Monday, June 29, 2015


After a break, I'm making a commitment to do more femdom writing again.  What that means is that I plan to: 
  • Once a quarter, release one new ebook to Smashwords (check out this quarter's release, My Sister Forced Me into CFNM)
  • Once a month, post a new, free, ~3,000 word short here, rotating through the universes of my books or generic femdom locations.  Just fun little scenes that didn't make it into the books for some reason.  
  • Once every two weeks (or more) post short tips on general erotic writing as they come to my mind, or survey pieces so you can make your voice heard about what you want to see in femdom writing!
That's the plan, anyway. 

Keep commenting on these posts with scenes or set-ups you've always wanted to see in femdom books but never have (if you don't tell me, it will never get written), any femdom author is free to contact me for advice on self-publishing or editing or story ideas or what not,  and watch the right side of this screen, to see previews of books coming up! 

All in all, it's good to be back, and thanks for all your support!

PF. Dee


  1. YES!!!
    I'm dying to see the "Steel World" universe stories.
    always want to read more details about "Universal Locking Law",
    what reactions men and boys would have once the Law comes into force,
    that they know every male in the country no longer have right to touch themselves,
    and how women and girls use the Law to takeover the government, workplaces, and school!!
    Hope you can post or release these scenes!
    I just LOVE your works,
    You are definitely the best femdom fiction writer EVER!
    Thank you very much!!


  2. Daniel,
    You're in luck! Quarter 3's book will be in the Steel World/ULL universe; I'm going to revise the first "CockSitter's Club" story with Lori published on this blog and make it a book (see cover at right) and write a whole new tale about the strong Victoria sitting three unruly males at once!

    Expect a short in that world each month, and the books should be out in September! Thanks for your comment!

  3. Looking forward to it, I actually bought SPU 2 a few days ago and just finished it, I thought it was fantastic. Any plans on a 3?

    1. Legato Bluesummers (great name, BTW) don't worry! "SPU 3: Troy Joins The Cheerleading Squad" is planned for Quarter 4 of this year, meaning it will probably be out sometime just before New Year's.

      I actually started planning a little of the plot running at the gym today, and I can't wait to fill out the fun bits as the months go on!

      Thanks for your kind words about SPU 2, that's what keeps me writing sometimes!

      P.F. Dee