Saturday, May 3, 2014

The Cocksitter's Club- 2

(This is part 2 of a 4 part short story set in my “Steel World” universe. Students of my “Writing Better Femdom Fiction” class will recognize the previously discussed principles of Choice and Escalation at work below, and this segment is required reading for Lessons 3 and 4.)

Hey Mr. L? What was it like, having a free cock you could touch anytime you wanted?”
Robert almost spit out his drink.
It was day three of his wife's vacation. He and Lori and were on the couch, watching another of her stupid MTV teen dramas, as Robert counted down the minutes to his 'bedtime' and first release from chastity under Lori's watch. He had gotten a little more comfortable having the young, giggling, blond skipping around the house as his temporary keyholder, but not comfortable enough to talk about things like that.
What?! What do you mean?”
Well, the Universal Locking Laws passed like three or four years ago, and I wasn't really interested in, you know, boy parts back then,” she giggled, stretching her yoga-pant clad legs on his coffee table.
To his wife Martha, 'at home casual' meant baggy sweatpants. To someone Lori's age, apparently it meant black yoga pants so tight he could see every curve and outline of her lower body! Robert had already snuck enough peeks at her pert ass through the skin-tight pants to make tonight's masturbation session truly something special. He might have to ask Lori for extra time out of his cage, to rub out a second load!
And my younger brother's been locked ever since he started getting erections, so he's never really been free-”
Never?” Robert coughed, setting down his drink.
Of course. All boys are locked when they hit puberty now. Duh!”
Oh my god...”
So I was wondering, what was it like when you weren't wearing a cage all the time?”
He swallowed. “Well, it was different, obviously. But things were pretty much like they are now.”
Come on, you know what I mean,” she giggled, nudging his thigh with her yoga-panted knee and making his cage tight. “Back then, if you saw a cute girl walking down the street, did you have to, like, rush home and jack off right away?”
Lori! I don't it's appropriate for us to talk about things like that!”
So that's a yes!” the teen laughed, and Robert felt his face grow warm. She turned to face him, ignoring her TV show for once. “And on hot summer days, when girls like me flashed their panties at guys in our short summer skirts, did guys, like, just get erections in public all the time?”
He crossed his arms, saying nothing.
Mr. L! I'm going to release you from your cage in like an hour or so. If you're not even comfortable talking to me about your erections, you're definitely not comfortable enough to have me help you out with them! Should I just mail this key back to your wife then?”
No!” he sputtered, watching the teen play with the tiny silver key hanging around her neck. “It's uh, just a little personal to talk about!”
Lori giggled, stretching her legs. “I know. So... did you guys do, when you saw hot girls like me in short little dresses. Did you pop wood right in front of everybody?”
We had a little more control than that, believe it or not.”
She wriggled her toes. “Even if the girl was barefoot with sexy little feet just like you like?”
His jaw dropped. “I... I.. don't-”
Come on Mr. L, I see you staring! I painted my toes just for you this morning!” she laughed, sliding her thin feet on top of each other. “I'm going barefoot because it's your fetish, not mine. Do you want me to go back to wearing sneakers all the time instead?”
A full blush came to his face, but he knew what he had to say even though his throat was bone dry.
No. Barefoot is better.”
Thought so,” she giggled. “So spill it- if you saw a hot girl like me walk past and caught a peek at my tiny little panties because I wore my flashing skirt that day, what would you do? Get hard in the showers later?”
His face was beet red. But he had no choice- he had to cum tonight!
Yes. Probably.”
And then you'd just reach down and stroke until you blew your load all over the shower walls and floor?”
He couldn't talk!
Robert just nodded.
Ewwwwww!” Lori laughed, shivering. “So gross!”
I... usually used my bed, not the showers,” he offered.
That's even worse!” she laughed. “I can't believe all men were allowed to do that! It's so much better the way things are now!”
He didn't reply, mortified at what he had just told her.
Oh, by the way, I told my math teacher about what you taught me, like compounding interest and stuff, and she was really impressed.”
Thank god, a change of subject, he thought. “Oh. That's good.”
Lori got up, bending over to collect her dinner plate and showing him her tight teen ass in yoga pants again. “Yea, and she showed me how to make graphs for like 5% interest and 15% interest, so I'm, like, totally going to make a graph like that for each man I cocksit! I can't wait to see what the compounding rate of blue balls is!”
Robert groaned, blushing even more as she put away the dishes. She came back and looked at him, her hands on her hips.
Tell you what. It's not quite your bedtime, but why don't you go upstairs, shower and brush your teeth, and then get nude for me and jump into bed? I'll give you a little something special on your release day!”
He was being sent to bed like a child! And he would be nude for her again! His pride was battling with his aching balls, but looking at her legs in those yoga pants, he knew which would win.
Come on, Mr. L, I've already seen what you've got,” she giggled. “You don't need to wear those silly sweatpants to bed anymore.”
Fine,” he grumbled, going upstairs well before nine o’clock.


He showered in cold water, his cock still surging in its cage at what Lori had said.
A little something special? Could she mean... no! Impossible! But she was going to meet him in the bedroom. And she was working for tips...
Lori giggled when he came into the master bedroom, motioning for him to drop the towel around his waist.
"Oh! You look so adorable with your willie tucked away like that!” she laughed, making the older man blush again. “Did you brush your teeth?”
Did you wash under your cage? I'll be able to tell because I'm going to open it in a second, you know.”
Yes! Let's get on with this!”
Calm down, Mr. Eager! Where does your wife keep your restraints?”
That humbled him. “Under... under the mattress.”
Get on the bed. You know the position,” she giggled, and a red-faced Robert laid on his back, stretching his arms and legs to the four corners of his bed.
Oh, these are just toys,” she snorted, untangling the plastic and nylon wrist and ankle cuffs Martha always used. “Your wife needs to get herself some serious bondage gear. Leather with steel cuffs and you're never getting out. I'll recommend some sets before she gets back.”
That's... not necessary,” he gulped as Lori secured his first limb, his left wrist.
Don't worry, it's sort of my job. That's what they teach us in Sex Ed class nowadays, you know,” she giggled, securing his left ankle. The cuff was much tighter than Martha ever tied him! “Condoms, STDs, teen pregnancy, they can skip past all that stuff quick, since cocks can only get hard when we girls want them to. So we have time to study more practical skills," she laughed, putting the cuff around his left ankle. “Mostly, they let us practice taking cages off and on horny virgins and tying them down so they can't get away while we do it. I know more knots than most sailors do!”
She secured his right ankle, again stretching him more than Martha ever did, and then Robert's teen cocksitter stood above his right wrist, the last cuff dangling in her hand.
Now give me your arm, Mr. Lewen, and I'll let your cock have that nice, good stretch it's been waiting for.”
But... with both my arms tied,” the confused man said, “how am I supposed to...”
I'll take care of that,” the teen giggled. “I am a professional cocksitter, after all.”
Robert almost died! She was going to make him cum!
How would she do it? With her hands? Or her mouth? Oh god, the last blow job he had gotten before Martha was fifteen years ago! What would a new woman feel like?
He quickly gave Lori his last wrist and she secured it, then went back to tighten each of his restraints, stretching him until he was strung up as tight as a violin string!
There we go. Now we're all ready for your release.” She bent over his cock, which surged, feeling her hot breath through the bars of his cage. "So I finally get to meet 'little Robert' huh? Hello there, little guy!"
He groaned in humiliation as the teen shook his chastity cage with her soft hand. "Lori! Please!"
"I know, I know," she giggled. "But it’s not every day I have an executive bank manager’s family jewels in my hand, you know. Let me just inspect you for chafing first, before I take it off..."
It was torture, having to lie there as a teenage lifted and pulled at his cage, giggling as she looked it over from every angle. He could see straight down her shirt, and her hand on his balls made his cock expand against the unyielding steel with incredible force!
"Someone's happy to see me," she giggled. "Okay, let's get this off."
Robert thanked the gods. He saw her bend over again, felt a tightness around his balls, and then... nothing but air!
"Oh fuck! Thank you!" he groaned as his cock was finally free again. It started to stiffen immediately.
"So fast," she giggled, watching it rise to the ceiling. "Just like the virgins they let us practice locking in sex ed." He couldn't even look at her, he was so embarrassed! "Oh, that's so cute! she said, checking him out from all sides. “It's like, an adorable little toy penis!"
He was dying of embarrassment, erecting like a fool in front of this laughing teen while she mocked his size. But he was dying of sexual need too!
Lori, please... hurry!”
Hurry with what?”
His face and neck was flame red. How could he ask this? “With... that little something special you were going to give me. I mean... hurry, but make it last, you know?”
Oh, right. Gotcha!”
She dropped into a chair next to his bed and pulled out a thick book from her schoolbag.
He strained, trying to raise his head to see. “What is that?”
My favorite bedtime story. The one I read to all the good little boys I cocksit on their release days.” She put her bare feet on top of his covers, stretching and crossing her legs with a giggle. "Now, do you need a drink of water before I read your bedtime story?”
No!” he roared.
This was too much! He had to stay on her good side to get to cum, but did he have to take this, lying here tied up while she read Harry Potter or some other childish nonsense before she jacked him off? Or worse, a Twilight book? The cover of the book she had pulled out certainly looked like one of those stupid vampire novels.
Suit yourself,” she giggled, then opened to the first page. “The Adventures of Kelli and Tammi, Lesbian Super Spies. Chapter One: The Danger of the Double Headed Dildo-
Robert almost choked. “What kind of book is this?!”
The teen grinned. “My favorite kind. I just put this dumb Twilight cover on it so people don’t know what I’m really reading. Now don’t interrupt again.” She giggled and settled in. “Chapter One: ‘Blond, athletic Kelli came out of the ocean, water beading down the micro bikini that barely covered her hard nipples and smooth, shaved crotch. She saw that her partner Tammi, a curvy, big breasted brunette, had fallen asleep nude on the beach again, lying on her stomach with her round ass pointing up in the air, waiting for someone, anyone, to come by and take it. Well, Kelli knew exactly how to wake her partner up…”
She read to Robert for ten agonizing minutes. The story was preposterous, the plot ridiculous. But the images the book conjured up in his mind had his long-denied cock twitching and freely dripping pre-cum down his shaft.
She finally put the book down and Robert prepared himself for a quick hand job. Quick, because he wouldn't last a minute after all that build up! But she only took a drink of water and started reading again. After only minute more Robert was squirming, his cock painful.
Lori! Stop! Please! Let me orgasm now!”
Orgasm?” she asked, then started laughing. “Oh my god! Mr. L, this isn't that sort of release day for you! That's too funny!”
His face got even redder, but he couldn't let this pass!
What! You've got to be kidding! I've got to orgasm! Today!”
Lori was still laughing, but she wiped her eyes and recovered. “Only your wife can authorize that. Cocksitter Club rules. But I was going to call her this weekend to ask her.”
The weekend!” he roared, pulling at his restraints. They held him as securely as anchors. “That’s not fair!”
She raised an eyebrow at him. “Do you want to wait two weekends? I would love to see your interest in following my cocksitting rules compound,” she giggled.
Robert was suddenly afraid, like he hadn’t been since his wife Martha had first locked him up three years ago. He clamped his mouth and shook his head.
Good,” the teen giggled at the mute man. “Now just relax. I want to finish at least the first two chapters tonight.” She opened the book again.
Kelli started with her tongue on Tammi’s pink, recently washed asshole. But she held her partner’s wrists behind her back in an iron grip, so as Tammi awoke, growing ever more horny, she had no choice but to take Kelli’s teasing tongue up her ass, even as Tammi kicked her feet and begged the blonde to focus on her needy, dampening pussy instead…”


Wake up Mr. L! Time for our run!”
Robert groaned as she ripped the sheet off him again. “Lori, please! I can’t! After that damned book you read me last night, I’m too sore to run today!”
Lori laughed. “Your balls are too sore, you mean. I almost couldn't get the cage back on you last night.”
Yes!” he cried, clutching his blue balls in front of her. There was little point in modesty now, but he still tried.
Men’s balls can never be too sore, Victoria says. She’s the Sergeant at Arms of the Cocksitters Club. Maybe I’ll bring her over someday this month.” Lori yanked his sheets the rest of the way off. “Oh! You made a wet spot on your sheets! Where you thinking of me,” she giggled, “or of sexy little Kelli and Tammi?”
He flushed, still trying to hide his crotch. “Please, no running today!”
She threw his running shorts at him. “You don't want another chance to watch me shower?”
Robert groaned as his belt threatened to cut his balls off. “No!”
The girl giggled, looking at him while chewing at her lower lip.
You know... after reading that story, I wet my sheets a little too, last night. But I didn't do anything about it. If you go running with me this morning, Mr. L, I'll free your cock again tonight, and we can read more from Kelli and Tammi together. Something about that story always gets me so hot. Unless you'd like to wait three more days to have release again...”
Despite his painful balls, Robert gulped and started to get up.
Give me a second…”


You can try again tomorrow Mr. L! See you after school!” Lori laughed as she drove off, leaving a panting, sweating Robert just coming up his walkway just a minute too late. “Byeeee!!”


More and more, Robert had trouble concentrating at work. It wasn't just because he was seven days backed up at this point, or because his coworkers Jenny and Angela were throwing panty flashes at the belted males around the office all day. His male co-workers told him about each one at the water cooler, but Robert stopped listening halfway through.
All he could think about was what Lori might wear that night.
It turned out to be a short plaid skirt, a tight white dress shirt unbuttoned to show some cleavage, and over-the-knee socks with slip-on Mary Jane shoes.
Two of the Cocksitter Club go to an all-girl Catholic school,” she giggled at the stunned man as he let her in. “They let me borrow their outfits sometimes, even if I have to make the skirts a little shorter. Do you like it?”
His throat was dry, his cock already starting to strain his cage. “Yes! Lori, please- let me out!”
In a few hours,” she giggled, bending over to place her book bag down. “What’s the longest you’ve gone without orgasms again?”
A week!” he cried. “And it’s almost that long now, since I went three days before you came. I really can’t go any longer than that!”
The teen just smiled and sat down on his couch, her short skirt flaring as she did. Robert thought he might have seen a flash of a pink thong between perfect buttcheeks as she dropped.
Well I can’t let you make a spurtie tonight, I promised I'd call Martha before I did. But I'll let you out for story time again, if you’re a good boy for me all night.”
She was using her ‘baby’ tone on him again. Robert felt his heart race. He had an MBA for fuck’s sake! But he forced himself to calm down.
Cool,” she giggled, starting to text as she turned on MTV. “And I’m having a friend over tonight, so order extra food for him.”
Yeah. My boyfriend Derrick’s been dying to see me these last few nights, since I had to be here instead of with him. And Kelli and Tammi got me so hot last night, so I invited him over.” She crossed her shiny, baby-smooth legs. “And that’s why I wore this cute little schoolgirl outfit too. Derrick loves seeing me in it!”
Robert stamped his foot. “Now look! I may have to accept you over here each night, but I’m not opening my doors so you and your friends can party and trash this house-“
It’s just one friend,” she laughed. “And it will be after your bedtime anyway, so you won’t even know he’s here.”
No?” she giggled, fingering the key around her neck. “That’s my favorite word, that I get to say to bad little boys on their release days…”
Robert groaned, then stomped off to order food for three.


He chastised himself for being so stupid as he stripped for bed.
Of course Lori had a boyfriend! How dense had he been, to think that this girl saw him as anything but another job? She was never going to suck him or wank him or anything! She was just holding some dumb old fart’s chastity key while she got her panties wet with a man she truly wanted- someone her own age!
She hadn’t worn that sexy outfit for Robert, even though seeing schoolgirl Lori flounce around all night had been a pleasure for his eyes and a torture on his balls. But it was this ‘Derrick’ who would get the real benefits of those fuck-me clothes, not him!
Now, I’ll be up to read to you, if you’re still awake after Derrick leaves,” she said, appearing at the doorway of his bedroom. “But I want you to stay nude in bed until then and not disturb us, okay? If you need a glass of water, just call and I'll bring it to you.”
Robert just bit his tongue. Any objection might get his orgasm date pushed back even further!
She giggled and left, and about ten minutes later Robert heard her answer the door. And then heard the sounds of two teens talking about whatever teens talked about as they ate their food.
My food. I’m feeding Derrick so he has energy to pounce and ravage Lori tonight!
Then, after about fifteen minutes, all the talking stopped.
Robert thrashed and turned in bed, his cock surging in its cage before being forced back down by the cruel, curved steel. After two minutes of that, he got up and snuck to the stairs.
He felt ridiculous, sneaking around nude in his own house. But he had to see! He avoided the third step on the stairs, which always creaked, then bent low to peek through the bars of the bannister.
And exhaled hard.
They were making out on the couch, Lori straddling a tall, good-looking young man with muscular shoulders under a tight Under Armor shirt.
Some popular football jock, Robert thought sourly. Of course!
His big hands were all over her tiny ass, under her skirt, grabbing at the round, perfect globes that Robert had once dreamed of touching like the fool he was. Lori was purring, grinding against the boy’s lap as the teens made out hot and heavy.
Robert’s cage tightened painfully, watching Lori in fluid, erotic motion. She moved better than most strippers!
His cage became a vise as Robert watched his young cocksitter prepare her stud for sex. She nibbled on his ear, let him grope her pert breasts under her shirt, and then started taking off his clothes. Robert couldn’t bear to watch Lori get defiled by Derrick, but he couldn’t look away either!
He heard the girl giggle in appreciation as she revealed Derrick's bull-like shoulders and washboard abs, things Robert hadn’t had for ten years. She slipped the boy's tight jeans off. And then the moment of truth, when she peeled down the his shorts-
And between the boy’s legs swung a tight steel chastity cage just like Robert wore!
Please babe,” Robert heard the nude boy pant, clutching his bursting cage. “Unlock me already!”
Robert couldn't look away. Derrick was obviously hung, his cage was twice the size of Robert's- but it was locked just the same!
Oh damn, I just remembered! I gave the key back to your mom last week!” Lori pouted, rubbing her thighs together as she looked helplessly at his trapped cock. “And I'm really horny, too!”
The boy started throwing his clothes back on. “Let’s go to my place! I’ll get the key from Mom and-“
No, I’ve got stay here and watch little Robert,” she sighed, then looked up at the stairs. The nude Robert ducked back just in time. “But maybe I can still make you feel better? Can I suck you Derrick, please? Just a little bit?”
Out of sight with his back to the wall, Robert’s cage got tight as he heard the sounds of sucking and licking, and then Derrick’s moans. He chanced a peek out and almost fell off the steps.
Lori was licking all over Derrick's tight balls and sucking on his cock right around his steel cage! Her eyes were closed as she performed a slow, sensual blowjob. Derrick started off making sounds of pleasure, but soon the jock was soon crying out in pain.
Lori, stop! Fuck! I can’t take that any more! Please!”
His whimpering sounded just like Robert’s had last night, and that made the older man smile just a little.
But that's not fair!” Lori pouted. “I'm still all hot and bothered, and I wanna suck some cock! Let me lick you for like another few minutes, and then you can get me off with your tongue and go home.”
What? I ain't doing that! Let's just go get the key-”
I don't want to get fucked, Derrick! A girl just needs to get licked regularly or she'll go crazy. And it's been four days!”
Come on, Lori!”
If you don't want to play anymore, I guess I'll just go upstairs and check on little Robert-”
Robert raced back to his bedroom, forgetting the creaky third step. Listening from his bed, he heard the argument continue for another minute, and then the front door closed very loudly.  As if a frustrated, blue-balled footballer had slammed it hard on his way out.
A minute later, Robert heard small girl feet padding up the steps to his room and pretended to be fast asleep.
Oh, I know you’re still awake,” she giggled, sitting in her reading chair. “I heard you spying on me as I blew Derrick. You really should get that third step fixed.”
Robert blushed, turning to face her. “I… didn’t watch for long!”
Well, then you’re more of a gentleman than most of the men I cocksit,” she giggled. She reached into her bookbag and pulled out the Twilight-covered book again. “Now, where were we? Oh yes, the Sybian machine torture. It's one of my favorite chapters!”
Lori, please, let me out of this cage first!” Robert begged. “I can’t take it, after that!”
After watching Derrick and me make out, you mean?”
He blushed more. “Yes.”
Okay,” she giggled. “Let's tie you down, you dirty old man.”
She quickly had him spread-eagled again.
So, you’ve never… gone all the way with Derrick?” Robert asked, hoping.
Oh sure I have!” she laughed, sitting down again. “Whenever I wanted! Look, I’ve got his key right here!”
Lori pulled a girly keyring from her bag and showed Robert another tiny chastity key. “I just told him I didn’t have it so I could give him blue balls a little while longer! He’ll be pissed when he talks to his mom tonight, but in a few days he’ll come back to me with flowers to try again. That’s what boyfriends are for, right?”
Robert had no words. This is what the next generation of women was like?
The girl checked his restraints, then reached for his cage with his key. He erected just as quickly as he had the night before.
Look at that little guy go!” she laughed, watching the blushing man grow. “You know, I didn't realize how small your dick was until I saw Derrick's again. Like, his all caged up is as big as yours hard. Is it normal for guys your age to have cocks that are half the size of teenagers?”
He blushed. “I don't know about half!”
Do you want me to get a ruler?”
Okay,” Lori giggled. “Maybe it just looks smaller from this angle.” She sat back in the chair, crossing her bare feet on the bed inches from his hip, making Robert's cock dance even as the red-faced man tried not to let it. “It's still just the most adorable little dick I've seen, though! Now, let see what Kelli and Tammi get up to tonight-”
Lori! Wait!”
His throat was raw, his face was on fire. But he had to know!
You had Derrick's key- why didn't you unlock him? Do you hate him?”
Of course not!” she laughed. “I love my stud muffin!” She pushed Robert’s hip playfully with her bare foot, making his stiff cock waggle in the air. “But how could spend time pleasing Derrick’s huge cock, when I knew your adorable little boner was waiting up here, for me to read him his little beddy-bye story and get all hard and drippy?”
Robert blushed furiously as the girl laughed at his smaller, already dripping cock. But that meant she had chosen him over Derrick.
And he could accept that answer.
She giggled and opened her book again. “After agents Kelli and Tammi had been captured by the knockout gas, they woke up to find themselves tied nude, straddling two powerful vibrating benches called Sybians. And their arch enemy, French counter agent Suzi leBomb held the controls! Suzi needed the codes to Tammi’s safe, and started turning up the vibrations, laughing as Kelli and Tammi began to sweat and moan as the seconds passed…”
Lori read to him for ten minutes, until Robert's rock hard dick started to flag.
Awwww, is little Robert not interested in the sexy story any more?”
What? How long do you expect me to stay hard?”
Derrick's cock stays hard for thirty minutes when I'm sucking and teasing him. Are you saying you're a third of the man Derrick is?”
Robert blushed. “No! But... I'm tired from work! It was a long day!”
Sure it was,” Lori giggled. And then the girl leaned forward, her pink glossy lips inches from his sagging cock, and blew a gentle stream of air across his shaft.
Robert groaned as his painful dick started to rise again!
All men love my blowjobs,” she giggled. She puffed air across his tingling skin until he was rock hard again, then read to him for another five minutes, until he started to sag.
You're getting soft again?” she laughed. “We're just getting to the good part!”
Lori... I can't...”
Leaning back in a chair with her legs still on the bed, the teen giggled and crossed her legs a different way. Suddenly Robert could see the hint of pink a thong under her skirt and the lower globes of her perfect ass!
Come on,” she giggled. “Just a few more minutes? For me?”
And she laughed as the older man's cock sprung to life yet again.
After five more minutes of twitching erection, his PC muscles really were exhausted, and his softening cock flopped down into the lake of collected pre-cum on his belly.
Robert turned to her, his face red. “Lori, I'm sorry! I just can't keep it up anymo-”
He was shocked when the girl kissed him on the cheek.
“That's good enough for tonight. Don't worry, Mr. L. I'll keep training you on your release days, and soon you'll be able to keep it up just as long as Derrick can. And then your wife will be so proud of you.” She wiped his stomach and cock clean of pre-cum like a mother caring for a baby, and then locked his cock back into its cage like a pro and kissed his cheek again.
“And I'll be so proud of you, too.”
Robert was impossibly horny. His full blue balls ached like never before, and he knew visions of Lori's little pink panties up her skirt would haunt him constantly at work tomorrow.
But for the first night in months, Robert fell asleep immediately, and slept the whole night through.



  1. Another good story. Normally, I don't care much for cuckold dynamics, but you've found an interesting workaround. It makes perfect sense for Robert to be getting emotionally involved in Lori - but it also makes sense for her to have a boyfriend of her own. And the kegel exercising/book tease is a nice touch that helps sets up events in the fourth part of the story.

    I think you may have missed something in the first half, though. The impact of an enforced early bedtime is lessened if Robert is ready for it, and bored of what's going on around him. And it doesn't seem like his wife has been enforcing one, before. Seems like it would have had a stronger impact if he'd been engrossed in something else (a favorite show, perhaps) and had to be sent to bed like a little boy. And only then realize its a release night . . .

    The whole rigormarole of getting strapped into bed, and Lori's comments about his restraints being toys are a nice touch, though. Helps build the themes of changing power dynamics and generational differences.

  2. This is fabulous and it just gets better and better. A very interesting story and i am now a fallower. I must keep reading this has me hooked. Thank you so much again for sharing this