Friday, September 30, 2016

Announcing the World's Biggest Fan-Written SPH Anthology Contest!

I'm thrilled to announce submissions are now OPEN for the first ever P.F. Dee-sponsored, fan-written, Small Penis Humiliation (SPH) anthology contest!

The rules are:

1.  All submissions must feature small penis humiliation as an element.  How much of an element this plays in the story is up to you, but you know how I love me some humiliation, and I'm the only judge in this contest!

2. All submissions must be in by November 30th, 2016.  The earlier you send them, the greater chance they will make the anthology, since I will have to edit them before publication.  Which reminds me...

3. All stories will be edited by P.F. Dee before publication.  This is probably the biggest benefit of entering this anthology contest for new authors, to be professionally edited with FULL feedback given on your story, and why an editor might make the changes I did.  All edits will be run past the author via email, with final approval on edits to me, but final approval to publish resting with the author.

Basically that means I'm going to make the edits I see fit to make the story as hot as possible in my eyes, but the author gets to decide if that edited story, after they see my draft, gets published or not.  I'll try to respect the original vision of the author as much as possible, and I'm sure some of us will go back and forth on email a lot, but I've got a pretty clear vision on how fast and fun I want this anthology to be.

Don't worry, I'll work with you to make it great.

4. All authors will get an after-story page to take credit for their work and share links to find their other work.  While the overall book will say "Edited by P.F. Dee." every accepted author will get a page after their story saying "This author believes in this and that, and more of their stories can be found at this link...." 

The main purpose of this anthology is to give some new femdom authors some exposure (tee-hee) to my audience, and vice versa.  So plan that author paragraph and submit it with your work!

5. The final e-book will published on P.F. Dee's Smashwords site, and the price will always be free.  I'm not making money off of this; the point is to expose new SPH authors to my audience (and the world)!

6. All stories must follow the usual erotic fiction rules: no characters under 18, even in flashbacks or 'fantasy' realms.  Yeah yeah, I know.  It's a Smashwords rule, not mine. 

7. And finally... every single story MUST start with the line "I always knew I had a small penis..." Yep, every accepted story will need to have that as its first line.  You can take it where ever you want to go from there.  But I want to see all the interesting stories that branch out from that common point, and I think it will give the overall anthology some cohesion.

Those are all the hard and fast rules.  Folks that want to win this zero-dollar contest and get into the book would do well to keep in mind my 8 rules of femdom fiction, handily summarized in this infographic here.  It's one of the main criteria I'm going to use to judge the entries!

So that's it.  I've never tried this before, I don't know if anyone will respond, and I don't know how long this editing process will take.  But as noted SPH enthusiast Ralph Waldo Emerson once said: "Do not go where the path may lead.  Go instead where there is no path and leave a trail." 

Submit all entries by November 30th to:

And have fun!

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