Thursday, January 28, 2016

The Great Experiment Begins- Sex Powers University Episode 3.1 is Published!

Okay, here goes!  On Smashwords, I've just published Episode 3.1 of Sex Powers University: "Smooth As Silk": 

(Click to enlarge)

Instead of single 40,000-word book six months from now, this term at SPU will be released in 10,000 to 20,000 word monthly episodes, just like a comic book or TV show.

This will let you get the parts of the book faster (one episode a month versus the whole thing six months from now), let you comment on scenes you're hoping to see in later episodes (which might get in there!) and should let me explore more fun side plots without feeling constrained by a single book length.

That's the theory anyway.  The first episode grew to 30,000 words but I think it holds the tension, so please, comment here on what you thought of this first episode, what you'd like to see for later episodes, what length/price/publishing schedule you'd best prefer, and enjoy Troy, Jessica and Amber's continuing adventures at SPU!

Link to the book on Smashwords here:

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