Friday, September 30, 2016

Sex Powers University Episode 3.5 is finally published!

With 0 days left until my self-imposed deadline, I finally published the next-to-last episode of Sex Powers University this year:

You can buy it from my Smashwords page here.

Whew.  If I had known back in January how taxing this grand episodic-book-a-month experiment would be, I might never have done it!  (But I have learned a lot about what my true writing speed is and the magic that can happen on a deadline.)

Okay fans, take your time reading SPU 3.5, because there's a very real chance the final chapter won't come out until the new year.  (Because of Literotica stuff.)

(But I'm still faster than George R.R. Martin!)

(And Happy Birthday Miles Prower.  Hope you enjoy it!)

P.F. Dee


  1. I look foreword to digging into this one. You made my day, thanks. :)

    1. No problem. I gotta support my fans, wearing their birthday suits on their birthday days. Enjoy!

  2. Forenote:I'm looking at episode 3.5 obv because I've liked all your previous stuff so much (not really the sissysort, it didn't bother me, just didn't do anything for me either, but most of it), so bear that in mind...I am a fan, overall.

    I've gotta say the sample put me off...a small note (that didn't discourage, just nitpicking) the whole 'deepthroat' thing makes no sense for that size. Troy could never reach throat. The main thing, was the punishment though. I get bugged by the 'unfairness' of these universes at the best of times, but the way they steamrolled all has nothing to do with fairness, it's just stupid. I'm afraid I can't think of a more polite way to put it, they're going ahead with the word of 2 females against the word of...I dunno, at least a dozen females? It's just idiotic, the 'Enforcers' can't function like that. I'm not saying they shouldn't, I'm saying they can't. A system that close to that could not even evolve into being, it's chaos. It's nonsense. Keep up the good work though, like I said, still a fan :)

    1. Anonymous,
      Thanks for the feedback! I used 'deepthroat' more as a quick shorthand of what Amber's mouth and head were doing down there to Troy, not as a anatomic explanation of where his cock really went. That's the whole point of the humiliation- a boy his size will never reach her throat- ever!

      On your second point, maybe. But the point of the SPU universe is to be a little unfair, a little heightened, a little bit steamrolly towards boys- that's most of the fun!

      It's definitely not as grounded as my 'Pool Days' momdom CFNM series found on this blog, but sometimes I think I can get away with more in SPU, because the girls already have Powers and such.

      Thanks for the feedback, it's literally the only way I know what my readers are thinking, and I don't know... maybe my next story will be in the Cocksitters world, something more gritty and 'realistic'.


    2. I dunno about "your readers", I am one I guess, but I tend to think I should comment less and you guys should ignore me, the way I get bugged by stuff is perhaps a sign I'm not exactly the core audience. It just bugged me in a pedantic way, 'cos it wasn't a girl vs a boy, it was a girl vs a girl (or rather 2 vs several)...dispute resolution is the most basic foundation of any society, before anything else. Like I said, ignore me :)

  3. So, I finished SPU 3.5, and it my favorite installment yet. It's almost like you read my mined. I stated before that chastity is my fetish of choice, but damn. Either you must be a mined reader, or we have a lot of the same taste. That ending tho, I don't think I've seen a cliffhanger making me want more since the end of"Halo 2".
    I look forward to reading the next installment so Troy can "finish the fight".

    1. Haha- that's so awesome to hear! Glad you loved it- I'm taking more chanches with the writing, but it's cool to see fans tracking with me!

  4. I don't know what boundaries casual readers maybe have about the sensitive subject of bdsm, but I would really love see a volunteer credit opportunity or optional on campus internship opportunity for the guys. A sort of career/summer camp staff the provides ballbusting and urine drinking activities for girls on campus.
    I'm into some rather dark fettishes, but use and abuse with a bit of consent and some HEA over tragedy and heartbreaking endings. I mean, the nurse said she had someone special back home right? There can be a hierarchy of power, but if everything is only physical it's no better than porn.
    I really love your books, I wish they were available on Amazon so I can buy it without a trail. Unfortunately the reader groups on goodreads aren't too into femdom because most readers are women.