Sunday, December 20, 2015

Pool days #1 (F/mmmm, CFNM, momdom)

The sun was hot but the water was cool, and I couldn't think of a better way to spend my summer vacation, floating on an inner tube in my pool. Especially as I watched one of my friends sneak up behind the other, as the third distracted the target from the other side. Hank never saw it coming until both boys struck, Tommy pantsing him and Uri pushing him into the pool at the same time.
“HEY!" the suddenly nude boy cried, as he flew backwards into the deep end. He surfaced, spitting up mouthfuls of water. "Give those back!”
We were all dying of laughter.
"Make me!" Tommy cried, then ran off with the boy's swim shorts when Hank burst from the pool to give chase. Hank was never going to catch him- he was trying to cover his crotch with both hands as he ran- it was too funny!
“Come on, this isn’t fair!” Hank cried. Once he did get close, but Tommy just tossed the shorts over the nude boy’s head to Uri, who now ran the other way. I started almost crying in laughter as Hank's nudity dragged on, the other two playing an expert game of keep-away as the boy turned red, all over. At one point he looked at me. “Jeff! It’s your house- make them give my clothes back! This is embarrassing!”
I was laughing so hard my words came out as coughs. “No- way! This is- hilarious!”
That just made Hank curse and start to chase Uri again.
“You're not trying very hard!” Uri laughed at the hobbling nude boy. For a moment, Hank gave up trying to cover himself- not that he was doing a great job before- and running wild and free, his bits flopping everywhere, he finally cornered Uri against the grill. The blond Russian jumped and tossed the shorts across the pool, right to me.
Hope sprung in Hank's eyes, as he looked at me. "Jeff! Thank god! Give them here!"
I looked down at the decision in my hands. Then laughed and tossed the shorts to Tommy instead of Hank. “Sorry!”
"Come on!" the nude boy cried, now having to turn and chase Tommy instead. Hank wasn't even trying to cover himself anymore, and raced after his shorts, with a speed borne of desperation. He had been naked almost a full minute now! Tommy was staying just out of arm's reach, laughing as their circles around the edge of the pool became tighter and tighter-
What the holy heck is going on out here!” my mother cried, coming out of my house.
Tommy put the shorts behind his back, Hank yelped and jumped into the pool, and Uri just froze, as my mother walked off the back porch, barefoot in tight jeans and a tee-shirt.
“Nothing, Ms. Gainer!" Tommy said, holding the shorts behind his back with a grin. "We were just horsing around, is all. Sorry if we disturbed ya.”
"I'm sure you are, Tommy Thompson," my mother smirked as she walked towards him. “And I’ll be more disturbed when one of you slips on these wet concrete and cuts their heads open! You boys are in high school and you’re still acting like ten-year-olds!”
I gulped. Any second she could look down and see Hank nude in the pool! The red-faced boy was low in the water, hugging the wall with his front, but still...
“Sorry mom!" I said. "I’ll keep them in line! You can go back inside now!”
“I will. As soon as Tommy hands me Hank’s shorts.”
I almost fell off my inner tube. “What! You saw that?”
“Of course,” she chuckled, as I saw Hank try to sink even lower into the water. His face was bright red now! “I was washing dishes and had a front row seat to how all of you teased poor naked Hank for entirely too long! Now give them here.”
Tommy handing them to her, like he had gotten caught stealing cookies. “It’s just a little fun, Ms. Gainer. It didn’t really hurt him any.”
She took the offered trunks but didn’t return them to Hank, wringing the water out of them instead. “I know. That’s why you other three are going to hand over your shorts and be naked, too.”
This time I did fall off my inner tube, into the shallow end of the pool. I came up spitting water. “What!”
“You boys like stripping and embarrassing Hank so much, let’s see how you like it!” she laughed.
“Mom! You can’t be serious!”
“I sure am. There’s hedges all around the pool, no one will see you.” She gave Tommy a wink. “Except for me.”
Tommy and Uri both looked at me, to see if she was kidding.
“Ha ha, mom,” I said. “We get the lesson.”
“Not yet you haven’t." Smiling, she put her hand to her chin. "I think... fifteen minutes of outdoor nude time should do it?”
“Mom! Enough!”
Even the normally bold Tommy was starting to swallow hard.
My mother dropped her smile. “Shorts,” she said, holding out her hand. “Right now. Or I’m telling all your mothers what type of movies you four have really been watching during your sleepovers here. You geniuses know that the cable company mails me a record of every pay-per-view ordered, right?”
We all instantly fell silent.
That would be disaster! Especially with Hank’s conservative mother! Even Uri's mom might make his life hell if she knew. But, I thought, that would still be MILES better than having to-
“Oh hell, it’s just fifteen minutes,” Tommy laughed, and before my disbelieving eyes, he cannon-balled into the pool, came up holding his swim trunks in his hand, and tossed them to my mother's feet!
“Somehow I knew you’d be the first, Tommy Thompson,” she chuckled, picking up his discarded swimsuit and wringing it out as well.
“I’ve got nothing to be ashamed of,” the now nude boy said. He was facing right at her while he treaded water in the deep end!
“Of course you don't,” my mom chuckled, then turned to the other boy. “Uri?”
The blond Russian was blushing. “Sorry, Ms. Gainer,” he gulped, getting into the water first, then hugging the sidewall as he slipped his shorts off and handed them over. "Sorry."
"I'm not mad. I'm just letting you boys see how it feels," she said with a smile, taking his shorts too. And then, finally, she turned to face me.
"No WAY!"
"All four of you will be nude for fifteen minutes," she said, "or I'm locking the doors to the house and three of you can be nude for an hour.”
Hank gasped. “Jeff! Your sister will be home from volleyball practice by then! We can't!"
I had planned on resisting this horrible command to the last- she couldn't make me do this- I wasn't a child anymore! But between my mother's stonewall attitude and my friends' relentless pressure, I started to have doubts.
“Please,” Uri begged me. “We cannot be like this when Sierra comes home!”
Hank nodded. “Jeff, you have to!”
Even Tommy laughed, treading water nude like he did it every day. “It's just your dick and balls, dude. It's no big deal.”
“I told you not to start that stupid pantsing thing, Tommy!" I spat at him, holding my waistband underwater like it was a lifeline. "Look what your stupid game has gotten us into now!”
"Actually, it looked like you encouraged it, not tried to stop him," my mother laughed. "And that's why you and I will have words after your friends have left, mister. Now drop those shorts, or you WILL be naked when your sister comes home!"
That would be the worst humiliation of them all!
My heart was pounding as I undid the string on his waistband. Could I really do this? It was going to be so embarrassing!
"Now, mister!"
"Come on, Jeff! Before it gets worse!" Hank begged.
I took a deep breath, dove deep underwater, and pulled my shorts off. I had done it! I was naked and swimming in my back yard!
I surfaced and tossed my only piece of clothing onto the concrete deck, at my mother's feet.
Who smiled and picked it up. "Maybe this will teach all you boys a lesson,” she said, wringing the water from it. "None of you boys thought about how being nude against your will would feel, so now we're all going to deal with this." She walked back to our porch, tossed the shorts inside, and closed the sliding door. “Together.”
“You’re going to stay with us?!” I cried, shielding my crotch with my hands underwater.
“Of course,” she laughed, walking back to poolside and relaxing into a lounge chair. "How else am I going to make sure you boys don't horse around during your time out? If one of you smacked your head while you were buck naked, now that would be an embarrassing 911 call!"
"But, but, Mrs. Gainer..." Hank sputtered. "We're naked! And you're a woman! You can't just watch us swim!"
"Of course I can. When I was a young girl, women used to watch men swim naked all the time.”
“Really?” Uri gulped.
“I'm sorry you boys don't have any way to look it up on Wikipedia right now, so you'll have to believe me,” she laughed. "It used to happen all the time at the YMCA, at the beach, at school. Most women my age have relaxed around nude boys all the time. And all mothers definitely have; Jeff was practically naked all the time until he was five- I couldn't keep clothes on that boy!”
I started to blush even more as she laughed and non-chalantly waved her hand. "So you boys just go on and do what you normally would have done. Just pretend I'm not even here."
None of us moved a muscle.
"Well go on. Swim!" she laughed. "Unless you boys want to do nude activities outside the pool. I've always got gutters you can clean!"
We looked at each other and gulped, then started slowly swimming, trying not to get too close to each other or show our bodies to her. That eventually resulted with all four of us hugging the walls and making a circuit around of the edge of the pool, passing my mother once every thirty seconds or so.
She just leaned back in her chair, watching us!
"I'm so glad all four of you are cute, muscular young men," she laughed. "It makes monitoring this punishment barely a chore at all- I could watch this all day!"
My friends blushed, me most of all.
I couldn't help it- moving around in the pool, buck naked in the broad daylight... And the water, swirling around my totally exposed cock and balls...
I gasped as I felt a tightness in my crotch, one that I knew all too well.
Not NOW! I begged my body, as my penis started to stretch.
But with an concentrated effort I willed my erection back down, even though the tingles threatened to strike again at any moment.
My mother wasn't making it any easier.
She wolf whistled, then laughed, "I should get a drink to go along with this show!" We all blushed as she laughed again. "Looking good, boys- only thirteen minutes left to go!"
Then she started talking to each of us as we floated past her chair.
"Is this the first time you've been totally buck naked outside, Uri?"
The Russian blushed and nodded. "Yes Ma'am."
"How about you, Tommy?"
"Nah, I've been skinny dippin' twice before!" the idiot laughed. “I wouldn't even mind if you joined us, Mrs. Gainer- I mean, in a bikini or somethin', of course!”
I groaned. Why was I friends with him again?
"I don't think I'll be putting on a bikini for you boys any time soon," my mother laughed, crossing her long legs fetchingly. Her nude foot bobbed right at our face level now. “But thank you for inviting me."
She turned to the next boy. "How about you, Hank? Is this your first time being nude outside?"
The curly haired boy blushed as he slowly waded past. "No Ma'am. Tommy has pantsed me like three times before."
"But you've never stayed nude this long before?"
He shook his head, ears turning red. "No."
"And never in front of a woman?"
"No!" he gasped, swimming past. He seemed as embarrassed by this as I was!
My mother chuckled as I came by her chair. "And I know it's Jeff's first time baring his bits to the sun this year- his white butt is blinding me from here!"
The way she was laughing at me, her superior smile- I forced my erection down again, just barely! What was wrong with me?
My mother chuckled, her bare foot stirring the air, then she pointed at the equipment at the other side of the pool deck. “What were you boys planning to do with that net over there?"
Uri gulped, looking where she pointed. "We were, um, going to play some water volleyball, Mrs. Gainer."
My mother just laughed and settled into her chair. "Well don't let me stop you. That sounds like a fine idea."
"Mom!" I wailed.
"Oh look,” she said, glancing down at her wristwatch, “now you boys have twenty minutes left on your punishment! I wonder how in the heck that happened?"
Blushing, Hank and Uri scrambled to drag the floating net into the pool, while not getting out of the water themselves. Tommy snagged the ball while only showing a little of his butt- making my mom wolf-whistle again!- and reluctantly, I took a serving position.
My serve was too soft and hit the net. Uri served from the other side and hit the net as well. My teammate Hank got his serve over, Tommy set it back to us, but neither Hank or I really tried to get to the ball.
"This is the weakest game of volleyball I've ever seen," my mother laughed. "A nursing home team could beat you guys!"
“Because we're naked!” I protested.
"I know. I can see four bare pink butts from here! Now you boys better start playing some real volleyball, or when Sierra gets home I'm sure she'll be happy to give you four nudists some playing tips. In the front yard.”
The game picked up immediately.
My mother wolf-whistled when Uri jumped for the first spike, his crotch rising out of the water for a long moment. The boy blushed harder when he landed, and stayed low in the water for the next few points. Tommy got bolder after that, leaping up high for spikes, letting his cock and balls flop in her view many times on the same point.
"Whoo! Looking good, Tommy Thompson!" she cheered, as the rest of us just blushed.
The muscular boy swam over to her side, arms on the edge of the concrete as he grinned up at her. "You're looking pretty good too, Mrs. Gainer! Are those, ah, designer jeans or somethin'? Your legs look awesome in them.”
“Why thank you Tommy,” she chuckled. “When I shaved my legs just this morning in the shower, I didn't know I'd have three appreciative nude boys staring at them this afternoon- I would have worn short shorts instead of jeans!”
Tommy's stupid flirting grin was back. “There's still time to go change...”
"Hey, are we playing here or not?" I demanded. I knew how my male friends looked at my thirty-seven year old mom- I heard them talk behind my back- and I knew her legs were her best feature, that was obvious- but why did Tommy have to go and mention it like that?
"I don't know, honey,” she laughed, “are you? It seems like only Tommy and Uri are spiking the ball. You and Hank seem to like getting beaten. I wonder why that is?”
My face turned beet red.
“No reason!” I told her, about to die of humiliation.
I served, soft again but over the net, Uri set Tommy up, and Tommy spiked the ball so hard it bounced off of me and out of the pool.
All four of us froze, looking at the ball lying halfway across the wide open lawn.
My voice was wavering as I said, "Well, go get it Tommy."
"Me? It bounced off your side!"
“You hit it!”
"Yeah, but you touched it last!"
I gulped and looked at where the ball lay, out in the bright sunlight halfway across the backyard, then up at my mother's smirking face. "Uh, mom? A little help here?"
"Sure honey. I think... the boy who touched the ball last should have to get it."
"That's not what I meant!" I cried as the other boys- my friends!- laughed at my expense.
"Why? Afraid your mommy will see your little pink sausage flopping around?" she said, making my old friends laugh harder. "Now go! The point of this punishment was to embarrass you, remember?"
I groaned, but I knew better than to argue with her now! I burst from the pool to get the ball and ran back, diving into the pool. My mother broke out in loud laughs- half the neighborhood must have heard her!- and I turned to her in shock.
She was still laughing. "Sorry dear! I just realized- how much you take after your father!"
And then, to my horror, she held her thumb and forefinger up, the tips of her fingers barely four inches apart.
Was she saying I had a little dick?!
“I mean, really take after him...” And then she moved her fingers even closer together!
She was saying I had a little dick!
Oh god...
She composed herself, waving at the four of us. “Keep playing boys.” She laughed, looking at my red face. “I'm sorry, Jeff!”
I wanted to die as the others laughed. “Just serve already!” I yelled, throwing the ball to Tommy.
Now that I started to look, one thing was as crystal clear as the pool water itself.
Tommy's dick was a thick hose that hung halfway to his knees. Uri's was even longer than that. Even though Hank's was shorter than Tommy's, it was still swinging and respectable. But mine was even smaller than Hank's, not even half Tommy's size.
I had the smallest dick of all my friends!
And now my mother knew!
That was it- my cock started expanding and there was nothing I could do to stop it. I stayed extra low in the water, only moving as little as needed, always keeping my back to my mother.
“Jeff, come on!” Hank yelled at me as yet another point landed on my side. “You could have gotten that one!”
“Just play, okay?!”
Hank got mad on the next point and jumped up high to spike the ball down on Tommy, after which the ball went off into the far bushes.
My mother cheered at her good luck. “Go get it, Tommy!”
He blushed and scrambled out of the pool, his back to us. It seemed like he was running faster than usual, and he had almost made it back to the safety of the pool when-
"Tommy Thompson! Stop right there!" my mother cried, and the boy froze, at the edge of the concrete. "Are you getting an erection?! In my pool?"
The nude boy blushed, shaking his head with the ball held in front of his crotch. The cocky boy had turned into an embarrassed one in one stroke. "No ma'am!"
"Throw that ball to Hank," she commanded, then laughed. "Then what's that, then?"
The boy's thick cock was sticking out in front of him, getting stiffer with every rapid heartbeat. His face was red as he stood, exposed.
“I'm sorry!”
"Were you playing with yourself in my pool?" she laughed. "Tommy!"
"No ma'am! I wasn't! It just... happened!"
“Come over here,” my mother snapped, pointing to the concrete in front of her. “You'll just have to get rid of it.”
Tommy's steps were slow. “What do you mean?”
“I know a situation like this can be sexual for young boys like you,” my mother laughed as Tommy slowly came to her side of the pool. “But trust me, for experienced women, it's just like watching four naked puppies play in my back yard. Amusing, entertaining, but not sexual.” She glanced at Tommy's large, throbbing cock, grinning. “Even if three of you boys are hung very well.”
I blushed again- she was never going to stop teasing me about that!
“Hold out your hands, Tommy.” Blushing, he did, and my mom put one squirt of suntan lotion into each of his palms from a bottle on the table. “Now go ahead. Take care of your little problem.”
Tommy almost fell over! “Right here?”
“Better here than in the pool,” she laughed. “I don't want to fish that stuff out of the filter!”
“But, but...” He looked around, then at her legs and bare feet, then licked his lips. “Are you going to... help me?”
She laughed. “No dear! I'm going to watch. And then you're going to go back and play some more volleyball.”
Tommy was beet red, and rock hard!
And so was I.
“But...” he gulped, looking around. His hand was starting to creep closer to his erection.
“I know you're going to do it to yourself tonight, thinking about this situation,” she laughed. “So why not just do it here, right in front of me?”
His fingers closed around his shaft. “Oh god!” His slicked fist started moving up and down, faster.
He was beating off, right in front of us!
And my mother just giggled.
“Take a step to the left, dear. I don't want you falling into the pool when you cum.”
He did, still stroking himself. “Oh god... ahhhhh!” Tommy's hips bucked and he shot out a long white stream of cum onto the concrete, groaning as he did. “AHhhhhh!”
“Keep stroking and get it all out,” my mother laughed. “I don't want that stuff clogging up my filters!”
Red faced, the panting boy did, stroking his softening cock to make the last spurts full ones, splattering on the concrete.
My mother handed him a tissue when he was done. “Feel better now?”
Tommy just nodded- he couldn't talk, and neither could any of the rest of us!
Had that really just happened?
My mother looked at her watch and giggled. “You barely lasted thirty seconds, Tommy! Did having me watch make you shoot off faster than usual?”
His face reddened even more. “Yes ma'am! I'm sorry!”
She just relaxed, crossing her legs again. “I don't mind, dear. I consider it a compliment. Now go back and join your friends.”
Blushing, embarrassed, he did, looking at our three shocked faces. “Serve already, will you?!”
Almost in a daze, we did, and got through two whole points before my mother stopped us again.
“Hank Goldstein,” she tutted, shaking her head. “Are YOU hard in my pool now?”
Hank was breathing fast, his face bright red. “Yes ma'am!”
“Come on out, then.”
Hank pointed a finger at me accusing. “Jeff's got a boner too!”
“Well I can't very well make my own son masturbate in front of me,” my mother laughed. “Not unless he wants to?”
“NO!” I cried, wishing, praying, begging my boner to go away. But as she squirted suntan lotion into the shaking Hank's palms and made him stand in front of her, I only got even harder!
“Then it's just you right now,” she told Hank. “And try to last longer than Tommy did? Popping off too quickly isn't a habit young boys should get into, especially not cute ones like yourselves.”
Hank looked like he was about to have a heart attack. “Yes ma'am!” He closed his eyes and wrapped his fingers around his smaller cock, and started doing the most private of motions. And my mother just looked on!
“Just try to forget I'm here, dear. Watching you.”
“Oh god, oh NO!” Hank cried and exploded all over himself, thrusting his hips and shooting his cum on the concrete, just like Tommy had. He also got some on his chest and arms. It was quite a cum shot!
“Goodness, Hank, that was barely ten seconds!” she laughed, handing him some tissues. “Is that what normally happens?”
“No ma'am,” Hank wailed, wiping his cum off his chest. “It was having you here!”
My mother fanned herself dramatically. “Boys, this is embarrassing! You're making me feel like a supermodel!”
It took superhuman effort to keep my hands of my painfully hard dick- but I did it. I couldn't touch myself- in front of my own mother!
As Hank continued to clean himself up, she looked down and laughed. “Oh, honey, you got some on my foot. Clean it up for me?”
She extended her leg in the humiliated boy's direction, her nude bare foot held out a foot above the ground. And just as she said, there was a puddle of Hank's cum dripping from the instep.
All of us watched as he went to his knees, nude in front of my mother, and cradled her slim foot in his bare hands.
“Careful!” she giggled. “I'm very ticklish, Hank!”
“Sorry ma'am!” he cried, blushing even more. And then I heard Uri cough from across the net.
“Mrs. Gainer. I... I think I may have some tension to work out, too.” His face was as red as the old Russian flag!
“Well come on, then,” she laughed. “Over there, so you can't splash me too!” She waved at the boy still wiping her foot. “That's good Hank- you got it all.”
“Yes ma'am!” Hank said, slipping back into the water, as red-faced as Tommy now.
Uri rose from the water, dripping, and my mother looked at his huge erection and laughed.
“That's going to take a lot more suntan lotion than the others! Wow!”
I almost exploded then, watching my mother eye up a huge, throbbing cock with anticipation in her eyes. I had never seen her this excited, not even at Christmas!
She crossed her legs again, wigging her newly cleaned bare toes. “Now Uri, point that cannon away from me, out into the grass. I'm sure you could cover me with cum if you wanted to, couldn't you?”
“Yes ma'am!” the boy grunted, already stroking himself.
I blushed as I noticed that it took two hands. I had never used two hands- I barely filled up my one!
“Have you ever had a woman watch you do this before, Uri?”
“Well I'm watching now. I'm watching your face strain, I'm watching your chest heave. I'm even watching the cute way you're clenching your bare buns as you get closer and-”
“AHHHHHRRGH,” Uri screamed, unloading his cum into the grass with rifle velocity. The cum came and came, in jet after jet.
“Less than twenty seconds,” my mother marveled. “You boys are definitely a boost to my ego, I'll tell you that!”
“Because you're beautiful, Mrs. Gainer!” Tommy said. His cockiness must have returned as his embarrassment faded. “I mean, if you got into a bikini or something, I bet I could even show off for you again-”
“Tommy Thompson, stop trying to get me in a bikini!” she laughed. “You're the ones that are exposed for me here, not the other way around! You mention that again and I'll make you boys swim naked in this pool every time you come over this Summer!”
She was waiting for us to laugh, but what met her words were embarrassed, horny silence. She turned, looking at us. “Boys?”
I had to say something!
“No mom! Okay, we've learned our lesson! Can we PLEASE get dressed now?!”
“Not very convincing, from a boy who's little willie is rock hard right now.” I blushed and covered myself as she looked at my friends. “And what do you boys say? Do you want to swim naked back here again?”
Hank was blushing. Uri was blushing, now back in the pool. Even the normally confident Tommy had a rosy glow to his cheeks.
“I mean,” he said, “would you be out here with us? Watching us?”
“Well of course, Tommy. I have to make sure you boys don't do anything improper,” she giggled, giving him a wink. “But that's all I'd do- watch. I'd just sit here and drink a lemonade, maybe read a magazine or talk to a friend on the phone while you boys frolic in my pool. Buck naked. Would you like that?”
“No Mom! That's sick!”
“That's one vote for no,” she laughed. “How many votes for yes? You don't have to talk, just raise your hand.”
And I couldn't believe it as Hank, Uri and Tommy all raised their hands!
“Guys! Come on!”
But my mother just laughed, "Okay, that's enough swimming for for today. Get out and dry yourselves off. Sierra will be home any minute.”
The other boys rushed to their towels, my mother brought our suits back from the house, and we all put them on quickly.
“If you boys are going to be naked in my backyard next weekend,” she said as my friends dressed, “you're going to be totally, truly, helplessly naked. I'm going to take your clothes away the moment you get here, keep them locked where you can't get at them no matter how much you beg, and not give them back to you until I'm good and ready, is that clear?” She looked at us. “Is that what you want? Hank?”
The boy just blushed and nodded. He was already getting hard in his suit again!
“Yes ma'am.”
“Of course, Mrs. Gainer. Or should we call you Kate?”
“Mrs. Gainer is fine. And just for that, I'm going to make next week extra embarrassing for you boys.”
“Mom, no!” She was talking about my sister!
“Not that dear,” she laughed. “I'd never bring Sierra into this. This is just our thing, you boys and mine. I meant...” She smiled at us. “I know what you boys are going to do, thinking about this incident later. You'll probably do it as soon as you get home!”
We blushed a little more.
“But I want you boys to NOT do that thing tonight. Or tomorrow.”
Tommy gulped. “For how long?”
She grinned. “Did you boys enjoy having me watch you relieve your tension?”
“Yes ma'am!”
Why the heck were they so happy?
“Then don't relieve any without me, until next weekend, okay? If you do that, I promise we'll have fun. In fact, if all four of you keep it bottled up until next weekend, well, I may just wear something a little more... fun next time?”
“Like a thong bikini?” Tommy hoped.
“That's it, you boys are naked in this house all summer long!” my mother stated. “Every time you come over to visit Jeff, be prepared to put on your birthday suit because that's the only way I'm letting you step inside, swim party or no!” She laughed at the shocked boys. “Now get out of here, boys- and remember our deal, but only if you four are good throughout the week!”
I stamped my foot in disbelief as my three so-called-friends raced out our pool gate, blushing but smiling.
“Mom! No! You can't do this!”
“My house, my rules,” she laughed, then looked down at the tent in my shorts. “And are you sure you don't want to relieve any tension today, Jeff? You look like you need to.”
“No! Never! That's gross!”
“Then why don't you go take a cold shower, Jeff? It looks like you need it.”
I raced inside, hearing my mother's laughter behind me.


Five minutes later I was taking a hot shower, playing with my hard dick in my soapy hands.
I hadn't wanted to jack off, but I was so horny!
I tried to think of other things, other girls I knew- it was gross, thinking about your mother- but I kept returning to how she had looked, supremely confident, sitting in that chair fully clothed while we were totally naked...
Naked and hard...
“I assumed this is how I'd find you,” she laughed, walking right into the bathroom.
“MOM!” I yelled, yanking my hands away from my dick and facing the corner of the shower. “GO AWAY!”
Instead she just leaned against the bathroom sink like she was going to be there a while.
“Why? Because you're naked? I've already seen that today. Or because you're masturbating while thinking about me?”
“I wasn't thinking of you!” I cried over my shoulder.
“Turn around Jeff. I need to make sure you aren't masturbating while you're talking to me. Now.”
Hands shaking, face burning, I did, letting her see my hard, bobbing dick through the clear glass shower door. Which she promptly slid out of the way.
“Oh, dear, is that as big as it gets? I'm so sorry honey, but I know you didn't get that from my side of the family.”
My tiny penis bobbed as she made fun of its size.
The sound of her teasing laughs...
“Goodness, you look ready to pop,” she laughed, then looked at my eyes. “But it's not appropriate for a son to think about his mother while he touches himself. So stop.”
I gulped, willing myself to not reach out and touch my painfully hard dick.
“I just wanted to make sure you were okay with what just happened.”
“Of course not, Mom! You, you...”
“Just sat in a chair and watched you boys swim. That's all.”
“But we were naked!”
“So?” she laughed. “I know about the secret stash of Playboys you think you have hidden in the back of your closet. If there was a bunch of cute little eighteen year old girls swimming naked in our backyard, I bet you'd sit down and watch too.”
I gritted my teeth as my erection tried to leap off my body, it was surging so hard. “That's not the same!”
“I know,” she laughed. “My version is a lot more innocent- I can control myself! I don't know what you would do, if those naked eighteen year old girls started coming out of the water at you, telling you how horny they were, and then used sunscreen to play with their young bodies, squirming and using their fingers on themselves until they-”
“Oh fuck!”
I was cumming!
I wanted to reach down and grab my pulsing cock so badly, but my mother was right there! I grabbed the hair on my head instead, pulling on my roots as the cum raced up my tingling shaft, against my will, then spurted out the tip, right in front of her! The first contraction was hard, but then the spurts got weaker and weaker.
My mother's cheeks were red, and she had her hand over her open mouth. “Oh my goodness, Jeff! Your father had premature problems too, but he never... wow!”
I couldn't respond. I was dying of shame as my bobbing cock just kept weakly pumping out my cum in front of my mother, and I couldn't stop it!
She was still laughing. “And that didn't even look like it was any fun! Adults call that a ruined orgasm. I bet you it didn't feel very good at all, did it honey?”
I couldn't even look at her!
She stood up and patted my burning cheek. “But at least you got a little release. That's good, because the same rules for your friends apply to you too: no masturbating this week, and you all get a little treat next Saturday.” She opened the door and looked back at me. “I know it's going to be a rough week, you'll probably want a real orgasm instead of that weak ruined release you just had.” She laughed at me. “But if I suspect you masturbated for real before next Saturday, I'll go on your Facebook page and tell everyone about how you just lost your load without even touching yourself, just from having a woman look at you.”
I felt my heart stop. She wouldn't!
She was closing the door. “Have a nice week, honey. And be sure to invite your friends over next Saturday.”



  1. Hello PFD,
    Thank you very much for this beautiful gift. The story is very exciting. And also exciting when I try to imagine the next part.
    PS : It will be very difficult (for me) to wait until Sex Powers University 3.



  2. This is amazing. Exactly what I was looking for in a story. Please tell me more chapters are on the way.

    1. Anon, well, I'm writing Sex Powers University 3.2 right now, but after that gets published at the end of February, yes, there should be a second chapter of Pool Days coming. Which would you find hotter- the Mom helps them all cum in the second installment or denies them all?

    2. Oh, and thank you so much for the comment and praise!

    3. I really enjoy reading your work. I think it would be hot to see her help the friends cum but she teases or denies the son or causes him another ruined orgasm.

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    1. I know, right? Most mom/son stories on Literotica are about the mom just LOVING her son's HUGE cock- I think it's much funnier if she has NO sexual interest in him whatsoever!

      And I was going to write only SPU episode 3.3 this weekend, but this comment made me put a few hours into Pool Days #2. So you see readers? Comments work!