Friday, September 30, 2016

Announcing the World's Biggest Fan-Written SPH Anthology Contest!

I'm thrilled to announce submissions are now OPEN for the first ever P.F. Dee-sponsored, fan-written, Small Penis Humiliation (SPH) anthology contest!

The rules are:

1.  All submissions must feature small penis humiliation as an element.  How much of an element this plays in the story is up to you, but you know how I love me some humiliation, and I'm the only judge in this contest!

2. All submissions must be in by November 30th, 2016.  The earlier you send them, the greater chance they will make the anthology, since I will have to edit them before publication.  Which reminds me...

3. All stories will be edited by P.F. Dee before publication.  This is probably the biggest benefit of entering this anthology contest for new authors, to be professionally edited with FULL feedback given on your story, and why an editor might make the changes I did.  All edits will be run past the author via email, with final approval on edits to me, but final approval to publish resting with the author.

Basically that means I'm going to make the edits I see fit to make the story as hot as possible in my eyes, but the author gets to decide if that edited story, after they see my draft, gets published or not.  I'll try to respect the original vision of the author as much as possible, and I'm sure some of us will go back and forth on email a lot, but I've got a pretty clear vision on how fast and fun I want this anthology to be.

Don't worry, I'll work with you to make it great.

4. All authors will get an after-story page to take credit for their work and share links to find their other work.  While the overall book will say "Edited by P.F. Dee." every accepted author will get a page after their story saying "This author believes in this and that, and more of their stories can be found at this link...." 

The main purpose of this anthology is to give some new femdom authors some exposure (tee-hee) to my audience, and vice versa.  So plan that author paragraph and submit it with your work!

5. The final e-book will published on P.F. Dee's Smashwords site, and the price will always be free.  I'm not making money off of this; the point is to expose new SPH authors to my audience (and the world)!

6. All stories must follow the usual erotic fiction rules: no characters under 18, even in flashbacks or 'fantasy' realms.  Yeah yeah, I know.  It's a Smashwords rule, not mine. 

7. And finally... every single story MUST start with the line "I always knew I had a small penis..." Yep, every accepted story will need to have that as its first line.  You can take it where ever you want to go from there.  But I want to see all the interesting stories that branch out from that common point, and I think it will give the overall anthology some cohesion.

Those are all the hard and fast rules.  Folks that want to win this zero-dollar contest and get into the book would do well to keep in mind my 8 rules of femdom fiction, handily summarized in this infographic here.  It's one of the main criteria I'm going to use to judge the entries!

So that's it.  I've never tried this before, I don't know if anyone will respond, and I don't know how long this editing process will take.  But as noted SPH enthusiast Ralph Waldo Emerson once said: "Do not go where the path may lead.  Go instead where there is no path and leave a trail." 

Submit all entries by November 30th to:

And have fun!

Sex Powers University Episode 3.5 is finally published!

With 0 days left until my self-imposed deadline, I finally published the next-to-last episode of Sex Powers University this year:

You can buy it from my Smashwords page here.

Whew.  If I had known back in January how taxing this grand episodic-book-a-month experiment would be, I might never have done it!  (But I have learned a lot about what my true writing speed is and the magic that can happen on a deadline.)

Okay fans, take your time reading SPU 3.5, because there's a very real chance the final chapter won't come out until the new year.  (Because of Literotica stuff.)

(But I'm still faster than George R.R. Martin!)

(And Happy Birthday Miles Prower.  Hope you enjoy it!)

P.F. Dee

Monday, September 5, 2016

On Motivation, Priorities, and a release date for Sex Powers University 3.5

So as I said in the comments of the previous post, the planned release date for Sex Powers University 3.5 is September 30th.  I've even got the cover already worked out:

Even though I'm 1/3rd of the way through the first draft of SPU 3.5, I really, really want to write more of my Literotica short story instead, "The Accidental Porn Star".  (Chapter 4 finally posted here!)

And because this same, book-killing struggle happens to a lot of other erotic authors when they think of a distracting new short story idea, I thought I'd reveal some strategies to get around it.  First, let's define the problem.

Problem: The new story idea you just thought of will always be more interesting than the developed book idea you're currently working on.  

This happens because, by definition, the new idea is new and shiny and unexplored.  Just thinking about all the things that COULD happen- why, I could do this!  And then this!  And then this could happen! 

By contrast, the well-trod, beaten down plot summary you've already worked out to great detail seems so boring.  You already know what's going to happen, because you had to work out all the surprises and scribble them on note cards or a legal pad or something, to be ready to write them.  For your half-finished book you've already done the fun part (brainstorming and following shiny new ideas through the woods) and now all that's left is the hard part.  (Actually writing the damn thing.  Word.  By.  Word.)

This is exactly what happened to me around June.  Sex Powers University 3.5 was due, but I read this great thread on the Literotica idea boards where some girl wanted a story about a nice, innocent housewife that was 'accidentally' turned into a porn star.  And I thought up a great plot idea based on what I read.

And then I thought up the first line.

And then the first page.

And then I was writing.

'The Accidental Porn Star' chapter 1 clocked in at 3400 words.  That's not much of a distraction from what I should be writing, I told myself.  I can stop anytime.  

'APS' chapter 2 cruised in at 4700 words.  APS 3 was 9300 (almost an SPU episode length by itself) and APS 4 was a whopping 15,300 words.

So besides the fact that each chapter increased in size, I've now spent 32,700 words on a 'side project' instead of writing what I promised the paying fans I would, which is SPU 3.5.   32,700 words is a whole book by itself!

And right now I'm thinking about scenes I could put into Accidental Porn Star chapter 5 while I should be writing SPU 3.5! 

Sure, I can stop anytime, I told myself.    


So how do you stay on target?

This long weekend I finally cracked SPU 3.5 open again and put about 3-4 hours of work editing the first bits and actually writing.  And now I'm back in that saddle, looking towards my September 30th release date.

So how do you pull your lizard brain away from the new shiny distraction and back to the story that looked so good when you first thought of it?  Here are some tips.

#1.  A deadline.  

Deadlines do work wonders.  That's why I committed to the September 30th date.

#2. Go back to basics.

We've got so much crap going on in Sex Powers University right now.  (Spoilers for SPU year 3!)  
Troy about to be cheerfully cucked by Amber.  He's still got the femme boi transformation thing happening each weekend, and Cheyenne is still angry at him, and Melina still out there, and whatever's going on with his roommates.  Jess is taking on professional sex fighters, and they're coming to get her, and she's still dealing with feeling like their should be more to life and then there's Amber's story with the succubi meditation and the cock totems and ruined O's and .....


All the plot threads I've built up in the previous SPU chapters sometimes feel like a mountain of obligations I now have to service, instead of awesome story points to play with.  Writing a clean sheet femsub story and posting it on Literotica just seemed like the easier road.

So when you find yourself paralyzed and burdened by all the previous continuity you think you have to maintain to keep your big, involved plot going, just... go back to basics. 

Sex Powers University started off as a fun, fast tease-and-denial story where Troy was humiliated by his sister and high school crush finding out about his extremely small penis, his foot fetish, and all the other fun humiliations girls can give to boys in the Powers Universe.  So when I needed to motivate myself to write SPU 3.5, I went back to that.

I put SPH and T&D, right in the first chapter.  Humiliation and blue balls for Troy, right from the beginning.  Just simple, fun scenes between him and Amber, him and the cheerleaders, Jess and Gia.  Nothing fancy, real bread and butter stuff.

If they moved the plot forward, that's good too.  But the most important point was to move the author forward.  To make me love writing in that universe again.

So now that story's rolling again, it's my main writing project (the Literotica fans will just have to wait) and I'm on track to hit that September deadline.

And if you find yourself stalled in the middle of a long-running piece of erotic fiction and itching to write all those new shiny ideas and abandon your fans instead, just do two things and you'll be back in:

#1. Set a deadline.

#2. Take your story back to basics.

Hope that helps someone out there, and look out for SPU 3.5 at the end of September! 

P. F. Dee