Spambots click here. No Humans!

I'm trying to see how many of my daily page views are from spambots.

By reading this you have messed up my count.

Now go find a woman in your life and ask her to give you 20 hard spanks.


  1. I wish all your books could be read for free, I'm in college and don't have the money to buy them and don't want them showing up on my bank bill either

    1. Anonymous,

      Thanks! I try to post as many stories as I can here for free on my blog, and keep my ebooks cheaper than anything similiarly-sized out there.

      A lot of femdom fiction is free out there, but for me to pay for the rights to sexy girls to be on my covers, and spend hundreds of hours writing them, I've got to get a little something back.

      Maybe buy one $3.99 book a semester, as a reward for getting through Exams week?

      And on Smashwords, I don't think the name of the book shows up on your credit card, maybe try it with a math book and see?

      And for Amazon, you could buy yourself an Amazon gift card with cash and then buy all the dirty dirty books you want, and no one will know!

      Anyway, thanks for being a fan!