Tuesday, August 19, 2014

Holy crap- I'm on Goodreads!

So somehow, one of my fans was awesome enough to do whatever it takes to link my smashwords ebooks to the reader-gathering site goodreads.com, and the result is, my books are featured on this huge library of other books, for people to rate and comment on!

Whomever did this, thank you so much!  The reviews there have been good, and hopefully it helps more people find the fun, sassy, sexy books they love!

(Now if goodreads only had a "if you liked this book, you'll love THIS book" feature...)



  1. Hi, for some reason
    this book preview (online read) appears all messed up!

  2. Anon,
    Thanks for the tip, but authors can't affect how the online preview shows up in Smashwords. The PDF and Kindle previews should work just fine though!

    FYI for everyone, I optimize all my ebooks for Kindle for the iPad. It handles pictures better, the resolution is better, and the all-around reading experience is better than anywhere else. And you don't have to buy an Amazon product to use it- there are free Kindle apps for the iPad and desktop. So if you're seeing weird jumps or skips, try it on the Kindle platform, and it should be better!

    PF Dee

  3. When is Sex Powers University 2 coming!? Have been anxiously waiting since February :(

    1. I know, I'm trying, I'm trying! Believe it or not, I started a complete from-word-one rewrite of SPU 2 last month, which removed about 15,000 words of set up and started the story off much faster.

      I know fans want this book to come out now, but I'm also trying to hold the line on quality, to make sure every scene has a purpose and the whole book leaves you breathlessly turning pages.

      Thanks for all your patience, and trust me, I'm putting in work every night to get SPU 2 out before October is over- hopefully you guys will love it as much as I do!

      PF. Dee

  4. Any update? ...it's now November!

  5. Now it is January. Anything going on?

    1. Okay, okay. I probably should stop making predictions, but I'm shooting for release before Valentine's Day 2015. And, if you check above, I've put out a sample chapter 1 for you in a new post, even as I am doing rewrites on the draft.

      Thanks for your patience, this really has been the longest book to write ever.