Thursday, May 19, 2016

Sex Powers University Episode 3.4- FINALLY PUBLISHED!

Okay, it's here.  Read it slowly, because it might be 2 months before the next one!

Buy it here!
And remember, keep leaving those comments here on scenes you might want to see in next month's episode- there's only 2 episodes left for this term!



  1. "Wondering what was up with Amber's 'mediation' from last episode?"
    I think you meant to write "meditation"? :)

    1. I made that mistake on a previous cover too- thanks for the catch, fixed now!

  2. Argh, NOT fixed, because it has to be approved by Smashwords? Oh well, at least I got it right on e cover!

  3. From smashwords:

    > If YOU have a fun femdom idea you'd like included in any of my future books

    I'm only on 3.2, so I'll risk suggesting a setting that's already written...

    Two to four guys are in detention. Each is assigned to a girl's dorm for the weekend. It's a competition among the guys to see who is best at persuading their captors that they genuinely enjoy the arrangement. Only the winner is free at the end, and the others must return next weekend. Consequently, the guys become active participants in their punishment and produce the lion's share of the best ideas.

    In keeping with the gender reversal themes of SPU, the first winner discovers that he can pretend to get off on tongue stimulation alone. He wins, but ends up with a reputation, as the girls pretend to not understand it was an act.

    1. Anon, that's such a devious idea! It might not fit in SPU 3.5 or 6, but it might be good enough for its own short standalone story! I'll keep it in mind! And, thanks for reading my books!