Saturday, December 26, 2015

Oh my god Cocksitters Club #1 is finally published (and news about Sex Powers University 3)

Because one anonymous commenter asked for it, Cocksitter's Club #1: Lori's interest, just got published on Smashwords today!  (See, your comments DO matter!)

It's a lot of the same stuff I wrote for my better femdom writing blog posts a year back, but with some stuff cut, some added, and a lot polished up.  You can always read it for free on my blog, but some folks wanted a downloadable copy to keep (and that cover is adorable) so here you go:

You can find the book here.  These two sentences are a link.  Click them.  Shit, I meant these four sentences are a link.  

And I've also got big news about Sex Powers University #3.  There's a big change in how I'm going to release it.

Instead of one big 40,000 word book available in six months (or a year, knowing how my schedule goes), I'm going to release SPU 3 in six smaller 10,000 word episodes, one month at a time, for 99 cents each episode.  This will have a few benefits:

  • The book comes out faster, the first installment due in Feb, instead of July. 
  • I am more able to respond to feedback, just like we did with the story "The Best Costume at the Party": if readers suggest something awesome in the comments for episode 1, it can show up in episode 2!
  • I am more able to explore diversions and side stories that always get cut for space in the final book, just like monthly comic books can, (vs. a 1.5 hr comic book movie, which has to be tight) 
  • It will force me to produce great work consistently, not just once a year.
And the final omnibus will get released in July or so anyway, as a collection of all 6 episodes, for $5.99 or something.  So folks who want to wait and get it all at once can do so.  (And there'll be a coupon for steady readers of the episodes, to even out the prices.)  

Anyway, that's the experiment and I'm really excited to try it.  It could fail, it could be awesome, but the great thing about self-publishing is the freedom to try. 

But I do think making each 10,000 word episode stand on its own will make the whole work stronger and give me the space to explore ideas, and I hope a lot of you cum with me.  I'll be letting folks know more news as it happens. 

Thanks for all your support!

P. F. Dee

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