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Sex Powers University 2- Sample Chapter

Alright, since so many folks have asked for it, here's chapter 1 of the upcoming SPU 2 (only 11 months late so far!).  

I should probably stop making predictions, but I'm shooting for a release before Valentine's Day 2015.  Fingers crossed.  

Here's the sample first chapter, and again, thanks for being patient:

Sex Powers University 2:
The Mating Game

Troy Appleton gulped as the family SUV pulled into the hospital parking lot. "I still don't understand why I need to get a physical before I go back to SPU for a second term!”
From behind the steering wheel his sister Jessica laughed, working the pedals with her long runner's legs.
“They probably want to make sure you’re in shape for your athletic scholarship," she said, rolling her eyes. "Maybe this semester they expect you do more than just stand around with your boner twitching in the breeze."
"Hey! My nude modeling pays for your classes too, remember!"
"I know,” Jessica giggled, still driving at 30 MPH as she looked for a parking spot. “That's why I let you slide all those times you tried to sneak off and masturbate over Winter Break when you thought I was asleep."
She jerked the wheel to pull into a tight spot, tires screeching, as Troy's jaw dropped.
“Like the time you thought about sucking the toes of that cute barefooted girl you saw in the mall. Or the time you thought about getting a bare-ass spanking over the lap of Mrs. McCarthy, our tenth-grade English teacher. Or all the times you squirted your load thinking about me, your poor, innocent sister!” she laughed, shutting off the car and spinning her key chain on her finger.
The girl gave her shocked brother a wink.
"But luckily, I'm a responsible Powers user so I don't know about any of those times, do I Troy?"
Troy groaned, at the unfairness of it all!
Ever since the psychic Sex Powers had come to all women on the Earth, men barely had any privacy anymore! After they Awakened in their late teens, untrained females could sense a man touching himself behind a closed door. And after just one semester at Sex Powers University, Jessica could actually read a masturbating man's thoughts from a block away without barely trying. And Troy had heard rumors of more powerful women, whose psychic sex magic could do even worse!
As always, Troy had tried to wait until his mother and sister were out of the house or fast asleep, but that meant he spent four out of five nights rock hard and clawing at his sheets, trying not to touch his aching erection. Troy tried to resist, but he had to cum some time- what the hell was he supposed to do?
Jessica giggled at her red-faced brother.
"Oh, relax! I didn't read your dirty thoughts for too long. And I didn't mind you giving me a good laugh before I went back to sleep,” his sister laughed, getting out of the car. “Now come on, this physical isn't going to give itself, short stack.”
"Hey!" Troy hissed, getting out of the car himself. “We agreed! After last semester, you said you weren't going to tease me anymore about-" he looked around the half-full parking lot, then whispered- "...my size!"
"I said I'd tease you about it less, little brother," she said, walking past him with her thumb and forefinger held just an embarrassing four inches apart. "Just a little, wee, itty bit, less than normal-"
Jessica squealed as Troy lunged to knock away the 'small penis gesture' she was making at him, then laughed and sprinted for the main door with him in hot pursuit.
Troy was in good shape due to his SPU scholarship workouts, but Jessica's gym schedule was almost as tough (with more running), and the athletic brunette reached the safety of the hospital's front desk just before Troy caught her from behind.
"Eeek! Get off!" she laughed.
"Take it back!" he demanded.
"Can I help you two?" a less-than-amused reception nurse asked the two wrestling siblings. Troy immediately let his sister go and started to open his mouth, but Jess was just a little quicker, again.
"He's here for his Sex Powers University physical!" she said, handing the nurse a folded letter from her back pocket. "Make sure you make it extra thorough!"
Troy saw the SPU letterhead on the paper, but couldn't see what else it said. In fact, he had never actually read the letter, since it had been addressed straight to his mother, who then had given it to his sister for safe keeping. The nurse skimmed the paper and then turned a raised eyebrow to the boy.
"Are you sure you want to do this, son?"
Troy sighed.
His first term at SPU had been five months of the worst blue balls of his life, especially after the freshmen girls had learned the Loop spell that blocked a man's orgasms for a day. When he hadn't been Looped by teachers demonstrating for students, he had been Looped by the students themselves as homework, and then by Jessica herself, for four weeks straight over the mid-term break when he was supposed to be getting a break from Powers!
But his first term had also ended the two best (and only) blowjobs of his young life, one from his high school crush, whom he hadn't had the courage to talk to for four years previous. Anything that got him even closer to Amber this term would be worth it.
"Yeah," he told the nurse. "I guess I do."
The nurse shrugged. "Come on around, then." She pressed a button on her desk and spoke over her shoulder. "We've got another SPU boy, Doctor Waters."
“Don’t forget to turn your head and cough!” Jessica laughed, already dropping into a waiting room chair and starting to text as Troy went through the double doors.


A striking forty-ish woman in a white coat met Troy behind the nurse’s desk.
"I'm Doctor Miranda Waters. Come this way, if you please.” As they walked, she turned and said, “And I must say, it's very noble of you to bring your girlfriend along for this procedure. It really shows that you trust her."
Troy swallowed, looking up from the stilettos and long, shapely calves visible below the hem of the doctor’s coat. "Um, she's my sister, ma'am. Not my girlfriend."
"Oh, I see." The attractive doctor gave him a knowing smirk. "You're one of those."
"One of what?"
She just smiled and opened a door. "This is your room. Why don't you get comfortable and totally nude for me?"
"That's fin- oh..." he gulped, finally hearing her words. He looked around. "Um, do I get a gown or something?"
Doctor Waters grinned as she closed the door. "You're an SPU boy and you're shy about getting into your birthday suit for me? What are they teaching you men up there nowadays?"
Troy blushed then started unbuttoning his shirt. "Sorry! It's Winter Break, and I've been away from school for four weeks..."
"And you're a little out of practice stripping in front of women?" she chuckled, then pointed to a wide plastic container. "All clothes in the bin please."
Troy blushed and nodded, putting his shoes and socks in the bin, then laying his folded shirt on top of them. He expected Doctor Waters to at least turn away as he started unbuckling his pants, but she just smiled and watched him, with her full attention.
“You know, my daughter's going to SPU next year,” the woman said, as Troy blushed and undid his belt. “We're so proud, as you can imagine, but it will be her first time away from home. It's a safe campus, right?"
Troy shivered, looking at the ground as he undid his fly. "Yeah, I guess!"
The doctor chuckled. "You don't sound so sure."
"It’s very safe... for the girls I guess!"
“That's what I like to hear. Come on, now. Last bit of your clothes in the bin.”
Troy gulped. This was always the worst part! His heart quickened, but Troy took a deep breath and slid his pants and boxers to the floor in one quick motion, then put them into the container. He fought the urge to run as the doctor checked him out, especially when she smirked at his totally shaved cock and balls.
“Mmmm, I like your landscaping down there. Very sleek."
"I was a nude model first semester!" he stammered, his face turning even more red as he covered himself with both hands. "They make you shave everything!"
"And you just kept it up, out of habit? Don't be shy about it. More wives and girlfriends are requiring their men to go as bare as a baby's bottom down there. It's just a little dominance thing." She looked at his crotch again and smiled. “And it suits you so nicely.”
Troy's face burned as she laughed, but then his eyes got wide as Doctor Waters picked up the plastic bin and headed towards the door with every last bit of his clothes. "Where are you going with those?!"
"Oh, just a little insurance for the procedure. We've found taking your boys' clothes cuts down on the number of runners. Back in a jiffy."
Then he was left, alone and shivering in the exam room for a very long few minutes. Every breeze of the air conditioning made him more aware of how helplessly naked and trapped he now was. There wasn't a screen or robe in the room at all!
"Runners?" Troy asked, when the doctor came back empty handed and shut the door again. "Why would anyone run from something every scholarship athlete has to go through?"
She gave him a strange look. "Why indeed? Up on the bed for me, please. Just lay back and relax."
Relax! I doubt it! But Troy did try to not freak out as he laid nude on the inclined bed and the Doctor came to his side. He closed his eyes as she took his pulse, trying not to remember that he was completely exposed to this older, confident woman.
“Why don't you grip the sides of the bed, dear? Before you shake yourself right off it?” she laughed.
Troy swallowed hard, but did as she asked, his dick and balls now completely exposed. He closed his eyes tightly, not wanting to look down her silk shirt as she leaned over him, or at her long legs in those sexy open heels.
But even with his eyes closed, the smell her feminine perfume crept its way into his brain... And it had been four long days since Jess and his mother had both been out shopping at the same time...
Troy felt a familiar tingle starting to build in his dick.
Not here! he begged his body.
Not now!
Doctor Waters chuckled as she put a cold stethoscope on his chest. “Go ahead and let your penis erect, Mr. Appleton,” she laughed. “Men always seem to want to do that around me, and all that straining to resist will just throw off your blood pressure reading.”
“Sorry,” he gulped, his face burning as he relaxed his muscles. The doctor chuckled as she opened his eyes to shine a light in them, even as his dick started to stiffen quickly, reaching for the ceiling with each beat of his heart. The doctor laughed as she shone the light in his eyes and mouth, then palpated his abdomen, all with his hard dick twitching in the air in between of them. It was all Troy could do to not die of embarrassment.
"You know, I think I'll have my daughter look you up when she gets to SPU next year. I’d like to have a nice boy show her around campus, now that I know she'll be perfectly safe around you."
Troy looked at her. “What do you mean by that?!”
“I think you know what I mean,” the doctor chuckled, making sure he saw her look down at his exposed erection, then back to his face. “That three-inch cutie isn't exactly a Ladykiller, is it?”
Troy felt his face go fully red, even as his dick got fully hard. God, how could this get any worse?! And he was FOUR inches long, not three!
“I do okay,” he pouted, looking away as she put the blood pressure cuff on his arm.
“Oh, you have a steady girlfriend?”
Troy swallowed. “No.”
“Lots of dates then? Lots of experience?” she chuckled.
The new blush on Troy's face was enough of an answer to that question. The doctor patted his shoulder.
“A poorly endowed virgin is exactly the type of boy I want giving my daughter campus tours,” she laughed. “A mother's dream date- she won't be tempted to do something foolish with you at all!” She looked down at the dial. “Blood pressure's a little high,” she chuckled, as his erection twitched in the air, untouched. “Wonder why that could be? Now, arms up for me, wrists above your head. Just one last thing to do before we start.”
Troy turned away as she wrote some numbers on his chart. He couldn't see what she was doing behind the bed, but right now, he didn't care. He was so embarrassed he could barely talk!
“Doctor, please, I have to know... in your medical opinion,” he gulped, unsure how to ask this. “I've never been with a woman, but... am I, um big enough down there? To, you know... please a woman?”
He felt her pushing something soft onto his wrists, but it was her answer that Troy was paying attention to.
“Oh, honey... a woman's G-spot is usually four inches inside the entrance to her vagina, so... almost?” she laughed. “You've seen other boys in the shower, right? Normal-sized ones?”
She might as well have stabbed him through the heart.
“But... doctor...” the blushing boy stammered, “there's a girl I sort of like at school. Isn't there anything you could do... some sort of spell, or something, that could make me big enough for her?”
Miranda laughed. “Oh, if I had a dollar!” She shook her head, looking down at the boy laying with his wrists on the pillows above his head. “I know three different Magic spells or creams that to shrink penises; did you want one of those? I could make you so small you could wear your sister's bikini bottoms without even seeing a bulge.”
“No!” Troy cried, and tried to jerk his hands back down, but the doctor just held them there with a firm grip and a laugh.
“I'm joking! I only shrink men's penises if they ask me to. Or their wives do,” she chuckled. “Now relax, honey, just one more step and we're done with this part.”
Troy gulped and let her press his wrists down to the soft leather again. “But isn't there anything I can do?”
“Well, I know SPU has a very strong Cunniligus program. You're on the way to getting a Minor in that, correct?”
Troy felt his neck go red as he nodded. “The Headmistress required me to.”
“Well there you go. Modern women always keep a house boy or two around to help get them ready for their well-hung Studs. Eventually you might work your way up to second husband or boy toy.”
Troy groaned. That couldn't be all!
“And you know, Sex Magic actually works better the harder a man is, and nothing gets harder than tiny penises that have been well teased. So as girls try to learn more complex spells at a competitive college like SPU, I bet it won't be long before overachiever swings by and locks you right up.”
There was a loud click above his head.
Troy jerked his arms down out of reflex, but he couldn't lower them an inch- they were locked in solid steel cuffs!
“Wha- What’s happening! What's going on?!”
Doctor Waters made a few adjustments to the cuffs even as he pulled against them. “Just one last safeguard. As brave as you have been for me so far, most boys chicken out once the procedure really gets going. So we take precautions.” She walked to the foot of the bed. “Now, legs in these stirrups, please.”
Troy kept his knees tightly together, away from the stirrups as he still tried to free his trapped wrists.
"Why... why wouldn't I be brave? I mean, this procedure... it doesn't require big needles does it?"
"Oh no,” the doctor said. “Nothing so bad as that. I just need to spread your thighs to get good access to your testicles.”
Troy felt sick to his stomach. “Doctor! Why?”
She sighed, resting an elbow on the empty stirrups. “Do you want to go back to SPU for your second term or don't you?”
Troy imagined all the laughing girls his little hard dick would cause, just like last term. Normal colleges didn't force men into nude modeling classes!
“Maybe I'm not so sure anymore!”
Miranda shook her head. “You're a virgin, Mister Appleton. And due to your endowment, will probably stay that way for a long time, if your girls have any standards. Don't you want to lose that virginity sometime soon?”
The nude boy squeezed his thighs together even tighter around his hard cock, blushing deeper.
“Yes! So? What does have to do with my second term at SPU?”
She patted the stirrups again. “You can't go back to college until I complete this procedure. And if you do, I guarantee you you'll lose your virginity at SPU this term.”
He swallowed. That was the entire reason he was returning to SPU- to lose his virginity to Amber!
“How... how, can you guarantee that?”
The doctor smiled. “I'll let Headmistress Parker explain that when you get to campus; I wouldn't want to steal her thunder. But suffice to say, you're not the first SPU boy to come through this office this month.” She patted the stirrups again. “Now, legs up in the restraints, young man, or you'll miss all the fun college has to offer!”
Troy gulped.
The doctor was right- SPU was a sexually charged campus. He hadn't gotten any action all through high school, but he had tasted so many pussies last term in his Cunnilingus class... and tasted the juices of his exotic teacher Professor Zadora as well... and there had been the blowjob from Amber, even after she had laughed and politely turned down his offer to penetrate her. He wouldn't have got any of that at a normal college...
“You're sure I'll lose my virginity?”
The doctor laughed and crossed two fingers in front of him. “Doctor's honor.”
Troy swallowed again, then finally let his legs relax towards the metal stirrups.
“Okay. Let's do this.”
“Young boys and their shyness about their bodies,” Doctor Waters chuckled as she strapped his legs in, pulling the leather belts very tight. “I'd almost believe all the protests you're making, if your three inch penis wasn't rock hard in front of my eyes.”
Troy blushed again. “That's not why it's-”
He gasped as the doctor flicked his erection with her finger, making it twitch in the air.
“I know exactly why penises get erect, Mr. Appleton, thank you very much.” She checked his wrist and leg restraints again, satisfied he was totally unable to move. “There we go, all ready. Now let me go get a nurse and we'll complete the procedure to take away your ability to masturbate forever."
"What?!?" Troy screamed, yanking at his bonds. "I'm just here for my scholarship physical!"
The doctor laughed. "You never read the paper you gave to the nurse, did you? You're here for a Procedure 501."
"A what?!?"
"Maybe you boys call it a Willy Wanker? I'm going to use Sex Magic so that your penis puts out a force-field against your hands whenever you get erect. That way you won't have to use your limited willpower to stop yourself from masturbating all the time. You literally won't be able to, after this."
"NO!" Troy screamed, bucking and pulling against his bonds to no effect. "I don't want that procedure! NO!"
"Now you sound like every other boy we've had in here," Doctor Waters laughed, writing something on his sheet. "But it's for your own good, I promise."
"NO!! I won't let you!"
Troy pulled against his wrist cuffs, but they felt like they and his bed were bolted into the foundation of the building! They didn't move an inch!
The doctor called out to the hall as if nothing was amiss. “Gretchen, we’re ready in two, please.”
"Doctor! Please! Don't do this!" Troy begged, his voice going high in fear as a cute blonde nurse only a few years older than him pushed a supply cart into the room. The cart was full of jars of different colored pastes, brushes and other equipment he didn’t recognize. Troy blushed as the young nurse peeked between his trapped, spread legs and giggled.
“Oh, another Willy Wanker for a bad little boy just learning to masturbate, eh?” she laughed, setting up the cart. “I love it when we catch them before they hit puberty- keeps them from learning bad habits!”
“I’m nineteen!” Troy cried. “I’m going to college!”
“You are?” The nurse leaned over to look between his legs again, then covered her laugh with her hand. “Oh, I’m sorry! I just thought, from your hairless crotch and the size of your… never mind!”
Troy just wanted to die, to run away, but he could do neither!
"Doctor, please! There must be a mistake! I didn't want a Willy Wanker! I can't even pay for it!"
The doctor laughed and started setting up her supplies, jars of blue paste and fine brushes. "It's covered by your scholarship dear. And it's no mistake- we do it to all boys starting their second term at SPU."
"Why?" Troy squeaked, watching more supplies come out. The Doctor was getting out a feather duster, other jars of paste he couldn’t recognize, and many brushes and swabs.
“Headmistress Parker and the teachers have a plan for you second termers, that's all I'm allowed to say,” the doctor chuckled. “But trust me, your dating life is about to become a lot more interesting.” To the nurse, she said, “Troy here was just complaining that his tiny penis was preventing him from meeting women at college.”
Troy's face burned as the nurse looked down at his erect cock again and giggled.
“Yeah, I can see that. None of my friends would date a man that small except maybe on a dare.”
Troy was so humiliated, nude and tied up as two professional women laughed at his bouncing erection, which he couldn't make softer no matter what he tried!
"Well, now Troy won't have to worry about that," the doctor said. “Headmistress Parker has a plan to make sure all boys, even the littlest-dicked ones, are included in the dating scene this term. And he'll never have to worry about trying not to touch himself every night. I bet that habit got you into a lot of trouble your first semester, didn't it?"
Troy blushed, remembering the week every male on campus had spent in metal chastity belts for unauthorized self-touching after lights out. It had been the girls’ faults, but still...
And he remembered when Miranda and her friends had tricked him into jacking off in the school nurse's station, so every girl on campus could sense his fantasies about Amber and Jessica showering together and licking each other’s feet- he had been the laughing stock of campus! And Jessica had apparently been watching and laughing at his fantasies all during Winter Break!
Troy swallowed hard. "Yeah, I guess it did."
"Well now you'll have the iron self-control of a monk,” Miranda said. “With a little help from us, of course. Now just relax." The doctor picked up the feather duster and started applying the teasing tips to Troy's erect cock- the mix of pleasure and pain made his teeth ache!
"AHHH! How long do you have to do this?!!" he cried, thrashing in his bonds as his cock and balls were tickled without mercy.
Doctor Waters chuckled as the boy thrashed but his erection got even harder. "Ten minutes. But that's just step one."


A red-faced Troy was being helped down the hall by the blonde nurse back to the waiting area.
"Now, you'll feel a little woozy for a bit," Gretchen giggled. "And you'll need someone to help tuck your stiffy into your underwear and zip up your jeans just like I had to do for you just now. At least for the first day," she laughed, as the boy blushed even more. "But the force field will shrink to normal size after a few days, so later you can dress yourself even if you get a boner while doing it. Or maybe you'll find some cute girls at school to help you out with that, hmmm?"
Troy was light-headed, swaying on his feet. "I don't... know. I still can't believe I can't... touch myself anymore!"
"Oh, you probably won't even miss the little thing," the nurse giggled. "You'll have other things to occupy you second term. Here we go, here's your sister to help you get home."
Jessica jumped out of her seat and gave her brother a big hug. "Hooray Troy! You just solved your jacking off habit forever- I'm so proud of you!"
He pushed her away as a few mothers in the waiting room chuckled. "You knew?! You knew that's what the appointment was for?"
Jessica laughed again. "Knew? Mom had me make the appointment! That's why SPU sends the letters to the boys' parents instead of the boys. They know you'd never walk in here for a Willy Wanker on your own!"
Troy groaned as all the women in earshot chuckled again, then jumped as the nurse gave his ass a pinch as she left. "Good luck at school! Study hard!"
Troy still couldn't believe what had happened as Jessica helped him out of the doctor's office, across the parking lot, and into the passenger seat of their SUV. It was only when they were driving away when it hit him.
"Wait a minute! We don't take the train to SPU for another two weeks!” he cried. “Why the hell did you make the appointment for today instead for the day before I left?!"
And Jessica laughed all the way home.


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