Saturday, July 25, 2015

Unfinished Cocksitters Club story: Victoria's Litter

So I originally wrote "The CockSitter's Club" parts 1-4 to illustrate some points I was making in my Femdom Writing Class (found here).  But it turned out so well I'm going to release it as a standalone free ebook, sometime in September, with this as the cover:

I also started writing a sequel for release in September called "The Cocksitter's Club #2: Victoria's Litter".  But for plotting reasons I explained in this previous post, I realized that story wasn't going anywhere.

But one reader, after hearing the premise, asked me to post what I had so far, since it contained a certain fetish that they loved.  So, if I HAD continued Victoria's Litter, the book would have been released with some image of a strong sexy brunette girl on the front, something probably like this:

So here's the unedited, rough, not-finished tale that could have taken place in the "Steel World":

(All characters are over 18 and this story should not be read by anyone under 18.)

The CockSitter's Club #2:
Victoria's Litter

Carlos Silva gathered his brothers around him, speaking quickly and urgently.
"Now remember, whatever happens, we stick together, comprende?" He looked back over his shoulder, then returned to the huddle. "Nothing can break us, because we're the men in this family! And men are naturally tougher, right Davi?"
Standing on the sidewalk of main street, Davi, the youngest of the three, gulped. It was tough to be full of machismo when your cock and balls were locked away in a tiny steel cage! But somehow, Carlos had found a way to maintain his attitude over this last year in this horrible new country, with its perverse “Universal Locking Laws”. Davi gulped and nodded, not wanting to let his oldest brother down.
"Si, Carlos!"
"Alright, bring it in," Carlos said, and the other two put their hands on top of his. "Wolf Pack!"
"Aaaahrooo!" Davi and Gabriel howled on cue.
"Wolf Pack!"
"Aaaahrooo!" the two cried, then all pushed their hands down, as one. Now Davi was grinning, as were his brothers. Maybe Carlos was right! With the three of them working together, they should be able to outsmart any stupid, young-
"Boys!" their mother called from behind them on the sidewalk. "Enough of that silliness! Come meet your new babysitter!"
As always, Carlos led, Davi and Gabriel followed. "Mama, come on!," the oldest said, strutting up to her. "I've done a year in college, and Davi and Gab are almost out of high school! For the last time, we don't need no stupid, gringo babysitter!"
Their mother straightened her smaller but strong Brazilian frame to maximum height, but still had to look up five inches to see her son's eyes.
"Carlos! Language! What have I told you about calling Americans that?"
"Whatever, mama." Carlos rolled his eyes at her. "You're fresh of the boat."
Davi hid his grin behind his hand. He could never talk to his mother that way! She held the keys to their cages during the school year, and Davi tried to stay on her good side. She let them out every night and locked them back up for school every morning, an embarrassment the boys had learned to take because of the stupid metal detectors at school- any boy who didn't set one off got in to a WORLD of trouble.
And even though they basically bullied their mother into giving them free access to their dicks every night, Davi still couldn't disrespect her that way- but his older brothers were so much braver!
"Yeah mama," Gabriel chimed in, the middle brother now the same height as Carlos after a recent growth spurt. "You're fresh of the boat! You don't know how real kids talk now!"
The exasperated woman turned to the open window of the idling SUV. "Do you see what I'm dealing with?” she asked the driver. “Every day like this!"
The female voice that answered from inside the car was young, but solid in its smooth confidence. "Don't worry, Mrs. Silva. Tough cases are my speciality."
The car door opened wide, as did Davi's eyes.
The girl who got out was as tall as Carlos and moved like a panther, smooth skin sliding over sexy muscles. Sexy, strong muscles- her rolled up shorts showed off powerful lean legs, her cut off shirt showed perfectly toned arms and abs, and her long black hair tossed like a stallion's mane in the wind. She could have been a MMA fighter. For all Davi knew, she was!
"I'm Victoria," the young woman said, putting her hands on her hips. "And I'll be your cocksitter this month."
All Davi could see was legs and breasts and arms and face, but it seemed like Carlos didn't notice her sexiness at all.
"The hell you will," the oldest said, puffing up. "Mama, you're crazy. I'm a grown man. I'm out!"
And then he was walking away. Davi couldn't believe it!
"Carlos! My baby boy! Please!" their mother called, then turned to the young woman, embarrassed. "Maybe you'll have better luck with them than I do. Try to straighten them out?"
And then Davi saw her hand three silver keys- their keys- to this teenaged girl.
"Luck has nothing to do with it," Victoria laughed, and when she looked at them, Davi felt a chill down his spine.
Their mother turned to quickly hug Davi and Gabriel even as Carlos kept walking away. "The academic conference will be over in a little under a month, my dearests. I'll tell all the famila hello. You've got some money, try to make it last, and Victoria has the numbers where I'll be staying." Davi was still stunned as his mother looked behind him to call after her retreating son. "And I don't care what you do this month, Carlos, but this girl now has your chastity keys! Yes, your only set! I took the extra set you think is still in the family safe and put them in my luggage! So there!"
Carlos stopped and turned, his face gone almost white. "What?!"
Davi flinched as his mother planted a wet, embarrassing kiss on each of his cheeks right there in public. He wiped them off, but he could see, from the look on Carlos' face, that whatever his oldest brother had planned for their month alone, it was falling apart!
"I'll write when I can, but please, boys, for once, be good?"
And then their mother turned to walk back to their car.
Leaving the boys alone with the tall, sexy teenaged girl who now had their three chastity keys twirling on a ring around her finger. She looked at the youngest brother, making him feel small.
"You're Davi?"
He could only nod.
"And you're Gabriel?"
"Ye... yes," his older brother said. He seemed as nervous as Davi!
She laughed, looking the dark-skinned boy over. "That sounds like a girl's name."
The boy clenched his fists. "In Brazil, it is a very popular man's name!"
"Sure, whatever." Then she turned to the one standing the farthest away. "And you, the cocky one- you must be Carlos. Your mother told me to watch out for you."
He puffed up, crossing his arms. "Damn right! And you better not-"
But Victoria was already getting into her car. "The three of you, stow your shit in the trunk and get in the back seat, now. Anyone not inside in ten seconds, I'm leaving your asses here and I'll throw your fucking chastity keys in the river, for all I care. One... two..."
The trunk popped open, and Davi and Gabriel threw panicked looks at Carlos. What should they do?
The oldest gulped, but when the count reached five he broke, running forward to pick up his duffel bag and throw it in the trunk as she had ordered. Davi and Gabriel followed as quickly as they could.
Victoria chuckled as the boys scrambled into the back seats and closed the door.
"...9... 10. Good! You knuckleheads can follow simple instructions." She pulled out three envelopes and started writing something on them, Davi couldn't see what. "Because let's get this straight," she said as she wrote. "For this month, I'm in charge. Completely. I own you, like I would own a bunch of dogs. Understand that, and we'll get along fine."
Next to Davi, Carlos was bristling. "Those are big words, gringo woman! But I know the rules: you have to let us out of these stupid chastity cages when we say, for medical reasons! Or else you get your cocksitting license taken away!"
"Is that so?" Victoria laughed, still writing on the envelopes. She put a stamp on each one, then licked the flaps and showed the empty envelopes to the three boys in the SUV's backseat. "Chastity key one," she said, dropping a silver key into the first envelope and sealing it. "Chastity key two. And little chastity key three," she finished, doing the same with the other two. She showed them the fronts of the envelopes. "All addressed, stamped and ready to go. Oh look, there's a mailbox right there."
Victoria got out of the car and stood holding the letters over the wide, open slot of the blue steel mailbox.
"Now do I have you three idiots' attention?"
Davi was sweating. The steel ring around his balls felt two sizes too tight, his cage felt like a thimble! She couldn't! She wouldn't dare!
"One of these letters is addressed to my house, where you'll be staying," she said, her long black hair swirling in the light breeze. "That idiot will be the lucky one. Another is addressed to my grandmother's house in Texas. It will take a least a week to get there and a week to get back, if you can somehow convince the old bitty to give a shit about whether you get out of your little cage again or not. And the last letter is to my pen pal in London. She's even a bigger cocktease than me, so good luck getting that key back from her ever, if it doesn't end up lost in some mail room between here and there first!"
She tipped the letters forward, holding them by just two fingers over the menacing mail slot.
Davi turned to his older brother. "Carlos! What are we going to do?"
The boy was shocked past words, his mouth opening and closing soundlessly.
"Really?" Victoria laughed. "Nothing to say in your defense?" She pushed the letters even farther inside.
Davi grabbed his brother's arm and shook it. "Carlos! Say something!"
That broke his spell and the tallest boy stammered, "Wha... what do you want?!"
"Just what I said," the girl laughed. "Total obedience. For the entire month."
Davi swallowed hard. Obedience? To a woman? That was so... unmasculine! He looked at his brothers. Carlos seemed in a state of shock, but when Victoria slipped the letters even further inside, just a bare corner of them still showing under her fingers, Davi broke.
"Fine! Fine!" Davi cried, leaning out the window. "Please! Don't mail our keys away! We'll do what you want!" Sweating, he looked over at the blushing Gabi, who nodded at him. Carlos was still pouting, his arms crossed.
Victoria smiled, and pulled the letters back a few inches.
"Good. Let's test your new vows. Take off your shirts, boys, and put them in the garbage bag at your feet."
Davi looked down. There was a new, empty bag under their shoes. He looked at his brothers.
"Whatever," Carlos said. "This horny chick just wants to see my pecs! I don't care." He doffed his shirt into the bag, and the other two followed.
"And now your shoes and socks," she said, tapping the top of the mailbox with the three letters.
Having no choice, the boys did, blushing as more of their skin was exposed.
Victoria leaned forward to peek inside the car window, still keeping the letters over the mail slot. "Good boys,” she said with a smile. “I think you see where this is going... so now your pants."
Gabriel, closest to the other window on the other side, coughed. "But... there are people walking around out here!"
"Then you better do it before they look over to see what all the fuss is," she laughed. "And before I start playing Russian roulette with these envelopes. Whose key is going to London, I wonder..."
"Okay! Wait!" Davi cried, starting to unbutton his pants and slide them to the floor. "I can't believe this, I can't believe this, I can't believe it.." He was nearly naked on a busy street! Anyone walking by the car would see their bare chests. And what if they looked closer?! His other brothers were blushing too, Gabriel most of all. After a long second, Carlos followed their lead.
Victoria peeked inside the half-lowered windows again, making all the boys cover their crotches.
"Banana hammocks, must be a Brazilian thing,” she giggled. "I think they look like girl's panties, myself.” The boys blushed a little more. “Don't keep a curious girl waiting, drop those cute panties to the floor and put them in the bag too."
"No way!" Carlos yelled, holding the waistband of his underwear tightly. "This is abuse! When our mother hears about this-"
Victoria instantly had the letters all the way inside the mailbox, holding them by just one tiny corner again.
"Stop!" Davi cried. "We'll do it!" He turned to his oldest bro. "Carlos, come on!"
"No! Hombre- we'll be naked!"
"Just for a minute!" Davi whispered to him. "We've got our clothes in the trunk, you know she can't keep us this way for a whole month. If we get her on our side, she'll let us out of the cages more often!"
Carlos grimaced, about to say something, and Davi had a sudden fear. “Carlos- shut up! One rash word and she's going to drop those letters!”
The oldest brother closed his mouth, considered something, then finally spat. "Fine! I'm not shamed of my body!" he growled. "Hell, it will probably turn the crazy puta on!"
He whipped his underwear down his legs, Davi followed suit, and after they both looked at Gabriel. The blushing boy did too, putting his last piece of clothing into the bag and covering himself from the open window to the busy street.
Before they could react, Victoria opened Davi's door and pulled the garbage bag out to the sidewalk. She spun the bag to twist the top and smiled as Davi gasped and tried to shield his nude body from her and the sidewalk.
"Mmmmm, shy boys," she chuckled, knotting the top of the bag. "My favorite."
Then she opened the trunk and, before Davi's shocked eyes, lifted all three duffle bags that had each seemed so heavy when Davi had loaded them into their family car. She added the garbage bag on top, and then Victoria was walking off down the street.
"Where are you going, you crazy bitch?!" Carlos cried. "Come back!"
"We've got to go after her!" Gabriel cried.
"How? Run down the street as bare as when we were born?" Carlos started looking around. "Is there a towel in the car? Anything?"
"No! Oh mon dios, what if she doesn't come back?"
"And leave her car?" Carlos spat. "Think, idiot! She's coming back!"
"But someone will see us!"
"Can you raise the windows?"
"She didn't leave the key!"
The boys shivered, nude except for their tight chastity belts, for two more long minutes, until they finally saw Victoria walking back down the sidewalk, empty handed with a grin on her face.
"What did you do with our clothes you crazy girl?" Carlos demanded the second she got back into the driver's seat.
"Gave them back to your mother. She was a little surprised when I told her why you wouldn't need them this month, but she understood." Victoria started the car, the vibrations tingling up Davi's bare bottom into his trapped balls. Then she pulled out into traffic, making Davi's heart almost explode.
They were leaving! Without any of their clothes!
Victoria tuned the radio to a rock station and drove casually, as if she didn't have three panicked, nude boys in the back of her car.
"Some girls in the Cocksitters Club treat the men they're watching like real people. Reasoning with them, barganing with them, can you believe that?" she laughed, merging onto the highway. "I tried that when I first started, but it was more grief than it was worth."
They were on the highway now, speeding Davi away from his clothes at eighty miles per hour!
"After a while I realized that the best way to cocksit cocky brats like you is to treat you as what you really are. Dogs in need of training." Davi saw her adjust the rear-view mirror so she could see their caged dicks in their crotches, and he covered himself frantically.
"Dogs that have been properly muzzled," she chuckled, then adjusted the mirror back to look the three of them in their frightened eyes and accelerated, pushing the terrified Davi deep into his seat.
"So get ready, my little puppies! 'Cause I'm going to be a real bitch to you this month!"


The nude boys were on edge the entire trip to Victoria's house.
On the highway, she lowered all the windows and engaged the window locks, so the boys couldn't raise them to shield their nudity one bit. Then she would pull up next to cars and not pass until the drivers, mostly females, had started to laugh at the scene in her back seat. If the drivers didn't look, Victoria honked. Their cocksitter forced the blushing boys to be seen by soccer moms, business women, and once, at two very cute girls in short skirts and low cut tops in an open-topped jeep, who started blowing kisses, and then taking pictures, almost giving Davi a heart attack!
He was closest to the girls' car- they could see that he was topless and they knew all men in this country were caged. The girls looked into his eyes and Davi just knew- they knew that just a few feet from them, behind his car door, he was completely nude, his metal cage straining because his young dick stiffened at how the wind was whipping their short skirts around their legs!
The two girls whistled and honked their horn twice as Victoria pulled off onto her exit, and Davi's face burned in humiliation.

"Here's your home for the next month, my puppies," Victoria said, pulling into a large driveway to a much richer house than Davi's family could afford, even back in Brazil.
The grass was lush green and perfectly trimmed, the trees tall and majestic, and there was even a fountain in the front, a nude cherub spitting water into a bowl. Someone had thoughtfully even applied a small metal chastity belt to the tiny marble cock of the nude male cherub- it glinted in the sun as they drove by. Victoria parked the SUV in the driveway, not the garage, exited the car and opened the tall gate to the backyard.
"Come on puppies! Into the backyard where pets belong!"
Davi looked around in shock. It was the middle of the day and women were jogging in the street, old folks were rocking in chairs on their porches and a group of gardeners were working two yards over!
"But... but we're naked!" Gabriel cried.
Victoria bent over to slap her thighs, talking in an overly sugary-sweet voice and whistling.
"Come on, puppies! Come to mama! Or else I'm going to leave you in the car and call every girl on the block to come see how adorable you look in there!"
Davi's heart stopped even as his cock surged in its tight cage. He threw open his door and ran past Victoria into the yard, soon followed by his two nude brothers.
"Good doggies! Good job!" the teen laughed, closing the gate behind the panting, humiliated boys.
She waved her hand at the fenced in shady lot, a grassy half-acre with chairs, trees, and even a gazebo scattered across it.
"This is your yard now. Where you puppies can run and play all you want. And look, it's got an eight-foot privacy fence all around, so you don't have to be shy about running around in your puppy outfits all you want."
Davi saw that at least that was true, and relaxed a little. But then Victoria giggled.
"Except when Mrs. Carbine and her daughters get home next door," she said, pointing at the three story house next to them. "Their bedrooms will let them look down and see you puppies playing, but I don't think they'll be too shocked." The girl smiled at them. "They're dog lovers too."
"What are you going to do with us?" Carlos demanded, stamping the ground with his bare heel. "You can't leave us naked all month!"
Davi was relieved- his older brother would sort this out! This girl needed to be put in her place.
The teen just giggled. "Puppies don't wear clothes, silly."
"Look, you puta bitch! You can't do this to us! We have rights!"
The tall teen put her hands on her hips. "Puppies don't talk back either," she said slowly, staring him down. "It looks like one of us needs a little attitude adjustment."
"Yeah? You gonna fight me? I'd like to see that!"
"Hold that thought sweetie," Victoria chuckled, then walked towards the house.
"You can't lock us in!" Carlos cried. "I'll run out the gate! I'll jump over this fence!"
"Go ahead," she laughed, unlocking the sliding glass door. "You're thirty miles from home, buck naked, and I've got your chastity keys for the next month. Run away if you want. See how well that goes."
She went inside and locked the door behind her, leaving the boys stunned.
"What are we going to do?" Gabriel cried. "Carlos! Tell us!"
"Give me a minute, damn it!"
Davi was thinking too, but he had a sinking feeling.
They explored the backyard. There were a few chairs under a shady tree and a water faucet about two feet off the ground. The gate they had entered was indeed unlocked, and when Carlos cracked it open to peek outside, four girls went running past on the sidewalk, dressed in the colors of the local high school's track team! He shut the gate quickly.
After a minute Victoria returned, holding three leather collars in her hand.
"What the hell are those?" Gabriel demanded, backing away.
"These," she said, "are tiny little shock collars they make for cute little Chihuahuas, to train them not to bark. See these tiny metal nubs pointing inward? If I just push the button on this remote..." She pushed the remote in her right hand, and a tiny spark cracked between the metal nubs on her left. "Viola! Bad puppies get an instant correction!"
"You're not putting that thing around my neck!" Carlos cried, raising his fists.
"You're right," the girl said, putting down the remote and collars. "They wouldn't fit around your big, manly necks.” She smiled. “But they should fit perfectly around your cute little chastity belts. And the metal will spread the shock nicely, for maximum current transfer to your little peckers.”
Then she reached down and peeled her shirt off over her head.
Davi gulped at the now bra-clad girl. Even held tightly down by her sports bra, her breasts were firm and impressive, and the sight of them made his cock cage start to feel tight.
"You puppies need a lesson in dominance," she said, undoing the zipper of her shorts too. "So I'm going to wrestle one into you, one a time." She slipped her shorts to the ground to stand in front of them in just her sports bra and tight, black, spandex underwear, like female wrestler might wear.
Davi's cock was surging, making his cage pull on his balls. He grimaced and held his crotch, trying to make it stop.
"Awww, is my puppy's muzzle getting a little tight?" Victoria chuckled, pulling her knee to her chest to stretch. Watching her stretch only made Davi's cock get harder!
"Why should we wrestle you, you bitch?" Carlos asked. "That the only way you can get a man to touch you? You in heat or something?"
Davi gulped. She already held so much power of them- why was Carlos trying to make her madder?
But the black-haired teen just laughed. "You don't think you can beat a girl? I'll even give each of you boys three falls. If ANY of you pin me once, and I'll let you out of your cages for the rest of the day. But if I beat you..." -she smiled- "I get to put my shock collars on your little puppy balls."
As she spoke, the underwear-clad teen stretched her tight arms behind her, making her breasts push out towards the boys. Davi's chastity cage stuck straight out from his body, pulling on his balls without mercy! He held his cage in his hands, noticing that both his brother's cages were jutting out too.
"Carlos?" Gabriel said. "Should we do it?"
The oldest boy was fidgeting, then started warming up and stretching himself. "Sure! Why not? We can beat one silly girl, and if she doesn't give us our keys afterwards, we'll take them from her by force! Wolf Pack!"
The other brothers put their hands in. "Arrrooo!"
"You little puppies are so cute, trying to bark like grown up dogs," Victoria chuckled, bending over to stretch her long legs and tight ass. "By the end of today I'll have you yipping like the chihuahuas you are." She finished the stretch, then bounced on the balls of her feet, light, nimble, and powerful, in a way that had Davi's cage throbbing. "Okay Gabi girl- you're up first!"
"Me?" the boy squeaked, then recovered as his brothers looked at him. "Fine! Let's go!"
Dressed in nothing but his straining metal chastity cage, the boy started circling the barefoot girl wearing just her sports bra and panties, getting closer and closer to each other on the grass.
"Just wrestling," Gabriel confirmed. "No punches, no kicks."
"I won't if you won't, Gabi girl."
"Stop calling me th-"
Victoria struck while he was talking, going in low at his legs, as fast as a cobra. Her shoulder hit his thighs, her arms wrapped around his knees, her ankle hooked behind his and then Gabriel was pitching over backwards.
The boy hit the grass with a thud and bounced, gasping for air. She was on him in a flash, locking up his arm and sliding her legs around his waist, crossing her ankles in what Davi recognized from TV a technically perfect scissors lock. And then she squeezed.
"AhhhHHH!" the nude boy cried as she tried to bend his elbow in a way nature hadn't intended, while also constricting his stomach with her muscled legs. "Okay! I give! I give!" He tapped her legs desperately with his one free hand and she released immediately, popping up to her feet with a smile.
"One fall down, two to go."
"That was a sucker punch!" Carlos yelled from the sidelines. "Lucky shot!"
"Lucky?" the teen laughed. "You boys are from Brazil and you've never heard of Gracie Ju-Jitsu?"
"Of course we've heard of it you dumb bitch!" Carlos said. "It's the fighting style of our homeland!"
"And did you just watch movies about it, or did you actually study it?" She grinned at him. "Because I've been training in it for the last three years."
"Whatever!" Carlos scoffed. "No amount of training could make a woman better than a full grown man!"
But as Davi watched Gabriel get up, out of breath, he wasn't so sure. And as he watched the way Victoria moved around the grass, her panty-clad ass sticking out as she circled his brother with low, predatory steps, he felt that sinking feeling again, even as his cock ached to be free.
Gabriel attacked first in the second round. The two tussled, went down, and it was obvious Victoria was getting the better of it again. Watching her move, she was so powerful, Davi thought. So... commanding.
This time Gabriel's neck ended up between her thighs as she applied a leg scissors again.
"All boys want to get between a girl's legs," Victoria laughed, seeming to barely put out any effort as the boy struggled wildly in her hold. "And now I'm going to give you your wish!"
"Fight back!" Carlos cried. "You've almost got her!"
But Davi saw that Gabriel was fading. And that his brother's cock was trying to get as hard as his, bulging out of the sides of his cage.
"Oooh! Someone likes being beaten by a girl!" she laughed, noticing the same thing. She pulled on his tight cage while still choking him. "Is this what you dream about at night, Princess Gabi? Submitting to a strong woman like me?"
Gabriel was on the verge of tears, pulling and pushing at her legs in desperation, but nothing seemed to affect how her rock hard thighs and toned calves held him. Face red, almost passed out, he finally tapped her thighs in submission. But this time, Victoria held him for just a bit longer, giving his head one final hard squeeze, and his cage one final pull, before letting the panting, humiliated boy go and jumping up to her feet.
"Hey, do any of you boys kiss pussy?" she asked, barely winded. "Because I just decided I'm going to make each of you kiss my pussy after I beat you, since you're so sensitive about being beaten by a girl."
"Never!" Carlos cried. "Real men don't do that!"
But Davi just looked at Gabriel, coughing on his hands and knees, and gulped. Maybe Carlos doesn't know what real men do... he thought.
Gabriel finally got to his feet, and even though his two brothers cheered him on, the last match was over even quicker than the other two. This time Gabriel ended up on his back with his head between her thighs again. But now she was laying on top of him, facing his feet, so that his nose was pressed tightly into her pantied ass.
"Oh, you like sniffing my butt?" she laughed, shaking the chastity cage that was bulging and twitching, inches from her face. "No puppy! Bad puppy!" She used her free hand to lightly slap Gabriel's balls. "No sniffing your master's ass!" She slapped his nuts a little harder and the boy bucked in pain.
"Hey! That's not fair!" Carlos cried.
"He can tap out any time," the teen laughed. "Tap out, Gabi girl, and let me put the shock collar on your poor puppy balls."
Davi saw Gabi was fully crying now, tears running down his red face that was trapped under the girl's ass. The boy bucked and kicked, trying to escape, all while the laughing girl slapped his trapped balls at will. Finally he screamed and tapped out on her thighs.
"Okay! I give! I yield!"
Victoria just laughed, not releasing her hold. "You'll obey my orders like a good little puppy?"
"No matter what I say?"
She laughed and sat back on her knees, burying his face completely between her asscheeks, then leaned over to grab the first tiny collar, grinding her bum back and forth on his face as she threaded the collar around his balls and under his cage, points facing into his skin.
"One little shock collar for one little lapdog," she chuckled, then raised her hips a few inches and looked down at him between her thighs. "Now give momma's pussy a kiss, to thank her for putting the pretty collar on your balls."
Crying, the boy raised his head and planted one quick kiss on her panty clad pussy while making a face, and only then did Victoria stand up to let him go. Gabriel ran to stand next to his brothers, still wiping the tears from his eyes.
She smiled and pointed at Carlos. "You're next, big talker."
"No, Davi goes next!" Carlos said, shocking Davi. "Come on, Davi, go get her! Tire her out so I can finish the job!"
Davi was so scared- he couldn't move!
"Hey! Don't send him to do your job. Come on you big pussy!" Victoria laughed. "I'm going to pin you and spank your silly ass until you're sobbing like a schoolgirl!"
"Fine! You asked for it!" Carlos said as he stepped forward, to Davi's great relief. "I'm going to rip those clothes right off you and finger your little buceta until you beg me to stick my cock in it!" he cried, feinting and juking as they started to circle each other.
"Your tiny little locked up cock?" she laughed, staying low and ready. "Looks like it's begging me to touch it first."
"Never, you ugly bitch!"
"Then why is your little weenie trying to get so hard right now?" she said, and when Carlos looked down to check, she was on him. She tackled him like a linebacker, shoulder to his stomach, and he hit the ground even harder than Gabriel had. To Davi, it looked like Carlos had the wind knocked out of him. Victoria turned the barely protesting boy over and put him in an ankle lock, and then pulled back, her biceps bulging.
"OWWW! You're breaking my ankle!" he cried. "You're breaking it!"
"God, you are such a pussy," she giggled. "I'm barely tickling you." And then she did, starting to tickle the exposed, upturned sole of his foot. The boy thrashed as if he was being electrocuted.
"NOOO! Ahhh! I give!" he yelled, tapping the ground desperately with his palm.
But Victoria didn't let him go, just kept tickling him.
"Awww, is my little puppy ticklish? Holy cow, I've wrestled thirteen year old girls who put up more of a fight than you!"
She flipped him over and put him in a scissors lock faster than Davi could blink, her legs holding his waist in place as her hands danced lightly all over his bare ribs.
"Awww, is your mean owner still tickling you? Are you going to wet yourself like a little girl at a slumber party?"
Carlos thrashed and laughed under her assault, unable to form a whole sentence. "You! Bitch! Stop! Stop it!"
Davi had never been harder in his chastity cage in his life! Not even the day their uncle had mailed them that magazine from down south, and the boys had poured over it all day until they had to hide it before their mother came home! The way this almost naked woman was laughing and totally controlling Carlos without even trying... Davi started rethinking what his brothers had taught him.
"Please! Please!" his older brother begged, and then Carlos was tapping out again. But as before, Victoria didn't give him a moment's rest, applying her leg scissors to his head instead.
"One more submission and you're kissing my pussy," she laughed, locking her ankles. "Time to spank your ass red!"
"NO!" the boy cried.
Their mother hadn't spanked any of them in ten years! Davi thought. Only the youngest Latin boys were ever spanked; to have it done as an adult would be humiliating!
But that is exactly what Victoria did.
Against all his protests, she rolled Carlos onto his side while keeping his head in the scissors lock, lined up her right palm even as he squirmed and bucked under her, and then started raining blows down on his nude, unprotected ass. Her legs kept his head trapped, forcing he and Davi to look right at each other as the spanking went on. And on. And on.
Davi watched his oldest, toughest, cockiest brother try to stay silent, then start to tear up, and finally, burst into tears.
"Stop! Stop! No more! No mas!" Carlos bawled, tears pouring down his face. "PLEASE!"
"Who's going to be my little puppy?" Victoria teased, squeezing his red cheeks to make him howl, then slapping his full balls, just like she had with Gabriel. "Whose it gonna be?"
"ME!" Carlos begged. "Just stop!"
And as before, she kept his head in a tight scissors lock between her smooth, strong thighs as she got the second shock collar and threaded it around his balls.
"Okay little puppy. Here's your collar! Now kiss Mommy's pussy thank you."
Carlos was crying, but he did, and Victoria laughed in victory before letting him go. The boy, sniffling, got to his feet, then saw Davi's expression.
"Don't look at me like that! She was punching my balls! You saw!" he said, wiping away tears.
"Lightly slapping," Victoria laughed. "God, you're such a whiner."
“I'm not! And I'm not wearing this stupid-”
As soon as his fingers started to undo the shock collar, Victoria picked the remote off the table and hit a button. Carlos went down, clutching his balls.
“No playing with your collars,” Victoria laughed. “Bad dog.” She hit the button again.
“AHHHH! Okay!”
He was crying again, barely sitting up as he looked at his youngest brother. Carlos wiped his last tear away and pointed at the girl. "She's tired now Davi! Fight with all your heart and you can win! For us! Go as long as you have to!"
"Oh absolutely," she chuckled, getting low and ready to wrestle again. "Show me what the runt of the litter can do."
Davi gulped. She was right- he was the smallest of the three!
"She's tired now!" Carlos cried. "You can win, just don't tap out- for any reason!"
"Yeah!" Gabriel added, now standing by Carlos' side. "Don't give up, no matter what she does, and you'll win!"
Davi's knees were shaking.
Nude, with his cock trying to erect in its steel prison, Davi looked at his two, sniffling nude brothers, each wearing a shock collar around their balls, then over at the grinning girl. She was breathing a little harder now. A little. She laughed and waved him forward.
"Come on, puppy. Let's see who's the boss here."
"Go on Davi!" Carlos said. "What are you waiting for?"
Davi gulped, and then tried to speak without stammering.
"Miss Victoria... can I... can I just kiss your pussy now instead?"
"What are you doing?" Carlos yelled. "This is our last chance to get free!"
There never was a chance, Davi thought.
"Can I please, just kiss your pussy now?" he asked again. "There's no need... for you to pin me. I know you're... stronger than me."
Victoria laughed, standing up out of her fighter's pose with a little surprise. "Well of course, if you want. Crawl to me on all fours, like a good little doggie."
Still shaking, Davi got down onto his hands and knees.
Carlos stamped at the ground. "NO! Davi, what are you doing?!?"
"He's showing me he's the smartest one of the bunch," Victoria laughed as the smaller boy crawled towards her. She looked down at the nude boy kneeling at her feet. "Aren't you?"
Davi just blushed harder and looked away. This was so humiliating!
She pointed at her panty-covered crotch. "Kiss right here. Show me you know who's in charge."
"Don't do it Davi! No!"
Davi gulped, then leaned forward and quickly pressed his lips to the thin fabric over her shaved mound.
He tried to pull back, but a hand on the back of his head stopped him.
"Why don't you give it a little lick, like I was an ice cream cone?"
"No Davi! Stop!"
Trembling, he leaned forward again, and right when Davi was about to plant his lips on her, Victoria pulled aside the crotch of her panties and the shocked boy's tongue met bare pussy.
The electric taste went right to his trapped cock, making it stiff as steel.
"Dominating your brothers got me a little sweaty," she giggled, just so he could hear. "Do you like the taste little puppy?"
Davi nodded, his face on fire. "Yes."
"Smart dog. Maybe I'll let you taste a little more sometime," she said, petting the top of his head, then snapped the crotch of her panties back into place and spoke at normal volume. "Now stand up so I can collar your balls, little pup."
Trembling, he stood up.
"Hold your cage out of the way to make it easier for me," she giggled.
And closing his eyes, Davi did, helping his captor put the shock collar around his balls. He felt the leather tighten around the base of his cock where it met his body, then around his balls and finally she threaded the end into the tight confines of his cage and clicked the collar shut. He could feel the two dull metal tips prodding his nuts.
Would he be able to feel them all the time?
"Back in line, puppy," Victoria chuckled, patting Davi's ass lovingly, and the blushing boy went back to join his brothers, who were giving him dagger looks.
"Okay puppies," Victoria said, picking up the remote and pointing it at the trembling boys. "Those collars have two settings: reminder and correction. This is reminder."
She pressed a button and Davi jumped. It was like someone just flicked him in the balls! That really stung!
Victoria grinned. "And this is correction."
All three boys fell to the ground, clutching their crotches in agony.
"You bitch!" Carlos cried. "You'll castrate us!"
"Oh, little lapdogs can take it on their necks all day, so you tough guys will be fine." She put her hands on her hips. "Reminder is for small mistakes. For when you're following my commands, just not doing it enthusiastically enough. But correction..."
She smiled as the collapsed boys sweated, watching her finger hover over the dreaded button.
"If any of you boys walk on two legs in my sight, that's a correction. If any of you use your hands to pick anything up, that's a correction. And, if after I give the command 'Speak', any of you make a noise that couldn't come out of a tiny, neutered, eight pound dog, I will press this correction button until the batteries on my remote run out! Do I make myself clear?"
On the ground and still clutching his cage in pain, Davi felt his stomach go cold. Those were the rules? For how long?
All three boys nodded.
"Really? Speak!"
Face burning with shame, Davi looked at his brothers, then before any of them could make the wrong noise, he chirped like he had heard a chihuahua do in a movie once. "Yip!"
Victoria clapped and patted his head. "Good puppy! Good speak!" Then her hand drifted lower, to his nipples, and she twisted each in turn as she laughed "Speak puppy, speak!"
He wanted to cry out in pain as his nipples burned and his dick fought to break out of his metal cage, but he saw her finger waiting on the button and he made the only sound he could.
"Yip! Yip yip yip!"
"Awww, you're so cute," the sexy girl chuckled, giving his nipples one more painful twist. "I think I'll call you Nips, because these little brown eraser tips are just so much fun to play with!"
She patted the humiliated boy's head before turning to the other two.
"And how about you two? Nothing to say? Want a reminder?"
Carlos and Gabriel jumped where they sat, clutching their balls, then made the same noise as Davi had.
"Yip! Yip yip!"
Victoria laughed, then strutted over to pet Gabriel's head. "And you, with your big beautiful eyelashes and pouty name, I'll call you Gabi-girl, because you're definitely the female of the group! Who knows, if you go into heat during the month you're here, I'll have to find some nice alpha to come over and take you doggy style while all my friends watch."
Gabriel's jaw dropped but he didn't say anything, to Davi's relief.
Victoria walked to the last boy, the leader, teary-eyed Carlos.
"And you... I think I'll call you Cheeky, for obvious reasons," she laughed, then reached back and slapped the boy's red spanked ass, making him whimper. She nodded, coming to a decision. "You know, Cheeky, I think I want you to run up and present your cute little rear to me for spanking every single day you're here, okay? To teach you some manners."
Davi saw Carlos inhale to protest this horrible humiliation at the top of his lungs. But Davi spoke first.
"YIP! YIP YIP!" he barked loudly, giving Carlos a fierce look, then pointing at the remote with his eyes.
Carlos held his mouth open, then closed it without a word, as tears started to run down his face once more. Watching the interaction, Victoria patted Davi's head again.
"I could always tell you were the smart one of the pack, Nips," she laughed, then bent to pick up her clothes and head towards the house. “You really listen to your Master.”
Watching her bare feet skip through the light grass, her long legs flash in the sun as she walked, so tall above them, Davi thought the forbidden word for the first time.
It made his spine tingle and his cock surge in its cage.
Victoria took out some rubber bones, balls and frisbees from a box and scattered them around the yard.
"There! You've got some toys to play with, cool water to drink, and it's a nice sunny day for you to frolic the afternoon away without a care! What more could any group of puppies ask for?"
Laughing, she went inside the air-conditioned house and locked the sliding door, leaving the three nude boys trapped and on all fours in the yard.


The next four hours were tough.
Once, Carlos stood up to look over the back of the fence and they all got correction shocks. Later, Gabriel used his hands to turn on the garden hose connection for a drink and they got corrections again. It was darker inside the house than outside, so they couldn't see inside to tell when Victoria was watching them!
So the boys resigned themselves to crawling on all fours all afternoon, totally nude save for their metal chastity cages and shock collars.
Davi burned with humiliation. He had never been nude this long in front of his brothers, not in his life! And definitely not outside! Every few minutes he checked the house next door, scared that Mrs. Carbine and her daughters would come home while they could be see them naked, crawling around the backyard.
That would be so humiliating!
But unable to stand up, use their hands, or even talk to each other without fear of correction shocks, the boys got bored out of their minds. Eventually, Davi fell asleep, even though his cock still throbbed, remembering his one lick of Victoria's pussy.


A whistling noise jarred Davi awake, and with a start he realized it was already dusk.
"Come on puppies!" Victoria sang from the door to the house, then whistled again. "Cheeky! Gabi-girl! Nips! Time to come inside!"
Davi saw the remote in her hand, as did his brothers. They looked at each other, then each one crawled on all fours to the girl, their faces burning in humiliation.
"Good doggies!" she giggled. "You remembered! Into the living room now, that's where your cages are."
"Cages!" Carlos said, and then was on the ground, grabbing his belt and yelping.
"Correction," Victoria said, walking by the twitching boy as if nothing was amiss. The other two helped him up, then meekly followed her to the living room. Three large wireframe dog cages did in fact wait for them there, each with a blanket padding the floor and small dish of water inside.
"Go on," she giggled. "Into your new homes!"
Davi's face burned but he already knew it was pointless to argue. He swallowed, then crawled inside the first solidly built cage. Gabriel went into his next. And with a look of pure venom at their cocksitter, Carlos went into his.
"Too much attitude, Cheeky. Reminder!"
Carlos yelped and fell inside his cage, holding his balls, and the girl laughed and latched his door shut. "Some day you'll learn, Cheeky," she giggled. She closed the other two doors and looked down at them, pleased.
Davi stiffened as another, older woman walked up behind Victoria, her hair the same shade of black. She had the same stunning figure as their cocksitter, but twenty years older and dressed in a conservative pantsuit. She looked down at the three nude, belted boys. How many women would see them nude today?!
"In the living room Victoria?” the older woman asked, smirking. “Really?"
"Oh, Mom! Look at how cute these young puppies are! I can't keep them tied up outside like the last old dog!"
Davi shivered. He had thought the cages were rock bottom, but sleeping outside would have been even worse!
The older woman just shook her head. "Well, if they pee on the hardwood, you're cleaning it up."
"If they pee on the hardwood," the teen giggled, "they're going to get the correction of their lives." She looked down at Davi and winked. "But good dogs wouldn't do that, right?”
Davi did the only thing he could think of.
Both women laughed, and Victoria turned off the lights as they left the room. “Good boy. Nighty night, puppies!"


Carlos was rattling the door to his cage the next morning.
"Where the hell is she? I've got to piss!" He shook his wire door again. "Come on! It's got to be like ten o'clock already!"
Davi couldn't disagree. None of the living room clocks were visible from the angle of their cages, and they didn't have their cellphones or watches or anything! He tried sticking a thin finger between the lock and the cage again, but he couldn't get the latch to trip. And the heavy metal cages were solid enough to hold tigers and bolted to the floor. This really was like being a dog- they were trapped until Victoria let them out!
"Come on damn it!" Carlos cried, kicking at his door. "I've got to piss!" He only ended up hurting his bare foot. “Ahhh!”
"Carlos, stop," Davi said. "Stop! I've got an idea." His brother did stop and, with them both looking at him, Davi swallowed, then whimpered, low and plaintively, like a needy puppy.
"That's not going to-"
"Do you want to pee or not, Carlos?" Davi hissed, and when his brother fell silent again, he resumed his whimpering, like he was a scared, lost puppy. It was so humiliating!
But Victoria was there in a second, as if she had been waiting in the hallway.
"Does some little puppy need to go pee-pee? What a good dog for letting me know! Here, let me collar you and we'll go out." She opened his door and Davi let himself be collared around the neck with a real dog collar, and then crawled after her when she pulled.
"Back for you two in a second," she giggled, leading him away.
But she didn't lead Davi to the sliding door to the backyard, but to the front!
He locked his arms when he saw where they were going.
"Awww, don't be scared puppy! It's just the front yard." When he still didn't move, the tall girl knelt next to his head, stroking his cheek with soft fingers. "Hey, hey. I know it's scary, but I need you to be the example for the other two. You're the brave one of the bunch, you know."
Davi looked up at her with questioning eyes. Just one day, and it was already to easy not to talk!
"Yeah, you are, because you're the one who let me collar his balls without putting up a fight. That's real courage."
The boy shuddered. He had done it because he was terrified, not brave!
"And courageous puppies get to kiss their master's pussy again. For longer, until it makes her very happy. Would you like to lick my pussy again, to bury your nose in it, while your little doggie boner is free and hard, outside of your cage? Would you like that?"
Davi swallowed and nodded. “Yip!”
She giggled. "Then let's go pee!"
There was no one outside when Victoria opened the front door, or when she led the skittish Davi down the path to stand next to the big oak near the sidewalk.
"Lift your leg- you know how!"
Davi was shaking, but he did, lifting his left knee high. It was hard to start the flow- he was totally nude! In the broad daylight! And he was about to make a fool of himself! But the pressure from his ten-hour full bladder won out, and with a sigh, he closed his eyes and started watering the tree.
"Nice dog," a girl's voice giggled, and Davi's eyes flew open to see a cute high-schooler standing in front of them, a little poodle- a real one- on a leash next to her!
Davi tried to stop peeing, but he had already started- he couldn't move now!
"Yeah, he's the most promising of the litter. Almost housebroken already," Victoria laughed, watching the red faced boy humiliate himself in front of yet another stranger. "My brave little boy. But his balls have been giving him a real problem. Come back here- see how full and swollen they are?"
And Davi almost died as the stranger did, walking around behind him to giggle at his blue, caged nuts as he peed!
"Oh my! I totally see what you mean."
"He whines about them every day- what do you think I should do?" Victoria laughed, and he jumped as she nudged his balls with the top of her bare foot. "Should I ice them down each morning, or should I just, you know, have him fixed like yours?"
"A hard decision," the girl giggled. At least he was done peeing! Davi lowered his leg and tried to pull away, but Victoria held the leash tight. And then, a set of soft female fingers closed around his nuts from behind!
"They are pretty hot and swollen," the other girl giggled as Davi squirmed, his cage starting to get tight. A strange girl was rolling his family jewels around in her fingers, her painted nails scraping his most sensitive spots, and he couldn't do anything to stop her! "I would go with the ice.” She giggled again. “If you're going to let him keep them, that is."
"Probably. Thanks Kelli," Victoria laughed, then pulled on his leash to start walking. "You want to come by tonight and see my new litter? I've got two more puppies just like him!"
"Cool! I'll bring my poodle!" the girl laughed. And as she strutted off, Davi watched her skirt bounce to almost, but not quite, let him see her butt.
"There you go, Nips," Victoria chuckled, leading him back inside. "You've got your first puppy play date already."


Carlos, of course, put up the most fuss about being made to piss outside, but a reminder that she could just put him back in the cage until he pissed all over his only bedding for the month and a few shocks to his collar soon had him crawling out at her side, just like Davi and Gabi had done.
Afterwards the boys were locked back in their cages, salivating as Victoria and her mother cooked in the nearby kitchen, the smells of bacon and eggs making the boys' stomachs ache. Just when Davi thought he would die of hunger, the tall beauty came back and let them out, all at once.
“Come get your breakfast,” she sang, leading the way.
Turning the corner, Davi saw what he had secretly dreaded: three dog bowls sitting on the tile floor, filled with a steaming scrambled eggs and a few strips of bacon.
“Eat up before it gets cold,” Victoria laughed, sitting down at the table alongside her mother, like a real person.
On all fours, Davi just looked down at the bowls in disbelief. But Carlos stood up.
“Look you bitches! We're not dogs! We're-”
Victoria hit the correction button on her remote without even looking away from her mother. All three boys fell over, clutching their balls in pain. She hit the button again and Davi thought his balls were going to fry. But then it was over.
“Before it gets cold,” she repeated, hitting the button again. But this time it was just on 'reminder' setting, and all Davi felt was a swift flick to his balls.
He stuffed his face into the bowl marked “Nips”, eating without using his hands, and his two brothers did the same.
“Best thing training tool I ever bought,” Victoria giggled to her mother, flipping the keychain remote around on one finger.
Davi's face burned in humiliation as he ate, naked, on all fours in some stranger's house, with his privates locked in a chastity belt. Food got all over his cheeks, nose and chin, but the worst was that the women eating at the table didn't further speak to or acknowledge the three brothers in any way- as if they truly were dogs eating at their feet.
Victoria, wearing just a sleep shirt over her muscular body, didn't even cross her legs sometimes when she was facing the boys, and the careless glimpses of her trimmed pussy had Davi squirming, his belt squeezing his cock and balls mercilessly. But Victoria couldn't even be bothered to notice a dog's discomfort while she happily chatted with her mother.
After picking up their plates, the girl laughed at the three boys on all fours in front of her.
“Ack, you puppies are such messy eaters! I'll have to give you a shower before I go shopping. Cheeky, Gabi girl, into your cages! Nips, come with me!”
She swatted the red-faced Davi's butt and he hurried to crawl after her to the bathroom, still on all fours.
Victoria locked him in the bathroom, then returned a moment later wearing a tight black bikini. She giggled at how Davi looked away from her rock-hard ass in the thong bikini as she leaned over to start the water.
“Something wrong boy?”
Davi just whimpered and shook his head, fearing another shock, and the teen girl chuckled as she took the electronic shock collar off his balls.
“Can't have that getting shorted out. Your little balls might fry off!” Then she laughed and patted the side of the shower tub. “Come on, hop in. On all fours, like a good puppy.”
Davi crawled under the luke-warm spray and Victoria joined him a moment later. From his position on all fours and the blinding spray coming from high above him, he was forced to keep his head down, limiting his vision to just her bare calves and feet.
A sudden dollop of cold gel sprayed all over his back and then Davi was hit by a hard scent of strawberries.
“I don't have any dog shampoo around,” the girl laughed, spreading the gel by hand all over his back and hair, making the smell overwhelming. “So you'll just have to use my body wash instead. You'll get used to it.”
Davi stood there in humilation as she did wash him just like a dog, efficiently rubbing the soapy suds down his arms, sides, hair, then spraying it off.
“Aww, don't be all stoic and brooding,” she laughed, then reached down with her soapy fingers to pinch his nipples until he was squirming and whining. “That's what I like to see, Nips! Puppies like you should cavort in the shower!” she laughed, squeezing his nipples a little more, then slapping his ass. “Turn around now.”
Warily, Davi faced away from her feet.
“Head a little lower.” When he didn't comply right away, Victoria tutted and used her toes to prod his tight, trapped balls. “Come on, don't make me ask twice.” Her toes played with his balls more gently, making his cock start to surge. “This is the fun part.”
Davi swallowed and lowered his head. Was she going to remove his cage? If she was holding his keys, she had to every day- wasn't that the law? The idea of a shower hand-job from this beautiful amazon, even in this humiliating position, was a wet dream for the virgin Davi!
But instead of his cage being released, Davi just felt another large dollop of cold body wash landing in between his spread buttcheeks!
He yelped and started to raise his head, only to have it pushed back down by a strong hand. And then he heard the girl putting on medical gloves.
A good pet owner should wash out ALL parts of her dogs, every day,” she laughed, her rubber-gloved fingers playing with the trembling boy's buttcheeks and aching balls. “And I'm going to do this to EVERY ONE of you three cocky boys, EVERY day you're here with me.”
Davi whimpered as her slippery digits found his lubricated butthole and started teasing the rim.
The girl laughed, speaking almost lovingly to him now. “But you know the difference between them and you, Nips?”
Her finger was still teasing his slippery rim, the first knuckle dipping in and out of his ass as he shook.
This couldn't happen! He was a man! Men didn't get fingers-
He gasped as her strong finger forced its way inside him all the way. And then it started pumping in and out.
“The difference between them and you, Nips,” Victoria laughed, increasing the force with which she fingered the gasping, shaking boy. “Is that you're not going to put up a fight.”


Davi was led back into his cage from the showers, his face horribly red. He didn't tell his brothers what was waiting for them- he couldn't, without risking another shock from the collar Victoria had replaced around his balls.
And so he heard some screaming and fighting from the bathroom when Carlos was taken away for his shower, but the oldest brother returned just as red-faced as Davi had.
And when Gabi was taken away, there was a series of yelps from the bathroom, and then the sound of Victoria laughing her ass off.
When the middle brother was led back, on all fours, into his cage, if anything, he was even more embarrassed than Davi had been.
“Some puppy had a little accident in the shower today,” Victoria laughed, drying her hair with a big fluffy towel as she stood above the three boys in her tight bikini. “Gabi-girl liked the anal stimulation so much she spurted her little girly load all over the floor of my tub, while she was still locked in her little cock cage!”
Davi and his oldest brother looked at Gabi in shock, which only made the boy more embarrassed.
“Don't make him feel bad, it's the ONLY way you dogs are going to get those little glands between your legs emptied this month!” Victoria laughed, looking at Davi's shocked face. “So if any of you puppies want a little extra anal play in the shower, all you have to do is put your head down, your ass up, and whimper!”
With that, she skipped off, to get dressed to go shopping for the day.


Victoria left them each with a bowl of water in their cages, but nothing to do.
She didn't even leave the TV on, Davi groused, looking at the blank huge screen across the room from their cages, somewhere during his third consecutive hour of going bored out of his mind. It would have been so easy to flip to a sports channel before she left- the America's Cup is going on right now!
He had never appreciated how BORING the life of a pet could be, in the many hours when their masters weren't home.
The word still sent chills down his spine.
The boys did talk to pass the time, mostly Carlos griping about how this was a violation of their human rights as he tried to rock his wire cage off the screws holding it to the floor. But being nude just feet from each other made the boys reluctant to look to the side, and most conversation died out quickly.
Their ears perked up around midday- they couldn't tell the time since Victoria didn't leave a clock facing their cages- when they heard the front door open.
And a set of high heels walk calmly down the wood floored hallway.
And pause in the kitchen. Dishes rattled.
All the boys were straining, pressed against the corner of their cages to see, when Victoria's mother walked into the room holding three plates.
“Can you believe I agreed to feed you?” she sighed, sliding a plate of a plain baloney sandwich into the slot for each cage. “Isn't that how it always is? Kids want to get a pet and then the mother ends up taking care of it. Eat quickly, I'm only here on my lunch break.”
She slipped out of her high heels with a sigh of relief and sat onto the couch, flipping the TV to some soap opera.
But it was better than nothing, and Davi enjoyed the first stimulation of the day while he quickly wolfed down his plain bread and meat sandwich.
Stimulation two ways- she wasn't as young or muscular as Victoria, but she was still an attractive woman, and the way her bare feet dangled, just feet from the front of Davi's cage, in between him and the TV-
He had always enjoyed a beautiful woman's feet, but was ashamed to tell his brothers about it. He went with them to the topless beaches of their home country of Brazil of course, just like any boy would, but was always embarrassed that he enjoyed looking at the bare soles just as much as the bare breasts.
“Any of you boys know how to give a foot massage?” the older woman laughed, rubbing her own arches as she watched TV. “These heels have been killing me all day.”
When the boys didn't answer, she laughed. “Come on, speak up. You don't have to do Victoria's stupid 'no talking rule' when it's just us around.”
Davi warred with himself- should he speak up? He would get to be out of his cage, to touch her elegant feet, but-
“Real men don't do things like that!” Carlos said, obviously enjoying his first chance to make his voice heard all day. “Not in a million years!”
The older woman sighed, turned off the TV and put her heels back on, then stood up.
“Such a shame,” she said as she collected their empty plates. “Because next I was going to ask if any of you boys knew how to eat pussy. But I guess 'real men' don't do that either.”
She stood at the entrance to the kitchen, holding the plates and looking over their cages.
“Such a shame,” she repeated. “You Latin boys look so good; nude, tanned, muscular. Some of you probably even have impressive packages down there, if they weren't locked up like that. If one or two of you were experts at eating pussy, I'm sure I could have convinced Vikki to let me take off your cages for some afternoon delights this month. Oh well, I'll just have to please myself as usual, and you can just keep being dogs, I guess.”
And as the attractive older woman left the plates in the sink and went back to work, Davi clutched his tight aching cage and cursed his brother's hubris for the thousandth time.


Davi was sleeping when Victoria came home, but he quickly roused himself and yipped as he saw the girl rush by their cages on the way to her room.
“In a second, Nips! I've got some things to do first!”
Davi waited, ignoring the dirty looks he got from Carlos, as Victoria took her time doing whatever she was doing. It was obvious that the boys were third or fourth priority in this teen girl's life, after her shopping trip.
When she came into the living room, barefoot, thirty minutes later, Davi roused himself again.
“You pups want to get out and stretch your legs a bit?”
Davi yipped needily again.
“That's one vote! Is that all? I'm not going to take you ALL out unless you ALL want it,” she teased, then laughed as the other two cramped, bored boys gave in and made cute little dog yips.
“That's good,” she chuckled. “Because we've got a doggie play date this afternoon!”
Davi shuddered at what that could mean.
First Victoria put boxing-glove style mitts on all their hands, making them into nothing more than useless lumps. But at least they were padded, to make it easier to run around on all fours.
Davi was actually a little pleased when she put the kneepads on them too- his knees had been getting very sore from the wooden floor- until he found out that the kneepads had laces to tie his shins to his thighs, making him ONLY able to walk on his knees. His feet were held up in the air, near his butt!
When Carlos saw that, he mewed and didn't want to wear the knee pads, but Victoria sweetened the pot.
“Put on the knee pads and you can all be out of your cages for the afternoon,” she said. “Your COCK cages, I mean. Don't you want that?”
The brothers looked at each other, trying to decide.
“If you don't want to be out of your cages, I can just mail your keys to your mother in Brazil right now...”
The boys quickly agreed to all wear the knee pads.
“Just like good puppies should be,” she laughed, watching them walk around on their balled up fists and knees. “On all fours!”
She attached collars to their necks, leashes to the collars, and then led the boys- to their relief- to the BACK door.
When they were on the grass, Victoria pulled their chastity keys from her pocket. “Time to keep up my end of the deal. Face down in the grass and spread your legs, puppies. Time to get those cages off.”
Humiliated but having no choice, the boys did, groaning in relief as the tight steel around their cock and balls finally came off one by one. Davi gasped and moaned as the girl gave his balls a quick rub after removing his cage, quickly setting him on the path to a long-denied erection.
“Doesn't that feel better Nips?” she laughed, patting his hanging balls again.
Davi was still face down in the grass, blushing, when the back gate opened and a young girl walked in, leading her poodle. Davi froze- it was the girl who had seen him peeing in the street this morning!
“Kelli! Thanks for coming to my garden party!” Victoria said, going over to hug the girl. She looked down at the poodle. “You can let him off the leash. Don't worry, my dogs are friendly.”
The three boys blushed as the newcomer looked over their nude bodies.
“I can see that,” Kelli giggled. “They're all getting boners!”
Davi knew he was, just from having a free cock after being locked in a tight cage for so long. But a quick sideways glance at his red-faced brothers confirmed it- all three boys couldn't help it, their dicks were stretching and growing, hanging down between their legs!
“Oh you know how male dogs are,” Victoria laughed. “If you don't have them fixed they'll hump anything in sight.” She turned to the humiliated boys. “Don't just stare at us, puppies! Go play!”
The boys looked at each other, blushing. What could they possibly 'play', nude and with their hands and legs trussed up like this?
Once again, Victoria provided the answer. She bent over, picked up a tennis ball, and tossed it across the yard.
“Go puppies! Fetch!”
One reminder from the shock collars still around their balls had the boys scampering off to hobble/chase the ball as both girls just laughed. Davi had never felt so humiliated!
The girls had settled into two lawn chairs by the time Davi brought the ball back and dropped it at Victoria's feet, but she just threw it again, farther this time, without even stopping her conversation with Kelli.
Davi looked up at her, unbelieving. A small shock to his balls had him running again, as the girls laughed.
“It's so silly, seeing their hard dicks waggling as they run on all fours!” Kelli said, looking at the blushing Davi when he brought the ball back again. “How do you do it?”
His master looked down at him, her bare feet just inches from his lips.
She laughed, watching his aching dick bounce. “Training.”


What made their humiliation worse was when Kelli ordered her poodle to chase the ball with them, and the dog beat them to it every single time. Of course it would, even if the boys could use their legs, but the girls still made the three stiff-dicked brothers compete with the animal and lose, every single time.
The back gate opened again and two girls walked in, a leash in their hand.
A leash that led to an nude young girl, wearing a chastity belt and crawling on all fours, just like the boys were!
Davi's cock reached new painful levels of erection looking at the slim, embarrassed other woman. She was nude from head to toe except for a steel belt that went just over her hips, covered her privates in a shiny steel plate, but split in back to leave her butt bare.
She wore pink mittens on her hands and instead of black knee-pads to immobilize her legs, had pink ribbons tying her shins to her thighs.
She was even more embarrassed than the boys, her cheeks red with shame, and when she saw the three nude boys looking at her, she froze, pulling back on her leash.
“No! Lori, please! Not-”
The blond, slim cocksitter slapped the nude girl on the ass, making her welp.
“You wanted humiliation and chastity, so that's what you'll get! Now come on or I'll pull you by the nipples!”
The girl gasped and let herself be led into the midst of the group. Davi saw she couldn't meet anyone's eyes and seemed to be breathing very fast.
“Nice bitch you've got there,” Victoria chuckled. “Don't see many of those.”
The blond cocksitter, Lori, laughed as she took out a key and started undoing her pet's chastity belt. “It's the first time the Cocksitter's Club has been contacted by a girl to hold her key. I said, if you pay us, a key's a key.” She giggled as the girl moaned when Lori finally took off her chastity belt to leave her nude on all fours.
“She wanted to have no control for a month, to be kept horny and denied with no way to get off,” Lori said, then dipped her fingers between the nude girl's legs. The girl squealed, but Lori's fingers came up slick with womanly juices.
“See, she's wet just from the walk from the car. Or it might be the way Maggie and I use her vibrator on the outside of her cage every night for an hour, not letting her get off.” The girl giggled. “This is day twenty.”
Davi saw the girl's lip tremble as the other women laughed at her quivering thighs and dripping snatch, but also saw his brothers crawling around for a look.
“Well, she's definitely got the attention of my puppies,” Victoria laughed. “They say male dogs can always smell a bitch in heat.” She shooed the pack away. “Go! Play!”
The nude girl squealed and ran off on all fours, and Carlos and Gabi followed, much to the delight of the clothed cocksitters.
“Look at them chase her!” Kelli laughed.
“If they get close enough they might even get a taste,” Victoria laughed.
Kelli looked shocked. “You're not going to let them-”
“Of course not!” the amazon laughed. “They can sniff all they want, but if any of them try to mount Lori's bitch I'll turn the hose on them, just like any responsible dog owner would.”
She looked down at the shocked Davi. “Go on Nips, go get a sniff. That's an order.”
Davi ran off, red faced, and for the next few minutes the clothed girls laughed at how the boys chased Lori's pet around the yard, their hard dicks dripping at the chance they might see a naked, shaved pussy up close, and how Lori's pet got even more turned on by the chance that they might, the juices of her arousal running down her thighs even as she tried to avoid being caught.
The four nude, horribly horny people running around on all fours were a great amusement to the garden party, and Victoria did have to turn the hose on Gabi when he cornered the girl dog under a tree and started licking away between her soaked thighs.
Her shuddering pleas to let him continue made Victoria chuckle and give the girl a quick blast of the hose between her splayed legs too, the cold water making her yell.
“Horny bitch,” Victoria laughed, leading the dogs back to the group.
The girls called more friends and one of them showed up with a set of butt-plug tails, and the highlight of the garden party was seeing how Victoria inserting a lubricated plug into each human dog's butt- the female included- only made the 'pets' shaking dicks or quivering pussy drip even more.
The garden party continued until the setting sun made the mosquitoes come out, and the girls happily locked away their protesting, horny pets into their respective cages, with a firm promise to do it again next week.


 Like I said, that is a rough copy, and I didn't like where it was going, but I did promise to post cutting room floor scenes here once a month, so there you go.

But don't worry, I'm still writing the ACTUAL "CockSitter's Club #2" for release in September, and when it comes out, the cover will probably look like this:

So look for that in September!


  1. Interesting . . . I can see why you decided to shelve this version. There are a lot of good ideas, but they're kind of all over the place. Here are some random things that jumped out at me

    *Its one thing to start a story off with a bang - such as the mother shipping her boys off for chastity/puppy training - but this draft seems to lack a reason for such sudden/drastic/harsh measures. As it, it seems like overkill - particularly for the youngest brother

    * At the same time, it seems . . . implausible, that one 18-19 year old girl could overpower three late teen/early twenty something boys, and put them in electroshock collar/cockrings. I'm sure there are some girls who might be able to . . .but it seems a stretch

    My suggestion would be to have the boys get in some sort of trouble with the police. Maybe they stay out past a mandatory male curfew to hang out with some pretty girls, get caught by the police, and mouth off to them (after all, there girls to impress). A couple female cops would have the tools, training (and if necessary teamwork) to subdue them . . .and it would make sense for such a society to have stricter electroshock/punishment chastity devices for disobedient males. And a mother shamed to have to bail out her sons for crimes of "moral turpitude" would be more likely to seek a harsher keyholding method . . .

    Plus, that would involve the cops, prison, and legal system of the Steel Universe setting - things we haven't seen before in the other stories

    *Also, the three boys almost seem to commit you to (at least) two separate storylines. "Taming" the older two will involve methods far too harsh for the youngest brother, while techniques good him will be too soft for the older two. And that's always tricky to pull off

    *Like the idea of the neighbor girls possibly spying on the chastity training, and a girl wanting to try being kept chaste/teased/trained. Might be a bit of a distraction here, though - so it might be worth consider spinning off as a separate story. Perhaps one of the neighbor girls, after years of watching, wants to try it herself?

    *Having brought up castration, you probably at least need to include a scene where its (at least) a plausible threat. Otherwise, its kind of a Chekov's Gun violation.

    *I do like the idea of the immigrant/culture shock/new to chastity aspect . . .but you kind of rushed right into the puppy play too fast to do too much with it.

    Anyway, I do like the story. Its just you seem to have a lot of balls in the air, and that'd be challenging to pull off, and do something interesting with. Best wishes on the re-write, and hope to see it soon

    1. Anon,
      Yeah, the fast start cut off where else the story could go. You've got some good ideas vis a vis the police getting involved, but I didn't want the book to be 50k words long! (I shoot for 30k usually).
      Thanks for e comment, and I'm working on the rewrite as we speak!

  2. What a pitty that the story setting has failed, will you make something else which includes "doggification"?

    I'd say let a girl who wanted a dog very badly but wasen't allowed one for some reason (allergy), use her physic powers to let a young male appear to everyone as a dog, but he keeps most of his own control. The girl then provides some kind of hope to the male of breaking the curse as to motivate him, but in reality she tries to find slow ways to "break" him into accepting himself as her pet. I was thinking something in the line of a cousin or brother.

    1. Solerum,
      Hmmm, no dog story plans for now, although "Cocksitter's Club #2: Maggie's Stallions" is due out end of September/early Oct, and will include some "horse" training for the proud chastity belted cowboys!

      And if you want to imagine your own stories with a REAL product out there, I just learned about this seller of chastity belts accessories which allow a girl to deliver electric shocks right from her mobile phone:

      Check out their belts "Canine mode": once activated, the belt must stay horizontial (man must be on all fours) or his balls get an electric shock! This is a real product women can buy!

      There are a hundred real life stories to be written about that. Your idea is a good one too, I've always said the closer two people are (cousin, brother) the greater the humiliation when the girl takes over!

    2. O, it has a balance sensor integrated then.

      I always like the stories with a hint of paranormal or magic. Until technology makes some greater steps anyway ^^

  3. Do you have any fiction on other sites? Or can you recommend any other good chastity fiction blogs? I'm familiar with the major sites (Literotica, ASSTR, Altairboy . . . ), but I only recently discovered your work, here one the blogs. If there's other good work out there, please point me in the right direction.

    1. Anon,

      I write a some free fiction on, under the name PancakesForDinner. You can search for my stories under this forum:

      Not many have belts, but all feature some sort of denial. And there are plenty of other good authors on there too!

      I also have ebooks you can buy for $2-4 on smashwords, which can be read on any electronic device (computer, Kindle, Nook, PDF reader) here:

      Some of those have occasional chastity (The Dude Ranch) and some have psychic chastity (anything in the Gods at Eighteen Universe).

      Thanks for the interest and check back for more!


  4. How's the writing going?

    1. Not great. I've started Cocksitter's Club #2: Girl in the Country plenty of times, rewrote it even more times, put it down. I started a F/f lesbian blackmail story, got stalled on that, had a little CFNM story that I put a few installments in...
      The only happy news of note is that I got some parts of Sex Powers University 3 written, so that should still be out some time in February 2016.
      But I don't know if I'll ever release CS Club #2. Unless there's a huge outpouring of grief, I will probably just skip ahead to SPU #3 for now.
      Thanks for asking! Now you know why I'm not the president of Marvel films...


    2. Any chance we could see some excerpts? Even if you've discarded the drafts, they might be fun to read - and you might get some useful feedback on them.

      P.S. Just for the record, I think there are two or three "Anonymous" posters on this post

  5. Then how about Cocksitter's Club #1?
    Would you publish on smashwords?

    Big fan of yours~!

    1. Anon,
      I'll see what I can do. There is a 4 day weekend coming up, so I may be able to format CS#1 well enough that I feel justified in putting it on Smashwords after Thanksgiving...

      Thanks for being a fan!

    2. Sorry Anon,
      I did my best to rewrite and re-edit CS#1 well enough for me to publish it, but I still couldn't find the thread of the story. It will just have to live only on my blog for a while, at least until I get some more time off work.

      Thanks for the interest, and I'll do my best to keep the stories flowing in this crazy, crazy world.


  6. So where did you want the story to go? One of the hallmarks of your "Steel Universe" setting is romantic/loving femdom . . . but none of three boys seems to have a girlfriend, and I'm not really seeing any potential love interests

    1. Another,
      Thanks for your interest!
      The original "Steel World" universe was inspired by some fan's comment on this blog, saying they'd like to see more loving chastity femdom.

      That's why I wrote it with a man and his wife, where she really didn't want to keep him denied, but HAD to.

      Out of that universe I came up with the Cocksitters' club, which was never about loving femdom, but always about bratty teen girls using and reveling in their powers as sudden keyholders. The tone was never supposed to be loving or romantic, or match the married couple's story.

      Think of them as two different stories set in the same world, maybe in different cities.

      Although if I HAD finished Victoria's Litter, Nips would have eventually fallen in love with being Victoria's puppy, whatever that means. (She was never going to get sexual with him, just like Lori never got sexual with Robert in CS club #1)

      Thanks for your readership (it takes a consistent fan to notice the possible inconsistency that you did), and let me ask you: which did you like better?

      The loving femdom of the Steel World, or the bratty teasing of the Cocksitter's Club?


    2. Actually, I see both stories as being thematically the same. Both stories revolve around a traditional marriage, where the husband & wife love each other, adapting to the new Locking Laws. She discovers that she LIKES teasing him, and he (reluctantly) comes to admit that all the teasing & denial is good for him.

      After all, in Steel Universe, the wife doesn't have to keep her husband locked around the house, right? The moment he gets home, she could unlock him, and lock him back up when he departs for work the next day. But she choses to keep him locked.

      And she certainly doesn't have to insist on all the oral sex, or the lesbian wrestling league, or key swapping . . .

      Similarly, Martha (in Cocksitter's Club) doesn't have to hire Lori. A live-in chastity sitter has to be expensive - surely Martha looked into what that entails! And when she found out that Lori had cancelled his orgasm, Martha could've insisted . . . but instead, she wants Lori to keep denying him.

      The big difference is that Robert is being teased by proxy. But its still clear that he loves Martha, and Lori respects their relationship. She turns Richard's offer of oral sex down, after all. And she's got her own T&D romance.

      Romance. The wife teasing and denying her husband. The husband learning how much things have changed for the next generation . . . and admitting (at least himself) that there are good aspects to the new system. All hallmarks of the series.

      And ultimately, I think that's why Victoria's Litter breaks down. There's no romance to balance out the tease and denial, to keep the boys going. And Victoria, as presented, doesn't make an obvious love interest.

    3. Another Anon,

      Wow, that's a long, detailed and... accurate analysis of what's going on!

      The first Steel World story was definitely based on loving chastity, because a commenter requested it. I never thought about it until now, but maybe CS Club #1 was too!

      The main draw for me was the humiliation in Lori's attitude, but maybe the undercurrent of love and affection (sisterly affection, like a baby sitter has for her charge) is what made it work? Interesting...

      If "Cocksitters Club #2: Maggie's Stallions" ever gets published (which is doubtful) I have a planned love story in there, which I just might make stronger now!

      Anyway, back to work on SPU#3, I got the first draft finished this week!

      Thanks for your deep, insightful words. Feedback like this means a lot!

    4. Actually, I think Lori's attitude towards him is sort of irrelevant - but, if anything, its professional. She's been hired to keep Robert properly denied, and get him all ready for Martha's return.

      But Martha - its HER attitude to Robert that's important. She's the one having him teased and denied, and (simultaneously) giving him the strength to endure.

  7. i would love to see a story about that penpal from london. is that melissa from cs#1?