world! My pussy- constantly shaved 100% baby smooth at her command- was a sloppy, dripping mess, my clit humiliatingly hard and throbbing. Diamond hard nipples bobbed atop obscenely firm, bouncy breasts- ones that were two full cup sizes larger than they normally should be.
Mmmm, those full D’s look pretty good on you sis,” she laughed, as I blushed even harder, unable to cover myself up in front of my kid sister, per her rules. Sydney extended her fingers in front of her, weaving them around in some complex pattern I didn’t know. “But let’s see how double D’s suit you....”
Sydney- NO!” I gasped, forgetting the rules and covering my breasts with both hands.
But it was already too late.
They were growing, right underneath my fingers! A vacuum-like sensation pulled on my hard nipples- that sucking itself enough to make my pussy clench and my thighs clamp- and the already huge breasts on my chest grew, getting heavier on my ribcage, even as I tried to hold them back with my hands!
Oh goddddd.... noooooo!” I panted as my chest grew, the sensation making electric pleasure run down my skin to my pussy, until I was licking my lips and squirming, nude and glistening on the towel, squeezing my legs together.
Every time Sydney grew my tits, from their original B cups that matched my frame, to not-so-bad C cups, to downright embarrassing Ds - it made me wet, hornier, less in control of my thoughts around her.
Bimbification, the internet called it, back when I still had the will to look such things up. Back when I still thought I could stop her.
There we go...” Syd laughed as the pressure on my chest grew to its peak. “Now come on, hands away- let me see the goods!”
I was almost crying- looking down, I couldn’t even see my knees or toes anymore!
I had never been a big girl- had always been proud of my tight, toned, athletic body. But looking down at the huge cantaloupes now bulging out underneath my fingers- I looked like a cartoon!
“Sydney.... please!”
She motioned again, more sternly, and blushing, I let my hands drop to let my new, comically big tits bounce free.
Her hand flew to her mouth. “OMG Leah- you look fucking ridiculous!” Sydney laughed, instantly pulling her phone from the waistband of her panties. “I gotta Snapchat this!” She snapped a pic and showed it to me with a smile. “Suits you, though.”
Now I did cry.
Awww, don’t do that,” she giggled. “You should thank me- I just gave you about $100,000 worth of expert plastic surgery! Some girls would kill for that!
Sydney, please, change them back!” I said, wiping the tears from my eyes. “I can’t go through life like-”
Nope, I think you’re going to keep them for a little bit.”
I control how your body looks now, Leah, not you- remember that!” she giggled. “If you don’t like being a sexually adult woman, I was researching anti-puberty spells too. I could shrink your tits smaller and smaller until you're flat as a board, stop your periods, change your voice, maybe even make your skeleton smaller again- until you look like a ten-year-old girl! Wouldn’t that be fun to explain to our cousins at Christmas!”
I kept my mouth shut, shivering and nude below her. I didn’t dare say anything- it was impossible to fight someone with Sex Powers if you didn’t have them yourself!
Besides,” she giggled, pointing her phone at me again, “everyone knows that larger tits are more... sensitive.”
She blew me a kiss and I felt a breath of phantom air dance across my nipples- and I almost came!
Oh JESUS!” I grabbed my breasts again and that just made it worse! “HHHunnGH!”
Each caress of my areolas made me shiver, each rub on my nipples went directly to my clit, my toes, my brain! I couldn’t think- I could barely breathe- and I absolutely couldn’t stop rubbing and kneading them, my toes were curling, my breath getting short as I squirmed, thrusting my hips into the air under the midday sun-
Forcefield on,” Syd giggled, and my hands flung away from my body again, leaving me gasping and humping the air, nipples and clit burning. “Okay, maybe I’ll dial down the increased sensitivity a little,” she giggled, casting some spell with her fingers. “I didn’t know you were one of those type of girls, Leah.” 
 My face burned in humiliation as she used her magic to change my body again.  I still had DD's but at least breezes of air felt like normal breezes again, even though a light breeze on my naked body still made my long-denied pussy throb with need.
I sat up, covering my new tits when she finally turned off the force-field again.
I’m sorry!” I gasped. “Sydney, I’m sorry I ever called you that-”
Whatever,” she snapped, and I felt a quick, painful psychic pinch on my clit. “That’s in the past.” Her frown turned to a smile. “But if I were you, big sis, I’d be more concerned about what’s going to happen in the future. During the rest of your nude outdoor adventure.”
I gulped, covering my new firm tits with both arms, squeezing my knees together. I didn’t dare rub my sore, pinched clit. “What?! Sydney, what are you planning?”
She bit her lower lip. “Oh... just a little hangout with friends...”
I jumped to my feet, towering over her. “NO! Sydney- NO! You promised not to expose me to-”
Heya Syd, are you back here?” a young girl’s voice laughed from the gate, then stopped with a swallowed laugh. “Holy shit- is that Leah? Naked?!
I spun to face the noise and it was exactly as horrible as I had feared-
Bailey, a small hot brunette who had never met an emoji she didn’t like.
Kelly, a black-haired, black-hearted girl who could hold a grudge for an ice age.
And Sasha, a blond Russian heiress who had more money than any of us knew.
Sydney’s friends, all hot, spoiled teenagers like her.
The brat pack.
I gasped and covered my huge tits with one arm and my pussy with the other, but the girls were already bent over laughing.
Leah?!” Bailey howled, covering her mouth. “Where did you get those huge tits?! And why are you nekkid?!”
My pulse exploded- I couldn’t go out the back gate, Sydney was standing on my towel so I couldn’t cover up- but maybe I could still make the back door of the house before they saw too much!
I took off running, still covering myself, and got all of two steps before Sydney magically grabbed me by my hard clit. Just like she said she would.
Ahhhhh!” It had been like being pulled to a stop- it stung! I spun, hopping on my bare feet in the grass, unable to take another step, hopelessy covering myself with both hands. “Sydney- no! Pleeease!
And my baby sister just laughed.


As I stood pinned in place, Sydney explained to her friends that I was being punished- although not for what- that I wasn’t allowed to wear clothes, use furniture, eat or use the bathroom without her permission for the rest of the day.
“OMG!” Bailey laughed, looking me over. “If that happened to me, I would just DIE!”
Sydney giggled. “I know, right?”
“Why has she no hair down there?” Sasha asked, flicking a finger towards my covered bare pussy with contempt. “Only strippers and sex workers have no hair down there.”
Syd just giggled. “Maybe she’s a little of both? I don’t know what my big sis got into in college.”
I stamped my foot. “Sydney!”
“She’s definitely got the tits for stripping,” Kelly said, lowering her sunglasses at me. “Jesus.”
I blushed harder than ever. My arm barely covered any of my new firm boobs!
“Oh, and for the rest of the day,” Sydney giggled, “Leah also has to follow any command I or any of you give her.”
My eyes got huge. “Sydney!”
Really?” Kelly asked, raising one skeptical eyebrow. “Any command?”
Sydney laughed. “Any.”
The black-haired girl smirked at me. “Jump around on one foot.”
I blushed. Even before my comically big tits, that would have been so embarrassing to do nude-
But then I felt Sydney’s sharp psychic fingernails pulling up on my clit!
And then down.
And then up and down, up and down, faster and faster. Within seconds I was jumping up and down like some stupid bimbo, just to relieve the pain on my most sensitive zone!
I blushed fifty shades of red and held my breasts with both hands to keep them from bouncing around.
I said on one foot, dummy.”
Sydney mentally pinched my clit- hard- and I yelped and put one foot behind me, hopping like a stork!
No, no, uncover the girls,” Sasha laughed in her slight Russian accent. “Let those udders fly free.”
I didn’t even wait for Sydney to pinch my clit- it was aching red already- I had to save it from further punishment! But this was horrible!
The girls howled as I dropped my hands, the last thing even partially restraining my grapefruit-sized breasts, then laughed even harder as they flopped around, firm and ponderous on my chest!
Well we were going to go down to the beach and tease some boys,” Bailey laughed, with me still hopping- they hadn’t told me to stop!- “But I guess we can spend some time here with you, Syd.”
Great!” My sister reached back and spanked my ass- with her real hand this time- and laughed. “Stop hopping, dummy! And get my friends some chairs and lemonades- you have thirty seconds!”
Humiliated, naked, I ran off to follow her command. What else could I do?
Fifteen seconds in, the tongues started on my pussy, ass, and tits again, making me shiver and moan as I raced back with the requested items.
While I was gone, Sydney had told them the good news.
You can use.... Powers on her?” Sasha was asking as I, still trembling from the tongues, set up their chairs and drinks. “Like Powers other women can use on a boy?” 
Yep,” my sister laughed. “And even some new ones that boys don’t have.” She squinted her eyes at me. “Like this one, it’s Leah’s favorite...”
I dropped the last canned lemonade and covered my pussy, my eyes going wide.
NO! Sydney- NO NO NO!”
But Sydney, sitting on a chair I had just gotten for her, just grinned at me.
I felt it first as a pressure on my pussy.
A pressure that grew more insistent, spreading my wet lips apart, forcing itself inside me- as if it was a real cock! But this phantom wasn’t any normal cock. This thing was a monster, longer than my arm, wider than my wrist, ribbed, steel-hard, like nothing I had ever seen before.
Because at twenty-one I was still, technically, a virgin.
I don’t know if this monster cock would have fit inside me in real life. It definitely wouldn’t have, my first time. But with Sex Magic, anything was possible.
Especially if Sydney put her mind to it.
Tears started running down my eyes as I clamped my thighs together, even as the enormous phantom cock forced them apart. “Sydney! NO! Not in front of them!”
The psychic cock thrust into me- hard.
Then pulled almost all the way out, leaving just the tip inside.
Then thrust back in.
The psychic force had lifted me up onto my toes!
Syd!” I begged, standing on wobbling legs, naked, red faced and dripping down my thighs in front of her friends. “Please, please please-”
Sydney winked at me and the cock started fucking me in earnest.
The three teens howled as I fell to hands and knees moaning and thrusting my hips, being driven face-down ass-up by this massive, invisible, overpowering phantom cock.
God, she’s like a cat in heat!” Bailey laughed, watching me hump the air.
I always knew she was like this,” Sasha added.
Kelly just took out her phone and started filming.
And that’s when I felt the pressure on my mouth.
But the same magic that wouldn’t be denied on the lips between my legs forced open the lips on my face. I could actually feel it- massive, throbbing, hot, sliding into my mouth, forcing my jaw wider, hitting the back of my throat. And then beyond!
My sister was forcing me to deep throat a twelve-inch psychic cock!
I could feel the head pushing my tongue aside, the heat radiating off it, smell a man’s musk-
Not that Sydney or I had any idea what an actual man smelled like down there, which was the tragedy of the whole thing.
The barefooted teen girls around me were dying in laughter as I couldn’t close my mouth, couldn’t stop the drool dripping from my open lips, as I moaned and continued getting fucked, wordlessly, nude on the grass.
I can see it going down her throat!” Sasha howled, pointing a painted nail at my neck, which was bulging with every thrust of Sydney’s fake cock.
I can see her kidneys,” Bailey laughed from behind me. “Holy shit Syd- she’s a wide open as a cave!”
I closed my eyes in humiliation and lust as the girls all laughed around me.
Yeah, my sister’s a gaper,” Sydney laughed, crossing her slim bare legs. “The doctors say that’s why she’s so susceptible to Sex Magic, because she went off to college and fucked so many guys in such a short time. They think it was fifty in her first two weeks!”
Gagged, drooling, shivering with sexual frustration and rage as the two huge cocks fucked me, getting into a horrifying rhythm, I wanted to yell: It’s not true!
I had been a good girl in college, keeping my legs crossed, dressing conservatively, not even dating because I was scared that boys would expect me to use Powers I didn’t have!
I hadn’t even given a hand-job- my roommates where the ones sleeping with every stud they could find- I was just studying, waiting for my Powers to come in when I made ONE LITTLE COMMENT to my little sister about a picture she had posted on Facebook-
<<Learned your lesson yet, sis?>>
I could hear Sydney’s voice in my head, clear as day- was this another Power?
I looked over and she was smiling.
<<Yes, stupid, it’s another spell. Now have you learned why name calling is bad?>>
I tried to nod my head, but the cock in my throat wouldn’t let me!
The psychic tongues on my nipples, clit and asshole started again.
The girls laughed as I shivered and moaned, gripping the grass tighter.
Oh god- I was getting close!
<<If you start playing with yourself right now I’ll let you cum>> Sydney’s voice in my head told me. <<Roll on your back, throw your legs in the air and start frigging yourself as fast as you can and I’ll finally let you orgasm>> it giggled. <<If I think you’re holding back, even a little, it’s another blocked orgasm at the last second! And I may not give you another chance for forty-five more days. Maybe a hundred!>>
I cried, tears freely streaming down my cheeks.
I couldn’t, not with these brats watching!
But I had to- I was wetting my sheets every night like a little girl, dripping and gasping and unable to touch myself as I ground against my mattress- I had to orgasm when I had the chance!!!
<<Last chance, big sister...>>
Crying, I flipped onto my back and attacked my clit with both hands.
Holy shit- she’s diddling herself!!!” Bailey howled. “OMG!”
In public- under the open sun,” Kelly clucked, shaking her head as she zoomed her phone in. “And for the whole world to see!”
This video was going to end up everywhere- my life was ruined!
But I couldn’t care about that as my orgasm approached.
My palm was on my pubic bone, my fingers strumming across my clit as hard and fast as I could physically move them, just like Syd wanted. I spread my legs wide, pointing my toes to look more open just so she wouldn’t block me at the last second...
OH GOD, it had been SO LONG-
A true bitch in heat,” Sasha snorted as I moaned and masturbated. “No proper girl would ever do that. Not even under all the spells in the world.”
Yeah,” Sydney laughed. “I guess my big sister really is just a whore.”
I came, screaming around the phantom cock in my mouth.
My hips were thrusting, my legs shaking from ankle to crotch, my new tits bouncing like volleyballs as I shook and came and came and came. The fake cocks came too- spurting phantom jizz into my holes. I could taste it- hot and salty and god there was so much of it- cutting off my air!
The girls laughed as I lapped and swallowed and gulped down the empty air, I didn’t know what perverted impulse had made Sydney include that detail, or if she would let me choke on phantom cum- but I wasn’t going to find out!
I felt it in my womb too, a cock spurting forceful jet after jet, filling me up and then overfilling, dripping down my thighs, it felt like I had a gallon of cum pouring down my ass!
But when my orgasm finally ended and I collapsed back onto the grass, breathless, I realized what I felt dripping down my legs was just my own juices.
When I finally opened my eyes, I saw four giggling teen-aged girls staring down at me.
All virgins themselves, none except Syd even had their Powers yet.  
Girls didn't need to put out, or even dress provocatively, in a Sex Magic world to be popular with boys.  Hemlines and teen-sex rates were dropping to Biblical levels.  
And I had just diddled myself silly in front of all of them. 
<<Enjoy that?>> Sydney’s voice laughed in my head. <<Because whenever you’re not serving my friends’ every whim hand and foot today, I’m going to make you cum like that every FIFTEEN MINUTES for the rest of the afternoon. And that’s ALL the orgasms you’re going to get, for the rest of the year!>>
I broke down in full, bawling, tears. “Please- Sydney- no-”
<<Hey big sis- who’s the WHORE now?>>


The girls used me the rest of the afternoon.
Bailey loved throwing sticks and making me fetch them in my mouth like a dog, or just casually sitting in her chair and ordering “Roll over- sit up- roll over- jump! Roll over-” until I was exhausted, panting, begging her to stop.      
Kelly got off on making me lie over her lap and spanking me- actually spanking me nude like a baby!- until I was wailing and shaking and kicking my legs with a burning red ass. At which point she would shove me to the grass and Sydney would instantly start using her Powers to steadily arouse me until I came violently, screaming, with Kelly laughing and telling me: “Enjoy it! Because you’ve got another spanking starting the second you finish!
Sasha bided her time, cornering me in the house when the other girls’ were checking their phones, making me sit on a counter and pull my knees to my chest, then sticking one or two or three of her perfectly manicured fingers inside me, just feeling around, laughing when she discovered my g-spot and I gasped and moaned and tried not to let her turn me on.  Then she forced me to lick her fingers clean of my own juices, giggling at the disgusted faces I made as I tasted myself, blushing and panting horribly but making even more juices for her to feed me.  "Maybe when I get Powers, we can do this every day, no?" she laughed with her fingers in my mouth, my pussy dripping freely as I shivered and nearly died of humiliation.  "You certainly seem to enjoy the taste!" 
And Sydney kept her word, so before our parents came home from work, she used her Powers to make me have a screaming, bucking, top-of-my-lungs orgasm in front of her laughing friends fifteen more mind-melting times.
And then kept me solidly denied for the next two hundred and nineteen days of the year, no matter how much I screamed, begged or cried my eyes out to her.
But I never, ever, called my little sister a dirty name again.


Friday, December 29, 2017

Blogger comments broken, so I'm replying here

Okay guys, something's going weird in my Blogger site where I can't reply to all the awesome comments anymore, so I'll reply by quick post here instead.

First off, THANK YOU for all the comments on the "What should I write next?" post!  The pure number of them were overwhelming, and recharged my incentive to write again!

Based on the number of replies and logistics, it's looking like the next thing I'll do is Sex Powers University episode 3.6 to close out that year, then Accidental Porn Star 6 to close out that story in a satisfying way.  After that it's new horizons. 

No dates yet, I always get in trouble when I promise dates, but I'll start working on it in 2018.

And a special shout out to LM Williams who commented on my "What it takes to write good femdom fiction" post- congrats on getting your first femdom story up on Smashwords!  I got my copy, and if  you want any private feedback on a certain section or something, just let me know at  You're just getting to the fun part of being a writer- keep it up!

Thanks again all you readers and happy holidays!


**EDIT 1/22** After an upgrade to Chrome, I can finally reply to comments again!  Yay Google, I guess?

Saturday, November 11, 2017

What should I write next?

So I've got a lot of femdom ideas floating around my head and hard drive, but nothing really gelling into a story.  So I figured I'd throw it out to you, the readers.   

Do you want me to finish Sex Powers University Year 3 with episode 3.6? The Accidental Porn Star? The SPH after-college cuck story?  Or start something else entirely?

What's a type of story you've never seen anywhere else but always WANTED?  

Not saying I'll do it, but it would be interesting to see, for me anyway, what readers of this blog wanted to see next.  

(And you might get lucky- 'Steel World' was born from a reader's comment, so who knows?)


Tuesday, October 3, 2017

What it takes to write great femdom fiction

So I just posted a simple little CFNM/gynocracy story on this site called "Adjusting", and I thought aspiring writers might want to get a peek behind the curtain of what it takes to write something like that.

"Adjusting" clocks in at just under 6,000 words, making it a short story for me but a Lord-of-the-Rings length epic novel for most online e-book resellers.

So how long do you think I spent writing it? 

I hope it seemed simple and effortless, because that's what I was going for, but in reality, I've been working on different drafts of "Adjusting" for 3 months now:

That's TWELVE drafts from 6/25 to 9/26, or exactly 3 months.  Now, I wasn't working full time on the story, every day.  I definitely took big breaks.  But each of those drafts were full of big changes.

I had drafts where Brad didn't get stroked at all until the last third.   I had drafts where Elle made him cum, drafts where he made himself cum.  That tickling section I took out and put back in like three times.  (And I'm still not sure it doesn't bog down the flow of a simple story.)

But most of all, I wanted things to just FLOW.  Most of what I was polishing between each draft came down to making sure each sentence led effortlessly into the next for the reader.  So things just moved.

Compare "Adjusting" to a normal Literotica story that starts off with 5 paragraphs of "Peternia was an island that was made women-run in the Great Revolution of 2021 and here laid out are its entire social structure and political aims..."

Or a story that has recurring paragraphs of "Brad knew Elle didn't want him to cover his junk but he also knew he really loved showing his penis off to Brittany but he also knew that he was smaller than average but he also also knew that really turned him on..."

So I tried to get rid of flow-breaking exposition and do everything in the moment.  To make it feel like a visceral roller coaster, with tight turns and sudden drops.  That's what I think makes a great short story.  You guys will have to tell me if it worked.

 Where did the story idea come from?

A lot of erotic readers comment "You should do a story about a gynocracy!" or "A world where men are kept naked and horny ALL the time!"  And I totally, 100% appreciate the effort and intent of reader comments- they're half of what keep me writing!  But those aren't enough to start a story.

There's no tension, no frisson in that type of comment or story seed.  So why did I write "Adjusting"?  Simple:  It was Brittany's line:  "So?  How are you guys adjusting?  With all the changes?"

Imagining two smug women having a drink and casually laughing about one of them moving to an island where the other's mate suddenly can't wear any clothes was SUCH an image- I could just HEAR the giggle in Brittany's voice when she asked that- I had to write this story.

That was the seed, the genesis of the whole story, and everything, down to the tone of the piece and even the ending, followed from that.   After 3 months of work.

Does it follow my rules for femdom writing?

I made my 8 rules of Femdom Writing for a reason- mainly to give me a way to describe good femdom writing to others, but also to remind myself.

In "Adjusting", there are four main escalations to the action:

  1. Brad comes out naked and is exposed to Brittany for the first time
  2. Brad gets stroked by Elle
  3. Brad gets stroked by Brittany
  4. Brad is made to cum loudly and explosively
So with those four pillars in place, all I had to do was string "supporting text" between them and I had a story.  If you really want to become a better femdom writer, see if you can go back to the story and spot the difference between a pillar and a supporting cable in the text.  (Hint: the cables are all typically Brad's reactions to things or fallout from what just happened.)

This follows my Rule of Escalation.

Look at the end- Brittany HAS to end with the Promise of More.  If she had just said "Cool, we'll never do that again." that would have been such a let-down.  This is why the last rule exists. 

We don't feel things unless Brad feels them, Dialogue being Hard but Hot, etc etc, I think I did a pretty good job at following the rules this time.

Is this helping any?  I hope it's helping.  Anyway, I don't talk about this stuff to toot my own horn (toot-toot) but truly, to improve the level of femdom/erotic writing I come across out there.

Because if 10, 100, 1000 of you all start writing hot femdom/CFNM/SPH/denial/humiliation stories I can get lost in, I can finally retire!

Stay frosty my friends,
P.F. Dee

Adjusting (CFNM, FF/M)

(So a long time ago, some unknown author wrote a great story about a first-world island which was completely and totally women-dominated.  The idea stuck with me, so here's a short story in that universe...)


So how are you two adjusting?” Brittany giggled, crossing her bare legs on Elle’s couch. “With all the changes?” The slim brunette was dressed for a night out on the town: shimmery spaghetti-strap top and short shorts that showed off nearly all of her smooth, tanned legs.
Well it wasn’t such a big change for me,” Elle laughed, sipping her iced drink. The taller athletic blonde was dressed for a Friday night at home: casual t-shirt, jeans, bare feet. “New job, same field. For Brad, however, moving to a country that doesn’t let men wear any clothes at all...”
Is a little humiliating?” Brittany laughed. “Some boys love it, you know. Finally being able to show off their bits to every cute girl they meet!”
Elle snorted. “No, Brad’s definitely gone the other way. He hasn’t left the apartment since we got to the island!”
The twenty-seven-year-old brunette looked quizzically around the small flat. “Really? I thought he’d gone for a run or something...”
Hell no! He’s been hiding in the bedroom ever since I told him you were coming over!”
You mean he’s right over-” Brittany spun and leaned over her side of the couch, to yell at the closed bedroom door just a few feet away. “Come on out BRAD!” she giggled. “I PROMISE I won’t laugh!”
There was a pause, then a muffled reply from the other side.
I’m good! Thanks!”
Now his girlfriend laughed too. “Brad! Seriously, come out here! You’re just being silly!”
Just... give me some more time!”
“If you don’t open that door right now, I’m inviting Brit to stay over all weekend,” Elle said. “Then she’ll get to see you do so many more humiliating things up close and perso-”
The door jerked open just a crack, a blushing young man barely peeking his head out the gap. “Elle, please! This is humiliating enough already! To be stripped and shaved at the airport, totally naked for cab ride here-”
“The shaving’s my favorite part,” Brittany giggled to her friend. “You can take away all of a man’s clothes, but taking away all of his body hair is what really makes him feel like a kid again.”
“It was barbaric! A violation of my rights!”
“You knew what you were getting into,” his girlfriend chuckled, “agreeing to move with me to a totally female-run island for a year.”
I bet he didn’t,” Brittany giggled, slowly twirling her crossed foot in the air. “It’s a little different than the pamphlets, isn’t it Brad? To be kept totally naked 24/7, like a helpless little boy at the beach?”
The naked man blushed harder, making eye contact with the clothed woman for the first time. Her sparkly top was really just a sparkly front- he could see her bare back and the sides of her small, pert breasts as she leaned away from the couch. And her legs looked so tanned and toned, all the way down to her slim, nude feet and painted toes-
Look, Brittany,” he swallowed, still hiding behind the door, “it’s nothing personal, but-”
The brunette leaned over and stage whispered to her friend. “Is his penis really that small? You always told me he had a smaller than average cock, but is it really so tiny that he's ashamed to be seen by other adult women-"
It's not that!” Brad blurted out, making both women laugh.
Get out here then,” Elle said, sipping her drink. “We’re in our own apartment, for goodness sake! And it’s just Brittany.”
Yeah Brad,” the smaller woman giggled, slowly twirling her bare foot with its hot pink painted toenails again. “It’s just me.”
Brad gulped, looking at his girlfriend again. “Elle, please!”
You know you’re basically my property here, right?” the blonde laughed. “I could tie you up with a leash and collar in the backyard for the entire apartment complex to see, and the police wouldn’t stop me- they’d help me!
Oh jeez, come on-”
I could sign you up to model in a high school sketch class all semester and make you swallow you two Viagra before you left every morning,” she laughed, watching his face. “So you’d be trapped naked and helpless in a tiny room full of mean, giggling, under-aged girls with your silly boner rock hard and untouchable all day-”
Elle, shit!”
You could deny his orgasms,” Brittany giggled. “You know that, right? He’s not even allowed to pop off here unless you say so! It’s not enforced much unless the woman insists, but if you ever wanted to stop Brad from playing with himself-”
They can't do that!” he gasped.
They can!” Brittany laughed back. “The police have these little curved cages they lock around naughty boys’ dicks, to keep them from getting hard. The comfy ones are made of plastic or maybe a stiff rubber.” She smiled at him again. “But I’m partial to the too-tight metal ones...”
That’s perfect!" Elle laughed, slapping her knee. "Okay Brad, unless you get out here on the couch and say hello to our old friend Brittany in three seconds, you’re getting some shiny new metal jewelry for your cock! And then no masturbating for a solid month!"
"Three! Two-”
Both women laughed as a very naked, very red-faced man bolted out of the bedroom to dive onto the couch next to his girlfriend, as far away as possible from the laughing brunette.
Wow! That was fast!” Brittany giggled. “You must play yourself a LOT, huh Brad?”
Oh?” Elle said. “Then maybe I should make that rule anyway? Okay, no masturbation for you for one month then-”
Both girls laughed as the boy blushed even harder, barely keeping his naked crotch covered with both hands.
His girlfriend smirked. “Tell Brittany you’re sorry for making her wait.”
I’m... sorry for making you wait!”
The brunette laughed, a hand over her mouth. “Don’t worry about it, sexy. Good to see you again!” She leisurely looked over the blushing, naked man covering himself just feet from her. “You look good- have you been working out?”
Brad’s throat was as dry as the Sahara, but Elle elbowed him meaningfully in the ribs and he somehow croaked: “I guess!”
Elle was still shaking her head at her embarrassed, nude boyfriend. “This could take some getting used to.”
It always does,” Brittany giggled. “He’s uh, still covering himself, by the way.”
So he is!” Elle laughed, looking down at the blushing man’s crotch. “Brad, if you don’t relax and uncover yourself in front of Brittany like a real Peternian man, I can easily make it two months without masturbation for you.”
Elle, please!”
Just try me, Brad!”
Brad looked in his girlfriend’s firm, unwavering eyes, then swallowed hard and slowly moved his hands away from his hairless crotch.
To let his three-quarters stiff dick spring out.
Oh wow!” Brittany howled. “Good to see you too, Brad!”
Elle was rubbing her forehead. “Oh Jesus, Brad- really?”
The blushing boy couldn’t cover his dick, and now couldn’t hide his quickly growing arousal either. “No! It’s just... I can’t help it!”
Yeah, a lot of new movers seem to have that problem,” Brittany giggled, stretching her tanned, bare legs out on the ottoman. “Especially around me.”
Well Brad better get his ‘little problem’ under control,” Elle said, raising an eyebrow at him. “And fast.”
Elle, I’m trying!” the boy gasped, even as his stiff erection continued getting stiffer right in front of the women.
Brittany giggled again, then turned to face her friend. “So! How’s the new job going?”
Well, it’s pretty incredible,” Elle said, still chuckling at Brad’s exposed and hardening erection. “To be able to head up a major university’s quantum computing department? I’d be waiting twenty years for that chance like that back home. And I get to work with ALL the top women in my field!”
And the pay is good?”
Only like three times what I’d make in industry. Brit, I don’t know they afford it!”
Brad couldn’t believe the girls could just casually talk like this, while he was totally naked and hard right next to them! And to make it worse, Brittany’s legs were right in the center of his view, visible no matter where in the room he tried to look. Her lean thighs, her tight calves, her slim feet with their perfectly painted toenails...
Brad grunted as his cock got even harder.
That better have been for me,Elle coughed, raising an eyebrow at him again.
It is!” he gasped, tearing his eyes away from Brittany’s feet. “I mean- Elle, I can’t help it!”
That’s what all little boys say,” Brittany giggled. “Oh, Elle, here’s a Peternian Life Tip: don’t walk by a middle school in any kind of short skirt or high heels, unless you want to get every boy out at recess spanked for unauthorized erections at school!”
Brad’s girlfriend frowned at him. “Well I’d expect my man to have a little more control around women than some twelve year-old with his first hard-on!”
Brad’s face was fully red. “Elle, I’m sorry! I can’t really control it!”
Elle sighed, then nodded. “It's okay honey. I guess I'll just have to control it for you then.”
And just as casually as she would grab a soda out of the fridge, she reached down and grabbed his straining erection.
He tried to jump away, but she yanked him back down.
You pull away and it’s two months in chastity!” she barked as Brittany died of laughter across the couch, watching the struggling Brad being held in place by his dick. “You get off this couch and I'm locking you in one of those tight steel cages for two months! And giving Brittany the key on the weekends when I’m not around, to do whatever the hell she wants with you!”
The brunette pumped her fist. “Sweet! I've always wanted a naked chaste butler cleaning my apartment!”
The shaking man forced himself to sit back down on the couch next to his fully clothed girlfriend, who still held him firmly by his hard cock.
Elle, please!” he gasped, shivering as her hand gripped his naked erection. “This is humiliating!”
As humiliating as you not being able to control your dick around my best friend from college?”
I can control it! Just let me go into the bedroom and-” She silenced him with a hard squeeze to his shaft. “Ooof!
Can you believe,” Elle said, turning again to her still-giggling friend, “that I saw a woman jerking her husband off on the subway, on my first day here? She was just sitting there, checking her phone and holding his hard-on like this, like it was nothing! And when she started stroking him off, none of the other female riders on the train even said anything!”
Yeah, that’s a pretty common sight in Peternia,” Brittany giggled, watching Brad's panic grow. “Did she make him cum, or just keep him hard the entire ride?”
Cum! Right into a handkerchief!”
Sometimes the woman needs to ‘empty’ her man before they go to a fancy restaurant, or their daughter’s ballet recital, somewhere that erections would be really inappropriate,” Brittany giggled, then met Brad’s eyes. “But most mothers just throw their sons over their lap and spank their inappropriate little boners away. That’s what I’d do.”
Oh god!” Brad gasped, making both women giggle.
So you wouldn’t mind if I helped Brad out a little?” Elle laughed, feeling her boyfriend’s cock pulsing in her hand. “Right now?”
Fine with me,” Brittany laughed, then winked at the horribly blushing naked man. “It probably won't even take a minute.”
Brad almost jumped out of his skin as he felt his girlfriend’s hand start moving up and down his shaft in a very practiced motion. “Elle! You can’t be serious!
Now Brad, I don’t want you embarrassing us with these lewd boner around Brittany all the time,” Elle chuckled, speeding up her strokes. “I’ll just empty you real quick and then we’ll order some takeout, okay?”
He was trying to climb away as best he could without breaking her ‘stay on couch’ rule. “NO! Not in front of HER!
Brad, you’re either cumming right now, in front of Brit, or I mean it- I won’t let you masturbate, or cum, or even touch me for the next two months straight!” she laughed, stroking even faster. “Hell, let’s make it three!
I change my vote, I change my vote!” Brittany squealed, waving her hands in the air. “Let’s do the three months of denial! If I had a cutie boyfriend like Brad I’d want him desperate, aching and blue-balled for me all the time too!”
Hmmm, now I hadn’t thought of that,” Elle laughed, breaking rhythm just before Brad would have spurted all over his chest. She gave him three fast strokes then two slow ones, keeping him off balance. “Having him hard and pining away for me all day while I’m at work? Eager as a little puppy when I got home, his boner always stiff and ready for petting...” She grinned at her red-faced boyfriend. “Sounds like a pretty good life, eh Brad?”
He was seconds away from cumming! “NO!”
She laughed, then stopped her strokes just a few seconds before the red faced man would have spurted. “Sit tight, Brad, I’ve got to think about this one.”
He gasped in relief, until her hand started stroking again a second later, just much more loosely. “But I promise you’ll know about my decision right when Brittany does.”
She was still stroking, and he was already so close!
Ignoring the panicked man, Elle relaxed into the couch, stretching her long, jean-clad legs onto the ottoman just as Brittany had. “So how’s the Italian food here? Any better than back home?”
Oh, loads better!” Brittany giggled, also pretending to ignore the naked, squirming Brad. “There’s this great little bistro on 45th I’ve got to take you to sometime.”
Want to go Tuesday night? I get off work early.”
Oh, I can’t, I’ve got Pilates Tuesday.”
Brad gasped. This was crazy! He was getting slowly stroked towards the biggest orgasm of his life in front of two giggling women, and neither of them were even looking at him!
Elle...” But a quick hard squeeze to his cock made him shut his mouth again. “Ahh!”
Well, how about next Friday night?” Brittany giggled, still only looking at the blonde. “Then we can really have some fun.”
Elle lengthened her strokes. “Oh? How’s that?”
We could both dress up in sexy clubbing clothes and go to this great new dance place on 47th after. They throw foam parties every Friday night- Elle, they’re hot hot HOT!”
Well it’s warm, clean foam and it just slides all down your body like a big, wet tongue,” Brittany shivered, actually ignoring the squirming Brad now. “And all the girls dancing inside- I told you it was only girls, right? The boys have to be tied up outside- anyway, all the girls dancing inside are pressed SO close, we’re just like, grinding against one another. It’s run by women of course and the drinks are half off if you’re hot, so last time me and my girlfriends got so wasted we started just throwing off our clothes when the DJ really got going and then we were all totally naked and covered in foam and just grinding our wet, drunk bodies against one another to the beat and letting our hands go anywhere they wanted-”
Oh FUCK!” Brad cried, but Elle had already let go of his shaking dick.
Don’t you dare cum, Brad! You cum and I’m locking your cock up for three months!
Brad roared, his butt arching off the couch while his white-knuckled fingers dug into the leather cushions. “ARRGHHHH! ELLE!”
Three months!” she yelled. “I MEAN it!”
He clenched his PC muscles as hard as he possibly could, his neck straining, his cock shaking, untouched, about to explode-
-before he fell heavily back against the sofa, panting. But with all his cum still inside him.
You are so lucky, Mister!” Elle said, frowning as she wiped her hand off on her jeans. “If you had cum without my permission, while imagining Brittany and all her girlfriends naked and dancing- you’d better believe I’d lock up your cock for half a year!”
Brad could barely talk- his pulse was pounding in his ears, his cock as painfully hard as it could get, his balls about to burst! “Elle- I’m sorry! I... couldn’t... help it!”
I guess it’s sort of my fault,” Brittany giggled. “Sometimes I forget that little boys can’t handle adult stories.” She winked at him. “Sorry Bradley.”
Brad, why don't you go cool down a little?” Elle said, still frowning. She pointed across the apartment. “Go get me a refill from the kitchen. Sangria and ice. Hurry!” She snapped her fingers, making the blushing man jump. “You want anything, Brit?”
Sangria and ice sounds great,” Brittany giggled, watching Brad race into the kitchen, his thick, painfully hard hard-on leading the way.
And no touching yourself while you do it!” Elle called after him, then shook her head. “I'm sorry about that, Brit...”
Don't be! It was sorta hot, seeing him all helpless and turned on like that...” she giggled, leaning around the couch to catch a peek of Brad’s ass as he prepared their drinks, his front pressed tightly against the kitchen counter. “I mean, he was so reserved back in college- we could never even get him to talk about sex, remember?”
Yeah,” Elle laughed. “Even after three years of dating, he wouldn’t even sleep in the nude next to me most nights. But now he has no choice!”
That’s why I love new movers! After a while, most Peternian men get so used to nudity, they barely get embarrassed by their cocks anymore,” Brittany sighed. “So enjoy these first few months while you can!”
Somehow, I don’t think Brad will ever get ‘used to’ getting uncontrolled hard-ons around you.”
I sure hope not!”
The blonde laughed too, slowly shaking her head. “So, do you have a boyfriend out here yet, Brit? I didn’t think you’d be the type of girl to get tied down.”
Oh trust me- if I take a boy home, he’s definitely the one getting tied down!” the smaller girl said, and both women laughed again. Brittany shook her head. “I’ve got a few booty calls I hit from time to time, but nothing too serious. And if I’m really having a dry patch, one of the married girls from the office lets me borrow their husband for a night. A few hours of sitting on his face and suddenly I feel a lot better!”
Elle almost coughed out the last of her drink. “Really?”
Brittany tilted her head. “You know that most women on the island share lovers, right? And what woman cares if her man gets a few hours of extra practice pleasing women with his tongue?”
Wow. That’s, uh, really trusting.”
Not really,” the brunette giggled. “Since all the girls in my office know that I’d never, ever let one of their hubbies pop off when they’re with me!”
Of course not,” the brunette laughed. “The closest I’ll let them get is humping my carpet while they suck my toes and I vibrate myself silly in front of them. And then it’s back into their metal cock cage for a long blue ride home!”
Elle laughed out loud. “Really!”
Brittany held up two fingers. “Scout’s honor!”
Elle laughed again, then more quietly to herself, so that Brad couldn’t hear. “Really...”
And after thinking to herself for another quiet moment, Elle extended her legs to take up the spot on her side of the couch where Brad had been sitting.
So that when he turned the corner out of the kitchen, two large drinks in his hands, he froze between them, looking over the vastly reduced seating choices.
Elle stretched out her hand to grab her refill. “I’ll take that honey, thanks.”
He swallowed, still standing in front of the L-shaped couch, nude with a drink in his hand. “Um, can you move over a little?”
Don’t be rude Brad. Why don’t you go sit next to Brittany for a bit?”
Sit next to Brittany for a while,” Elle laughed, watching her boyfriend’s reaction. His cock which had gone half soft while he prepared the drinks, was twitching harder again. “In fact, I order you to.”
Come on cutie,” Brittany laughed, scooting over and patting the cushions next to her. “I don’t bite!”
He blushed, still frozen between the two smirking girls, nude and getting harder. “Elle!”
Brad, I order you to sit next to Brittany,” Elle said. “Or I’m buying a chastity belt and locking away your orgasms. Tonight.
The blood was draining from his face. “But... why?!”
Elle just sipped her drink and laughed. “Because I say so.”
Oh god, oh god-
Brittany laughed as a nervous Brad started approaching her end of the couch, his chest expanding and contracting a little faster as he blushed and sat down, their legs touching.
Oh relax, it’ll be just like Freshman year Chem all over again,” Brittany laughed, taking her drink before he spilled it. “Except this time I’ll going to borrow a little more than your pen.”
And just like Elle had, she casually reached down to grab Brad’s hardening cock.
Don’t you dare get off that couch Brad!” his girlfriend laughed. “Or it’s three months in chastity! Guaranteed!”
Oh GOD!” he gasped as the smaller girl held him there by his quickly hardening dick just like Elle had.
He hadn’t felt another hand on his cock besides Elle’s in almost three years! And Brittany’s touch was so different that his girlfriend’s, lighter and more playful as she squeezed and explored his hardness, feeling every ridge and curve as he stiffened in her fingers-
Brittany giggled to her friend, still squeezing Brad's cock harder.  “You sure you don’t mind, Elle?  You two are still so new here...”
For her part, Elle’s heart was beating faster too. “No. We’ve got to adapt to local customs, Brit. As long as you keep to your rule.”
The brunette tilted her head. “My rule? Oh yeah,” she giggled, then winked at the other woman. “Scout’s honor.”
She turned to the gasping man next to her. “So Brad, happy you moved to Peternia yet?” She laughed and gave him three fast strokes.
He's responsive, I like that,” Brittany laughed as Brad squirmed next to her. “Like driving a cute little sports car!”
She giggled and slowed her strokes, turning to the other woman. “So have you guys made plans for the Fourth yet? With all the Americans around, it’s as big a deal here as it is back in the States.”
“Really?” Elle giggled. “With fireworks and everything?”
“Oh, there’ll be plenty of fireworks,” Brittany laughed as Brad bucked in her stroking hand.
Oh Jesus!
“Hush Brad,” Elle chided. “You were saying, Brit?”
Well, have you ever seen three rows of seven guys all fire off their loads into the air, at the exact same time? They call it a ‘21-cum salute’!” the girl giggled. “The local high school cheerleaders help out with the stroking- they’re trained to work as a team, you know. And they look so cute in their little matching bras and panties, it’s almost a Peternian tradition now!” She leaned back, relaxing while still moving her wrist. “And most of the boys are locals too: they’re volunteered by their mothers or sisters, and their cocks have been locked up for a solid month or two beforehand so they’re really nice and pent up when the cheerleaders start oiling up-”
But just like Elle had, Brittany had disappeared from Brad’s cock right just as he screamed.
“Nope!” she laughed, even grabbing his wrists so he couldn’t finish the job himself. “Oh no you don't!”
“ARRRGGGH!” He was fighting her grip, trying to get his hands free.
“Brad!” Elle barked. “Don’t you dare touch yourself or it’s six months in chastity! A YEAR! TWO! Hands on your head, NOW!”
And somehow the desperate man did, grabbing his hair even as his hips bucked into the air, seeking that one, last stroke that would send him over the edge-
Both women broke into laughter as the frustrated man collapsed back on to the couch, stamping his feet in frustration. “DAMN IT! FUCK!”
“Oh god, Brit,” Elle laughed, covering her mouth. “That was even closer than mine!”
The brunette laughed. “What can I say?” She kicked her tanned legs up on the ottoman, almost making Brad cum from just the sight. “Two years on this island, and I'm like the freakin’ Cock Whisperer!”
Brad was panting, totally desperate now, hands still on his head. “ELLE! This isn’t FAIR!”
It’s totally fair,” she laughed. “First you try to cum, picturing our guest naked? And now you want to blow your load thinking about under-aged schoolgirls in their panties? You perv!”
He was beet red. “It’s not... like that!”
Aw, it’s okay if you want to jack off into high school cheerleaders’ panties,” Brittany giggled, sliding a hand over his heaving pecs. “Most little boys on the island do.” She twisted his erect nipple, making him the gasping boy yelp.
I don’t want to... jack off into used cheerleaders’ panties!”
Don’t lie to me Bradley. Especially if you’re still as ticklish as you used to be in college...”
His eyes got huge. “NO-”
But the girl had already pounced on him, nails first.
Brad- don’t resist her!” Elle ordered, but it was pointless- the tiny brunette was already dominating the larger, thrashing man.
Her sharp fingernails found his ribs, his stomach, his armpits, making him gasp and spasm even as he tried to push her away.
Brittany! STOP!”
She pushed the gasping boy over and straddled him on the couch, tickling his stomach, his armpits, inside his thighs, wherever he wasn’t defending at the moment.
Admit you want to jack off into high school girls’ panties!” she laughed as the boy howled below her, gasping and thrashing. “Big piles of soft, warm, used cotton panties! You’d love to sniff them all wouldn’t you Brad?”
Admit it!” Brittany laughed, as she now attacked where ever she wanted, as Brad started having trouble breathing. “Admit it or I’ll keep going until you pass out!”
He was in spasms, totally unable to defend himself from the much smaller woman. “Elle! HELP ME!”
Oh Brad,” his girlfriend chuckled, covering her mouth. “How are you ever going to survive on this island?”
YES!” he finally screamed as Brittany started on the soles of his feet, her weight holding his legs down “I want to!”
Want to what?
I want to jack off into cheerleaders’ panties!”
She tickled the naked, helpless boy for a few more seconds before finally getting off him, breathing a little hard herself.
Oh god, I haven’t had that much fun since my babysitting days!” Brittany laughed, adjusting her hair before sitting down again. “Now I’ll definitely be coming over to see you guys a lot more!”
But Brad was a hundred times worse, a cherry-faced, sweating, humiliated, hyper-ventilating mess on the couch.
And he was still rock hard.
Sure, whenever you want,” Elle laughed, looking at her man’s cock. “Brad seems to enjoy it. And Brad, when she’s visiting, if Brittany ever wants to tickle you, you have to let her.”
The man was almost on the verge of crying, his cock still rock hard. “No!”
Elle was just shaking her head. “You know Brad, if you had just let me empty you real quick in front of Brittany when I first wanted you to, you definitely would have a lot been better off than you are now! Now that I've seen how hot you look, squirmy and desperate and getting dominated by a girl half your size- oh god, Brad, I don't know if you're going to cumming very often this year!”
I agree,” Brittany giggled, sliding a hand between the panting boy’s legs. “He’s much more fun like this.”
And the shaking man did burst into tears when Brittany’s soft hand found his cock and started stroking again. “ELLE!”
Elle laughed and finally took her legs off the couch. “Oh, it’s okay honey, I’ll protect you from mean old Brittany- why don't you come back over and sit next to me?”
The totally humiliated man did, running back to his girlfriend’s side of the couch, blushing even more as Brittany pinched his ass as passed. “Go on, you big baby!”
He was dizzy as he sat down next to his girlfriend again, breathing hard. “Elle, please, let's just-”
“Hush honey, women are talking.  Don't interrupt.” And Elle smiled as her hand slid down to start stroking her boyfriend’s rock-hard cock again and Brad didn’t make a peep of protest over it.
Brad bit his tongue as Elle idly stroked his cock for the next fifteen minutes as she and Brittany discussed local shopping spots, island politics, even the finale of a TV show they had both been following, both women totally ignoring the blushing, gasping man except for giggling when he grunted and bucked, when Elle inevitably stopped her stimulation seconds before he would have orgasmed each time.
Their giggles turned into outright laughs as Elle edged him five, ten, fifteen more times and Brad’s gasps became outright curses after each barely-denied orgasm.
“Getting closer babe?” Elle laughed, giving him long, deep strokes again. “Have your views about having orgasms in front of our friend Brittany changed from the beginning of the night?”
The gasping, red-faced man looked over at the slim, composed brunette who was watching him slowly approach the edge one more time and blushed harder than he ever thought possible.
“He’ll eventually change his mind,” Brittany giggled. “A lot of new movers start off really shy about their orgasms.  But there are some mothers who never let their sons beat off unless it’s at a crowded dinner party. There are hundreds of boys on this island who have never had a private orgasm at all!”
“Oh JESUS!” Brad gasped, his balls painfully tight.
He was holding on by the barest of margins!
Elle laughed. “Is that what you want Brad? To have only public orgasms on the island this year? Do you want to be Peternia’s newest little public exhibitionist porn star?”
Brad was so close, he wasn’t sure he was hearing straight!
“WHAT?! Elle! NO!”
“Okay, I’ll guess we’ll just start with Brittany, then.” She removed her hand from his cock and replaced it with the man’s own. “New rule Brad: this year, you’re ONLY allowed to cum by your own hand, ONLY once a week, and ONLY if Brittany’s here to watch.”
“Yeaaa!” the brunette laughed. “My own special Friday night show!”
“Elle! NO!”
Elle laughed, using her own hand to drive Brad’s up and down on his dripping, desperate cock. “You really don’t want to stroke for Brittany? After all that, you really want to wait a whole week to have the chance to cum again?”
Both women waiting, giggling expectantly at the naked, gasping, red-faced man.
And when the humiliated man holding his own cock couldn’t say anything, Brittany laughed and yawned, making a big show of stretching her arms. “Well, I should really get going...”
Elle even moved her hand faster, making his stroke his own length harder. “Don’t you have something to ask Brittany?” 
Brad swallowed, but he still couldn’t speak!
The brunette giggled and stood up, heading towards the door. “Oh well, I always did like denied Bradley better! See you guys next week!”
“No!” he gasped. “Um...”
“Better hurry!” Elle laughed, pushing his hand faster, using two hands to force him to stroke. “It will be your last chance to ask for seven days!”
Brad’s toes were gripping the deep carpet. “OH fuck, Elle, please!”
I’m deadly serious Brad!”
Well, nice seeing you guys again,” Brittany laughed, grabbing her jacket. “Too bad you weren’t more fun.  Maybe I won’t be coming over next Friday.   Or the next...”
“I... NO!”
She giggled, waiting at the door. “Yes Brad?”
Heart pounding, gasping for breath, he closed his eyes and blurted out the words.
Can I cum please?!”
She paused, letting Elle get him a few strokes closer. “I’d like it if you called me Miss Brittany when you asked me about your cummies, Bradley.”
“Miss Brittany!” he gasped, his face totally red. “MAY I PLEASE ORGASM NOW?!!”
She waited again, scrunching her pink-painted toenails into the thick carpet, giggling at the tall, handsome boy she had once had such a crush on in college.
“Sure. Go ahead.”
Elle changed the angle and speed of her strokes by some imperceptible amount and Brad erupted.
She jumped away as cum shot all over his chest and the girls just laughed as Brad was forced to keep stroking to complete his humiliating, toe-curling public orgasm on his own.
“Wow, he’s a real screamer, huh?!” Brittany laughed.
“Yeah, I guess Peternia really brought out the porn star in him!” Elle howled, watching the cum-shots go up her boyfriend’s neck, almost reaching his face.  "That was almost a facial!"
Hearing the two girls laugh only made his orgasm harder and Brad thrusted his hips and flailed his legs as the sensations overtook him. And when he was finally done, Brad was a humiliated, semen-covered mess on the couch, trembling in the afterglow and humiliation.
He had never cum that hard in his entire life, ever!
“Oh. My. God!” Brittany laughed, covering her mouth. “Can I bring some girls from work with me next week? If he’s like that every time he’s going to be real popular around here!”
“No.... Elle! Please!”
He couldn’t!
And in front of even more women?!!?
“Sounds fine to me,” Elle giggled, ignoring her man. “The more the merrier! I’ll get one of those little pink rubber chastity cages for him tonight, make sure he’s got a big, loud load for you guys next Friday.”
“Brad, for the next year, you can’t cum unless Brittany gives you permission,” his girlfriend laughed, wiping her hands on her jeans. “Beg her, not me!”
“And if I go to the trouble of bringing my girls all the way over here,” the brunette giggled, slipping on her high heels, “I expect a good show! You better be as loud or louder as you were just now, or I won’t give you permission to cum for a month! I want you yelling and thrashing like that for me every time!”
Brad about died!
“I... I don’t know if I can do that!”
Brittany laughed, picking up her little clutch as she stepped out the door.
“Don't worry, cutie,” she giggled, giving the nude, humiliated, cum-covered boy one last wink. “I’m sure you'll get used to it.”