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A Frank Conversation Between Two Women About Swallowing Semen (Powers, cum-eating, humil)

"So, how often do you make your husband swallow his cum?" the brunette in the tight black dress asked.
"Oh, every time he shoots," the blond woman laughed, dabbing the corner of her mouth with a dinner napkin. "That's usually once a week, but Tim's gotten a tasty treat each of the last four days- I think being on a cruise has got both of us quite randy!"
Tim face blushed at his wife's confession- to another couple they had just met across the dinner table, no less! Sandra smiled and squeezed her red-faced husband's thigh. "Yes, my dearest Tim has been a proud cum-eater for two straight years now, ever since the Powers came."
The two men at the table shivered, just hearing the word. Powers. The psychic sexual abilities that had brought all men to their knees, once women had mastered them. The final volley in the battle of the sexes.
"Every time!" the brunette gasped, then slapped the leg of her own stone-faced husband. "See, Hank! It doesn't make you into a sissy!"
"Not completely, no," Sandra chuckled, as Tim blushed even more. “But there's a story I like to tell, you know the one, Tim dear." He tried to sink below the table as Sandra laughed.
"I tell my dear husband," she continued, "to think about the sluttiest girl from his high school, the one who slept with all the stars of the football team, the one who blew every member of the basketball team in the showers after the big game. Every high school has one. What was the name of that girl at your school again, dear?"
Tim swallowed, his throat dry. "Michelle Mikinos."
"That's right," Sandra said, patting his thigh. "So I tell Tim to think about Michelle Mikinos, and all the names the boys in his class used to call her: 'cum dumpster', 'semen sucker', 'load licker'. And then I remind Tim that, in the two years since Powers came, he's swallowed more cum that Michelle ever had in her four years of high school! And he's just getting started!"
Julie squealed, eyeing the red-faced man. "Oh my goodness, that's too funny!"
Sandra smiled, watching her husband squirm. "Yes. I want Tim to realize that, over the course of his life, he's going to swallow more cum than every single woman he knows. He's going to eat more hot loads than any porn star he's ever looked down on, even if she does nothing but bukakke videos! He's going to taste, swallow, and digest more than one hundred Michelle Mikinos amounts of semen, because I am going to make him eat every single load he shoots, for the rest... of... his... life. Oh goody, our main course is here!”
Tim blushed as a pretty young waitress took away their salad plates. How much of Sandra's words had she heard? The waitress wore the same tiny tight skirt that all the female cruise staff did, but barely looked eighteen. He couldn't stop peeking at those young, tan legs as she served their section, even though that made his balls fuller-
And then the girl was standing over him. "And would the gentleman like sauce with his meat?"
She was smirking at him. She knew! She had to!
"No!" Tim coughed, waving away the gravy boat as the women giggled. "No thank you!"
"So he has to swallow even after masturbation?" the brunette Julie giggled immediately as the waitress was leaving, making him blush even more.
"Every time," Sandra confirmed, digging into her prime rib. "Constant cum-eating is the best way to keep a willful husband in line. I love making him lick his own, hot slimy load from my fingers while teasing him about being the Michelle Mikinos of the neighborhood- you should just see how contrite he gets around me for the next few days!”
Julie almost spilled her drink with laughter. "Oh my lord, that is a riot!"
Tim couldn't look the other woman in the face, just like he hadn't been able to look his sisters in the eyes for months after Sandra had told them too! His wife, a little tipsy, waved her nearly empty drink at Julie and Hank.
"So how about you two? Has male cum-swallowing become the norm out East too?"
"Oh goodness no!" Julie laughed, digging into her steak. Somehow, Tim didn't feel hungry anymore. "That's why I asked, when I heard you two were from the West Coast. I mean, there are a few women like you out our way, and you hear stories sometimes, but I don't think I know any man who swallows his cum every time," she chuckled, throwing a quick smirk at the red-faced Tim.
"So you don't make Hank eat sperm? At all?"
The brunette grinned. "Not his own loads, no-"
"Julie!" the other man gasped, almost dropping his fork.
"Hush dear, they're being so honest with us, it's only fair we be completely open with them as well!"
"NO Julie! I won't have you-"
Julie made a pinching gesture in front of her mouth and across the table, Hank's lips suddenly clamped shut. Tim watched in horror as the other man tried to speak, but Sex Powers held his lips together!
Julie shook her head and laughed to Sandra. "Men."
The blond smirked at her husband. "I know, right? Always using their mouths for the wrong thing. Go on, dear.”
Her husband cowed, Julie continued. "So about a month ago I read on HuffPo about how much fun you girls on the left coast were having making your men swallow their own cum, so I surprised Hank one night by freezing him with my Powers after sex and straddling his face." She smirked at her husband, who was now head down, picking at his food just like Tim was. "We had talked about it before, but somehow, the idea of a cream pie didn't interest him nearly as much after he had cum as it did before."
Sandra laughed and looked at her blushing husband. "Sounds familiar."
"But oh, the rush," Julie said, shivering. "The look on his face as his own cum slid down his throat for the first time, when he tasted what he wanted me to swallow all those years- I came almost right away!"
"Now that definitely sounds familiar!" Sandra laughed.
"Well, Hank didn't want to have sex the next night, because he was afraid I'd do it to him again. Or the night after that. Or the rest of that week." Julie shrugged. "But I had to have that feeling again! This time, I froze Hank when his dick was the hardest, when he had painful morning wood, so the Freeze spell would be even harder for him to try and break.”
Sandra was nodding. “Smart.”
“I know,” Julie giggled. “I even had enough power to levitate Hank into the closet and hold his struggling body there while I went next door to go get the hot college boy who used to stroke himself off each night in high school thinking of me." The brunette smiled. “The one who had a thick, beer-bottle sized cock!"
Fear shot through Tim's heart as his wife just chuckled and said, "Interesting...”
"God, that boy was hung," Julie sighed. "I let him fuck me in our bed so hard we practically broke the springs! And I didn't have to fake an orgasm like I do with Hank, I just let loose and moaned, begging him to go deeper, harder!”
“With your husband right in the closet?” Sandra laughed.
“Strangely enough, it only made his cock harder!” Julie giggled.
Fear gripped Tim's heart as his wife looked at him meaningfully again. “Interesting...”
“And after the boy had done his deed- god young studs cum so much- I used my Powers to free Hank from the closet and told him, if he ever wanted to touch me again, he would get between my legs and clean me up!"
Tim was shivering, because Sandra was listening intently. And because he was rock hard under the table.
“And what happened?!”
Julie gave her husband a look as she ate another piece of steak. “Best. Oral. Sex. I've. Ever. Had! Having him rock hard and eating cum out of my pussy was so much better than having him limp while he did it!”
Sandra's hand was on Tim's thigh, squeezing it. “Interesting.” His heart was racing, from the look she was giving him right now! “And the college boy...?”
“Oh, we made it a weekly thing,” the brunette purred. “Strangely enough Hank started bringing me flowers, complementing my clothes and taking me out to dinner all the time- he thought by being romantic towards me he could make me forget about my new fling. But all he did was get me wet and ready to see my lover!”
Both women laughed as Hank's face, still unable to speak, got red and he looked like he wanted to dive overboard.
“That's actually why we came on this cruise,” Julie said. “Neighbors would talk if I started to sleep with every college boy in town, but I just HAD to have the feeling of my horny husband licking cum out of me each night!” She shook her head, pouting a little. “But everyone we've met on the cruise has been couples so far! I even ordered Hank to stay in our stateroom all afternoon as I laid out on the adults-only sun deck, wearing nothing but a smile and suntan lotion! I mean, I got plenty of appreciative looks as I lotioned up my entire body, especially my breasts, pussy and ass, right out in the open, even pulling on my nipples to make them hard, but not one man came up to me!” The woman giggled. “All I think I did was get five or ten husbands spanked by their wives for ogling me and then put in chastity belts bought from the ship's duty free store.”
“Men never learn,” Sandra chuckled. “I had to put my little Timmy in chastity for a month last year, because he wouldn't stop watching women's tennis.” She patted his cheek. “Poor baby missed eating his own cum so bad that month!”
“How do you do it, Sandra? How do I get my Hank to enjoy swallowing cum as much as your husband does?"
Now it was Sandra who almost spilled her drink laughing. "Oh Tim doesn't enjoy swallowing!Not any more than you or I did! But he eats his own cum, because I tell him to. Oh, thank you dear," Sandra said, as the waitress topped off her water glass.
"No problem, ma'am," the girl giggled, and gave the men another smirk. “Any one else getting dry mouth? Let me top off that glass, sir...”
Now Julie was laughing too. To Tim it felt like the whole room must have been listening to their conversation!
His wife motioned her fork towards his plate. “Eat your prime rib before it gets cold, dear. Some things you don't want to eat cold.”
“Ain't that the truth!” the young waitress giggled, her cleavage right in his face as she refilled his glass. He had closed his eyes not to look, but he could still sense her there!
“You ladies need anything else?” the girl giggled, standing back up.
“Not now dear, thank you so much.”
As the girl strutted away and the red-faced Tim opened his eyes again, Julie smiled and sipped her drink. "So what's your favorite way to do it?"
Sandra rubbed her chin. "You know, I love bending Tim over in half and making him shoot right onto his own face! That way I can use my hands to make sure I milk out every drop into his mouth, and I get to see the panicked expression on his face right before he explodes."
"Oh my god, I love watching videos about that one!” Julie cackled. “Do you ever use dishes to collect it too?"
"I used a saucer and a spoon once," Sandra giggled, and Tim almost stopped eating. "I made little airplane noises as I fed Tim his sperm, one teaspoon at a time. I posted a video of that one to my Facebook feed. His mother and older sisters 'Liked' it."
Tim's face was on fire.
“Oh wow!” Julie was laughing. “I wish I could make Hank do things like that, but he's just being stubborn, aren't you dear? You're just making me seek out other lovers, aren't you?”
She made a gesture in the air with her fingers that Tim couldn't follow, and suddenly the other man could speak again.
He was red faced, contrite. “Julie, please... don't tell them any more...”
The slim brunette just laughed at him. "You know, ever since he ate my first lover's sperm, I think I want Hank to taste every flavor of the cuckold rainbow. I want him to eat spicy Mexican cum off my tits, lick thick Italian sperm that's been blasted all over my ass, and suck loads and loads of Black cum right from my pussy." Julie licked her lips. "SO much Black cum."
Sandra purred, shooting more fear through Tim's stomach. "Mmmm, that sounds fun. Can I help?”
“You're going about it the wrong way- trying to tempt the men on this boat to cheat. That's like asking them to cut off their own balls. Which they'd rather do than have their Powers-enabled wives mad at them!”
“What then?”
“Ask the wives,” Sandra laughed. “I bet plenty of women would love to help you humiliate your husband. There's so many passengers on this ship, we could set up a twenty man bukakke in your cabin every night and never use the same man twice! Hank would be drowning in cum he'd have to lick off your body!”
Tim saw the other woman's cheeks get red. “Oh god- Hank drowning in cum? I love the sound of that!”
Sandra exclaimed with her mouth full, then swallowed quickly to speak. "Oh, and have them take Zinc supplements for a few days before they come over. I give them to Tim daily and it doubles the amount he has to eat every time." Tim looked at the ground as Sandra patted his belly like he was a child. "Can't have my hubby going hungry!"
Julie was typing a note into her phone. "I'll have them try that! Oh god, twenty men, shooting out double the cum they usually do... Hank, the cruise brochure said this ship had a never-ending buffet, and you're going to prove them right!”
The other man was practically crying. “Julie, please! We're married! Please don't do this...”
“It's your own fault, dear. If you just agreed to eat your own cum from me every time, I wouldn't have to go out looking for more...”
Tim saw the women look at each other expectantly, holding back giggles.
The other man wiped his eyes. He was crying now. “Okay! I'll do it!”
His wife was smiling. “Do what?”
“Every time?” she giggled. “You're still a young man, Hank. That's a lot of cum over your life.”
“That's a Michelle Mikinos level of cum,” Sandra giggled. “Times twenty.”
“And I'll be feeding you Zinc tablets every day, so you can double the amount of sperm you swallow, without having to do any extra work!"
Tim noticed the other man's knuckles had gone white almost as white as the napkin they clutched. “Yes! Please, just no more other men!”
“Not as many other men,” the woman corrected. “I still might keep my weekly date with that college boy.” She winked at Tim's wife. “Big, willing, cocks are worth keeping around.”
The man lowered his head in defeat. “Yes dear.”
“Awww, what a happy ending,” Sandra laughed, sucking on her beer bottle. “Tim just loves happy endings, don't you Tim? Don't you just love them?”
Tim gasped as he felt experienced phantom lips pulling and sucking on his cock, the same way his wife's lips were sucking on that beer bottle!
She just winked at him as she continued to chug her bottle.
Tim squirmed in his seat, his balls pulling tighter. But a moment before he would have exploded, Sandra made a loop with her free index finger at his crotch and his orgasm hit a wall of magic instead, his sperm shooting back into his own balls with the force nature intended they should have shot out with. It felt like a punch to his balls while giving him no sexual relief whatsoever and he cried out, gripping the table as he yelled. He turned beet red as the conversation around all the nearby tables came to a dead halt.
Then turned even redder as the women at those tables clapped, before chuckling and turning back to their companions as if nothing extra-ordinary had just happened.
“Don't cum yet, dear,” his wife chuckled, putting down the beer bottle as he tried to collect his breath. “You'll spoil your dessert.”
“Self facial tonight?” Julie laughed. “Or the saucer?”
“I was going to let him fuck my ass,” Sandra said. “He's been such a good boy tonight, trying so hard not to ogle this hot little cock-tease they've got serving our section.” She lovingly patted his arm. “Yes dear, I've noticed when you've tried to be good.” Her voice got lower. “And when you haven't. You can stop looking at Julie's tits anytime.”
He gulped and forced his eyes to his plate as both women just laughed.
“But Julie, the way you've described how much better the oral sex is when Hank licks cum from you when he's hard, not soft... it makes me want to give my husband the 'never ending cum buffet' experience too- I bet I could get ten men to shower me with loads tonight if I wanted!”
Now it was Tim's turn to go white in the face. “Sandra! No!”
He was shocked as this time, Sandra made a clamping gesture with her fingers and it was his lips that were magically sealed shut!
“Oh my god, I'd love to see that!” Julie squealed, sealing her husband's lips as well. “And Hank can be there to pick up the leftovers!”
“There won't be any leftovers, honey.”
“Oh we'll see about that,” Julie laughed. “I bet we can get so many guys to bukakke you tonight, Tim will be begging to have Hank help lick it off!”
The women were still laughing when their young waitress came up to the table again to clear their plates.
"And will you folks be wanting any dessert tonight?"
“We absolutely will,” Sandra laughed, and Tim jerked as her psychic Powers paid attention to his rock hard cock again. A slow building handjob, this time. “The lady and I will be having the chocolate fudge cake, and the boys will be having cream pies. Lots and lots of cream pies.”
“Oh, I'm sorry ma'am,” the girl giggled, knowingly looking at the two red-faced men. “Our kitchen doesn't make cream pies.”
Tim was squirming, panting. He was about to hit his orgasm block again, with this barely eighteen year old girl standing just inches from him!
Sandra leaned forward, her chin in her hands, her eyes sparkling with mischief. “About that dear- maybe the kitchen doesn't. But amongst the kitchen staff, do you have any tall, muscular men who... eat a lot of Zinc?”


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