Tuesday, March 1, 2016

The Great Experiment Continues: Sex Powers University Episode 3.2 just published!

The great publishing experiment continues: instead of one 60,000 word book released 6 months into the year, I decided to try having 6 separate 10,000 word episodes released the first six months of this year, like comic books are. 

And Sex Powers University, Episode 3.2: was just released yesterday, barely making its February deadline:

The Transformation Spell finally takes affect on Troy, and now he's trapped in a (mostly) female body, having definitely female urges, and still has to fend off his horny girlfriend, while cheerleading his ass off to keep his scholarship, while keeping his dual life a secret from everyone else!  Life is hard for a boy-turned girl-turned boy sometimes! 

The book can be found here on Smashwords.

How is the experiment going?  Well, I'm definitely writing more, and I'm leaving in hot scenes that would normally get cut to make a single 60,000 word book.  But trying to keep each episode to only 10,000 words isn't happening (episode 3.1 was 30K, 3.2 another 30K).  I'll have to cut down for episode 3.3 before my fingers fall off! 

And fans seem to like it, if sales are any indication. But how do YOU folks feel?  Any scenes, scenarios or fetishes you'd LOVE to get included in Sex Powers University before it's over- let me know in the comments! 

They're in their Junior year now, which means when this 6 episode arc is over, only their Senior year remains before they graduate! 

Oh, and on the free story front, give me about 2 weeks and I should have another short chapter of my momdom F/mmmm CFNM "Pool Days" up for folks to read.  You know, if you're into that sort of thing. 

Thanks for all the support,

P.F. Dee!


  1. You are one of my favorite authors and I really enjoy your work. Do you have an email or other form of contact that I could use to ask some questions about your stories?

    1. Timmy,
      Sure! And this goes for anyone out there: if you want to send me samples of your femdom fiction for a fresh critique, questions about my stories or questions about self-publishing / femdom writing in general, feel free!

      You can send them to pfdee@comcast.net, and I'll get back to you!

      P.F. Dee