Thursday, April 20, 2017

Shower Buddies (Or, "The Only Boy At The All Girls' School")

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Neil Hammond wailed when he entered the showers to see nude, soapy Carmen Garcia waiting for him there.
“No!” He pulled his towel even tighter around his waist, his pale face starting to blush already. “Not you! NOT YOU!”
“Yep, I'm your shower buddy today!” the naked Latina laughed, sitting on the wooden bench wearing nothing but nail polish. She brushed her long wet hair out of her face and crooked a finger at the trembling, red-faced boy. “Now get in here sexy, before we run out of hot water!”
But Neil still hadn't taken a single step towards the naked, smiling girl beckoning him into the showers.
“No! I want someone else! Heather! Or maybe Sydney!”
“Heather already showered and Syd's out playing field hockey,” the girl giggled, her hand still holding a sponge between her legs, her only nod to modesty. “And besides... you know it's more fun when I'm your shower buddy, don't you?”
“No!” the boy cried, still not moving. Underneath his towel wrap, Neil was fully naked, except for a slow, growing tightness around his cock and balls. “Carmen! Please!” he gasped. “Not today!”
The girl smiled at him, totally unconcerned that he could see all of her small, bare breasts, her shaved legs, every bit of her skin except for a few inches.
“Are you saying you don't want to follow the house rules Neil? Because I wonder how many days Mrs. Steiner would add if I told her you weren't following the house rules...”
That finally made him move.
“NO!” he gasped, taking a step forward. “Don't!”
She laughed, crooking one finger at him again. “Then get in here.”
With slow, dreadful footsteps, the teenaged boy stepped forward to hang his toiletries on the hook by the shower. And step out of his bath slippers. And then, after a long swallow, pull off his towel.
To reveal a very small, very shiny, inescapable metal chastity cage.
His giggling classmate got to her feet and eagerly welcomed him underneath the hot spray.
“I bet when you signed up to be the first boy who ever applied to a historic, all-girls private Catholic school,” she said, pulling him in right next to her, “no one ever told you you'd personally get to shower with the richest and hottest girls in all of New England, did they?”
“No,” the boy gulped, his stomach fluttering as Carmen wet the sponge in her hand and applied a huge amount of feminine-smelling body wash to it.
“Or that you'd have to wear that cute little thing,” she giggled, looking down at his neutered cock. “24/7... for the entire semester?”
“NO!” the boy wailed, his shaking hands making grasping, impotent fists at his hips.
She was so close, her nude toes were pressed on top of his!
He looked up at the ceiling, closing his eyes tight. But even that barely helped reduce the tension in his cage!
He gasped as he felt her start running the soft, soapy sponge over his bare chest.
“You know, my parents were SO worried,” she giggled, scrubbing his pecs, “about their innocent, virginal, teenage daughter sharing her dorm with a boy.”
His chastity belt throbbed and jerked as his totally naked classmate washed his body, standing just inches away.
“They were SO sure that sharing a shower at the end of the hall with a real, living boy for the first time would have me so HOT and BOTHERED that I'd just throw off my panties and let you do WHATEVER you wanted to me," she laughed.  "That you'd leave me just another sex-starved, pregnant high school dropout.”
Every now and then her bare knee would brush his, sending electric shivers up his spine.
“Little did they know I'd been fucking all the boys I could find since I first got my tits,” she giggled. “That I was the sex-starved high school slut and that YOU would be the innocent little virgin who'd never even kissed a girl! Or that Mrs. Steiner would slap you in a purity belt before I even got a chance to give you a welcome blowjob!”
His trapped cock was now in a constant state of attempted erection, bent painfully into the curve of the steel tube, the ring behind his balls pulling them forward without mercy.
His hands shook and trembled at his sides.
Carmen added more body wash to her sponge, then ran it over the boy's flat, trembling abs. 
“How long has it been?” she giggled, watching his cage throb. “A week? Two?”
“THREE!” he wailed, almost in tears. “It's been THREE WEEKS since I've cum!”
“Awww, that's right, I remember Mrs. Steiner docked you last week for failing that English test,” Carmen giggled, running the soapy sponge over his hip bones, his thighs, right near his crotch, laughing as his hips would buck when she pulled away and didn't touch his cage at the last second. “You really should study more.”
“I can't!” he said, shivering. “I'm too damn... horny all the time!”
“Awwwww,” he heard her laugh, from somewhere below him. “Do you want your welcome blowjob now? Would that make things better?”
His eyes flew open.
“NO! Carmen! No! AHHHH-”
But the saucy girl was already on her knees, sucking and licking on his cage with abandon.
He grabbed her thin shoulders and pushed her away.
“Hands. OFF,” the girl snapped, looking up at him. “Or I'm telling Mrs. Steiner you touched one of us without permission!”
He released her shoulders instantly, shaking like a leaf as she laughed and pulled him closer by his hips.
“Boys don't turn down blowjobs from extremely fuckable Catholic girls,” she laughed, licking her pink lips just inches from the tip of his caged, dripping cock. “Didn't you learn anything in school?”
He was trembling, begging her.
“Carmen, please! I can't take this today! I'll do anything you want, just DON'T!”
“All I want,” she laughed, tucking her wet hair behind her ears, “Is to hear you scream my name.”
And then she took his whole caged length inside her.
Her other manicured hand held him by the ass, so he couldn't back away. Her mouth was a hot vacuum, her tongue a wet whip, sliding all over his cock, forcing its way through his widely spaced bars to occasionally touch his skin.
And all he could do was stand there and take it.
“Carmen...” he panted, starting to squirm. “It hurts!”
That only made her suck harder and rub his balls.  
His cock surged, trying to get harder but already at the full extent of his unyielding metal cage.
The nude Latina girl bobbed her head up and down his whole length. “Come in my mouth baby,” she laughed after licking the tip. “Don't make me beg for it! I'll let you pump your cum down my hot throat every day if you want to baby.”
He was crying now, his face red, tears streaming down his cheeks as he shook with frustration.
She gave his shaft and balls a few more loving licks and then finally stood up laughing. “You're the best shower buddy. You're so much more fun to tease than Heather!”
He was using the sides of the shower for support, so he wouldn't collapse. Carmen washed out the sponge then shoved it into his trembling hand. “My turn. Start with my back?”
Shaking, half bent over in pain, Neil shook his head. “Give me a second-”
“Come on!” she laughed, looking over her shoulder at him and stamping her slim foot on the tile. “I don't want to be late for English!”
Neil gulped, and with his cock still painfully hard, started washing his classmate's smooth, sleek, back.
“The other girls are thinking of getting some, you know.”
He was washing her very slowly, very carefully. He forced himself not to look down at her tight, tanned, teenage ass just inches from his crotch or to accidentally brush the sides of her breasts while washing her ribs.
“Getting what?” he demanded, trying to think of anything else besides what he was doing.
“Chastity belts. For their boyfriends,” Carmen giggled. The sponge was at her lower back now, grazing that sexy little dimple right above her perfect butt. “Since it's worked out so well with you. You couldn't get that thing off if you pulled on it with all your strength could you?”
He blushed harder, starting to scrub a little lower.
“Ohhh! That tickles!” she laughed, as Neil washed her ass, his belt a vice. She took a deep breath, let it out, and pushed her shining butt harder out against his sponge. Neil's hand was rubbing up and down her firm muscles, in between her cheeks a little, in between her legs...
“This is so relaxing,” she giggled, leaning a little forward against the wall, spreading her legs a little more. “Whenever I shower with my boyfriend, he's always trying to get me to give him a hand job or a blow job right away, or trying to get his fingers up my pussy or ass.”
Neil gulped but didn't stop washing her legs.
She looked over her shoulder, down at the boy on his knees washing the backs of her legs while studiously trying to avoid looking at the glutes right in his face.
“But with your little dick locked away, I don't have to worry about any of that,” she giggled as he blushed even more. “But I can tell you still want me, it's ALL over your face, but I don't have to worry about pleasing you at all. I can't! And you're STILL a lot of fun to tease!”
His face was beet red and his cock cage stretched to its limit as he stood up.
“Turn?” he asked. “For the front?”
“Sure,” she giggled. And as she turned, she snatched the sponge out his hand and threw it, practically out into the hallway.
“Hey! What did you do that for!”
She draped herself dramatically against the tile wall.
“Wash my front, Neil,” she giggled. “Without the sponge.”
His small teenage cock was as hard as it could get in his tight curved cage, almost pulling his balls off his body.
He pulled on it with both hands, trying to get even a millimeter more space to relieve the pain. “Carmen, please! I can't!”
“Wash. My. Front,” she said, still looking him right in the eyes. “Or I'm telling Mrs. Steiner you're a bad shower buddy who didn't complete his job. And then, she might dock you two or three weeks of orgasms...” The girl chewed on her lower lip. “Oh god, can you imagine?! Not being able to even touch your little dick again until... Christmas Break?”
“NO! Carmen! PLEASE!”
Carmen giggled and wiped her wet hair from her face, arching her back out at him more obviously even as she stood, shoulders pressed against the tile. “Start with my chest.”
“Oh god...” Neil was nearly hyperventilating as he applied a huge dollop of sticky shower gel to his bare hands, his cage almost vibrating with need.
He staggered forward, his hands held out at chest level and paused, just before contact. Then, closing his eyes he cupped both of her small, perky tits at once.
“Mmmmmm, that feels nice,” she purred, closing her eyes as well, moving her breasts up and down against him more than he was against her. “Heather barely washes my tits when we're in here. She still thinks she's straight.”
Neil swallowed, trying to think of math.
“But Sydney...” the girl panted. “God, I've been late for English so many times when Sydney's my shower buddy!” she giggled, her eyes closed. “She'll wash my tits long and hard, just like I need. And get a soapy finger up my butt, her hot tongue between my legs-”
His entire crotch was a tight knot of pain!
“Do you want to watch sometime?” she giggled, sliding his hands around her small but pert breasts. Her eyes were open. “Maybe this Saturday morning?”
He swallowed hard. “No!”
“You sure? You don't want a little three-way in the showers? You, me and Sydney?”
He could barely breathe. Her nipples were so hard! He didn't want to, but his thumbs kept finding the hard bumps on her chest and rubbing over them, gently at first, then harder, harder...
“I can't!” he begged, his cage sticking straight out from his crotch, as hard at it had been during his 'blowjob'. “The cage!”
“I know,” the nude girl giggled, making him rub her slick soapy tits harder. “That's the only way you get to see Sydney and I together, if the cage stays on. That's the only reason you get ANY of this, because your male parts are trapped and locked away."  She panted.  "Oh fuck it would be so much fun, Neil!   I'll let you watch Sydney suck my tits, suck hers, put your fingers where ever you want...”
Picturing his tanned Latina roommate and the blond, athletic, Sydney together, their wet, naked bodies twisting around each other, their mouths mashed together, their fingers going in every slippery hole with him there to help-
He burst into tears again.
“CARMEN!” he wailed, pulling at his cage. His balls were blue, the ring of his steel chastity belt strangling them. “I can't take THIS!”
“Oh fuck, you're so much fun when you're like this.” She pushed his soapy hands towards her ass, towards her crotch. “Touch me Neil, just like last time!”
Neil doubled over in pain even as Carmen forced his fingers inside her pussy, inside her ass. She was slippery, warm and welcoming from both sides.
“OH GOD!” she gasped, panting in his ear, grabbing at his back with one hand. With her other, she forced his hands to fuck her with one finger, then two. “Faster,” she begged. “Faster.”
Crying, biting her shoulder, Neil complied.
“Faster in the ass,” she said. “Do it the same speed from both sides- like you had two huge cocks going in me-”
Her nude, young body slippery with soap, Carmen pressed against him, raising up on her toes as he thrust in and out of both her holes, her voice getting higher and higher.
She came, shivering and yelling, one hand scratching and clawing at his back, one hand gripping his cock, balls and chastity cage all at once. She squeezed his balls as she climaxed, cumming long and hard and thoroughly, making the crying boy yell out as well.
Shaking and shivering, her body sliding everywhere against his, Carmen slowly came down, her breathing slowing, then looked down at her right hand and laughed.
“You came,” she giggled, playing with the few sticky white drops splashed across her fingers.
“I didn't think you could.”
He could barely talk. The feeling of his fingers, still deep in her two hot holes, holes he would never, ever get to explore with his dick while he was at school, was maddening!  “No! It was... it didn't feel like... cumming... at all!”
She held the evidence in front of his face. “Then what's this then?”
“That's barely... half of what normally comes out!” he said, blushing. “And it didn't feel... if anything, I'm hornier than before!” he moaned, rubbing all over her ass, her legs, her tits, as if trying to devour her with his hands.
Carmen was playing with the string of cum between her fingers, not letting the shower wash it off.  Her grin was a mile wide.
“If I tell Mrs. Steiner... that you spurted all over me in her showers... without permission from anyone...”
He gripped her in a panic. “NO!”
“Saturday,” she giggled, guiding his hands back to her soapy breasts. “Three-way. You. Me. Sydney.”
“Oh god!”
She pushed away, gathering her shower things. “And you have to let her finger your ass.”
“Oh fuck! CARMEN! No! NO!”
But the girl just laughed, grabbing his throbbing caged cock while giving him a chaste kiss on the cheek.
“Best shower buddy ever! See you in class!”
And she skipped off, not even covering herself with a towel as she walked past the shaking boy.
Because, why bother?



  1. Fantastic! This story could also happend at the boarding school in the Steel World.
    I especially like it when Neil said he can't study!
    Since every male HAVE to stay horny all the time and can't concentrate on anything, women and girls then take advantage of it, get better grade/job or political power, and constantly humiliate them, end up make men and boys their servant/toy, despair for even a ruined orgasm (cumming in the cage is so hot!).
    Great work as usual!!

    1. Maybe. I actually consider this a prequel to the Steel World world.

      As more and more boys join this prep school, and more and more girls get used to the idea of men being locked 24/7 for their own good, those kids grow up to become the voters of tomorrow and then...

      Thanks for the comments Daniel, they're really what keep me writing!

  2. Oh yes, this is definitely one of the hotter things you have written PFD. Like I really like the setup here, where the guy is surrounded by women who know he is in chastity and all tease him and use him for their pleasure. You did a great job conveying how horny and painful the situation is for him, Amazing :)

    1. Sweet!
      Yeah, conveying that emotion of lust and teasing is all you can do in a short scene like this- I'm glad that hit home, and thanks for the comment!

  3. Umm.... Wow! Seriously can not wait until the next part, so many ways it can go :)

    1. As much as I love your short stories (and the fact that you share them with us), I can't help but feel this is only one part of a larger story... How he got there, how the girls get involved and where it leads to.

      Either way, keep up the great work :)

  4. I'll be honest, this might be the hottest thing I've ever read. And I've read a lot.

    1. Thanks, that means writing that seventh draft of this story paid off!

      Someday I'll let you guys see all the changes a story like this goes through as I make draft after draft, so young writers can see that all ideas start off crap in the first draft but can end up to be "the hottest thing someone's ever read" if they stick with it.


      Thanks for the comment, they keep the work flowing!

  5. This was really good, I would like to see more of this story.

  6. And YOU are the reason that I love this kind of femdom fictions!
    Although there's lots of stories concerning tease/denial between couple or lovers, but your Steel WORLD Universe taking it to a whole new level!

    Not saying that I don't like your SPU or GODS AT EIGHTEEN SERIES (I bought ALL your books!), but it seems to me that the idea of female don't have the almighty Sex Mage, can use only a chastity cage to accomplish whatever they want, is much more amazing!
    So I'd love to see you enrich SW Universe by short stories like Shower Buddies.

    Here is some of my humble suggestion:
    you can listed articles of the Universal Locking Law, like "Every male must be fitted for a chastity device approved by government(inculding time-lock and remote sensor, so authority can tell if the keyholder have failed their duty) since PUBERTY", "A male must be allowed to release from chastity device no less than Four time per year, but no more than TEN time per month, during the release period, he must be allowed to have at least once EJACULATION" then you can write many short stories about how female interpret, fulfill or try to amending the Law--

    Some states require boys wear cage on their 10th birthday and some states are 16th (PUBERTY) the latter boys considered himself to be fortunate, but with their sexual desire developing, his mother/sister/schoolmate keep reminding him that his "lucky(locking) day" is cumming....

    1. After that, at home, the head of the family discuss the exact "release schedule (must follow The Law)" with her daughter right in front of the humiliated husband and sons! Some mothers pass the key(s) to the girls to teaching them responsibility and domination. Women prefer to professional discipline, or just don't want to deal with the blue balls can hire a Cocksitting Agency or Chastity On-line Services, which only allow their husband/sons cumming under certain conditions (SISSY dressing, or small penis humiliation).

      In mixed boarding schools, female teacher declare that the top 10 student of grades can vote to decide the boys' "weekly milking" by nurses will be "full/ruined orgasm or just prostate massage (orgasm or not, a drop of cum still counts, as long as he EJACULATION!), whether the girls witness and "help". Needless to say, the "top 10" don't even experience a day in chastity! Some lucky boys occasionally earn a additional full one (like through the lottery held in every girls birthday - Cumgratulations!!), but others actually hope that they have the chance like Neil, cumming in the cage.

      A pro-male-orgasm political party "Cage Unrestrained for Men" (the CUM) composed of women who always show mercy to male, claim that amending the Universal Locking Law, allow men and boys have more release day, make sure full orgasm along with every EJACULATION, but the female president entertained them to her house, the CUM's then find out how obedient and submissive a male can be if you keep them horny as possible. So the chairwoman of CUM went home, cheerfully told her family that president had made a concession: The CUM will dismiss and join the ruling party. And as an exchange condition, Law now allow every male have at least FIVE release day per year, inculding a "ThinksCumming Day" which must be workday and school day, on that day men and boys will go to their company and class without his cage, but they have to wear most feminine outfits that can't cover their shaft! (to show gratitude for the superior gender) Then in the end of ThinksCumming Day, men and boys are guaranteed a full orgasm (mostly through pegging). While her husband and sons couldn't believe what they just heard, the chairwoman then announced there'll be a "cumming rule" in her own house start now: they can no more masturbate every three days, the "releasing" must be assisted by her, the girls or maids, and no one will guaranteed a full orgasm! "Because, I just realized that male orgasms, enen a ruined one are privileges, not rights!"

      Above are some ideas inspired by your Steel WORLD Universe, lots of bad grammar and unrealistic plot, but if you ever consider to use these, that would be my highest honor!!

    2. Wow, thanks for the long response! I don't know if I'll go back to this world anytime soon, but if I do, I'll definitely keep those ideas in mind!

  7. Oh yea this definitely seems like a winner to me

  8. Absolutely something. hope this continues.

  9. This setting sounds amazing, monopolizing all the attention and abuse