All of P.F. Dee's free short fiction!

So I publish free short stories in a lot of places.  Here are links to find every free thing I've written.  Enjoy!
~PF Dee

The Garden of Cocks: In medieval times, one farm girls finds out that doing 'hard' penitence with the nuns is a lot more fun for the girls than for the boys!  (tease and denial, feet, CFNM)  Found here on

Steel World 1: "But Honey, the law says you HAVE to be locked in chastity 24/7- I wouldn't be a good wife if I didn't follow the law, right?"  (chastity, loving wife, tease and denial)  Found on my blog.

Steel World 2: "It's just a little game Honey- Kate holds your chastity key and I hold her husband's- why are you making that face?  She's my best friend, it will be fine!" (chastity, humil, possible swapping?)  Found on my blog too.

The Accidental Porn Star 1: A good wife finds out that her sexy past may not be as well hidden as she thinks.  (NOT femdom- this one is femsub and humiliation, a change in pace!)  Found on Literotica here.

The Accidental Porn Star 2: Susan's troubles increase as she tries to keep her secrets hidden!  (femsub, flashing, humil, exposed)  This story is still going, so suggest your ideas for part 3 in the literotica comments!  Found on Literotica here.

My Tough As Nails Marine Corps Wife: A Marine comes home after a long overseas deployment to find that his sexy, loving, civilian wife still loves busting his balls as much as she used to! (CBT, ball-busting, tease and denial)  Found on my blog here.

Pool Days 1: Four friends think they're just horsing around in the pool, until one of their moms decides to strip them all to their birthday suits, just for fun!  (CFNM, F/mmmm, tease)  Found on my blog here.

Pool Days 2: Jeff's problems grow as his mother strips him and his friends of their swimsuits for a second straight week!  (CFNM, F/mmmm, tease).  On my blog here.

Pool Days 3: The finish of the story- hard boners on full display for TWO laughing moms! (CFNM, FF/mmmm, tease) On my blog here.

Gods at Eighteen 1: An entire free ebook on!  In a world where all women recently gained the psychic ability to hear, tease and deny men's erections, eighteen-year-old Kylie is just awakening to her Powers. This will lead to some very hard, sleepless nights for her father and brother as Kylie's abilities grow and she learns how much fun teasing her family can be! (family tease and denial, CFNM, magic)  Available for free download in PDF, epub and Kindle format at here.. 

Sex Powers University 1: Another free, 40,000-word ebook at!  Sex Powers are still running rampant over the world, and Troy Appleton is between a rock and a hard place. Any trained woman can see, cause, and deny his orgasms, with just a quick spell!   Troy doesn't want to play their games, but when Sex Powers University gives him a full scholarship if he'll let their students 'practice' on him, should he accept, even if it's the same school where his sister and his high-school crush are training to use their new found Powers?   Again, available for full download free at

The Sissy Sort: The Women's Liberation Front has been elected to power, the Sorting law has passed, and now all men above age 18 must choose to either be a Stud, a chastity belted Nerd, or a Sissy. Well, not choose, so much as have their future chosen for them! But Ben Smith doesn't want to be a Sissy, or wear panties or dress and act like a girl the whole time- or does he?  (CFNM, tease and denial, chastity, forced feminization, humiliation and lots of giggling schoolgirls!)  Free download in any format at 

The CockSitters Club 1: Originally written for my 8 lesson "How to Write Better Femdom" class (which is still up on my blog), this is another "Steel World" universe, where all men must be locked 24/7/365.  So when a wife needs a little vacation away from her husband, what is she to do?  Why, hire a cocksitter, of course!  These neighborhood girls will happily hold your man's chastity keys while you're away, and let him out exactly as often as you wish!  (If he's been a good boy.)  (CFNM, chastity, tease and denial, humiliation)  Part one here.  Part two herePart three here.  And the finale, Part Four here.

I love being a cock tease!:  Sexy Chrissie loves teasing the boys with what they can't have, walking down the street making cocks hard.  But how much of her actions does she really like and control? (Tease and denial, Hypno)  On my blog.

The Best Costume at the Party: Dave's girlfriend Aubrey LOVES keeping him naked at home against his will, even when her friends come around.  So what will happen when Aubrey and friends get invited to a company Halloween party, "no costume too risque"?  Dave's about to have a very naked night!  (just CFNM).  Part 1 here at orgasmdenial.comPart 2 here.  Part 3 herePart 4- the finale- here. 

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