Saturday, March 27, 2021

My next Patreon story has been chosen!

 It was two very intense, close rounds of voting, but now we know that my next Patreon story will be: 

(Suggested by Patron B. Mac)

Ten years ago, I wrote a short Powers story on called “The Procedure” about a magical clinic In Texas where playful female doctors performed complex spells to make sure male patients could never touch their dicks again:

And I must have done something right, because I’ve been getting calls to expand that story ever since, and due to the voting of our $5 and $10 patrons, now I can!

This will probably be an anthology, containing 3-5 shorts from that Clinic world, I’m going to do my BEST to keep it around 15,000 to 20,000 words, and my current goal is to have it released around Late June or maybe Mid July!  

Until then, folks can read the original on, comment here on what you’d like to see in that world (or what you like or hate about it), and I’ll start working with Patron B. Mac to make this story happen!

Any tips for writing anthologies that I should know?


  1. Hey, I remember this one! This ought to be fun! :)

  2. I love your work Dee any chance you'll have so more free content coming out An Unexpected Layover on the Isle of Peternia 2 with chastity would be amazing

  3. So excited for your new store anything involving 501 is so hot great work cant wait to read this PFDee thank you

  4. Wow the scenario sounds hot, does it have to be magic however? I think there would be more ways to make it intresting if it didn't feature magic and the girls really had to please the guys physically with handjob and blowjobs while the guys also have to be actively tied down.

    1. In this case Magic is an integral part, because the fun is the trap shutting shut where the boy or man realizes he’ll never be able to touch again!

      But your idea could be fun too in a different story, some sort of sorority dare or test while the boys are strapped down.

      Thanks for your comment, hope the story comes out as good as you hope!

  5. Hello PFDee,
    Il you remember...


    How about a day where the hospital offers half price 501's as a "Back to School" special,
    and a bunch of sisters tell their jock brothers that they "need to get physicals or
    they can't participate in any sports this year" to trick them into showing up?

    And once the boys are signed in and in the stirrups,
    the sisters go to a viewing room with one-way mirrors and hospital staff takes it from there!

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    Thanks for your suggestion!
    At first glance, a sister telling her trapped brother exactly what she's going to do to him
    while he can't escape is a hot little scene.

    1. could you do a short story for us Dee please

  6. AH that would be amazing

  7. A MomDom/SPH/CFNM with puppy play would be fun

  8. School girl boyfriend chastity mini story ??