Saturday, March 27, 2021

My next Patreon story has been chosen!

 It was two very intense, close rounds of voting, but now we know that my next Patreon story will be: 

(Suggested by Patron B. Mac)

Ten years ago, I wrote a short Powers story on called “The Procedure” about a magical clinic In Texas where playful female doctors performed complex spells to make sure male patients could never touch their dicks again:

And I must have done something right, because I’ve been getting calls to expand that story ever since, and due to the voting of our $5 and $10 patrons, now I can!

This will probably be an anthology, containing 3-5 shorts from that Clinic world, I’m going to do my BEST to keep it around 15,000 to 20,000 words, and my current goal is to have it released around Late June or maybe Mid July!  

Until then, folks can read the original on, comment here on what you’d like to see in that world (or what you like or hate about it), and I’ll start working with Patron B. Mac to make this story happen!

Any tips for writing anthologies that I should know?

Saturday, February 27, 2021

Sky Foxes

   The experienced soldier fucked the giggling 19 year-old girl in his barracks.
   The door to the private room read “Captain Cody Moore”, and the soldier was glad to have it. This girl was a moaner.
   “Harder!” she groaned, pulling him in with her long legs. “Fuck me- harder!
    The 32-year-old soldier gave the smooth-skinned girl all of his dick, making her gasp and writhe on the bed even more. He ran his rough hands over her firm bouncing breasts, her soft sides, her smooth unmarked ass, marveling at how untouched she was.
    She reminded him of the girls back home he and his buddies used to pull on breaks away from Ranger Training: high heels, short skirts, long legs and tiny panties, ready to suck a golf ball through a garden hose...
    ...except she was easily twice as hot.
    Young, athletic and most of all, wetter than the Mississippi, she was easily the most energetic girl he had ever been with.  And that made her beautiful.
    “Oh FUCK,” she giggled, grabbing his tight ass with both hands. “Your cock feels SO GOOD!”
    The soldier moaned.
    It had been a long deployment, an even longer war, and even though he wanted to give this girl a good ride, he felt his balls pull tight embarrassingly fast.
   He was going to cum after less than a minute inside of her!
   Her pussy was so hot and tight-
   Her legs so smooth and athletic-
   Even her naked feet were erotic, soft and arched and the toenails painted gaily just like the giggling girls back home-
   He grabbed the young brunette’s shoulders and pounded her as hard as he could, getting ready to explode seven inches deep inside of this girl he had just met. 
   “Fucking FINALLY!!!” she giggled into his ear, wrapping her limbs around him. Her naked body under his matched his pace perfectly, her strong hips fucking him back even harder than he was her, pulling him into even deeper strokes than he had intended-
    The Ranger groaned, feeling the tingles in his tight crotch reaching the tipping point-
    His balls pulling painfully tight-
    His toes grabbing the bed-
    The black phone on the nightstand rang.
    “Don’t answer it!” he growled as the girl giggled.
    He fucked even harder, trying to finish in time-
    The phone rang again and the girl took one hand off his ass to reach for it.
    “NOOOO!” he begged, making the painfully hot 19 year-old laugh.
    With a flick her fingers, her fingertips glowing Sex Magic blue, she sealed off his orgasms just as he started to cum, making him hit her magical orgasm block with inhuman levels of force.
    His full, magically and chemically enhanced balls were actually orgasming, pumping their long-denied weeks of cum violently up the tubes inside of him, but this young girl’s magic reached under his skin to clamp around his cock from the inside, squeezing it shut like a hydraulic press, letting his cum get just to the tip of his desperate dick, but not one atom farther!
   And then her magic shield reflected his semen back down his shaft and back down his tubes and back into his balls even harder than it had left, filling them, pounding them with pain and pressure even as she giggled, watching his shocked face!
   Feeling of his thick, supernaturally hard cock pulsing inside of her-
   His strong hands grabbing her hips, still desperately pounding her out of caveman reflex-
   Looking at his shocked, desperate, betrayed face-
   -was enough to throw the young girl over the edge, making the beautiful long-haired brunette yell and orgasm even as he was denied, her hands grabbing his back, her legs grabbing his ass, pulling him in even deeper.
   Sergeant Mike Trotkowski cried out as he felt her velvety soft walls squeezing and milking his steel hard cock inside of her, begging him to shoot his seed inside her as hard as he possibly could all over her- and he couldn’t! The young girl came so hard, biting his shoulder, her perfect legs squeezing him stronger than a vise, almost making him pass out-
   -and then she let go, pushing him off her as she picked up the phone and answered it.
   “Captain Cody Moore, go,” the nude nineteen-year-old giggled, sliding her long smooth naked legs against each other, cupping and squeezing her breast, savoring her aftershocks.
   Lying nude in bed next to her, his thick denied throbbing cock still twitching over his rock hard abs, a shocked Mike could only listen to half the conversation as he watched this hot young girl with the high perky tits and long legs and killer ass stretch nude on the bed, it taking all of his Ranger determination not to jack off at the ethereal sight! 
    “How far away? And what’s the vector? Okay- I’m airborne in less than sixty.”
    She swung her cute naked feet to the floor, reaching for a pair of thin pink thong panties and slipped them on.
    And nothing else.
    She was at the door in just a few steps. “That was fun Mike! Same time tomorrow?”
    “Wait?!” the panting soldier cried, grabbing a scratchy Army-issue towel to cover his stiff, aching cock! “I didn’t cum!”
    “Yeah I know,” she giggled, hand on the doorknob. “I might need a recharge later, so I want you dripping for me until I get back.”
    He felt his plum-sized balls aching! “When will that be?!”
   “I don’t know- it’s two Gyroids and a Mothership!” she giggled, opening the door.  “Okay, gotta go!”
   And she took off running down the hallway of the army base, topless, barefoot and in just her panties.
   After a stunned few seconds, Mike ran after her.
   Bursting into the hall with just a towel around his naked waist, he watched as senior airmen and base mechanics and MPs- all men- throw themselves against the sides of the tight hallway to get out of the topless girl’s way, blushing as their cocks started getting hard, just watching the beautiful girl run. 
   He was behind her, and her tiny ass in that thong was something else.
   “Wait!! CODY!”
   “Mike there’s NO TIME!” she laughed back as she ran. “Gyroids are attacking!”
   Luckily the quarters of all the Sky Foxes- all women of course- were just one hallway away from the launch pad, for emergencies exactly like this.
   The Aliens infecting most of the European Continent could strike at any time.
   “Just...” He blushed so hard, chasing after her! “Just take the block spell OFF!”
   “NO!” she giggled, dodging a young file clerk whose eyes almost popped out of his head as he opened the hangar door for her!
   “THAT’S WHAT MAKES IT SO HOT!” she laughed back, rounding the corner.
   Topless and barefoot, Captain Cody Moore of the Sky Foxes- England Division- burst into the large hangar which held ten attack helicopters bristling with missiles, two rows of deadly stealth aircraft and, off in one far corner, a rack full of small, augmented battle armor which a group of five men worked on.
   Cody ran toward it without flinching, gathering her long hair up into a ponytail with the scrunchie around her wrist as she ran, and if she was embarrassed at being topless, barefoot and in tiny thong panties in a hangar full of tough, skilled men working on the most advanced aircraft in history, she didn’t show it.
    Mike thought he might have even seen a little smirk growing at the corner of the girl’s mouth, watching all the experienced male soldiers around her get flustered, seeing a hot practically naked girl burst into their ranks.
   She ran up to the suit with her name on it, a blue and white striped battle armor (which was just a helmet and a chest piece thin enough to bend with your hands) as the air raid sirens started going off.
   The grizzled old staff seargeant with the close-cropped white hair who had been kneeling and working on her suit looked up at the half-naked girl without flinching. “That for you?”
   “Yeah!” she giggled, plugging her ears to the wail of the sirens. “Two Gyroids and a Mothership, less than 30 klicks out!”
   He nodded with a grim face, standing up. “Suit’s ready to go- I’ll get you more ammo.”
   “Thanks Roddy!”
   He handed her a second pack of magically-enhanced bullets in addition to the one she had already picked up from the rack and slammed with a practiced motion into her heavy M4 assault rifle, then gave her a third and a fourth. “Can’t be too careful with a full Mothership,” he growled. “They’re squadron killers.”
   The young girl giggled, standing there in just her panties, holding the big gun in one hand and the three extra clips in the other. “And where am I supposed to PUT all these? I can’t exactly wear pants!”
   The old Marine waved a wrench at the blue and white Magi-tech suit. “That’s what I was working on before you came in- added some cargo compartments to the sides of your suit, without even hurting your aerodynamics.”
   She gasped, looking at the new pockets on her chest piece, then skipped up on her nude toes to kiss the hulking old Marine on his cheek.
   “Thank YOU Roddy- I LOVE THEM!”
   And Mike squirmed, watching the girl he had just been fucking- the girl he had just made cum hard and fast on his aching dick- giggle and throw her arms around the neck of another man, a tough old Marine who would probably lose to Mike in a boxing match but beat him in a street fight.
   There didn’t seem to be anything romantic between them, but just seeing the tan amazingly hot nearly nude girl up on her tiptoes kissing the cheek of a fully dressed soldier twice her size-
   -made his stomach do a flip!
   Captain Cody Moore slid the ammo clips into the new steel pockets with ease, pulled the bolt on the heavy machine gun slung around her neck and, as an amazed Mike watched- he had never seen a Sky Fox actually take off before- this cute, topless 19 year-old girl pulled up her panties, then stepped into her battle armor, putting it on like football shoulder pads- and tapped the glowing blue circle in the center of its chest.
   Mike instantly felt his already painfully hard cock under his towel get three times harder as the Magi-tech field turned on.
   So did all the nearby Marines who had been working on the other suits, judging by the way they gasped and suddenly adjusted themselves.
   Cody giggled as she heard the men groan as she stepped forward on her pointed toes, a light blue magic field covering her tightly all the way from her painted toenails, up her naked legs, over the tiny panties around her hips, around her smooth naked stomach, and up to her battle suit’s chest plate, which sealed just below her great tits, cupping and molding them like Amazon armor.
   Besides the chest plate which sealed right below her breasts, the young girl was totally naked, except for her tiny pink thong panties.
   That was how Magi-tech worked.
   Roddy coughed, standing behind a rack of tools to discreetly adjust himself. “You uh... all fueled up?”
   “Yep! Mike helped me charge up just now!” the girl giggled, nodding at the naked, red-faced, painfully hard Ranger standing behind Roddy, trying to hide his aching cock behind a towel!
   The old Marine coughed, throwing Mike a look a suspcious father would. “Yeah, I bet he did.”
   The intercom buzzed between alarms. “Captain Moore- we need you in the air!  The Mothership has just changed course!”
   “Gotta go!” the girl giggled, and slipped on her helmet- meant to protect against bugs and dust, nothing except magi-tech fields could deflect the energies the Alien ships threw against humans- and turned to Mike.
   “Be standing RIGHT HERE when I get back,” she giggled over the sound of her suit powering up.  “EXACTLY like you are now!”
   She laughed and, as she was taking off, grabbed the edge of his towel with surprisingly strong fingers.
   And as the laughing barefooted 19 year-old girl hit the power to her magi-tech armor to shoot up into the air more nimbly than any airplane could, she took Mike’s towel with her, leaving the surprised soldier suddenly buck naked in the middle of the very crowded hangar.
   And rock hard.
   Mike gasped, covering himself with both hands as he felt the warm air of her jet exhaust nearly blow him over as the young girl deftly flew up into the clouds. He gulped, then remembered to breathe, then remembered he was butt-ass naked, right there in the middle of the hangar!
   Roddy Ramirez, Staff Sergeant First Class of the Flightline, shook his head and got a pair of spare maintenance overalls out of a nearby locker. “Here, hotshot.”
   Which Mike gratefully grabbed! “Thanks! I - uh-”
   “Never been around Sky Foxes before?” the old Marine asked, as the naked Ranger stepped commando into the overalls, forcing his aching cock to the side as he zipped up. “Yeah, it’s always like that.”
   Mike gulped as he heard a sonic boom over the base, which was the young cute giggling girl he had just been fucking breaking the sound barrier.
   While wearing just her panties. 
   His stiff cock throbbed in sympathy and Mike fought not to grab and stroke it, right there in public!
   “Always?” he gulped, feeling his blue balls ache! Just being around the magi-tech field had made him feel heavy and sore between his legs!
   “Always,” Roddy laughed, discreetly adjusting himself again, then starting to put away his tools. “You new on base?”
   Mike gulped, watching the small white streak disappear over the horizon. “Yeah they uh... pulled me out of my Ranger division in Afghanistan two weeks back... kept me isolated away from my old unit and one of the nurses put this sorta spell on me to, um...”
   “Keep you from shooting your gun?” Roddy laughed for the first time, sorting his wrenches. “Yeah, Capt. Moore always requests that for all her Batteries,” the old man laughed, watching the young man’s face redden. “Keeps them ‘highly charged’ for her, she says.” He looked at the boy. “Don’t tell me this was your first time helping her charge her Sex Magic...?”
   “Yes!” Mike admitted, blushing harder! “All of a sudden I get orders to go to her room and she just jumps me when I walk in the door and... but before we could finish-”
   Both men looked up as a large purple bolt tore the sky apart thirty klicks to the west and exploded, becoming a second Sun for a moment, then fading just as quickly.
   “Damn Gyroids,” Roddy agreed. “Always attacking at the worst times.”
   Two more huge purple explosions blazed in the clear sky towards the setting sun, and then a few seconds later, the roar of their thunder reached the base, rattling loose tools and bolts in the hangar.
   Mike swallowed, his cock starting to go limp! “Fucking hell! Is it always-”
   Roddy looked up. “Nah, that’s there’s just a skirmish. I’ve seen battles with ten, twenty, Sky Foxes going against 40 Gyroids and two or three Motherships before- you’d think the fucking gods themselves were battling!” He squinted at the horizon. “Capt. Moore should be fine. She’s one of the best Foxes in the Division... and she’s got that extra ammo...” He crossed his arms. “Motherships always have surprises though.”
   Two more purple flashes in the sky, closer, like they were homing in on something!
   And then, finally, electric blue bolts of lighting answered back.
   “There she goes,” Roddy said, relaxing. “She’s in range now. Once Cody girl gets them in range, she’s got a perfect kill rate.”
   Mike slumped into an empty chair, watching in awe the flashes of battle play out over the horizon, the unleashing of energies at a ferocity and scale he had never dreamt of.
   “I’ve never even... seen firepower like that...”
   “Most men haven’t,” Roddy agreed, getting a cup of coffee. “That’s why we lost so many good soldiers, when the Gyroids first attacked.”
   He surprised Mike by handing him a steaming cup of coffee too, and sitting in a chair next to him.
   More deafening purple explosions tearing up the sky, and fierce blue flashes answering back.
   Mike swallowed. “What’s it... like up there?”
   Roddy sighed.  “Wouldn’t know. No man does. We can’t use Sex Magic, you know.”
   “I know! But I just thought- since you repair their armor...”
   “Just because a farmer knows how to pick apples doesn’t mean he can fucking grow leaves!” the Marine laughed.  He laid back in his chair, watching the distant battle play out. “We sent up some drones once, during a battle.  They got about ten seconds of video, before the Gyroids shot them all down.”  He shook his head.  
   “I’ll tell you what- it’s not like a dogflight that male pilots have trained for... more like hand to hand fighting at 10,000 feet.  With nuclear hand grenades.”
    Another huge purple flash went off, making all the men on the ground wince and cover their eyes.  
    Mike swallowed hard. “Fucking hell!”
   Looking right at the light, the Marine laughed and sipped his coffee. “Well don’t worry, you’ll never see it! You’ve got the easy job now! Cody has to go out and fight those fucking things- all YOU have to do is keep fucking her good when she gets back to recharge her Powers. If you want to serve your country, time to start thinking with your dick, Ranger!”
   Mike blushed as the nearby Marines laughed, watching the barefoot soldier start to get hard inside his fatigues again! “I’ve got to be able to do more than that!” he gulped, even as his cock got harder and harder! “I was... an expert sniper! Lead element in my Scout Squadron!”
   Roddy put a hand on Mike’s shoulder. “Son, we’ve got ten Sky Foxes stationed at this base who need the charging energies you young bucks can give them, and they are the only thing standing between us and Gyroids fucking taking this place over whenever they want.”
   “But the Apaches! The Stealth Fighters-”
   “Will slow them down for an hour,” Roddy admitted. “Maybe two. But they can’t kill a Mothership- only Sex Magic enhanced bullets can do that.”
   “And only certain girls can wield enough Sex Magic to be a Sky Fox,” a rare female Marine agreed, coming over to watch the fireworks show herself.
   The electric blue bolts were now equal in number to the purple explosions. And getting closer.
   “And Captain Cody, well, she’s very particular about her Batteries,” Roddy admitted, not looking at Mike. “They’ve got to be a certain height, a certain build, and a certain... disposition,” he added, as the female Marine smirked. “So son, behind those girls, you’ve probably got the most important job in this entire base- keeping those Sky Foxes happy however they want!”
   Mike gulped, feeling his two-week denied nuts ache! “But if they want something I can’t give...”
   “Oh you can give it,” Roddy laughed. “No man ever died from getting blue balls.”
   Mike blushed as the other Marines laughed again, happy they could cum whenever they wanted!
   Apparently everyone knew what Sky Foxes liked except for him!
   But all that jealousy evaporated as a huge close purple explosion lit up the sky, like a hundred suns going off at once, purple lightning radiating outward, almost long enough to scorch the ground!
   Everyone in the hangar held their breath, waiting.
   “The Mothership is down!” the intercom boomed. “Flightline, prepare to recover Sky Fox 01!”
   All the Marines let out a whoop of victory, roaring and cheering. Even Mike exhaled, finally realizing how tense his muscles had been.
   “There she is!” a Marine with binoculars yelled, pointing at a small blue-and-white dot getting bigger and bigger on a beeline towards the hangar. “Oh... she’s covered in it this time!”
   Roddy was on his feet in an instant. “Get those hoses and buckets ready! We’ve got to get that Alien goop off her as fast as we can!”
   As Marines raced to grab buckets and hoses, Mike stood up, confused. “What? Where-”
   Roddy grabbed the Ranger by the shoulders and unzipped his fatigues. “I’ll be needing these back now son.”
   “Hey! Come on!”
   “She said to meet her, ‘exactly like you are now’,” he said, quoting Cody. “That means buck naked!”
   “And haaaaaaard!” the female Marine laughed, smacking Mike’s naked ass as the taller, stronger Roddy stripped him of his fatigues, the only garment he wore.
   “Come on!” Mike gasped, covering himself!  He had been nude in group showers before- but this was too much!
   “Stroke that cock up, Ranger!” the female Marine laughed. She was young, squat and fit herself, a blonde with a cute baby face and stellar rack under her half-unzipped fatigues.
   Mike gulped as he stood there, nude and exposed, in front of this fully dressed younger woman, laughing at him-
   And felt his cock start to harden. 
   Much faster and stiffer than it should have.  
   The female Marine raised her slightly blue fingers. “You know, I’ve got a little Sex Magic myself...”
   And Mike gasped as he felt his cock and balls teased by a hundred unseen feathers, then phantom stroked, then sucked!
   All while strong Phantom hands pulled his wrists behind his back and locked them above his nude ass, tighter than solid steel handcuffs!
   And that’s how Captain Cody Moore found her new Battery, nude and straining and hopping on his toes with his hands trapped behind his back, gasping and fucking an invisible mouth in the air, sweating as nimble fingers pulled his cock and massaged his aching blue balls!
   Cody giggled as she descended from the sky, covered in the thick purple slime that dripped from nearly every surface of her armor and nude skin.
   “Well!” she laughed, turning off her magi-tech to land on soft nude feet next to him. “Good to see you can follow directions!”
   And Mike blushed harder than he ever had before, naked and straining and helpless as could only watch the other Marines quickly hose the purple alien blood off of Cody’s smooth arms and naked legs and tight ass, revealing her bare skin bit by bit, one of the blushing male Marines even pulling her thong panties back to wash between her tight, nude, exposed asscheeks, as she just gasped and giggled.
   “Thomas! That tickles!”
   The Marine blushed harder and gently replaced her thong before rushing off, hard in his fatigues!
   One Marine took her heavy assault rifle with its still red-hot smoking barrel, another took her helmet and started quickly washing it off, but it was Roddy who went up behind her to start undoing her chest armor.
   “The new pockets worked great!” she told him, bending forward to let another Marine wash out her sticky hair. “And you were right about the extra ammo- this Mother had TWO hearts, and I had to kill both of them before she would go down!”
   “Motherships always have a surprise,” Roddy agreed, unbuttoning the back of her football-shoulder-pad-like armor. He pulled it up and off the small girl, one he easily outweighed by her entire weight, to leave her standing there, wet and breathless and topless in totally soaked panties, panting and looking hungrily at the straining naked Mike.
   “Thanks for getting him warmed up Tina,” she told the blonde Marine. “But I can take it from here.”
   “No problem, Captain!”
   And Mike gasped as he felt all the magic bonds around his wrists and the hot wet mouth around his cock disappear. Only to be immediately replaced by much much stronger ones.
   Mike yelped as he felt his wrists being crushed together by the weight of a small car-
   -and an oven hot, beautifully powerful mouth take over sucking his cock with a passion and a fury he had never felt from a woman before!
   “Yeee-AHHHHHH!!” he cried, going up on his very tip toes, trapped, helpless!
   He was going to cum!
   Right in front of everyone!
   “No you’re fucking not,” Captain Cody Moore laughed, the small topless barefooted girl walking up and throwing Mike over her shoulder with effort, but still embarassingly easy, for a tough, trained, battle-hardened Ranger a foot taller than her.
   Mike wailed as he was carried, naked with his bare ass in the air, over the shoulder of a laughing nineteen year old girl, all the blood rushing to his face, his wrists impossibly secured, his cock still getting sucked by the most perfect mouth he had ever felt, as he felt her magic feathers also tickling his blue balls and asshole now, making him wail and kick his feet!
   “You know what charges up a Sky Fox faster than anything else Mike?” she giggled breathily in his ear.
   The pressure on his balls was impossible!
   She giggled as the same shocked file clerk opened the hallway door for her on the way out!
   “What makes a Sky Fox cum hotter and harder than anything else in the whole wide world?”
   Mike was nearly crying now, because he could guess the answer!!!
   Captain Cody Moore giggled and licked his ear.
   “When you don’t.
   And Mike wailed and had another huge blocked orgasm right there as she carried him out of the hangar, his hard cock pulsing and surging, his full balls throbbing, his body being played like a fiddle by this giggling topless barefooted girl, and not being able to do a single thing about it!
   Putting the cleaned Magi-tech gear away on the rack to be repaired, Staff Sergeant Roddy shook his head. “Good thing that boy’s a Ranger, or she’d kill him with what she’s about to do to his poor cock.”
   “That’s probably why she needs a new battery every week!” the blonde Marine laughed, getting a little damp in her panties herself.
   Roddy squinted at the receding shape of Cody carrying Mike back to her barracks. “Yeah... but something tells me this one’s going to last a little longer than the others. Whether that’s good or bad for him... well, we’ll have to see.”


(Author’s note: obviously, fans of the Japanese anime ‘Strike Witches’ ( will note the huge influence that anime is playing in this story.  But unlike the anime, all these characters are over 18, so a lot more fun could be had here.  And they have Sex Magic. 

What do you all think?  Worth continuing?  It would probably be one of the sillier shows in the once-a-week TV line-up I’m planning, here on the free blog.)

Friday, February 19, 2021

“Liam’s Orgasm-Free Life” is now PUBLISHED!

 Some of you may know, my most recent Patreon story just dropped

Inspired by one of my Patreons who lives in Norway, it’s about a poor boy whose mother makes a magical ‘birth wish’, hoping for her boy to never orgasm... and it might just come true!   

50,000 words (basically a short book) of Norwegian T&D, CFNM, spanking fun, and even the $1 level of my Patreons will be able to read it!  

For the future, I’ll definitely be publishing more free short work here when I get time, I’m leaning towards a chastity-cuckold, slice-of-life series right now, and maybe some one-shot mom-dom CFNM, if I can only figure out a good premise!

Thanks all for reading, link to my most recent story on Patreon is here:



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Does Length Matter? (EVERYONE CAN VOTE)

Hey all, I’m trying to see what length of stories (and thus how frequent) my readers (and Patrons) want me to write, all the way from 3,000 word single scenes like “You Know The Rules” to 55,000 word novels like “Beauty vs. Brains”.  

ANYONE CAN VOTE, so go to my Patreon for a free poll and let me know if you’d rather have stories once a week, once a fortnight, once a month, or once a quarter!  

Poll here:


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Busted at the Resort (ball-busting, CFNM, orgasm denial, inspired by reddit)

(So a lot of times I find a fun story on reddit or literotica that has a great premise but an odd fetish or a writing style I just can’t get into and I rewrite it in my head.  I decided to actually write one of those out long-hand because I’ve really been into ball-busting since my Patreon paid me to do a BB story and this premise I found on reddit was really fun! 

Think of it like a band doing a cover of a song they really liked, or a remix or something.  I’m never going to sell this story, I just wanted to see it exist in the world in a form I liked, and maybe you guys will like it too.

Anyway, here’s the original thread by u/BdanmanBB/ on r/ballbustingstories, give the original author some love there if you like the premise:


Busted At the Resort

For my 35th birthday my wife surprised me with a ten-day resort vacation in Jamaica.

“But I can’t, I’ve got work!”

“I already told your boss two months ago,” Jenny beamed.  “Check your email!”

“But the lawn-”

“I arranged a mowing service!  Just relax and pack, that’s all you have to do!”

She surprised me even more when the airport shuttle pulled up to the gates of the sprawling resort and I saw the sign declaring it to be an all-adult, all-nude complex.

“Jenny!” I cried, turning back to her.

She was laughing like a maniac.  “It was so hard to keep a straight face the entire flight!  I almost spilled the beans SO many times!”

“But but- back home- you NEVER-”

Some of the nearby couples on the bus chuckled, watching the little scene play out, making me blush and shut my mouth.

Jenny whispered to me after the other couples had gone back to their phones.  “I do HERE...”

My heart pounded as I imagined it.  

My tall, sexy, amazing brunette wife who somehow still had the lean, powerful physique of her college-volleyball days-

Totally exposed as she walked poolside, just feet from rows and rows of frustrated horny married men- nude from the top of her head to the tips of her cute painted toes-

Was enough to start me stretching in my pants!

“So you like the idea?” Jenny giggled, looking down at my suddenly growing bulge, making me blush harder and cover my lap with my windbreaker! 

I gulped and looked around the now-distracted bus...

While at 35, we were probably one of the youngest couples there, many of the older late-forties and early fifties women were still quite the lookers, rich and slim and well-kept up. There was even an exceedingly hot twenty-something blonde in her own universe with headphones on, staring at her phone, her beautiful naked foot bobbing above her flip flops, khaki shorts exposing long smooth shiny legs that looked like she could have been a college cheerleader-

-or a Playboy model!

And I was going to get a chance to see all of these women... totally nude?!?

I turned back to my wife.

“Honey... are you SURE about this?” 

Her grin got even wider as she subtly pushed her hand under my crumpled windbreaker.  But instead of finding my growing cock, her slim, strong fingers clamped around something else very precious to me: my two heavy unprotected nuts.

“Ahhhh!” I hissed, trying not to alert the other passengers again!

And then she squeezed.

“VERY sure, honey.”


My body did what it always did when a sexy, confident, laughing woman abused my nuts.

I started to sweat-

My breath came in short gasps-

And I got helplessly, painfully, rock hard.  

“Yeah, we’re going to have a lot of fun here,” she chuckled, giving my balls a pulse, then a pull, then a firm, stomach turning crush as I panted and gasped and tried not to call out!

She laid her head on my shoulder as the bus passed through the gates, a loving gesture from the outside, but no one could see how mercilessly she was crushing me under my jacket!

“We’ve just both been so busy for work the last few months,” she giggled into my ear, even as she applied painfully increasing pressure with her hand!  “I haven’t had time to really bust you like I wanted...”  


She was squeezing a lot harder than she usually did at home!

It had started off as my fetish, but now it was most definitely hers!

“How hard do you think I can bust you these next ten days,” she giggled, “when you’re horny and helpless and naked ALL THE TIME?”

And then she grinned and squeezed harder!

“OH FUCK-” I wheezed, coughing as she bore down!

I was gasping, panting in pain-

But I was also harder than I had been in months.

“Oh, and honey...?” she added, her hot mouth right next to my ear.  She nodded at the young blonde with amazing legs and naked feet and short khaki shorts that barely covered her ass.  

“If I ever see you creeping on a girl that young again while we’re at this resort, I will march you right up to our room and use my little feet to kick your nuts black and blue until you can’t get hard for a month, m’kay?”

She squeezed the hardest yet, making me double over and grab at her wrist!  This was too much!

“Yes!” I whimpered, grabbing helplessly at her arm, doing nothing.  

“Only my age and older, okay?  Hot young twenty-somethings are not for you, not anymore.”

“YES!” I begged, about to throw up, about to pass out!  “I PROMISE!”

So glad we had this little talk.  Kissy?”  

I gave my wife a chaste peck on the lips even while she held my nuts in a steel vice, my cock quickly drooping!  She pulsed one last time making me cough and my eyes water before pulling her hand away, laughing loud enough to get the entire bus’s attention, even the hot young blonde with the headphones. 

“Gosh, honey, you’re sweating!  Is the heat getting to you already?”

And she smiled as I dabbed at my brow with my handkerchief, as the oblivious other people on the bus chuckled again.


I groaned when I saw the tall, slim, olive-skinned girl manning the check-in desk.  

She was an island beauty, her legs even longer and sexier and her khaki shorts shorter than the girl on the bus, with dark shiny black hair, intense green eyes, and just little flip-flops on her young, beautiful naked feet.  

She couldn’t have been more than 21, maybe even 19, but she looked like a cover model!  

And the way she bent far over her desk to show us the map of the resort, her naked feet going up on her cute blue painted toes, her slim tanned young legs stretching to make up the difference-

I yanked my eyes away as I held my laptop bag in front of my crotch, trying to stare at the modern art on the walls!

I started to sweat as she explained the rules of the resort, still bent over her desk, circling the different bars and shopping areas on the map, as my cock erected against my will in my pants!

“And those are the main areas of the resort,” the young girl- ‘Alma’, her name tag read-  giggled, finishing up.  “The East side is clothed, with the restuarants, shopping, your rooms, and this front desk area, although swimwear is sometimes okay.  But the West side is fully nude, with the bars, pools and all of our white sandy beaches.”  She very cutely tucked a strand of shiny hair behind her ear and handed me our keys, her green eyes twinkling at me.  “Any questions?”

“No!  Thank You!” I barked probably too loudly, immediately dragging Jenny by the wrist towards the waiting empty elevator, covering my crotch with my bag.  I mashed the button for our floor and was turning back when my loving wife threw her open palm up between my legs like an uppercut and clamped onto my nuts again. 


I was up on my tiptoes and moaning within seconds!

“You wanted to fuck that hot little check-in girl, didn’t you?” Jenny laughed as she kissed me aggressively, one hand forcing my shocked head down to meet hers, her other hand even more aggressively crushing my helpless nuts in her fist!  Her level of pressure had started where she had left off on the bus!  “To bust your seed right inside that hot, tight, barely-legal pussy?”

“NOOO!” I wailed, up on my tiptoes, grabbing her strong wrist again!  

She was NEVER like this at home!

“But you wanted to see her naked, right?” she laughed, squeezing even harder!  “Hoping her and her little friends might come over to the nude side one day and lay out in nothing but their sunglasses, so your dirty old man eyes could feast on their tight, young, oiled up bodies gleaming in the sun?”

It was a very bad idea to lie to a horny hot-blooded woman who has your nuts in her fist.

“.....Maybe!!” I eventually cried, grabbing her wrist with two hands! 

“Well you’re never going to!” she laughed, squeezing even harder, making my eyes tear up!  “But she IS going to see YOU!  One of these mornings, I’m going to send you down there BUCK NAKED with red swollen balls and a red spanked ass to tell that little girl how you stupidly lost your keys while masturbating on the beach, and you’ll have to stand there for FIFTEEN MINUTES while she makes you a new one, your stupid little cock unable to stop going UP and DOWN and UP and DOWN watching those fully dressed professional girls work and giggle about you in Spanish!  Doesn’t that sound GREAT?”

I was already sweating from the assault, moaning and up on my tiptoes, my balls in intense pain!

But I was also seconds away from cumming right in my pants.  


I was saved by the bell of the elevator door opening.

My beautiful wife looked up at me, her neck flush, her nipples straining against her thin silk blouse. 

“Get to our room!  I need you- NOW!”

And Jenny almost tore my nuts off as she ran laughing down the hallway with my balls still in her grip, with me awkwardly trying to follow, carrying two heavy suitcases and trying to stay in step with her, to keep my jewels intact!  

I must have gotten ten hard yanks during the twenty steps to our room, making my cock start to wilt, but we were still tearing our clothes off the moment we got through the door.  But as soon as we both tumbled naked onto the king-sized bed, Jenny started pushing my head down, gripping my hair to guide me. 

“Thank me for getting you the best birthday present ever,” she panted, already close. “Thank me!”

Panting, nude, my balls aching, I licked the smooth, warm, already-soaked pussy being ground against my face while my untouched cock throbbed between my legs.  

“Thank me for keeping you totally naked for the next ten days,” she laughed, gripping my hair even more tightly, throwing a leg over my back.  “Clothes are just a memory for you now- you are nude- TOTALLY NUDE- until we leave for that plane back home!” 

I moaned into her pussy, getting harder as I licked her!  

“Even if I get dressed!” she laughed, getting closer.  “I’m going to wear my finest dresses, high heels, jewlery to dinner and shopping every night but you’ll still be totally NAKED and HELPLESS and ROCK HARD next to me in public, even as all the cute shop girls giggle at you!”

I moaned even harder, my cock surging and dripping!

Jenny was obviously spurred by the idea too, she was so wet- sopping wet- that her beautiful smooth hot pussy was all I could see and smell and taste.

“That hot check-in girl is going to see you totally naked and hard,” she panted, getting even wetter.  “And every cute barmaid in the resort... and every housekeeper- I’m going to make sure every single last hotel guest sees you totally naked and exposed with your silly little cock hard and dripping and your balls red and sore from my fists-”

I couldn’t help it-

It was too good an image- 

I started stroking myself as I licked!

Jenny slapped me on the top of my head.

“Stop touching yourself!  Worry about MY pleasure right now!”

And she laughed as she felt both of my hands grab her tight ass and lift her towards my mouth, so I could lick deeper.  “That’s right,” she moaned, locking both her strong legs behind my head, tight at the ankles.  “Focus on me right now....  Only MY orgasms matter here...”

I used two fingers to penetrate her pussy while I frantically licked.

She was oven hot.

“Oh FUCK!” she moaned, getting tighter.  “What if I didn’t let you cum this trip?!  What if I only busted your nuts harder and harder each night and only let you lick me, ALL TEN FUCKING DAYS?!?!”

I moaned into her pussy, about to cum just from humping the bed!

Jenny rolled me onto my back so we were laying in a rough 69 with her strong thighs straddling my head, except she wasn’t sucking but grabbing my balls while she ground her oven hot pussy all over my face. 

“What if I didn’t let you cum?!” she repeated as she squeezed my balls and fucked my face, her legs crushing me now too!  “What if I busted you EVERY DAY- and kept you SO hard and horny and naked in front of EVERYONE that you were going CRAZY- but NEVER let you fuck me EVEN ONCE????”

I tried to keep licking but she was slapping my balls too hard for me to think!

“MMMph!  AHHHH!”

“Your tongue is so much better than your cock anyway!” she laughed, soaking my face.

She used one hand to hold my balls in place and slammed her other fist down hard into them.

“YOUR TONGUE IS SO MUCH BETTER THAN YOUR COCK HOWARD!!!” my wife yelled at the top of her lungs, loud enough for the entire floor to hear, which was probably her goal.

And I could only lay there as her rock hard thighs clenched my head, her gushing pussy drowned me in her juices while cutting off my air and her fists emasculated me while I yelled for mercy into her blazing hot pussy and she came harder than she had in months.  


When she finally wound down, shuddering on my face, merely squeezing my nuts with all her force, she rolled off to the side, laughing, sweating, nude, her firm breasts heaving as she tried to catch her breath, and a very happy, satisfied grin on her face.  

It was probably one of the sexiest sights I had ever seen.  

“Oh god, oh fuck Howard,” she laughed, getting her hair out of her face.  “WOW.” 

She looked down and saw my red face, my totally limp dick, how I was gasping for air and cradling my destroyed nuts and she laughed.  

“Happy Birthday, I guess!”  


Jenn left me lying on the bed to go shower off the sex.  She returned a few minutes later clean and dry, dropping a towel onto my chest so I could to wipe off my face.  By then I had graduated to merely panting and clutching my nuts.

I had felt the worry start when I heard her humming in the shower, and now it grew as I watched her gaily sit down at the vanity, still nude, doing her makeup in preparation to go out.  

I gingerly sat up.


“Mmmm?” she laughed, putting on lipstick.  “I probably got a little carried away on those last few slaps, huh?”

My stomach was still aching!  “Those were... full punches!”

She smirked as she did her makeup.  “Yeah.  But you know how I get when I’m horny.”  

If I hadn’t just had my nuts punched, I probably would have erected, just from hearing that!

“It was... too much!”

She giggled and turned to me, her beautiful body still naked.  “It was a birthday busting, Howard.  It’s supposed to be much harder than a normal one.”

My heart started to pound. 

“Jen- all that stuff you said- you can’t... you can’t bust me like that every day we’re here!”

She just giggled and kept applying her makeup.

Any man who doesn’t think women getting ready for dinner is erotic, hasn’t seen their wife put on blood red lipstick while sitting at a vanity, with her back straight, legs primly crossed, totally nude.

She finished.  

“Which would be hotter do you think...” she asked, watching me through the vanity mirror.  “If I backed off and DIDN’T bust those delicious nuts harder and harder and longer and longer each and every night we were here...”. She smacked her lips, wetting them.  I could see she was getting turned on again.

“...or if I DID?”

Her words hit me like a tidal wave, even while I held the wet handtowel to my aching crotch!


She turned to me again. 

“We’re not getting any younger, Howard.  If we’re ever going to let loose and go all out and let ALL our fantasies come true, we probably have to do it here, thousands of miles from home.”  

“What do you mean, ALL our fantasies?”

She grinned.  

“Well.....  You’re definitely going down to the front desk tomorrow, totally nude.”

My heart pounded, imagining being naked and horny, surrounded by young Alma and her friends, popping a humiliating boner I couldn’t control!!!

“I CAN’T!  That’s... a non-nude area!!!”

“What are those nineteen year olds going to do?” Jenny laughed.  “Arrest you?  They’ll probably just give you a tiny little towel while they make your key.  But I am definitely giving you a Viagra beforehand, so you pop the hardest, most embarassing boner ever.” 


“Serves you right for perving on them, old man!”  

I dropped my line of objections, because I could tell from the gleam in her eye that she was just looking for a reason to bust me again!!

“That takes care of your fantasies,” Jenny giggled, putting on a little perfume.  “And now for one of mine....”

She unzipped her jewlery bag and pulled out a thin short sliver chain with a delicate clasp and just one charm on it.  The charm had a black background  and the words ‘SLUT’ worked out in fine silver letters on it. Still sitting at the vanity, she extended her long beautiful muscular leg at me, her red-painted toes pointed right at my crotch. 

“Put this around my ankle, will you?”

I felt my heart freeze completely.


“It’s just to SEE what happens!”

“I can’t... you know what a wife with an anklet means!”

She laughed at how red my face was getting!  “I’m not saying I want to DO anything- I just want to SEE what happens!”

My fingers were shaking so bad I couldn’t even work the clasp!  “Jenny!!  I—“

My wife laughed and took my hot cheeks in her hands, kissing my blushing face all over.

“You are so CUTE when you’re like this!  I PROMISE it’s just for FUN- I just want all those frustrated older men to see the words on my ankle as I’m stretching and bending over and lotioning up RIGHT in front of them, IMAGINING what they might do to my hot slut body and getting hard right next to their wives- we might cause more ball busting at this resort just by accident!”

I still couldn’t put the chain around her slim ankle, advertising that she was ready and open for business!

“But what if... someone actually approaches you?”

“Then I’ll have my strong, tough, rugged hubby there to protect me!” she laughed.  “Unless I get approached by a cocky, slim, hundred-pound young waif.  Then she’ll just slam a knee into your nuts and have her way with me, while you’re rolling on the floor.”  

I felt my tormented cock twitch back to life, even as my busted balls still ached!

“Don’t JOKE about stuff like that!”

“I was just kidding!” she giggled, wagging that cute, sexy, erotic little foot at me again.  “Go on Howard.  Collar me.  Let the world know that I’m your horny little naked slut.”

Pulse pounding, I got on my knees... and did!

Jenny laughed and pulled me to my feet, doing a delighted spin, the little silver anklet spinning out from her slim ankle! 

“God honey, I didn’t think you would actually do it!  If you haven’t noticed, we’re like, some of the youngest and hottest guest at the resort- we are going to get SO much attention out there!Wanna go check out the selection by the pool?”

I panted hard. 

We were actually going to DO this-

Go outside in public, fully naked-

-into a swingers resort- 

-with a shiny, obivious ‘SLUT’ anklet dangling from my wife’s foot!

“If we do this,” I growled, grabbing her hard by the hips before she could skip out the door, “you have to promise me- we make every decision together.  We fantasized about it a lot, but I’m... I’m not sure if I’m ready to see you...”  I swallowed!  “With someone else... on your knees for someone else...” 

Jenny laughed and threw her long arms around my neck, kissing my neck and lips and cheek, pressing her hot nude body all over me.  I felt her smooth leg press up between my thighs at half speed, just to give my sore nuts a little reminder ‘pop’ with her thigh.

I gasped!

“Honey, I promise...” she whispered sweetly into my ear, nipping at my earlobe, panting on my neck, “I won’t touch a single person until you give me full, explicit, loving permission...” She panted.  “But either way...” she panted into my ear, her lipsticked lips so close her breath made me shiver.

“...this is going to be your BEST birthday EVER.  You’re going to get more blowjobs this week than you’ve ever had in your life-”

My cock twitched- Jenny was a master of the oral arts-

“’re going to eat more pussy than you ever have in your life-”

“Oh, god- Jenny!”

I was gripping her ass so I felt her muscles tense just before she popped me with her strong leg again, harder this time. 

“And you’re going to get your balls busted... more than you ever have in your life!”

She slid her hand down my chest and grabbed my nuts again, squeezing hard even as she kissed me!

“Mpmpf!” I moaned, into her lips!

“You just know how I get when I’m excited... how fucking wet it makes me when I’ve got my big, strong, manly husband yelling and begging for mercy just because I’ve got his two precious jewels in my hand...”

I gasped as she straightened her arm, pushing my balls down to the bottom of their sac again!


I moaned, holding my beautiful naked, grinning wife-

This is what I needed, after the stress of the last year of work-

To be free and submissive and let my hot inventive wife take me on a journey while I let go of the safety bar-

-but it wouldn’t be any good if I couldn’t get hard during it!

I grabbed my wife firmly by the hips even as she held my balls.  

“Okay, but you have to promise me,” I growled, holding her hips tight, “-no more ball busting until tomorrow!  I need... a little time to recover!”

She laughed and kissed me on the lips again, raising one foot behind her like a 50’s wife even as she pulled on my balls.  

“Honey, I promise...” she giggled, “I won’t bust you anymore tonight.  After this.”  

She only gave me one more hard tug and then let go, laughing.  


“I’m kidding, I’m kidding!!”  She laughed, skipping away towards the door.  “Now can we FINALLY go downstairs so you can show off your hot, horny, NAKED wife so she can get probably dripping wet showing off and teasing and bending over to touch her toes where HUNDREDS of men can see, and then we can run up here and FUCK like BUNNIES ALL NIGHT?!?

What guy in their right mind could say no to that?

I gulped and let my nude wife pull me out the door, towards a future I couldn’t predict. 


We both agreed that being nude for the first time in a tiny elevator with other strangers would be too much right now, so we took the stairs down to the pool area.  

We were both giggling like schoolkids as we raced down the empty stairwell and even though I paused right before the last door, Jenny didn’t, and her firm grip on my wrist pulled me gasping out into the warm, open exposed sun. 

It was amazing, it was breathtaking, it was exhilirating-

To be walking out on the warm concrete, with nothing but the sun and wind on my skin from head to toe-

Especially holding hands with my laughing, grinning, very turned on wife who was doing the same, her face flushed and her nipples rock hard!

God, she looked so beautiful, her full firm, D-sized tits bouncing in the sun-

Her long naked legs flexing-

Her nude feet hitting the pavement with every step-

We giggled and squeezed each other’s hands and looked around, not believing we were naked outside!

It was nearing sunset and this section of the resort seemed nearly empty for now- everyone else must have been jet lagged or gone to the restaurants for dinner already, and so we strolled by the large open pools and Jenny got many looks from the few older husbands and a crowd of single men laying there but I veered her away from that scene before any of them got close enough to read her anklet, thank god-

By mutual agreement we settled on one of the quieter bars that seemed to have barely anyone in it, just to get a few drinks in us first!

There was only one beautiful, older, silver-haired woman sitting on one side of the bar and I made for the opposite side to give her some space but to my shock Jenny pulled us right towards her, to the very next stool!

“Mind if we sit?”

I gulped as she turned-

It was my first live nude woman other than my wife in ten years of marriage-

She was older, definitely, maybe 50 or even 55, but in amazing shape, thin with big, beautiful breasts that still kept their perk, smoky eyeshadow, and legs that had no right to be as tight as they were at her age.  

She sat with such poise and confidence, her tight legs tightly crossed to deny me any peek at her pussy, her back strong and her naked foot bobbing in the air-

If I hadn’t been busted just minutes ago, I would have probably been getting hard very quickly right now!

The woman smiled and looked us over, Jenny first and then me, her eyes lingering on my cock which I was desperately trying to keep soft but was twitching as I looked away from this older woman’s great tits-  

She laughed and patted the stools next to her.  “Go right ahead!”

To my shock Jenny sat one stool down, forcing me to sit right next to the sexy older woman, close enough where I could feel the heat coming off her naked skin!

With my heart beating in my throat Jenny had to carry the conversation.  We found out that her name was Maryanne, and she was a semi-retired schoolteacher whose husband had passed about seven years ago, and after a few lonely years she had started coming to places like this in the winters ‘for a little companionship’.  

“Does that work?” Jenny asked, actually curious.

Maryanne laughed and crossed her tight legs the other way, letting me catch a milli-second glimpse of the sexy closely trimmed gray hairs around her cute pussy before I caught myself and looked away!  

“I do all right,” she laughed with such confidence that I felt blood rushing to my cock again!  

Imagining this sexy, kind, older gray-haired teacher being plowed by some young muscular stud-

Some young muscular black stud, his monster cock making her moan and lock her ankles around his back as she violently came-

I gasped and looked away, thankful for once that Jenny had busted me so hard upstairs!

But Maryanne was fun and witty and very easy to talk to and even though I could barely say a word, it was a very pleasant start to a nude vacation.  Even if I was constantly trying to keep from looking at her amazing full tits which sat so high on her slim ribcage and bounced every time she let out her warm, gentle laugh-

And when she once patted my arm as she talked to make a point and my heart beat faster-

And once when her warm nude leg touched mine as she turned to point to one beach we should definitely go to tomorrow-

I was gritting my teeth, trying to hold back, but when Maryanne’s soft foot accidentally brushed mine as she turned to get another drink I felt the blood rushing to my ears, and knew I had lost the battle!

“Oh god!  Oh fuck!” I gasped, having no where to run, no where to hide!!

And blushed beet red as both my wife and Maryanne looked down to see my cock growing and surging to three-fourths, then full hardness, shaking and twitching in the air!

“First time at a nude resort, huh?” Maryanne laughed, staring right at my blushing face!

“Oh goddd, Howard!” my wife laughed, holding a hand in front of her face.  She looked at the hot Latina bartender drying mugs with a rag.  “You aren’t going to report him are you?”

The girl rolled her eyes.  “I see that ALL the time.”  Then she giggled.  “But usually not this fast.”

I blushed as all THREE women laughed, feeling like a fourteen year old virgin again!  

And then my wife put her hand high on my thigh, almost touching my balls and cock, guaranteeing I wouldn’t get soft anytime soon!

“Men are so silly,” she giggled, drinking her bottled beer while one fingernail scratched maddening patterns into the sensitive skin of my balls!  “Flash a couple of tits in their face and they get hard at the most inappropriate times!”

“Well I’m just glad that the tits that caused it were mine!” Maryanne laughed, turning and leaning on the bar, so she faced out and I faced in, her tits right in my face now!  “Good to know I can still cause that type of reaction in younger guys.”

“Come on Maryanne, you’re beautiful! I’m surprised he wasn’t stiff the moment we sat down!” Jenny laughed, still scratching my balls, making me pant!  Jenny laughed. “But if it offends you, feel free to just reach down and bust him hard in the nuts.  That’s what I just got done doing in our room.”

I looked over at her even as my cock twitched harder!  “JENNY!”

I blushed more when Maryanne laughed!

“Really?” she said, looking at my bright red face!  “My old husband used to let me crush his balls some.”  She winked at my wife.  “But usually not quite as much as I wanted to.”

Now it was my wife’s turn to be surprised.  “Really?”

I got a horrible feeling in my stomach as she grinned at Maryanne, then me!

I could see it now.

Jenny was practically buzzing on her stool-

Her breath was coming faster-

Her beautiful nipples were hard again-

Her face flushed just like it had been in the elevator-

And she was grinning madly. 

I had to stop this!


“Would you like to?” she blurted out before I could object!


Maryanne tilted her head like she hadn’t heard.  “Would I like to what?”

“Punish my husband’s nuts!” Jenny giggled, making the older woman laugh out loud.  “He really likes it!  AND it’s his birthday!”


My face was burning, my heart was pounding again, but I was rooted to that spot like Jenny’s hand on my leg was a thousand pound anchor!

Maryanne chuckled and sipped her beer, obviously thinking it over.  And then she slipped her other hand under the bar to rest on my naked thigh, just millimeters away from my naked balls and my straining, twitching, fully hard cock!

“Is that right honey?” she giggled as my cock strained and twitched above her hand!  “Is it your birthday today?”

I could barely talk, I could barely think-

I looked over to Jenny and she was just giggling!  

“Y...yes!” I managed to squeak!

Maryanne extended one finger to just brush the underside of my straining shaft, just up and down, up and down, as soft as a painter’s touch-


I was so hard it HURT.

“And as a present, do you want some nice older lady you just met to crush and squeeze your nuts without mercy until your wife tells me to stop?”

She laughed as I dripped steady precum onto her wrist and the hard wood of the stool!

I couldn’t!

But Jenny was offering-

But I was still so sore from the busting she had given me back in the room!


My loving wife giggled and used her hand on my leg to pull my knees further apart, giving Maryanne more access!  “Go on honey,” she whispered in my ear.  “Make me so wet I practically slide off this stool...”

Panting already, my heart pounding, my cheeks bright red, I looked over at this smiling older woman’s face and nodded, agreeing to get a birthday ball-busting from her too!

Her hand shot out and grabbed my nuts before I could think.  


I tried to pull away but Maryanne’s fingers had already made a tight noose around the top of my nuts, so the only way I was getting out was by pulling my jewels off- this woman had clearly busted a lot of balls before!!  She turned over her shoulder to casually chat to the young, barely-legal barmaid.

“Hey Rosa!  You don’t mind if I make this young man yell and scream at your bar, do you?”

The cute barefooted young girl who could have been a Maxim cover model put down the glass she was drying.  “Go ahead!  I kinda want to see this myself!”

I gasped!  “Oh god-”

Maryanne put her other hand on my back, soothing me. 

“Deep breaths, honey.”  She winked at my wife.  “They can take more pain that way.”  

By this point Maryanne hadn’t done anything but hold my nuts as firmly as you would a tennis ball but I was still sweating, my heart racing, my breath not reaching the bottom of my lungs! 

I was about to call it off when my wife tenderly kissed my cheek.  

“Love you, honey.  Have fun!”  

And then Maryanne squeezed my balls like a hydraulic press.

“AHHHHHHHRRRRGH!” I cried, trying to get away, but her grip on my nuts was too firm!

This old lady had the grip strength of a weightlifter!

“That’s about ten percent,” she told Jenny, as my wife and the bartender were howling out loud, at how much I was struggling already!

“Oh wow!” Jenny cried, looking my in the eyes.  “She’s really got them good, doesn’t she honey?”

“Please!” I begged, already knowing I was way out of my depth!  “I’ve changed my-”

Maryanne chuckled.  “Let’s go to twenty.”

“YEEEEEEEEEE!” I wailed, grabbing her leg and moaning as all three women laughed.  

I was kicking my legs, slapping the bar, trying to get away, but my wife’s firm hand on my back and this sexy older woman’s impossibly strong grip on my balls kept me from moving barely at all!

I was sweating already!

“TOO HARD!” I begged the older woman.  “TOO HAAAARD!”

“They always say that,” Maryanne laughed, calmly drinking her beer with her other hand, while her right still maintained impossible crushing pressure on my balls!

“Yeah,” Jenny giggled, stroking my back.  “That’s what makes it so much fun!”

I grabbed Maryanne’s thigh, at what I hoped was a respectful height!  

“Please!” I begged, already dripping pre-cum onto her slick wrist!  “STOP!  Jenny already...”. I gulped, so embarrassed!  “...Jenny already busted me earlier tonight!”

My balls firmly in her hand, Maryanne chuckled.  “Honey, she hasn’t even warmed you up for what you’re about to get.”  

“NO!  WAIT-”

She pulsed her fist and I wailed like a soprano, loud and desperate.

“AHHHH!  YEEEEEE!  PLEASEEEEE!” I begged the older woman, grabbing her wrist, trying to get my balls away!

It made absolutely no difference.

“God, this takes me back,” Maryanne sighed, watching the panic grow on my face as the pressure increased and increased without end!  “My George thought he was so coy, ‘introducing’ me to his little dirty fetish after he read about it in a magazine.  Little did he know, I’d been busting boys’ nuts for years by then-”

“AHHHHHH, please!”

Her face was glowing, her bright eyes on me, her warm leg pressed tightly against mine.  “Let’s do thirty percent.”  


The pressure more than doubled! 

I wailed and started to cry, grabbing her leg, Jenny’s leg, anything to make it stop!

And then she squeezed even harder, laughing as I yelped in a high voice, sweating and panting like a little girl.  “Oh GOD!  OH FUUUCK!”

“Men always think they’re so big and tough, like they can take more from the world than us fragile women can,” she laughed, breathing a little harder herself now.  “I used to LOVE doing this to those cocky boys in college, who liked to tell me how we were the weaker sex.”  Her other hand, cool from the beer, patted my cheek lovingly.  “And then I would teach them the proper way to please a woman and ride their tongue all night.”

Sitting face to face, her smooth stomach rising and falling with her heavier breaths, Maryanne opened her legs a little and for the first time I could see her beautiful, trimmed, closely maintained pussy.  

She was glistening.  

“Let’s try forty percent.”

The three women at the bar laughed as I begged, and screamed and tried to get away, shaking my head.  “NO! NO! NO!!!  PLEASE-”

But her hand had increased pressure even before I finished the words and I started flailing, grabbing my wife’s leg, Maryanne’s arm, CRYING, trying and get this to STOP!  


The three women, old, middle and very young, were dying of laughter watching me kick and flail and buck my hips to try to get away, but being stopped by my wife’s firm hand on my shoulder and Maryanne’s impossible grip on the top of my nuts! 

The barmaid’s face was bright red and she was doubled over, laughing her cute little ass off, her bare thighs pressed together, watching me get absolutely crushed in public.  

My beautiful nude wife was laughing, tears in her eyes, hand over her mouth, her other hand still holding my knees apart so some strange woman could bust her husband’s balls!

And Maryanne was laughing too, but watching my face, my heaving chest, my straining cock-

“And he’s still hard!” she marveled, touching my neck, my bicep, her eyes watching my thick cock jump and strain.  I was off the peak, maybe a little more than half hard after the pain, but that was apparently still enough for her!

“My old George would be limp as a noodle by now,” she laughed, pulsing my nuts, making me yelp, “Even if I promised him all three holes all night afterwards.  You’ve got quite a stud here, young lady!” she told my wife. 

“I know it!” Jenny giggled, kissing my cheek.  “Let’s go to seventy-five percent!”

“NOOO!” I wailed at the top of my lungs!

That would definitely pop them!

“That might be a little much for his first time,” Maryanne agreed, miraculously saving me from castration!  “Let’s just see how long your stud can take hanging out at fifty.”  Her hand pulsed, making me wail.  “Maybe fifty-five,” she giggled.  

And then she easily doubled the pressure at which she was squeezing my trapped balls.


Jenny NEVER crushed me like this, horrible continous pressure without a single second of rest!  You know a ball crushing is truly biblical when you long to have the intermittent punches and slaps of your younger wife back again!

I was fully crying now, the barmaid and my wife laughing at my panting and male distress.  

“Please-stop-ple-stop- please please please- AHHHHHHHH!!!”

“Oooops, he’s going down!” Jenny giggled.  “Come on honey, keep it up!”

She turned just like Maryanne was, facing away from the bar, and took my left hand and put it on her firm warm beautiful breasts, down her hard stomach, her smooth naked leg, anything to keep me up.

“Oh GOD-”

Opening her legs wider, she pushed my fingers against her smooth nude pussy. 

She was oven hot again.  

Feeling my wife’s naked arousal, at a bar- nude in public!- had me moaning, my cock trying to rise, my heart racing- 

But did nothing to lessen the horrible pain Maryanne was inflicting on my trapped, helpless nuts!

And then Maryanne did something amazing. 

She did the same as my wife, taking my other hand and putting it on her smooth shoulders, down her slim side, over her nude legs, and up to her smooth, amazing, firm breasts.  Her skin was burning hot.

“THERE you go honey,” she panted, looking me in the eyes.  “ Doesn’t that feel nice?” 

And then she squeezed me harder for the privilege.

And both women laughed as I gasped and moaned and begged, right out in public!

“NO!!  I can’t TAKE IT anymore!!  IT’S ENOUGH!  I’ve had ENOUGH!”

Maryanne laughed.  “It doesn’t stop until your wife tells me to stop.”

I grabbed Jenny’s leg!  “JENNY!  JENNY!”

She was breathing so hard, I could feel her flat stomach heaving.  And her pussy was sopping wet.  “Maybe just a little longer?”

“JENNY!” I wailed as the the other two women laughed harder, and Maryanne crushed me even more.

Two other women walked behind our stools, laughing as I wailed and begged, nude and helpless, being absolutely floored by a slim woman less than half my weight and more than a decade my age!  

The cute hot teen bartender was looking right in my eyes shaking her head, laughing as I had gone from older respected paying customer to crying helpless boy in less than a minute, right in front of her eyes!

And my wife was laughing, nude, flushed, so turned on, a bright gleam in her eyes as my nuts got helplessly, endlessly crushed. 

“NOOOOO!   JENNNY!” I begged, crying!

“He’s reached his limit, and I’m barely breaking a sweat!” Maryanne laughed as my pleas reached their highest pitch.  “Although,” she laughed, sliding her thighs together.  “I’m dripping over here!”  

“Tell me about it!” Jenny laughed.  “And I just got licked fifteen minutes ago!”

Maryanne closed her eyes, panting as her other hand pinched at her hard nipple, slid down her breasts and rubbed the outside of her naked legs, all while she kept up the pressure on my trapped, crushed, squeezed nuts!  I had NEVER been busted this long in one go by Jenny!

“Mmmm...” Maryanne panted, breathing harder, “what I wouldn’t do for a hot eager young tongue right about now-”

She crushed harder, causing a new and indescribable level of pain in my trapped nuts!


‘You want to use my husband’s?” Jenny gasped before I could stop her, her pussy burning hot against my fingers. “I’ll let him lick you- as long as you want!”

This time Maryanne didn’t even pretend like she hadn’t heard.  “FUCK yes.”

“Take us back to your room!” Jenny laughed, hopping off her bar stool.  “NOW!”

With one final hard squeeze making me see stars, Maryanne finally let go of my abused nuts just to grab my wrist in that iron grip instead.  “This way!”

The hot Latina bartender was laughing her tight little ass off, watching my red-faced and flustered self getting bodily dragged away by two very horny women, knowing that they were ONLY going to use my tongue tonight, since my cock had drooped and become totally limp due to the serious, long-term, public ball crushing I had just gotten!

“You ladies have to come back and wipe off these stools off afterwards!” she yelled after the three of us.  “And let me know how he was!!!” she was laughing as two beautiful naked women dragged me away by my wrists, my bouncing balls hurting with every step. 


Maryanne was a fucking wildcat in bed.  

She was louder than a porn star, yelling and cumming on my face again and again, her slim older legs locking around my head in whatever position she threw me in, rolling me around in bed at her whim, fingers locked in my hair as she fed me her pussy like a starving woman.  

“Only one rule!” my wife had said the moment before this older woman threw me into her bed.  “He’s not allowed to cum!”

“That won’t be a problem!” Maryanne laughed, and then I saw and tasted nothing but her pussy for the next hour.

She tasted different from my wife, but her temperature was just as hot-

Hotter, when she really got going and saw my abused cock helplessly rising, untouched, between my legs, just from licking her!

And then hotter yet as my wife started telling her: “You know you’re only the second pussy he’s ever licked in his life, right?  We were college sweethearts- I NEVER let him play around with other women- you’re only the SECOND pussy he’s EVER tasted!”

The older woman groaned and gripped my head harder with her smooth, strong legs, as my cock ached between my legs!  And then she felt me moaning against her pussy as my wife sucked me while I licked, edging me, driving me wild with the need to empty my full, bursting balls somewhere, ANYWHERE-

-and then denied me, Jenny spreading my legs and slapping my exposed balls while laughing:

“You CAN’T cum!  You’re NEVER allowed to CUM ANYMORE!”

My frantic yells and moans and maybe the image of that actually happening drove Maryanne to her hardest explosion yet, soaking my face with her juices and almost pulling my hair out as her hot smooth thighs gripped my head to bursting.


I stopped licking after she came but she slapped my head just like my wife had, impatiently barking: “Keep licking young man!  Let me ride your tongue down!  Didn’t your mamma teach you anything?”

And I blushed and licked in humilation as she came again, then a position change and came again, then holding me tight with her legs as she came AGAIN as Jenny busted and teased my balls and cock, making me moan and yell into a laughing Maryanne’s pussy as she finally slowly came down and I licked her totally clean, making sure I would taste her in my dreams, as Jenny sucked and edged my cock with her world class mouth, leaving me hot and sweaty and insanely desperate when Maryanne finally unlocked her legs and let me go, laughing.

“Oh... my.... god!” she giggled, just laying there, as I clutched my sore, aching, backed up blue balls!  “Now THAT’S something a girl could get used to...”

The way she was sprawled, carefree and giggling nude on her bed with her hair dishevled- she looked twenty years younger!

My wife lovingly wiped my face with a towel even as her eyes shone bright with mischief.  “Do you want to use him again tomorrow?”

I didn’t have the strength to object!

And I didn’t really know if I wanted to!

“Don’t you need him?” Maryanne laughed, panting.  

“Sometimes, but you’ll definitely know when he’s free.  But same rules as before- he’s NOT allowed to cum!”

“Not a problem at all,” Maryanne laughed, sliding her thighs together with a girlish giggle!  

“And a second rule,” my wife said, grinning as she held my balls, making me sweat!  “You’re not allowed to give him ANY warning!  Just come up to where ever he is and grab his balls-”


“-and order him to come lick you, no matter WHAT he’s doing!”

I begged.  “Jenny!”

But my cock was trying responding again, giving away my inner thoughts!  It barely got hard, but the twitching and my panting stomach were enough to show what I was thinking!

“And he better do it,” Jenny laughed.  “Or else he’s going to get nut-busted by YOU... and then ME, twice as hard when he gets home!”

And I moaned as she squeezed again.  

The older woman stuck her hand out, laughing as they both shook on it.



My balls had never hurt more than they did, on the slow walk back to our room. 

Slow because I was walking like an injured athlete, with one arm over my laughing wife’s shoulders, as I held my red aching nuts- right out in public!

“Maryanne’s a fucking ball crusher, isn’t she?” Jenny giggled, watching me wince.  “I like her.”

“Did you... set that up... with her?” I panted, gingerly walking in pace with her, and even that still hurt!  “Ahead of time?”

“Nope!” she laughed, opening the side hotel door for us.  “She just happened to be the first woman we met at this adult resort- and she’s into ball-busting even more than I am!”  She grinned as we made it back to our room.  “What are the chances huh?”

My wife giggled into my ear as she led me gingerly to the elevator.  “And you were a fucking Stud back there- do you even remember how many times you just made her cum- with just your tongue?”

I blushed as the elevator rose and my cock tried to!  “Not... really!” 

“It was a LOT.  You were a machine.” Jenny went up on her nude tiptoes to breathe in my ear.  “It was so fucking HOT... watching you make that sexy older woman cum and cum and cum again-  how did those smooth legs feel?  Her ass?  Did she taste as hot as she looked?”

I blushed even harder, getting a little embarassed.  “I..guess!”

“Well get used to it- you’re going to taste it a LOT over the next few days, Stud,” she giggled.  “ANYTIME Maryanne wants.”

I didn’t like the look on her face as she led me back to bed and pushed me down on my back.  

Her skin was oven hot again. 

“Jenny...” I moaned, holding my nuts protectively.  “I... can’t!”

She straddled me hard, and even the bump of her hot pussy on the hand over my balls- normally a huge turn-on- hurt like a knee to the crotch!  


“That was SO FUCKING HOT!” Jenny laughed, kissing my lips and neck, forcing her tongue into my helpless mouth.  “When you were MOANING as she busted you, begging for mercy, your silly dick rock hard and helpless as you made her come over and OVER-”

She grabbed my hair, rubbing her tits in my face, grinding her burning hot pussy on my thigh, making me pant and moan!

“You know that’s ALL you’re going to do with her, right?  Get your nuts BUSTED within an inch of their lives and then lick that older woman’s pussy until SHE’S done with you!  That’s the ONLY sexual interaction you two are EVER going to have!”

I moaned, trying to erect, but my balls were just too sore!

In any other time, that would be one of my hottest fantasies ever!

“Jenny-  I- Oh god-”

“Don’t talk,” she ordered, moving up the bed.  “Just lick!  I don’t care if it takes ALL NIGHT- I’m cumming on that amazing mouth of yours again!”  She straddled my face with me lying on my back, her strong legs pinning my tired arms in place, one hard fist grabbing my hair as her tireless hips pressed her oven hot pussy all over my chin, lips, nose, suffocating, drowing me-  

“This is how every night of yours is going to end while we’re here!” she panted, squeezing my head, getting wetter.  “Making me CUM with your tongue while your full, busted balls ache- EVERY NIGHT- OHHHH GAWWWWWDDD-”

And that was the end of my first day of my birthday week.


Thursday, December 24, 2020

Beauty vs. Brains- FINAL CHAPTER

(Merry Christmas all!  This is the FINAL chapter of my Patreon-funded story, “Beauty vs. Brains”, which was released back in September.  

If you would like to see MORE such stories come into the world on a regular basis, consider joining my Patreon for just $1 every few months- the more pledged the more I can make time to write!

There may also be a quick ball-busting story coming your way soon, I’m testing that out with my Patrons now, it will be here sometime in Jan.  

So enjoy this thrilling finale to Albert’s saga, and see you all in 2021!)




Albert huddled, naked inside a blanket in his dorm room, holding a steaming cup of tea Niels had made for him, with Issac, Dimitri, and Richard looking at him from the other bed. 

“I was gone for FOUR days!” he cried, not drinking the tea.  “And you guys didn’t even come LOOKING for me!”

“We DID come looking for you!” Issac shot back.  “As soon as I woke up on Friday and saw your bed hadn’t been used, we figured something must have happened.  We all got together and looked ALL over campus!  It took all day!  We even reported it to Dean Crawford-”

Albert groaned.   “Not the Dean...”

Niels swallowed, passing Albert a plate of cookies which he also didn’t touch.  “She wasn’t pleased, as you suspect.  But she did have her administrative assistants use Powers the next day to search for your, um, signal.”

“They narrowed it down to Earhart Tower,” Dmitri added, serious.  “A very strong reading.”

“They sensed you stroking away all Saturday afternoon to some very interesting thoughts,” Richard laughed.  “So we figured you were okay.” 

“I was their PRISONER!” Albert yelled, slamming the hot cup down.  “They kept me naked and helpless and locked up in their apartment for DAYS and I wasn’t allowed to do anything but their stupid HOMEWORK!  It was HORRIBLE!”

The boys considered this in silence for a few long moments.  And then Dmitri coughed.  

“So did you get to SEE the two lesbians in the shower together or-”


“Okay okay, we’re sorry,” Issac growled, putting another blanket around the shivering Albert, taking the dangerous cup of hot tea away.  “What’s obvious is that we have to all keep eyes on each other, in case something like this happens again.” 

“Which it will- I know Brianna’s going to try to abduct me again!” Albert cried, wrapping his blankets tighter around himself.  “She’s just... that type!”

“So all you have to do is keep from stroking to thoughts of her or her friends ever again,” Niels said, frowning.  “That’s what let her pull you out of the showers, correct?”

Blushing, Albert swallowed hard!  “I guess so!”

Issac muttered under his breath.  “Something ELSE we also told you not to do.”

“But even getting erect is a problem,” Dmitri added.  “That allows their Sex Powers to work on boys, even if we do not stroke.”

Blushing harder, Albert shook his head!  “But it’s going to be impossible to keep from stroking or getting hard... for FOUR years...”  He swallowed again, remembering what he had seen on Date night and afterwards-  “...without thinking about any of those girls again!”

“There has to be a way,” Niels said.  “There always is.” 

There was a second concerted silence as the room full of boys thought about the problem. 

Issac coughed.  “What if we all... only stroked it to images of fictional characters or cartoons when we um, cum?  That way the excess affinity has nowhere to go and we won’t make the girls’ Powers any stronger.”  

“I’m not only jacking to images ANIME GIRLS for FOUR straight years!” Albert yelled.  “We’ll actually become the virgin losers everyone THINKS we are!”

Dmitri slammed a fist into his hand.  “No- solid steel is the way to go!  If we all wear solid STEEL chastity belts around on campus all the time- we can’t be forced to get hard when we don’t want to!”

“I’m not doing that EITHER!” Albert wailed back.  

Richard rolled his wrist thoughtfully in the air, like a college professor.  “There are certain... mixtures of saltpeter and potassium nitrate... which are known to cause long-lasting and reversible impotence in boys our age.  A combination of impotence drugs with an athletic jock strap and cup for surprise ballnados could be quite effective...”


Neils stood up.  “It’s obvious this is going to be a long lasting problem, so let’s not jump to any drastic solutions tonight.  We’ll all check in with each other by group text every few hours to make sure none of us are being abducted, and until we find a better solution, none of us should, um, pleasure ourselves tonight, okay?  Just to be safe.”  He looked sorrowfully at Albert as the boys were leaving.  “Especially you.” 

And the naked boy gulped, preparing for another long night of untouched erections and painful blue balls!  

“Yeah- I know!”


Somehow, an exhausted Albert got a few hours of sleep, then woke up at sunrise with burning morning wood- how long had it been since he last emptied his balls?  A week?  More?- but managed to keep from stroking more than once or twice before rushing to go take a cold shower.  

Other boys on the floor- taller, older, more muscular boys- laughed at the lean nerd with the hard cock that wouldn’t go down in the gang showers, even under cold water!

“What’s wrong Sport- you like seeing all these nice thick dicks?”

“Maybe his girlfriend’s keeping him nice and hard!”

“You think that Pointdexter has a hot girlfriend?” another boy laughed.

One muscular guy slapped the other’s shoulder.  “Oh fuck, dude, I forgot to tell you- I hooked up with this smoking hot gymnast the other day- big tits, shaved bare down there- she let me eat her out so good and then rode my cock for like an hour straight!”

“Oh fuck yeah- gymnasts are the best!  With their thicc asses-”

“-and flexible legs-”

And Albert gasped as the older boy’s hand drifted down to grasp his slowly growing cock right there in the showers, pulling on it as he told the rest of the story!

“And then she did this thing with her tongue, looking me right in the eyes-”

“Oh goddd-”

And now ALL the Jocks were getting harder in the shower, soaping up their hands, starting to pull on their growing dicks as they listened to the story-

“FUCK she had the greatest pussy, so hot, so tight-”

“Tight pussies are the best-”

“Oh fuck dude that’s AWESOME-”

Albert grabbed his things and ran out of there before he was tempted to stroke too!

As he ran down the hall, he heard the sounds of the three masturbating Jocks starting to paint the shower walls with their semen-

“Ohhhh fuc-”



It wasn’t FAIR!! 

They got to beat off whenever they wanted-

Empty their balls whenever they wanted-

With girls or by themselves-

While Albert had to wait for his blocks to be removed by the school nurse on Thursday!!!

Issac had already left for class so Albert took some time in the room to calm down, steeling himself to again walk out onto a campus which contained Brianna and her friends.  He had to do something to protect himself-

But saltpeter?!?

Chastity belts???

It was all too much, too crazy-

Why couldn’t he just go to class like a normal student!?!

In the end he got dressed in his usual outfit with one unusual addition and rushed to the Physics building, avoiding the Student Center, the Marketing buildings and any coffee shops that sold iced frappuccinos.  His classes went very slowly- after apologizing for missing the lectures on Friday- he was always looking over his shoulder, imagining Brianna or her hot friends walking into the physics rooms and finding him!

Even walking out onto the street or in the cafeteria felt like there were eyes on him, there were definitely hot girls around but he lowered his head and walked quickly around them, just trying to blend into the crowd!

And it worked all afternoon, Albert had actually gotten through all of his classes and was heading back home when he rounded the corner of the Physics building and a waiting Brianna kneed him in the nuts. 

“OhFUCK-” he gasped, stunned but not collapsed!

“A cup?” Brianna laughed, rapping her knuckles against the plastic athletic supporter under his pants which had absorbed most of the force.  “Smart.”

“It was... a friend’s suggestion!” Albert panted, bent over, holding his crotch.  Even with the plastic cup, the blow had stunned him, taken his breath away!  “Now... leave me alone!”

Brianna giggled. She was in her sexy librarian/business look again, wearing a tight checkered pencil skirt, a blouse that left all of her smooth arms bare, and smooth, shiny black stockings, hugging every muscle in her legs.  With cute high heels, her hair in a smart bun, lips bright red- Albert’s heart started pounding!

“Let’s go grab a coffee instead.  My treat.” 

“NO!” he wailed, using his backpack full of books to cover his crotch!

The beautiful brunette laughed.  “Relax!  I’m not going to bust your nuts right here in public.”

“You literally just tried to!”

“That was before,” she giggled, sliding her slim legs together.  “This is now.  I just want to talk.”  She crossed her index and middle finger.  “Pinky promise?”  

Albert still edged away.  “No!”  

Brianna sighed and rolled her eyes.  “I have a peaceful proposition for you.  And if you have coffee and hear me out, I’ll even lift your orgasm blocks tonight, instead of whenever the hell you’ve got your appointment with the school nurse.” 

Albert gulped, his heart starting to beat faster!

“Just.. coffee?” he confirmed.

The girl giggled, taking his hand.  

“Just coffee.” 


 She led him to her favorite iced frappuccino stand in the middle of the Student Center, ordered two of her usual and led him to one of the shade-covered tables. She dangled a heel off of one sexy stockinged foot as she talked, but Albert forced himself to look up at her face!

 “So I want to apologize for last night...”. 

“For what?!  Keeping me naked?  The teasing?  The forcefield not letting me leave?!”

“First of all, you defeated my forcefield, which was pretty cool.  I was totally pissed when you did, but later I realized how daring that was.  No, I want to apologize for the girls,” she giggled.  “They MAY have been teasing you a little more about busting your nuts with their painted toes than was appropriate.  I TOLD you I wasn’t going to let your nuts be kicked again unless you were begging me for it.” 

“Well that’s never going to happen!”

She giggled, switching which crossed leg she was dangling a high heel from.  “Well I didn’t want you to get the wrong idea and run off, which is exactly what happened.  We weren’t really planning on giving you another ballnado at the end of the night.”  She giggled again.  “Unless Kellie’s Cowboys lost by like three touchdowns or something.”  

Albert growled- Is it any wonder he didn’t trust her with his most delicate body parts?!

Her soft hand touched his forearm.

“But the girls and I got to talking after you ran off.  And we kinda realized... we all REALLY like busting your naked, blue-balled nuts.”  

And Albert felt his face heat up!  “Well too bad because THAT’S never going to happen again either!”

Her hand didn’t move.  “Yeah but we all couldn’t figure out WHY.  Like, we do get a little rush when we knee a helpless guy in the balls, like a little pop of candy in the mouth, but with you...”. She looked him in the eyes.  “’s like a sugar rush!”

Albert swallowed- he was getting hard under his tight cup!

Brianna pulled her hand away, smiling.  “So we started hypothesizing... what’s different about you?  What’s different this time?  ...You’re a virgin, right?”

And he blushed even harder!  “What does THAT have to do with it?!”

“Virginity is very important to Magic; it has been for thousands of years,” she giggled, taking another sip with her bright red lips, leaving a cute lipstick print on the cup.  “But this is something more; You, um... haven’t even gotten a blowjob from a girl?  To completion?”

And Albert’s red face was all the answer she needed!

“How about a hand-job?” Brianna laughed, her eyes shining.  “Not even a quick pity jerk in the limo after Prom?  Or in the basement of a Sweet Sixteen party?”

Now Albert’s bent-in-half cock was straining hard against the underside of his tight cup!  She was too close, showing too much leg, her perfume too heady...

“No!” Albert admitted, turning totally red!  “Not even that!”

Brianna laughed, leaning back in her chair, making her short skirt ride even higher up her her long crossed thighs!

“Wow!  So you’ve never in your life been taken to orgasmic completion by any girl, either with her body OR her Powers.”  Brianna took in a deep breath and exhaled it, shuddering.  “Just as I thought.  A perfect, gold-star Nerd.” 

And Albert’s eyes got huge!


“I didn’t think they existed, not here in college!” she giggled, crossing her stockinged legs again.  “By now, everyone’s at least cum in their pants rubbing up against a girl in the back seat of a car or something!  But if you really haven’t... and busting your nuts feels THAT good...”

Albert started packing his things!  “I’ve got to go!”

She grabbed his wrist, this time with full Powers-assisted strength; it was like a iron manacle!

“We’ve got a Proposal for you.  The Girls and I.” 

He tried pulling away, but it was no use!  “No!”

“We want to make things up to you.  To show you how fun being our Nerds can be.  You and all your little friends.”

His heart dropped.  “How do you know about-”

“Your little Scooby gang?  They were only asking all over campus about you, with little flyers and everything, all Friday afternoon.” 

Albert blushed, this time out of shame!  How he had underestimated his friends! 

Brianna licked her lips.  “So here’s our Proposal: 

“In about two weeks, the first big Projects of the year are coming up, in all of our classes-

“So we want to take you, and five of your closest friends, out to Kellie’s Uncle’s Brother’s lake house, with six of us girls-

“And all of our projects, and all the beer and tequila we can drink, to stay there and party and study for one entire week.

“And when we come back, us girls will have all our projects done, and you boys will have a week’s worth of sexy memories you can jack off to until you’re 90.”  

She giggled, looking him straight in the eyes, not letting go of his wrist. 

“Sound fun?”

Albert shivered, still trying to process it all!

“Are... are you talking... about a-”

“-lake party,” both he and Brianna said at the exact same time!

The girl nodded, then stood up and leaned over, her loose blouse showing him the tops of her beautiful tits right in front of his nose as she whispered into his ear.

“And none of us girls wear a stitch of clothing during a Lake Party.”  


“It’s a trap,” Niels stated, arms crossed in front of the big whiteboard.  “It has to be!”

The boys had run though all the probabilities on the whiteboard in Niels’ room; the pro’s and con’s, the multi-variable projections of good vs. bad outcomes.  So far, bad was winning.

“Of COURSE it’s a trap!” Issac agreed.  “They’re restrained by laws here, by the Dean, but if they get us out to some isolated house by the lake where no one can see- they could do anything to us with their Powers that they wanted!  Torture!  Suffocation!  ANYTHING!”

“But then they would not get their projects done,” Dmitri countered, one of the few who had contributed anything to the ‘Pro’ column.  “If they do not treat us well, we would refuse to work, as a group, and their grades would suffer!”

“Worker’s strike?” Richard asked Dmitri.

“Workers strike!” the Russian agreed, and the laughing boys bumped elbows.

“We don’t even know if their IS a mid-term Project!” Issac countered back.  “They could be lying about that too!”

“All courses have projects,” Richard laughed.  “Some are just more... ‘projecty’ than others.”

Niels’ hand cut the air.  “Regardless, the risk is too great.  They would have us isolated, horny, and at their mercy.” 

“And we know what happened to Albert last time they did that!” Issac agreed. 

“Actually,” Richard countered, “we do not.”  

All the boys turned to Albert, who was pacing at the back of Niels’ and Dmitri’s room.


“When Brianna and her girls had you trapped in their apartment,” Issac asked, “did they... kick you in the balls like they did out in public?”

Albert gulped, his heart speeding up just remembering it!  “Ye...yes!”

“But did they also let you see them in their panties?” Dmitri countered.  “Or totally naked?”

“Or more than naked?” Richard asked, raising one eyebrow. 

“I don’t... I don’t know what that means!”

The dashing young scientist waggled both eyebrows.  “Yes you do...” 

“I told you!” the pacing boy replied, throwing up his hands.  “I was naked!  They used their Powers on me, to suck and tease me relentlessly!  And danced with me and kneed me in the balls and... made love in front of me!”

After a short silence, Dmitri turned back to the board.  “So is that a pro or a con-” 

“It’s too dangerous!” Niels said, deciding for the deadlocked group.  “We can’t predict with any certainty what will happen, and if something does, we’d be too isolated to get help.  I’m not going to this so called ‘lake party’, not even if they drag me there!”  He looked at Albert as he wiped the whiteboard clean.  “And I recommend you stop thinking about it too.  If Brianna senses you stroking about it, that will just spur her on more!  Just wait until your nurse’s appointment on Thursday, and then cum while thinking of someone totally else!  Do you think you can do that?”

A sweating Albert swallowed and wiped his forehead.  

“Yes- of course- sure!”


And he did, for about four hours.  

But in the darkness of his room, with Issac snoring away in the other bed, his cock growing, thinking of Brianna and Kellie and all the girls totally nude at the lake all day, swimming and sunning in the bare as he and the boys did their homework... 

“Oh god!” Albert gasped, grasping his painfully hard cock right through his sweatpants and stroking!  “Brianna- oh god-”

He pictured the sultry brunette slinking up to him-

Totally nude with her cute nipples rock hard and her pussy already slick-

Putting her arms softly around his shoulders, pulling her perfect body close-

Rocking her slim hips against his as her lips teased his-

And rocketing a naked knee up into his crotch!

Albert threw his hands away from his cock, gasping for air as it throbbed!

What the fuck was that?!

Why would he think about Brianna doing-


Gasping, sweating, the shirtless boy with the unsatisfied cock tenting his sweatpants gripped his sheets hard, trying not to think about anything sexy again-

And somewhere, off in the distance, he thought he heard Brianna’s light voice laughing.


Albert tried to keep a low profile the next day.  It was Tuesday, only two days until his appointment with the nurse- he could make it without stroking for two days- he HAD to!

It worked all entire morning; there were no women in his Advanced Quantum Mechanics class and only one in his Scotatastic Studies lecture, and she was a fellow Nerd, unlikely to be in Brianna’s clique.

It was just after noon, when he was rushing to his Nanophotonics lecture, when it happened. 

A tall beautiful redhead with long perfect legs in an extremely short mini-skirt and high heels, like a Dean Crawford but in her prime, was sitting on a little raised stone bench with her legs tightly crossed, doing her make-up, totally engrossed in her mirror.  

And just as Albert passed she uncrossed her legs to sit the other way, giving him a perfect, long, dead-on view up her skirt at her purple silk panties. 

The sudden erotic peek in the middle of his school day rocked Albert’s world!

She crossed her legs the other way just as quickly as she had uncrossed them-

It must have been only a few seconds, but it felt like hours!

She was still totally engrossed in her mirror, giving no sign that she was even aware of Albert’s existence-

But his heart was racing as he stumbled and rushed to class, his cock erecting under his tight athletic cup-

He had gotten an unexpected look at a beautiful girl’s most intimate area!

Her toned thighs framing a tight young pussy barely covered by smooth thin silk-

From just a few meters away!

He couldn’t help it- his cock erected as much as it could underneath his tight athletic cup, and Albert didn’t learn anything about Nanophotonics that day. 

His heart was still buzzing as he left his lecture, he passed by the same bench but of course the girl was long gone, so he headed back home and crossing the quad two girls in short tennis skirts were heading towards the court talking excitedly about some silly thing or another when a sudden gust of wind blew up their skirts to let a shocked Albert see their tight, pert, toned bums right in front of his eyes, split only by twin white thongs!

The girls quickly smoothed down their skirts in the back and ran off, giggling.



Albert could barely believe it!

TWO incredibly lucky upskirt views in the same day-

Just meters in front of him each time?!

He waited eagerly for Issac to go to sleep that night, barely listening as his roommate told him about some new article on gravitational waves he had read, and after he was sure Issac was out, quickly reached down into his sweatpants and started playing with himself, skin to skin!

That redhead had been so classy-

So put together-

And he had gotten to see her panty covered pussy up her skirt!

And those two giggling tennis girls-

So athletic-

So bratty-

Their bare smooth butts so tight and spankable-

And he could have reached out and touched them!

Albert stroked even faster, thinking about what he’d do if those girls were here right now-

There was slow, concerned rustling in Issac’s bed.  “Are you... jacking off?”

“NO!” Albert cried, pulling his hand away from his cock under the covers!  “I just... couldn’t get to sleep!  My back- still hurts- from when Brianna flew me out the shower window!”

There was a long quiet in the darkness.

“Okay,” Issac said, turning over.  “Good night.”

“Good night!”


The next day it got even worse-

A tall girl dropped her books in front of Albert, bending over and letting him see up her short plaid schoolgirl skirt to a very cute yellow polka dot thong between perfect buttcheeks for a sec before giggling and getting up-

TWO hot girls sitting across the cafeteria in miniskirts accidentally let him see their matching panties, as they leaned over to hug each other, their knees accidentally coming apart right towards his table-

And an incredibly hot Brazilian girl in a flower blue sundress was bending over into her car as Albert crossed the street, reaching for something in the back seat, and Albert saw right up her dress-

-to her totally bare naked pussy!

-for a long time this time!

He was dying as he went to his next class, pushing down on his tight athletic cup, trying to keep his raging dick from breaking itself in half!

He couldn’t think-

God it hurt-

He started to think about the Brazilian girl he had seen-

He hadn’t caught her face as she was halfway in her car-

But that pussy looked very familiar!

And then Kellie was waiting for him in the hallway as he got out of class.

“Enjoying all the panty peeks this week?”

“I knew it was you!” he cried, putting his hands over his crotch.  “Even if I didn’t know any of the girls-”

“You knew some of them,” the blonde laughed, coming closer.  “I guess you just weren’t looking at their faces.”

“Why are you doing this?!” he demanded, backing up.  

The tall blonde smiled.  “‘Cause I want you to come to the Lake with us Friday.  You and all your friends.  I want you so horny and backed up you HAVE to say yes.  This is just a preview of what you’ll get.”  

And because he was mostly hard under his cup, Kellie snapped her fingers and Albert was assaulted by a magic mouth sucking and licking his bent-over dick, hot and demanding and urgent at the same time-


Her blowjobs were much more forceful than Brianna’s, like she was hate-blowing the Nerd instead of worshipping his cock, but they were hot and wet and erotic all the same and made the horribly blue-balled Nerd pound and strain against his athletic cup!


Kellie walked away, her tight hips swaying.  

“We can keep this up ALL week.”

And she flipped up her short skirt in the back to give Albert one last peek as she left.


“Are they doing this to you too?!” Albert demanded to the group in Neils’ room. 

“Yes!” the dark-haired Dane shot back, trying to push down his own growing dick inside his pants!  “How many panty flashes did you get today?”

“F... five!” Issac wailed, pushing down on his own crotch!

“Seven,” Dmitri said, gruff but blushing. 

“Ten!” Albert wailed, crossing his legs, pushing down on his tenting cup!  “Any more and... I’m going to die!”

“And no one else can see them besides us!” Issac wailed.  “Each time they’re so quick- it’s only me that sees it!”

“I know!” Albert panted.  “I’m... going crazy!”

“You only have one more day until your Nurse’s appointment,” Niels warned.  “Don’t do anything rash before then.” 

“Easy for YOU to say!” Albert shot back.  “You guys can go jack off after this!”

Richard swallowed.  “Actually, we can’t.”

Albert spun around.  “What?!”

The taller boy looked a little blushed.  “After my five flashes I went to the showers to, relieve my tension and... no dice.”  

“Brianna must have orgasm blocked you to!” Albert cried. 

“Or Kellie,” Issac said.  “Or that very cute redhead she hangs out with.  Or that hot Asian girl.  It almost could be anyone on campus working with her!  We’d never see it coming, and the Nurse can’t remove that many blocks at once!”

“There’s no escape then!” Albert wailed. 

“Unless we go to their Lake Party,” Dmitri stated with finality.

“It is the only way,” Richard agreed. 

Niels waved at the empty board.  “Do I need to remind you of the probabilities?”

Richard nodded.  “If we do nothing... the probability of us orgasming again is zero.”

“It’s too risky!”

“I for one, vote that we go,” Dmitri said, raising his thick Russian hand.

Richard raised his slender one.  “I concur.”

“I must vote no!” Niels said, crossing his arms!  “It’s too risky!”

“WAY too risky!” Issac agreed.  

The four boys looked to Albert, the last vote not counted.  

“It seems you are the decider,” Niels told him.

“IF we agree to be bound by the popular vote,” Issac countered, arms still crossed.  

“What do you vote?” Niels demanded.  

Albert gulped, backing out of the room.  “I... I... I don’t know!”


Thursday was an all-out assault. 

The boys couldn’t go five minutes without being illicitly shown a laughing girl’s panties, whether they wanted it or not!

A giggling schoolgirl jumped down three steps in front of Albert, making her short plaid skirt fly up around her slim hips!

Two barefoot girls in short sundresses licking lollypops on the lawn let their knees fall apart right as he passed, laughing as the helpless boy got uncontrollably hard!

A long-legged beauty in a long, stylish wrap dress walking towards him on the sidewalk suddenly pulled her wrap open like a trench coat to show him her demi-cup bra, impossibly tiny panties and her bare navel, before quickly pulling her dress closed again and giving the floored boy a wink as she passed!

He could barely walk, his cock was so hard in his pants!  

And they were doing it so quickly, only the intended boy would see, even in a crowd!

“Why are they DOING this?!” Albert cried, getting together with the boys at dinner.  They were huddled in a corner of the cafeteria, facing the wall, but had STILL gotten two more panty flashes on the way in! 

“It’s in their nature,” Issac panted, tenting his slacks mightily as well.  None of the five nerds could even hide the bulges in their pants anymore!  

“What do you mean?!”

“Birds have to fly,” Dmitri agreed.  “Lions have to hunt.”

“Beautiful young women have to tease,” Richard agreed, then laughed.  “And God bless them for doing it!”

The other boys didn’t find it nearly as funny. 

Neils wiped the sweat from his brow as he ate his mashed potatoes.  “Look, to end this situation, I have been drafting a letter to the Dean-”

“She’s not going to help us!” Albert whined.  “We can’t use the same thinking that got us into this situation to get us OUT of it-” he was saying, when his cock suddenly became a lot harder!

He had stopped wearing the cup after yesterday- it was too painful with all the powerful erections the constant panty flashes had been giving him!

But this surging boner in his pants- was the most distracting by far!

Throbbing with his heartbeat-

Pulling his attention away, it was so hard-

What was going on?!

He wasn’t even LOOKING at anything-

Albert suddenly felt soft feminine hands on his tense shoulders!

“Five little tents, all in a row,” Brianna laughed, leaning her head between the shocked boys and looking down at their laps.  “Just how I like them!”

Albert’s dick throbbed just hearing her voice- THAT’S what had been causing his most recent erection!

“I hope you guys don’t mind,” the brunette giggled, “but I turned up the blood flow to your cocks by about two and a half times.  Now you don’t just erect like horny 18-year-old boys, you erect like horny 18-year-old boys given two doses of Viagra!”

“And I increased your sperm production about three times,” Kellie laughed, sitting her pert butt on the other side of the table, her miniskirted thighs just inches from Niels’ face.  “You lucky boys will cum BUCKETS... if we ever let you cum again!”

All the boys whimpered at the assault on their biological organs-

It was an enemy they couldn’t even see or touch-

-much less fight back against!

Brianna laughed, magically stroking ALL the boys’ cocks at once, her phantom fingers perfectly lubed, her skilled hand going faster and faster and faster-

“So... who’s ready for a LAKE PARTY?!”


In the end Albert finally agreed, just to make it stop!  But he had been very strict on negotiating the terms of the trip with Brianna first!

The girls had to stop flashing all the boys until Friday afternoon after classes, when trip left-

And no magical teases until they reached the lake house either!

The girls weren’t allowed to bust ANY boys’ nuts the ENTIRE trip- 

And had to guarantee their safe return to school by early Sunday night!

But in return, Brianna had one condition of her own:

ALL the boys in Albert’s group had to attend, or NONE of them would stop getting teased!

And so Albert and Issac fought, as they both packed for the lake party Friday afternoon.

“I didn’t want this- I NEVER wanted this!” Issac told him, angrily stuffing his swimsuit, and some books for class into a backpack.  “I just wanted to study- and you had to drag ME into it!”

“I just wanted that too!” Albert shot back, packing extra shirts. “It’s HER rule, not mine!”

“But you had to go and piss her off- after we TOLD you to leave them alone!”

“I... I didn’t-”

A honking outside their window cut the blushing boy off.  Albert looked out to see-

“Let’s GO BITCHES!” Brianna laughed out of her driver’s window.  “Daylights ‘a wasting!”

And both boys felt the magic tickles of her feathers on their sore, aching balls!

Kellie’s sperm production spell had done a number on all the boys the last two days-

They were tossing and moaning each night like they had never cum before in their lives!

Albert knew he hadn’t been able to keep from jacking off each night, and probably none of the other boys could either- all the girls’ magic would work extra well on them!

The two boys hurried with their luggage down the many stairs of their dorm, just to make the feathers stop!

“The girls dorm... has an express service elevator!” a panting Albert told Issac after the fourth landing.

A panting Issac snapped back.  “You would know!”


“I never want to see the inside of it!”

“Issac!  This isn’t my fault!”

The panting boys got to the car, and both girls laughed at everything the boys were carrying. 

“No space for that shit!  We need it for beer and tequila!”

A panting Albert grabbed his backpack harder.  “Come ON!”

Issac did too.  “We’ve got to study for class!”

“We’ve got all the class you need!” Kellie laughed, hanging half out the passenger side window.  “Now go put it all back!”

Brianna compromised.  “One swimsuit and one toothbrush per boy only!”


And in response, both boys felt hot eager tongues licking their cocks and balls!

The gasping boys raced back up to their rooms and back down the stairs as their painful cocks throbbed, feeling even more naked as they got into Brianna’s car, with just a swim trunks and a toothbrush!

Albert sat in the passenger seat, Kellie and Issac took the back. He gulped as he buckled himself in, not knowing where to look, where to put his hands-

Brianna was wearing a cut off tee that bared all of her smooth sexy stomach and very short cut-off jean shorts that made Albert drool, looking at her naked thighs flexing as she worked the pedals!

“You’re going to love the lake,” she said as they drove.  “You Nerds will be talking about this weekend for years.”

Kellie leaned forward between the two front seats.  “Especially if we-”

And she snatched up Albert’s and Issac’s swim trunks and threw them out the window!

“HEY!” Albert screamed, watching his only change of clothes flutter away in the breeze! 

“Lake Party rules!” Kellie howled.  “All boys swim nekkid!”

Next to her, a shocked Issac was blushing too!  Albert had already been naked in front of the girls an entire weekend, but none of the others boys had!  

“But-” Issac gulped, looking at the tall, radiant blonde wearing just a half-shirt and cut-off shorts sitting next to him.  “But we had a deal!”

Kellie kicked off her flip flops, turning and throwing her long bare legs and feet right in his lap. “Are you going to be the ONLY one wearing clothes when we all go skinny dipping in the lake tonight?” she laughed, feeling the nerd start to get erect under his pants, just because of her naked feet!  “If you are, I’ll chase you down and strip you myself!”

The boy moaned as his cock got even harder, pressing up against her naked soles, and the tall blonde just laughed! 

“Next we have to talk about orgasms,” Brianna chuckled, taking one hand off the wheel to place it right on Albert’s leg, so high up that her fingers were brushing his balls!

“What about them?!” he cried, stiffening!

Brianna laughed, her fingernail flicking the zipper of his boring khaki pants.  

“Well, um... you’re probably not gonna have any.”  


“You’re my GOLD STAR NERD!” she said, squeezing the boy’s thigh.  “I can’t have you ruining THAT, for just one little cumshot!”

“‘Gold star’’?” Issac gulped.  

“It’s a technical term,” Kellie laughed, stretching to push her heels into Issac’s crotch a bit harder!  “I’ll explain later.”


In the front Albert gasped, straining inside his pants, so close to actual Brianna’s fingers!

“But what if I...” he blushed, remembering Issac in the back seat.  “...just do myself?!  I’ve done that before!”

Both girls laughed harder, at the red-faced boy trying to negotiate!

“Too risky!” Kellie laughed, ruffling his hair from the backseat.  “I wanna get another taste of that sweet Albie candy before you have your first ever girl-induced orgasm!”

“Albie ‘candy’-?”

“Hush!” Kellie told Issac, pressing down with her foot!


“Too risky,” Brianna agreed.  “Even if a girl accidentally brushes your shoulder just before you cum, you might lose your gold star status!”  She tossed her curly hair and smiled over at him. “Which is why I’ve had you orgasm blocked ten ways from Sunday as soon as you stepped into this car.  You might not cum again until Christmas!” 

“Oh- FUCK!” Albert cried and Brianna laughed, feeling his helpless trapped cock throbbing against her fingertips!  

“No!  What about-”

“Don’t say ‘prostate health’,” both girls moaned, rolling their eyes. 

“It’s a myth,” Brianna giggled, feeling Albert’s denied cock ache next to her fingers. 

“That boys use to whine about why they should be allowed to shoot!” Kellie agreed.  

A red-faced Issac shook his head.  “But I, um read an article, that said-”

“They did a study in Sweden after that article came out,” Kellie laughed, pushing the side of her naked foot against his crotch again, making the boy squirm!  “They kept 500 young, virile Swedish boys totally orgasm blocked for TEN YEARS.  And they turned out just fine!”  

“Well, a few of them did go crazy with lust,” Brianna giggled.  “Stark raving crazy.”

“Medically fine,” Kellie clarified with a giggle.  “Even their stupid prostates!”  She turned to her nerd, poking his cock and balls with her toes with each word.  “So. you’ll. be. fine. if. we. never. let. you. cum. either.”

Issac was shaking his head.  “NO!  Just... just do Albert!”

Brianna met Kellie’s eyes through the rearview.  “We could probably let your nerd cum.”

The barefoot blonde giggled back.  “Maaaaaybe.”

Brianna thought for a second.  “What if... all the OTHER Nerds get to cum as MUCH as they want- if their girl allows it of course- ALL weekend long... but only if Albie agrees to stay totally orgasm blocked as long as WE want- and lets every girl in the group take her extra teasing and cock denying frustrations out on him this weekend!”

Albert recoiled from the horror.  “NO!  NOOO!”

But Kellie was laughing like crazy!

“YES!  Think about it Albie- ALL of your best friends cumming and cumming like STALLIONS into our mouths and pussies all WEEKEND LONG- and you getting nothing but psychic blowjobs and handies and blocked orgasms from tons of hot girls while you watch the fun-”

“And maybe a few real blowjobs,” Brianna teased, rubbing her index finger up and down the straining zipper of his pants.  “If you get me drunk enough...”

Albert was bucking his hips, straining against his seat belt, trying to imagine it!

He might be able to get a real blowjob from Brianna???

With her real mouth-

Her hot breath on his cock-

But he would have to stay totally blocked the whole weekend!!!?

But she probably wasn’t going to let him cum this weekend anyway- 

Not with all of her friends around to show off for-

But he couldn’t sign up for all that extra teasing from all the girls-

But then Albert looked into the rearview himself and saw Issac’s frantic eyes, his pleading look-

“You’ll... you’ll GUARANTEE you’ll let my friends cum?!” Albert asked, not believing he was even considering this!  “No tricks?!”

“Pinky swear!” Brianna and Kellie both laughed, linking pinkies across the seats.  “If your friends are smooth enough to convince another girl to let them blow- WE won’t stand in the way!”

Albert moaned, feeling his extra heavy balls-

He couldn’t even close his legs!

But the look in Issac’s eyes-

“OKAY!” he wailed, not believing he was doing this!  “FINE!”

“WHOOO-HOOO!” Brianna yelled, reaching under her seat to crack open a beer, then clinking cans with Kellie in the back. “LAKE PARTY!!!”

The blonde gave Issac a clothed footjob as she drank!  “LAKE PARTY!!!”


The caravan arrived at a semi-secluded cottage on a wide lake, all girls driving, since freshmen and boys weren’t allowed cars on campus anyway.  The boys piled out of the passenger seats looking as red-faced and tenting their pants as hard as Albert was, and he wondered if the conversations in the other cars had been as ‘spirited’ as the one in his-

He had been erect most of the trip!  

“Make us a fire by the lake!” Brianna ordered, pointing to a sand pit on the beach as she and her friends dragged the cases of alcohol inside. “A BIG one.”

“Like HUGE,” Kellie clarified, disappearing into the cottage with the other girls.  

The boys looked at each other, red-faced, panting, their hard cocks all making outlines in their tight pants!  

“Is this... really going to happen?” Issac asked, trying to get his embarrassing boner to go down! 

“It will,” Dmitri nodded, adjusting his cock too!  “And it will be epic.”

“Epic teasing and humiliation!” Issac shot back. 

Richard shrugged.  “We’re here now.  In for a penny, in for a pounding.”

Neils shushed the pointless argument and set each boy to a task.  Some gathered wood, some kindling, some raked out the fire pit, all working quickly as the sun set.  

Raking, Albert edged closer to Issac, also raking.  

“Hey.  Um, when Kellie had her feet in your lap, did you.. um...”

“Yes!” the blushing boy admitted!  “While holding her ankles!”

“Oh fuck.  Look, I’m sorry about dragging you into this-”

“Don’t be!” the brown-haired boy gulped, turning even redder.  “What you agreed to do for me back there- for the entire group-”

“Don’t remind me of that!” Albert cried, feeling his balls ache!  “Look, if you’re going to get with Kellie-” He stopped, shaking his head, then called out to the entire group.  “Everyone!  Listen up!  This is important!”

The other boys approached the pit. 

Albert swallowed hard.  

“If any of you... if any of you guys get with Cara.. she loves having her nipples sucked!  Her breasts aren’t the biggest, and she’s a little nervous about that, but her nipples are very sensitive so if you have a chance, start gently rubbing and then sucking them- she’ll get so turned on- she might let you do what ever you want!”

He gulped, his denied cock straining in his pants!

“And Giselle- loves being eaten out!  And having her ass spanked!  So keep those hands low and you’ll be fine!  Gigi’s favorite position is doggy, make sure to pull her hair if you do and Kellie-”  He looked over at Issac.  “She loves foot rubs, but don’t get her too worked up- or you’ll have to protect your nuts!”

The other Nerds had their mouths hanging open.  

“How...” Dmitri asked.  “How did you learn all of that?!”

“I listened!” Albert gasped, his cock painfully hard in his pants!  “On Date night!  And Game night!  And as they talked all around me, when they were just hanging around and texting on their phones-”

Niels put a hand on his shoulder.  “Thank you.  And now I must tell you- you have a real chance with Brianna tonight.”

The other boy shook his head!  “No I don’t!”

“You do.  I was listening, on the trip here with Giselle and Cara.  Brianna is... very sweet on you.  She likes you!  And the girls were talking in the car... she has a surprise planned for you tonight!”

“A big one,” Dmitri agreed.

“Says it will totally make your day,” Richard agreed, dropping off some kindling.  

Albert swallowed hard!

Could that be... 

His first real blowjob?!

Like she gave her Stud last Friday?

Or maybe more!!!

Albert swallowed, reeling at the possibilities-

“Now let’s get back to work!” Niels announced.  “A proper fire takes thirty minutes to light!”

There was a brief argument, about the thermodynamic merits of putting the cut logs in a circle or a square around the bits of kindling, but thirty-five minutes later the team had a decent fire started, with enough wood gathered on the side to last the whole night.  Anticipation built as the sun got lower and lower and just as the last rays disappeared over the horizon the doors to the cottage flew open and a train of smiling girls poured out.  

And the boys couldn’t look away!

Every girl was barefoot, their manicured feet coming right at them across the sand-

Every girl was in tiny cut-off shorts or a short jean skirt, their amazing long, nude, toned legs exposed all the way up to the curve of their ass-

Every girl was in belly-baring half-shirts or spaghetti tops, their beautiful big and small and medium breasts exposed from the tops, the sides, sometimes the bottoms-

But it was the look in their eyes that did it! 

These girls were on the hunt!

Albert staggered, watching the pack of lionesses come towards him- 

His cock growing in his tight pants, dying for a quick stroke which was impossible now!

Kellie took one look at the fire and laughed- “I thought I said HUGE!”- then dumped the entire wheelbarrow of wood the boys had gathered into the pit at once, taking it from a controlled bonfire to a roaring one.  

Niels gasped.  “That wood was there- to last us all night!!”

“Who the fuck cares!” Kellie cried, cracking open a cold beer and drinking.  “It’s a LAKE PARTY!”

The giggling girls handed boys beers and mixed drinks and limes- for some their first alcohol ever- and pulled them over to sit on logs and chairs around the fire, some girls sitting in between two very nervous boys, their legs almost touching, the boys fighting to keep their eyes away from the exposed cleavage and stomachs or long toned legs and manicured feet all around-  

Instead of sitting on the log next to him, Brianna turned and sat down right on Albert’s lap instead, her bare legs across his thighs, her warm arm around his neck, like they were dating!  

“SO!” she laughed, feeling Albert’s hair trigger cock immediately starting to push up on the underside of her thin cotton shorts, “Who wants to hear about the last time I fucked a girl?”

And she laughed again as she sensed all the other boys’ cocks start to rise in anticipation!

And even though Albert begged her not to, Brianna told the entire story of her day with Cassie, how insanely hot the taller, big-breasted dark-haired girl had looked doing barefoot yoga in the park, how horny she had been following her night with Chad, how much fun it had been to strip and kiss the girl right in front of a shocked nude Albert, then pull her naked into the showers and push her athletic body up against the wall and finger her tight hot snatch right there until she came, knowing a jealous, naked and impossibly horny Albert was sitting just out of eyeshot, pulling on his helpless orgasm-denied cock and crying-

“That’s not how it happened!” Albert protested, his cock steel hard in his pants, just like every other boy’s around the fire!

“It was and you loved it,” Brianna grinned, rubbing her pert ass harder on his aching member!  She took another swig of beer and threw the empty into the fire. “Now who else has a story to tell?!” 

The blonde, stunning, slightly crazy-eyed Cara went next, talking about a hot threesome she had just had in a hotel room the other night, getting spit-roasted in the mouth and pussy at the same time by two tall hot studs with no condoms whatsoever, moaning and cumming over and over around their thick hot throbbing cocks, letting them use her in any way they wanted all night-

The girls laughed and called Cara a slut and the shocked boys just kept sipping their illicit drinks, not believing it-

They were at the edge of a beautiful lake-

Next to a roaring fire-

Listening to five insanely-hot barely-dressed half-drunk supermodels tell SEX stories- 

And they weren’t being told to leave!

It was just like every party they had always wanted to go to in high school- 

-but now with even hotter older girls!

And Brianna was already sitting on Albert’s lap, Cara already had one hand on Dmitri’s leg and one on Richard’s, Kellie already put her bare feet into a shocked Issac’s lap again- 

And the night was still just getting started!

Kellie suddenly upped the stakes by telling everyone about an insane gang-bang she had been in the year before, with eight tall, black, insanely ripped members of the university’s football team, where she had ordered Brianna to drop her off inside the team’s locker room totally nude, securely blindfolded, with her hands tightly cuffed behind her back, her mouth and pussy covered with duct tape and a sign taped to the blind girl’s back with arrows pointing to her ass and the words ‘USE THIS ONLY!’ - the girls laughing out loud as Issac moaned and had another huge blocked orgasm against the blonde’s naked feet barely halfway into her story, making the other girls whoop and cheer at the panting, red-faced, suddenly embarrassed boy!

“Awwwww, he likes you!”


Richard even chimed in with the time he had been forced to sleep with his high school’s entire cheerleading squad one by one over a week to keep them all happy- apparently that had actually happened- but Giselle won the night by talking about how she had masturbated- totally naked with her legs splayed in the air- for tens of thousands of people at Carnival in Brazil- the very day she had turned 18- by going up on a stage for a wet t-shirt contest and eventually stripping off everything and moaning and gyrating and playing with herself totally nude on her back under the hot sun as the crowd’s cheers rocked the stadium and she was on the big screen in high def for thousands to see, cumming-

“Holy FUCK!” Brianna giggled, feeling Albert’s cock about to shoot off under her tight, barely clothed ass!  “That was- SO HOT!”

“Absolutely!” Giselle agreed.  “Feeling all those horny men around me, wanting me, dying to touch me but they can’t-”  She looked around at the panting erect, painfully blue-balled Nerds, some of whose glasses had fogged up!  “It’s sort of like right now!” 

And all the girls laughed again, looking at the pent-up, desperate boys all around them!

“Oh god!” Gigi, an Asian goddess with long black hair and beautiful golden skin shivered, pushing her smooth feet deeper into the sand.  “I can just FEEL their cocks throbbing- all the way across the fire!”

“I can too!” Cara laughed, her hands moving higher on both Niels’ and Dmitri’s knees.  “But it seems like it’s definitely stronger-” she pointed at Albert with Brianna on his lap and Issac with Kellie’s feet in his crotch- “-over there!”

Albert moaned, feeling his cock ache against Brianna’s backside- he couldn’t take much more of this!  

But he had to ask the question he had wanted to know forever-

“What does it feel like?” he gulped, looking at Cara.


“Sex magic!” he gulped, blushing!  “Erections!  When you say you can feel it... what does it actually look like?  Or feel like?”

All the girls laughed again.

“Boys always want to know that!”

“It’s so hard to explain, if you’ve never had Powers!” Giselle agreed.  

Gigi leaned forward, the fire lighting up her face. 

“It’s like... every male cock- human cock- has a... vibration.  We can’t see it, but I can definitely feel it, inside my body.” 

“And sometimes hear it,” Cara agreed.

“And depending on the vibration, you can tell if the boy is horny, or spent, or really really really backed up!” Kellie laughed, pushing her nude feet harder against Issac’s balls, making him squirm and gasp again!

“And sometimes the vibration is just back and forth,” Giselle said, “One note.  But if you look at it the right way, there’s like, other aspects to it, like the vibration becomes a different thing-”

“Like something you can pull towards you, or repel, or if you move the vibration inside your brain a certain way the boy’s body responds, no matter the distance-”

“Although other horny boys in the way sometimes mess up your signal,” Brianna added. 

“Yeah, almost like they’re bending the vibrations around them?” Kellie laughed.  “But that usually gets like, four times weaker if you get twice as far away.”  

The five boys were fucking stunned.  

“You just-” Issac gasped, his hard cock throbbing.  

Niels’s jaw was also in the sand.  “You just described-”

“-String Theory!!” Albert finished, not believing it!

Gigi giggled, throwing her long beautiful naked legs over the nearby Dmitri’s lap, making the boy’s eyes bug out!  “What’s string theory?”

The Russian panted.  “It is a physics- um- theory that- um- well-”

Niels took over for the suddenly flustered boy.  “-that seeks to describe all the fundamental forces of the universe, from the infinitesimal, to the scale of galaxies!  As different vibrations of tiny string particles.  To combine gravitation- pull- with the other forces, electromagnetism, weak and strong.”  

“Oh,” Gigi laughed, sliding her naked legs together, making Dmitri’s heart race!  “Cool.”

“But what’s the point?” Kellie laughed.  “To make, like, smaller iPhones or faster cars or something?”

“No!” Albert wailed, his cock throbbing madly under Brianna’s ass!  “To explain EVERYTHING!  From black holes and quantum mechanics and even the Big Bang!” 

Dimtri grabbed Gigi’s calves, the need obvious on his face!  “How does it sound- when two lines of male force interact?”

Niels nodded eagerly.  “Do they add together- or stay on totally separate frequencies?”  

“I don’t know!” Gigi giggled, pulling her legs away.  “It just sounds different in my head!” 

“But how do the strings of one boy bend the other?!” Issac gulped, reaching down to stop Kellie’s foot from rubbing his lap for a second!  “Are the strings bending space itself- or something else!?”

“I don’t know!” she laughed in his face.  “Go look it up in your boring books or whatever!”

“No one in the world-” Issac moaned as her foot started pressing on his cock again “-has ever been able to prove the existence of strings!”

Gigi laughed.  “Can’t you just go see them in a microscope?” 

“NO!” Albert roared.  “They’re... a million billion times smaller than an atom!  Than a proton!”

“Ohhhhhh,” Gigi nodded.  “That’s small.”  

“So what the fuck is the point of studying it then?” Kellie howled.  “If you can’t test it, you can’t prove it, you can’t use it or even see it in a lab- and all of us girls can already do it in our heads better than you?!”

And they laughed at the shocked, speechless Nerds, who couldn’t even think of a response!

“It’s... um...”

“It IS important!”

“ understand...”

“This fire’s lame!” Kellie suddenly announced, standing up and pulling her feet from a disappointed Issac’s lap.  “Let’s go SKINNY DIPPING!”

“NO!” Dmitri begged. “Tell us more about how you feel when the strings cross at a distance!”

“Or what happens if a man gets horny but his twin gets on an airplane!” Richard agreed.

“I’ll tell you- IN THE LAKE!” Kellie whooped, ripping off her shirt and bra- to stand totally topless in the golden firelight for all the boys!  

Albert moaned, seeing her amazing bare, full, pink-tipped breasts for the first time-

She was a goddess!

“Come catch me in the lake if you want more-” she laughed, pulling down her shorts as she ran-

Now she was in her panties on the beach- 

Tight thong panties sliding down her legs-

And then she disappeared into the water!


The boys gasped-

Had they really just seen that?!

And was she really asking them... to come join her??!

The other girls quickly pulled their boys to their feet.  “SKINNY DIPPING!” Gigi laughed, suddenly pulling off the blushing Niels’ shirt as he tried to resist!

“No- wait-”

The girls took off their own shirts, to show off beautiful lacy bras, unbuttoned their jean shorts- oh fuck how their panties shone in the fire-  and then suddenly grabbed the waistbands of the boys’ pants-

And pulled down, letting the shocked boys’ cocks bounce up, free to the open air!

And ran off giggling, leaving the red-faced boys erect and bare-assed, with their pants around their ankles!


Richard was the first to recover.  “Not without ME!”  And he stepped out of his pants the rest of the way and ran for the beach, totally nude!

Dmitiri followed, especially when Gigi’s thin dress flew up further down the beach, to reveal her perfect nude silhouette diving for the water-

Brianna jumped up off Albert’s lap and pulled the hesitating, frozen Issac to his feet.  “And I believe Kellie’s rule for you was-”

And she started stripping the boy right there!

Albert gasped as Bri forcefully took off Issac’s shirt-

Pulling down on the blushing boy’s pants and underwear-

Until his shy cock sprang free, bouncing in the air!

“Not as small as I remember!” she laughed, giving the very red-faced boy a few strong strokes and then swatting his ass.  “Now GO!” And she laughed as the scared nude boy ran towards the lake, covering himself with both hands!

Finally, she turned to Albert. 

“Brianna, wait-”

“And let’s make this extra fun.” And grabbing Albert’s shirt, she ripped it in half with her Powers-assisted strength!


Her hands grabbed his waistband.  “And now-”



And there he was- totally bare-assed naked in the open air, his hard cock exposed and throbbing-

And would be so for the entire weekend!

“Oh FUCK!” Albert moaned, gasping and covering himself! 

“Exhilarating isn’t it?” Brianna giggled, taking off her own shirt and shorts.  

Albert had never felt more helpless!  


Backed up-

Trapped at a remote cabin-

With an entire GANG of crazy horny girls-

With no escape until Sunday!


“I’ll take your comments and concerns... IN THE LAKE!” she laughed, grabbing his hand, running for the water, forcing him to come along!

“NO!” the naked boy panted, helpless, following.  “I... CAN’T!”

“Stop thinking so much!” she laughed, pulling him along even faster.  “And just JUMP IN!”  And she leapt off the dark pier, pulling the boy with her. 

And the shock of the cold water absolutely took Albert’s breath away!

It was like- 

Swimming in ice!

And it started shriveling his cock immediately!

Albert broke the surface of the deep dark water, panting, going under again-

Until one of Brianna’s strong arms wrapped around his chest, pulling him to safety.

“You can stand over here,” she giggled, helping him towards the shallows.  “It’s safer.”

Even though Albert’s cock was going soft from the frigid lake, his heart pounded, being so close to her naked body-

Which he STILL hadn’t seen-

But could FEEL her breasts pressed against his back-

Her nipples rock hard-

She must have stripped off her bra and panties in the water, letting them float away-

She was crazy!

Stark raving crazy!

“Brianna!  We have to talk about my orgasms!” he panted.  “I can’t-”

And she turned the boy around in the water and kissed him.

She must have put extra magic into it because even inside the cold water, Albert felt his half-hard cock start to grow and throb between his legs! She must have doubled his sperm production again because Albert’s nuts felt like peaches between his thighs, too full, too sensitive- and his cock went hard in seconds, aching and ready to shoot right away!

He pushed her away by her smooth shoulders, panting!

“Brianna!  I can’t go ALL WEEKEND!  Without cumming!!!”

“Albie... you can do whatever I put my mind to.”

And then she put a foot on the middle of his chest and was gone, pushing off to laugh and splash with her friends.

Albert moaned and followed, his cock aching between his legs as he swam.  


It was magical-

It was insane-

It was maddening-

Being so CLOSE to so many playful, insanely hot, NAKED girls in the dark moonlight- 

-and not being able to SEE any of them!

Maybe a quick peek of tits as a girl jumped halfway out of the water-

Or a flash of white ass as one dove to try and touch the bottom of the lake-

The warm brush of a girl’s leg as she swam by-

But the freezing lake water made it impossible for Albert or any of the boys to maintain an erection for long!  They were swimming totally nude- next to the girls of their dreams- with their cocks totally soft and shrunken between their legs! 

Albert’s magic-induced hard-on faded almost immediately after Brianna swam off, even though the ache in his balls stayed.  

He thought about getting out-

The images from tonight would already give him a million ways to stroke by the warm fire- 

But all the girls were here-

And all the boys-

And Brianna-

His first real kiss from a girl-

The hottest girl he had ever known-

-had been naked and floating in a crystal clear lake underneath the stars!

And so Albert toughed it out, shivering, even as his face flushed from nerves!

The girls got more playful as the night swim went on-

Grabbing boys’ asses as they swam by-

Accidentally brushing their limp dicks as they passed-

Cara in particular went up to each nerd, grabbing his balls from behind while he treaded water and yelling: “So how are the BOYS doing?!”, laughing as each swimming male yelped, from the shock of having their family jewels suddenly handled by a stranger!

Kellie went even further, swimming up right in front of Albert and grabbing his entire shrunken cock and balls with one hand!

“So SMALL!” she laughed as the floating boy tried to get away.  “You fit RIGHT IN THE PALM OF MY HAND!”

He jumped, trying to push away without having her yank off his balls!  “Stop that!”

She laughed and squeezed harder.  “You’re so TINY when you’re cold!  You’d fit in Brianna’s smallest chastity belt- with room to spare!”

Now the other girls were laughing at the red-faced boy too!


She laughed and swam away, but the mood had definitely changed.  

The girls were swimming closer to the boys now, putting an arm around a boy’s neck, a leg around a leg-

“Oh god the water is SO cold- my nipples are ROCK hard!” Cara laughed, grabbing her own underwater tits right in front of Niels’ face, then grabbing his hands.  “Feel them!”

And gasping, the boy did, making the slick-haired girl moan and bite her lip!

“How about my ass?” Giselle asked Richard, swimming closer.  “Cold too?”

They were face to face, Albert couldn’t see his hands, but they were low, under the water!

“Nooo my dear,” Richard laughed, pulling her closer.  “That perfect posterior is quite quente.”

The Brazilian girl was taken aback, floating in front of him. “You speak Portuguese?!”

Richard smiled, feeling her amazing ass.  “A little.”  

Kellie and Issac were making out in the water.  

Albert had about a millisecond to be shocked before one of Brianna’s arms wrapped around his neck, one smooth leg wrapped around his, and her mouth landed on his again.  

Even in the cold water, he felt his cock respond just as strongly as before!

No- stronger!

Whatever she was doing to him-

Whatever magic she was using-

It was like a finger up his prostate, a huge cock up his ass- it had the blue-balled boy stiff and aching to shoot right away!

“So the girls and I were talking...” she giggled, both of them panting when she broke the kiss.

“Yes?!” he cried, throbbing under the water!

“And your friends are cooler than we expected.  Most of the girls were going to go vegetarian tonight, if you get my drift, but I think now... they might all want some of that sweet Nerd steak instead?”

And Albert could only gasp and nod as her hand- her real hand- found his aching cock under the water!


“You’re okay with that?” she giggled, slowly squeezing his shaking hardness. 


He was about to lose two weeks of pent-up cum into the cold water! 

She let go one second before he would have shot, pushing off from his chest again.

“Give us about ten minutes!  And then come up to the cottage when we give you the signal!” 

“What... what’s the signal?!” 

“You’ll know when it happens!” Brianna laughed over her shoulder and got out of the lake, rivers of cold water streaming off her naked body in the near-darkness.  

The other girls followed suit, running giggling up onto the sand like an insanely sexy D-Day platoon taking the beach- disappearing past the still roaring fire, leaving the shocked boys in the water!

The boys formed a rough circle in the chest-high waves, their toes just touching the sand.

“Is this... really going to happen?!” Issac asked for a second time!

“It seems so,” Richard laughed.  “I advise you all to think about Fourier Transforms... to make your first time last.”  

“I call Kellie!” Issac blurted out suddenly.

“Giselle,” Richard sighed.

“Cara!” both Niels and Dmitri said at the exact same time, making Richard laugh.


The two boys looked at each other, blushing awkwardly in the dim moonlight!  

Dmitri coughed. 

“She has already revealed she enjoys two men at once, so perhaps...”

“No!” Niels gasped, blushing even harder!  “I’ll take... Gigi then!”

This time it was Richard putting his hand on Niels’ shoulder.  “Gigi is no second prize, my friend.  A night with her would be a truly... singular experience.” 

“I know!” the boy said.  “I know!  I just thought with Cara... I don’t know what I thought!”

The other boys laughed, seeing the normally unflappable Niels blushing and stammered!

“Do Denmark proud!” Issac laughed, punching his shoulder. 

A grinning Dmitri nodded.  “Be kind, but not too kind, if you catch the drift.”

“Use lots of tongue,” Richard reminded.

“I know- I KNOW!” the flustered boy said, then laughing, held his fists up to the stars. “This is really happening!!!”

The five nerds laughed again, not believing their luck!  Then finally, Niels turned to Albert. 

“Did you... make arrangements with Brianna?”

The boy blushed.  “Yes!  I... think so!”

Nearby, Issac nodded.  “She’ll let you cum.  She has to!”

“I don’t know about that!”

Richard laughed, treading water next to him.  “Sometimes, with a woman like that... it’s all about the journey, not the destination.”  

“We’ll see if you’re still saying that if Giselle keeps you blocked and denied for two weeks!”

The taller boy opened his hands wide.  “I am open to all possibilities...”

A shivering Issac turned to Albert.  “So are we supposed to go up there or...”

“Brianna said to stay in the lake until their signal!”

“What's their signal?”

“I asked but she didn't-”

The psychic wave hit all five boys at once.

Their cocks-

Maddeningly limp in the cold lake-

Were erecting to maximum human levels!

No- SUPERHUMAN levels!

Each Nerd's veins throbbed like a porn star about to cum-

His balls aching like he had been denied for YEARS not weeks-

His nipples aching, his heart pounding, his mouth dry-

All in just a few seconds!

Albert was thrown sideways by the force of the wave, making him come up sputtering and painfully hard!

The shocked boys looked at each other, then started scrambling for the beach. 

They made the sand, their cocks not flagging-

They passed the raging fire without even stopping to warm their skin-

All five boys raced forwards, their eyes intent on the glowing cabin door-

But just before they reached it Kellie and Gigi poked their heads out a cabin window.

“STOP!” Kellie ordered.  “Wait a second!”

Five confused boys skidded to a halt on the grass.

And Gigi pushed both of her hands towards the boys and they felt a hurricane of hot wind blast over their skin, drying them from head to toe almost immediately!

The two girls giggled at the five dumbfounded boys, standing naked and hard in the light of the cabin porch, their minds blown!

“I'm a little bit of an air bender,” Gigi giggled.  “But it only works on really horny boys.”

And Niels nearly fell over.  “That was amazing!  Impossible!  How did you-”

A giggling Kellie opened the door to let the boys rush inside. 

And Albert nearly died. 

All five girls had dried themselves too, and refreshed their hair and makeup-

And each wore nothing but lacy, expensive push-up bras-

And tiny thong panties-

And long, striped, mid-thigh socks. 

And the lounging girls laughed as the five helpless boys nearly came right there!

The scene-

-five beautiful co-eds lounging on a couch, in bras and panties and skin-tight socks highlighting every curve in their long legs-

-was out of every boy’s wet dream!

They looked even BETTER than they might have naked- the bright colors highlighting the tanned perfection of their skin, the tight bras lifting and holding their beautiful breasts at the ready, their thin thongs hinting at curves just barely kept hidden-

And those fucking SOCKS- Albert moaned, almost starting to stroke right there!

He could see the outline of Cara’s toes straining against the thin cotton-

The tops of Giselle’s nude thighs-

The lines of Kellie’s tendons as she bounced her long leg impatiently-

One of the girls started music playing from her phone- deep, thumping, swaying club music that shook the boys’ cocks and balls- and Kellie stood up from the couch, her tight blue and white striped socks making her legs look three miles long.

“All orgasm blocks are now off!” she announced.  “So if you cum in the cabin- you cum in real life!!”  She smirked at the nearly ejaculating boys.  “Try to make it worth it.”

And then she opened her right hand below her waist, palm forward-

-and Issac yelped as his dripping cock suddenly jerked towards it, like it was magnetic- the girl laughing as her magic pulled the stumbling boy across the room, cock first!

Giselle stood and did the same, and Richard’s dick practically flew into her hand as well!

Cara did the same with one slender hand below her waist and broke up laughing when both Dmitri and Niels stumbled towards her, with only Albert’s hand around Niels’ arm keeping the boy from throwing his dick with Dmitri’s into her palm!  

Gigi opened her hand a second later and a relieved Niels shook off Albert’s arm to leap forward and slot his helpless dick into the laughing Asian girl’s fingers. 

Albert’s cock, of course, pulled him into Brianna’s open hand the instant she opened her hand, the boy gasping as her delicate fingers clamped tightly around his shaft and she started grind dancing to the music, her other hand already playing with his hair, pulling his head closer to hers. 

“Ready to have some real fun?” she giggled, right before she kissed him.

And the boy could only moan and try not to cum!

The music got louder and now each girl's hands were all over her boy, feeling his chest, his ass, his cock and balls, pulling, squeezing like a woman possessed- while each boy was only allowed to grab her panty-clad hips!  

Each time a boy’s fingers tried to wander away from his girl’s waist, she firmly dragged them back, slapping his wrist!

“Not yet,” Giselle laughed, taking Richard’s fingers away from her bra clasp and back to her swaying hips!

“In a second,” Cara giggled, pulling Dmitri’s hand up from the tops of her naked ass! 

“You can only touch what’s uncovered,” Gigi giggled to a panting Niels, when he tried to rub the hot cotton-covered space between her legs!  “Okay?”

The gasping boy blushed and nodded furiously with his fingers touching her smooth waist, almost shooting off as she rubbed the top of her bare leg against him!

“It’s called foreplay,” she giggled, to the moaning boy, laughing as the nerd panted and grit his teeth, trying so hard not to have an accident all over her socks!

All around the room, bra and panty-clad girls ground their bodies harder against naked boys as the music ramped up-

Kissing their necks-

Pulling on their dick-

The girls finally let the boys’ hands wander down to their thong-clad asses and up their bra-clad backs, touching those feminine muscles for the first time-

It was a tight, tense environment-

The boys were getting closer, they could feel it-

EVERYONE could feel it-

“Ready for your big surprise?” Brianna panted, swaying forehead-to-forehead with Albert, both his hands on the top of her amazing muscular ass, while she held his neck from behind, her other hand pulling on the steel hard cock between his legs!

“My blowjob?!” he gasped.  

After all this, just to feel her hot mouth on his cock would be worth it- even if he didn’t cum!

She giggled, nipping at his neck as she stroked even faster.  “Sort of...” 

She turned his head so he could see the others.  

Richard’s head was on Giselle’s shoulder, the boy’s legs shaking while she pulled on his cock with both hands, the girl laughing as he moaned and held onto her strong, muscular, thong-clad ass for support!

“Oh meu amor, I want to fuck you SO badly-”

“Of course!” the boy moaned, his cock shaking!  “Of course!”

She stroked faster.  “But there's one thing we need from you first...”

“We need something from you...” Gigi agreed, stroking Niels’ desperate cock with two hands, rubbing the tip of it all over her bare stomach, the inside of her smooth thighs and even up against the hot space between, getting so close, but not letting it in! “Something big...”

“Your homework for the year?!” the sweating Niels stammered.  “Of course!!”

Kellie had one hand in Issac’s hair, forcing the overwhelmed boy to kiss her as her firm, steady, relentless grip jacked him off, pushing the head of his aching cock right against her hot, flat, naked stomach, as if daring him to shoot there and cover her with his cum!! 

“Bigger than that,” she moaned into his ear, her thighs sliding against each other such need-

“Anything!” the boy begged, pushing his hips forward.  “I’ll do any homework you have!”  

“No... bigger!” the girl growled as she rubbed him faster, rubbed one strong leg against him, her socks making every muscle on her supermodel legs stand out, her thigh finding a space between his legs-

There was something so familiar about how Kellie was wiggling her hips-

How she was lining up her tight, thong-covered bottom just right- 

That reminded Albert of-

His eyes flew open!

“NOO-” he managed to get out, before a laughing Brianna clamped a hand over his mouth.

“Just let it happen!” she laughed into his ear, stroking his cock faster, using magic to pump up his balls, taking his breath away-

It was Kellie who broke first.  


And when she dropped Issac’s cock and grabbed his hips the naked boy just barely had time to widen his eyes before she slammed her beautiful sock-covered knee up into his balls, making him gasp and go up onto his toes!

Cara roared like a woman unleashed. 


And her knee took the unsuspecting Dmitri so solidly in the nuts, the stronger boy actually collapsed forward onto her, holding onto her slim shoulders to stay upright!

Niels tried to back away, but his hands were superglued to Gigi’s ass, and the laughing Asian girl was suddenly holding him by the shoulders in an iron grip!  


Her knee was the fastest yet, trained through hundreds of hours on the heavy bag in her father’s dojo-  it lifted the boy totally OFF his feet as she slammed upwards into his balls!


Richard just closed his eyes and braced, knowing what was about to happen-

“Thank you meu amor!” the beautiful Giselle laughed, fire in her eyes. 

And she reared back and slammed her perfect knee up into his balls one, two, three, four times in fast succession, holding the gasping boy in place by his shoulders- she shivered on the last one, keeping her thigh pressed up against his balls, her other leg a beautiful tower of  feminine muscle, up on her toes, her other cute socked foot scrunched behind her ass.  

“Thank you,” she panted into the shaking boy’s ear, grinding her naked thigh up against his crotch just a little harder.  “Thank you!”

“You promised!” Albert cried, his cock still in Brianna’s grip, his hands still on her ass!  “You said you wouldn’t-”

And Brianna laughed and kissed him harder.  “Don’t quote laws to girls with legs!”

And all around him was chaos. 

“Please... NO!” Issac wailed, up against the wall, his right leg somehow hooked up over Kellie’s arm, so he was on one leg, held totally open and exposed for her kicks!

“Just a few more kicks and then we’ll fuck?” Kellie laughed, kissing his face, grinding against him, looking for all the world like a love-struck couple about to fuck!  She reached back with her long leg, extending it to full length- and then swung her knee up hard into Issac’s undefended balls, making his face go green!  “I’ll let you blow in my ass afterwards!

“You can cum in my mouth after!” Cara told Dmitri, standing him back up, kissing him, kneeing him again, her psychic mouths sucking and swirling and forcing his cock back to hardness at the same time!  “As MANY times as you want!”

“You can cum in her mouth as many times as you want too!” a laughing Gigi told Niels, taking off her bra, revealing her amazing, full, brown-tipped nipples and forcing the shaking boy to grab them!  “And I’ll eat her out while you do it!”  Her other hand squeezed his balls!

“Anywhere, meu amor,”  Giselle told a gasping Richard.  “Any hole- just say yes to the kicks!”

The four boys whimpered-

And tried to hold out-

But all broke and agreed at the same time!





“YES!” the girls laughed.

And Albert watched in horror as it became a raging four-way ballnado, the beautiful long-legged girls kicking and kneeing with abandon, passing boys from one to the other with glee, their long hair and tiny feet swinging, their breasts bouncing and asses flexing in the most erotic ways as they lined up and struck and struck again, laughing-

“NOOOO!” Albert yelled, trying to rush over. 

But a laughing Brianna was still holding him back, with a bear hug around his chest.  “Just listen!” she laughed, turning his head to the side again.  “Really listen!”

Gigi was gasping as she kneed Niels in the balls, her face red, her breasts heaving-

Cara was moaning hard as she busted Dmitri, having ripped off her socks so her bare knee and manicured toes could take him right in his clean shaved balls, skin to skin-

And Kellie was cumming.  

“YESSS!” the nearly-naked blonde cried, burying her socked knee into Issac’s nuts one last time, the hardest of them all.  “YESSSSSSS!”  

And Brianna pulled Albert close as he watched the scene, laughing as the helpless boy yelled and had a huge, body-shaking, blocked orgasm against her the moment her socked thigh  lightly swung up to pop against his cock and balls-


And the beach house was filled with the sounds of four beautiful panty and sock-clad girls and one naked boy cumming, their toes curling, the backs arching, their bodies giving up that final pleasure (for the girls) before all of them collapsed onto the soft carpet.

Brianna landed with her head on Albert’s chest, panting, still gripping his aching cock. 

“Now THAT,” she giggled, “... is how you start a Lake Party!”  


The panty-and-sock-clad girls lying all over the carpet took a space of breaths to collect themselves, giggling, taking in air, and then Kellie crawled her way back to the collapsed Issac and kissed him madly all over his face and chest, draping her amazing body all over his, grinding him into the floor!

“I am going to fuck you SO HARD tonight-” she giggled, grinding her soaked panties against his thigh, her soft hand rubbing and pulling at the limp boy’s dick! “You’re not allowed to stop until you cum FOUR times, okay?!  My magic will make sure you can do it!”

Flat on his back with red, swollen, busted nuts, the helpless boy could only groan as his cock started growing again, under her furious assault!  “O... okay!”

Cara was eagerly pulling on Dmirti’s limp dick as well. 

“I love the faces you made, when I busted you!  I wonder if they’ll be the same faces you make, when I let you bust in my tight ass later tonight!”

The Russian boy groaned as his soft cock started quickly rising in her hands too!

Gigi had pulled a shaky Niels to his feet and was half-carrying him into a small bedroom off the living room.  “Thank you!” she giggled, kissing his cheek as she held most of his weight. “You are going to get to do things tonight... that you’ve only seen in videos!”

He moaned, his limp cock rising in pulses as they walked, and Albert saw her push the unresisting boy onto the small bed, and then get down on her knees between his spread legs!  “Now let’s see if we can get you back and ready for action...” 

And she started sucking him with her mouth, moaning and closing her eyes, looking so beautiful as she did it, topless in just a tiny pair of yellow thong panties, her golden ass pointed right at Albert!  He moaned and almost had another blocked orgasm right there, before Gigi’s long leg reached out behind her, to shove the door closed!

And all around him, girls were dragging staggered boys into bedrooms and slamming the doors closed, with moans following shortly after!

Brianna pulled a panting Albert up by his raging cock and onto the couch in the middle of the living room, which all the bedrooms in the cabin opened up to.

“Are.. Are you going to bust ME TOO?!” he cried, his penis shaking in her fist!

“No silly!  You said you didn’t want to do stuff like that anymore!”

He relaxed, but not really!

He looked around at the other boys, being dragged off to different bedrooms holding their nuts!

“But... WHY?!”

“The Law of Equivalent Exchange,” Kellie laughed, picking a limp Issac up and pulling him towards a bedroom, her Powers sucking his cock as they walked!  “We can’t just let a bunch of Nerds fuck us without taking something in return!” 

And Albert watcher her throw his roommate down onto a bed and slam the door with her foot, with Issac’s breathless moans starting just a second later!

Brianna giggled, putting her hair up into a loose ponytail, looking so incredibly cute as she did it.  “Don’t worry, they’ll have the time of their lives tonight. Trust me.”  

And then she knelt on the carpet right between Albert’s spread legs, looking eagerly at the hard, aching, painfully denied cock right in front of her nose!  “Now, I believe there was a matter of a certain... blowjob you were expecting tonight?”

And Albert forgot about his friends as she firmly grabbed the base of his dick, licking her lips!

“Oh GOD yes!  PLEASE!”

Brianna leaned forward, her breath hot on his cockhead.  “But you didn’t let me bust your nuts tonight... no equivalent exchange...” 

He couldn’t breathe-

He couldn’t think-

Her cherry red lips were almost around his straining cock!

“PLEASE!  I’ve waited SO LONG!”

Brianna giggled.  “I know.... but I want you to do a little something for me first.”

Albert was shaking his head, trying to cover his balls!  “No!  NO!”

And she reached into the duffle bag she had left open near the couch to pull out-

One shiny-


Steel chastity belt!

“NOOOOOOOO!” Albert screamed even louder, trying to get away, but a laughing Brianna held him down by the cock!

“Just LOOK at it!” she laughed, placing the cold metal thing right on his chest.  “Look at the CRAFTSMANSHIP, the attention to DETAIL-”

Albert moaned. 

It WAS beautiful-

In the same way a guillotine was beautiful!

“Put it on and I’ll suck your cock every day,” Brianna giggled, rubbing his throbbing shaft against her cheek, her chin, her lips!  Her skin was so soft!

Behind every wall around him, boys were moaning and groaning, as their aching long-denied cocks were being sucked by beautiful, horny, eager co-eds-

“Oh GOD-“

“Oh YES-”

“Oh FUCK!”

But Albert COULDN’T wear that thing!

“NO!  NO!”

“Every day-” Brianna reminded.

And then her mouth was on him.  

It was-

Unlike ANYTHING Albert had ever felt!

Even the psychic blowjob with her Stud hadn’t felt like THIS-

Her real tongue-


The suction was lifting his hips OFF the couch!


“EVERY DAY,” she promised, taking a breath before going down on him again.

He tried to close his knees but her slim shoulders wouldn’t let him!

And Albert was shaking on the edge of the couch, his balls tightening!

Because he knew how this was going to end!

The moaning got louder from the other rooms, as his friends each prepared to shoot a huge, glorious, long-denied load down their eager girl’s throat-



“NO!” Albert begged, shaking his head.  “PLEASE!” 

He was getting so close!

“I... I... I’ll let you bust me in the nuts!  I want it!  I admit it!”

Brianna pulled off his cock with a laugh.  “We’re way past that.  Now I want you in a cage for the rest of the year.”  

“WHAT!?  WHY?!”

She grinned at him.  “Because I’m sort of a collector.”  

And then she was sucking on him again, even harder and hotter than before!!

“NOOOOOO!” he wailed, his thighs starting to shake!

And her tongue wasn’t stopping!

“I... CAN’T!  I CAN’T I CAN’T-”

And Albert grabbed the back of her head and had a huge blocked orgasm right down her throat, the pressure in his balls not decreasing, but increasing exponentially!  Brianna laughed as he pushed on her head and thrusted his hips, trying to get deeper when he had no length left, fighting with all his will to break her orgasm block but failing, and she increased the speed of her tongue swirling around his cockhead to make the edge last as long for him as possible!


And when she was done, Albert was nearly dead on the sheets.

He was covered in sweat-

His breath was coming in gasps-

And Brianna was still sucking!

“Oh fuck- that was amazing!” she panted, licking pre-cum off the moaning boy’s tip and up and down his shaft!  “Feeling your Lust Energy- your aching nuts crying out for relief-”  she giggled, finally letting off his cock.  “You’ve got me ready to get licked all night!  Put on the belt!”

“I CAN’T!”

“Put on the belt and I’ll rip off my panties and ride your face RIGHT NOW!” she panted, sucking up and down both sides of his dick like it was candy!

Albert was about to agree-

About to say yes, just to finally taste that smooth amazing pussy between her legs-

But in the back of his mind he KNEW-

If he agreed to put on that steel-

-he’d be her slave FOREVER!

“I.... CAAAAAAAAAAAN’T!” he wailed, hitting her orgasm block again like a brick wall.  

This time Brianna only gave him a few post-orgasm-torture sucks and then pulled off, looking up at the nearly-crying but still defiant boy.  

They looked each other dead in the eyes, across the top of his still twitching cock.

Both their chests heaving.

Neither willing to give in first.

One second passed.

Then another.

And then Brianna snatched the open metal belt off his chest.

And replaced it with a soft, pink, silicone one.  

“How about this then- smooth, soft, flexible- and it molds to your skin when it gets warm!” she giggled, then met him dead in the eyes.  “And you can cut it off with a good pair of tin snips if you’re feeling extra helpless some day!”  

Albert fought to breathe, looking at the soft pink demon sitting open on his chest.  

It was still a trap!

But it was light years better than steel!

“You PROMISE you’ll... you’ll suck my cock every day if I put it on?!”

“Every morning,” Brianna giggled, licking up the sides of his shaft.  “It’s how you’ll wake up  EVERY day next week- as soon as we get back to my apartment and access my panty drawer, where the ONLY keys to ALL my chastity belts are stored!”

Albert moaned again- 

She had brought her entire collection of chastity belts to the cabin for him-

-without bringing a single key!  

She was THAT crazy!

Brianna giggled, nuzzling his cock again.  “And I guarantee- pinky swear, hope to die- that you putting on a cock cage is the ONLY way you’ll EVER get my panties off...  We’re never going to fuck... I’m never going to let you cum while you’re with me... but you can wake up every morning with your cock in my mouth... my sexy... gold star... Nerd!”

And Albert moaned and grabbed the back of her head as she sucked him again, imagining with life with her might be like- with endless blowjobs on demand!  

And the worst part was that he knew-

That she was disciplined enough to keep her promise and never let him take down her panties-


-if he didn’t agree to ALL her terms, right here and now!


Brianna was up and pulling him towards the kitchen in a flash. “It goes on better with a little olive oil or butter!” 

And Albert barely had time to think before she had lubed the head of his throbbing cock with olive oil from the fridge and was threading it into the body of the silicone cage!

“Why are you doing this?!” he demanded, at the brink of tears!  “Why... ME?!!!”

The beautiful brunette kneeling before him in her bra and panties giggled.   

“You happened to be around.  Just think- if you had moved in to your room FIVE minutes later, maybe some OTHER nerd would be about to slip his lucky cock into chastity for the entire rest of the year!” 

Albert wailed, thinking about all the parallel possibilities!

If he had just-

If he had only-

“Ready?” she giggled, wrapping her fist around his aching balls.


And then she squeezed, harder than Albert had ever had his nuts squeezed in his entire life!


“You’ll NEVER regret this as LONG as you LIVE,” she laughed as his cock deflated!  “You’re going to taste SO MUCH pussy this year you’ll get SICK of it-”

Albert moaned-

“And I PROMISE to suck your aching cock every morning and every night for the entire week- once we get back to the key of course!” she giggled, squeezing harder!  “But you’re always going back in the cage right after.”  She kissed his cock as it disappeared into the cage, millimeter by millimeter.  “Always!” 

And Albert wailed, feeling sick to his stomach, his cock still trying to erect as it felt Brianna’s warm lips on it-

-but being blocked by a few millimeters of tight, curved, quickly closing silicone!!!!


Brianna gave one last push and clicked the brass lock shut and was up on her stockinged feet in a flash, passionately kissing Albert all over as she held the gasping boy against the refrigerator, laughing as she felt his pink rubber cage throb against her pussy, where even SHE couldn’t release it, until two days from now!

“There!  Was that so hard?”


Albert pushed her away by the shoulders, looking down in shock at the pink rubber boa constrictor swallowing his cock!

The ring behind his balls was so tight- it felt like it was cutting off his circulation!

The tube which had seemed so soft before- gripped his cock tighter than a garden hose!

And bent his penis down into little curve over his balls-

Barely longer than his pinky-

He couldn’t even get a little hard in this thing-

Like Brianna had taken away his cock!


“OH GOD!” he wailed, pulling at the tight cage, not budging it a micrometer!

“You’re so cute when you’re helpless,” she laughed, kissing him again. 

And Albert felt the device tightening around his privates, like a closing fist!

He pushed her away again.  “What IS this thing?  Some sort of MAGIC?!”

Brianna pulled him closer with a laugh.

“I’ve heard about some girls using magic belts that only come off with a carefully worded spell,” she panted, kissing his neck, forcing his hands to her slim waist, “but this isn’t one of them!  All my belts are just pure, mechanical devices... which means they can’t be defeated by silly boys with ice cubes!”

And Albert felt himself falling off a cliff!

His cage cock throbbed as he heard moaning begin, from every room in the cabin- 


“Harder Issac!  HARDER!”

“Yes Niels RIGHT THERE!-”

And he started pulling Brianna’s hips towards the last open bedroom!

“I’ve put on your belt!” he panted, licking his lips!  “Let’s go back to your room and-”

But the laughing brunette stopped him with a socked knee slammed against the refrigerator door, pinning him in place and pressing painfully up on his caged balls!

“The offer of licking was for the metal belt.  For rubber, you get intense making out.”

She kissed him again and laughed as she felt Albert’s hands run up her sides, her back, her tight ass-

The girl he wanted most in the world was RIGHT THERE-

-and he couldn’t have her!

“How long are you going to keep me in this thing?!?”

“I don’t know!” she moaned, getting wetter!  “We’ll see!”

“When do I get to cum again?!”

She laughed and ground her pussy against his thigh!  “When do you think?”

And Albert’s cock surged and ached and strained against his cage as her eager lips kissed him, the girl laughing as the boy squirmed and dripped onto her thigh!




“But all my friends get to fuck tonight!!!” 

“I like you better like this!”


She laughed and kissed him again, pulling his head down to her shoulder.  

“Try to think about something else...” she panted, just feeling his need for her.  She pulled his hands to the hot gap between her long socks and her panties, so he could feel the slim, strong thighs there.  “Do you like my legs?”

“Of course!”

“Describe them, then.”



Albert swallowed, closing his eyes!  “They’re... perfect!”

Brianna slapped his chest with a laugh.  “Do better than that!”

Albert moaned and tried to block out the noises of his friends fucking hot eager naked girls all around him, closing his eyes and touching Brianna’s slim legs-

His hands went over strong thighs and smooth socks, going below her bent knee to her slim calf and tiny foot.  

“They are... pillars at the temple I wish to worship!” he panted, swallowing hard!  “Touching them for a second feels like an hour, and an hour... feels like a second!” 

And when he opened his eyes, Brianna was staring at him, her jaw on the floor. 

“Holy FUCK, Albert!” she squealed, kissing him.

And it was like being in the lake again!

The flash of heat from head to toe-

The pounding of his heart in his chest-

The surge of blood to his helpless, denied, virgin cock-

-which now had no place to go!

“ARRRRRRGGGGGHH!” the boy wailed, pulling at his bulging, painful, pink chastity cage!

“You are SO fucking hot right now!” she laughed, forcing his hands to grab her legs, her ass, even the sides of her hips under her thong panties!  “Did you just come up with that?!”

Albert blushed, happy she was happy, but unsure of how much more of this he could take! 

“I... I’ve thought around it for a while... but sometimes I let my imagination get away from me... but recently... it’s all I could THINK ABOUT!!”

She kissed him again, even harder, even hotter.  

Her Magic-

-plus her cage-



She took his right hand and pushed it down under the front of her panties.

Her smooth pussy was oven hot.  

And soaking wet. 

“Take me to bed, you idiot.”

And she laughed as Albert practically threw her across the living room, squealing as he pushed her onto the last open bed, jumping on top!

And she moaned as he kissed her face, her neck, her chest, running his hands over her  breasts, her ribs, her ass, letting out weeks- no, years- of frustration on her clothed body!

She took off her bra and Albert grabbed and sucked on her round breasts like a starving man in the desert!

“ALL your friends are fucking hot naked horny girls tonight!” she laughed, feeling him  struggle to take off her tight socks and then her panties.  “And all you get to do is LICK!  How does that make you FEEL?!”

And she gasped as Albert finally dove between her naked thighs and started licking.

He wasn’t good but in her state she didn’t need him to be, the naked girl gasping and getting wetter each time she heard the naked boy whimpering and pulling at his restricting cage or one of her friends getting fucked impossibly hard just feet from her-


“Cara’s about to cum!” she panted, grabbing Albert’s hair to guide him.  “Can you sense it?”


“Gigi too!” 

She was getting so wet, Albert was having trouble keeping his tongue from slipping off her clit as he licked!


Albert wailed and humped the bed, trying to get any stimulation on his tiny, trapped, desperate cock as he licked and Brianna threw her head back and came, joining her girls in filling the lakeside cabin with the screams of their powerful, magical, female orgasms late into the night.  


About fifteen minutes after that, Albert and Brianna lay, naked and panting under a thin sheet, looking up at the ceiling.  Her head lay on his chest, his arm cupped her back.  The moans from the other rooms had gone silent for a while.  

“I was lying a little before...” Brianna giggled.  “You weren’t just chosen at random.  I mean, that’s how it started, but not why I’ve spent so much time on you.  You are smart, and sorta cute,  and you ARE fun, when you finally let yourself loosen up a little!” She looked up and played with his disheveled hair.  “And with what you said about my legs...”  She snuggled tighter to him.  “When I ask for a compliment, most Jocks just grunt and slap my ass!  But that... that might have been the nicest thing anyone’s ever said about my body!”

He was blushing a little, the taste of her still on his lips, making his cage ache!  “Th...thanks!”

“Maybe you should stop trying to be a physicist, and start trying to be a poet!”

“Don’t even joke about that!”

She laid her head on his chest again, giggling when a bed started creaking in the next room.

“Gigi’s making Niels go down on her again.  Can you sense it?  She must look so hot, all nude and freshly fucked, her long legs wrapped around his head, her painted toes curling in the air as she gets ready to cum-”

“OH GOD!” Albert wailed, pulling at his suddenly tight cage with one hand!

Brianna giggled, turning her head slightly the other way. 

“Giselle’s sitting on Richard’s face right now too.  She gets SO INTO getting licked- when you’re between her thighs she squeezes so hard around your head, trapping you inside her heat- and all you can think about is her, all you can taste is her, all you can hear is her... and I should know- we were roommates freshman year!”

“BRIANNA!” he moaned, pulling at his pink nub and feeling only the squeeze of rubber!

“You’re so cute when you’re helpless!  In a trapped, damsel-in-distress kind of way!”

He panted, grabbing her perfect naked ass under the sheets with one hand, pulling on his caged cock with the other! 

“So maybe... when we get back to campus... can I cum??  Just by myself!!  PLEASE?!!”

The laughing girl pulled his head back down between her thighs, locking it in place with her ankles.  “Ohh Albie... you can have all the orgasms you want when we get back to school... as long as they’re mine!”  

And she used magic feathers and tongues on his trapped, bulging balls to get the panting boy licking again, laughing as she felt him furiously humping the bed trying to get off, while she took a long, leisurely time doing the same.


Fifteen minutes after that Albert was totally spent, his face and nose and lips covered again in her juices, his balls full of ache and his cock cage still tight.  But he was nearly falling asleep, when Brianna suddenly pulled urgently at his arm.  

“Come ON!  You’ll want to SEE this!”



He was exhausted, spent, wiped out... 

But he let her drag him to his feet anyway...

And down the hall to the only bathroom in the cabin... 

...where four tall, beautiful, totally nude girls were crammed into the single walk-in shower, laughing as they washed away the results of the night!

“Ugggggh, he got it so far up my ass...” Cara giggled, rinsing her rear. 

“Only because you offered!” Kellie laughed, washing her long legs.  “I took mine in the pussy each time- and he just thanked me and tipped over the edge in less than thirty seconds!”

“Nerds always do,” Giselle laughed, her beautiful full breasts bobbing as she washed her long, dark hair.

“Niels said he loved me,” Gigi giggled, preening a little under the single shower head.  “Even before we had finished our first time!”

“Nerds always do that too,” Giselle chuckled, sliding her curvy, naked soapy body tight against Gigi’s ass as she bent down and reached for the shampoo...  

Albert moaned silently in his cage!

From the doorway, Brianna coughed.  “Girls...”

And the four showering sirens turned to see the blushing, naked, horribly blue-balled boy-

And his tight, tiny, straining, neon pink chastity cage-

And gave a thunderous squeal, jumping up and down!


“You DID it!”

“FINALLY!” Cara shouted, jumping out and pulling the shocked Albert into the already cramped shower and giving him a big naked soapy bear hug!  “So it’s OFFICIAL?!?!”

“On a trial basis,” Brianna clarified, pushing the gasping Albert even deeper into the mosh pit of naked girls, so she could get in herself!  “To be made more permanent in a week- if we both agree!”

And the girls squealed and jumped and hugged Albert again- the red-faced boy gasping as tall soapy goddesses pressed in on him from all sides, his hands accidentally touching big and small and wet soapy breasts and brushing against smooth legs and nude pussies sliding all over his lower body, making his heart pound and his cage start to surge so hard!  

“BRIANNNA!” he roared, grabbing at it.  “IT’S PULLING MY BALLS OFF!”

And the girls just laughed and hugged him harder, feeling his trapped cock straining against their hips and thighs inside its silicone prison- and getting a contact high from it!

“The key’s back in your apartment, right?” Kellie demanded, pulling the boy through the crowd to her.  “There’s NO way for him to get out of this thing?”

Brianna laughed, starting to wash her hair.  “It’s got a steel underwire- so not unless this cabin has some sort of industrial bolt cutter in the shed!”

Kellie whooped and pulled his face down between her smooth wet beautiful tits, forcing him to motorboat her!   “Oh you are SO FUCKED nerd!  And not in the GOOD way!” 

Albert moaned and grabbed her strong naked ass out of reflex, his heart about to explode!!

“Oh fuck- he’s HOTTER when he’s trapped in the cage!” Cara laughed, grinding her bare pussy against him from behind!  “His Lust Energy is making my clit just THROB!”

She squirted body wash all over his back and butt, jumping forward to hug him again, and the hot, slippery tightness of being trapped between her and Kellie’s naked bodies as they jumped and squealed and slid against him in the shower was one of the most erotic things he had ever felt!

And the most painful!

“Get used to naked shower parties!” Gigi giggled, taking the hand that was grabbing at her naked ass and pushing in and higher, into something very tight and oven hot!

He was inside her!

“Because with that cage on- you’re one of us now!” Giselle laughed, taking the fingers on his other hand! 

“One of us!” Gigi laughed, jumping up and down with his fingers trapped inside of her!



And then Cara pinched shut his nose and poured the equivalent of two shots of tequila down his throat and Albert didn’t remember anything else that happened that night.  


Albert awoke the next morning in Brianna’s bed with the taste of old tequila and young pussy still on his tongue.  

He had a sore neck-

And a very sore jaw-

And somehow, a sore red rear!

“What the fuck-”

And his silicone cock cage was crushing his morning wood even harder than it had in the shower, like Brianna had somehow tightened it in the night!

“FUUUUUCCCCK!” Albert groaned, pulling at the hellacious curved tube which bent his cock tightly in half, not even allowing it to get more than five centimeters long!  

He couldn’t spend another minute in this thing-

Much less a whole fucking WEEK!

Or a YEAR, he shuddered, his mind recoiling at the thought!  


“Out here...” a cheery voice sang, and Albert followed it naked- he had no choice- out onto the patio, where she sat in the morning sun with her feet up, eating toast and checking her phone- 

-in a tight, barely-there red string bikini!

Albert grabbed his belt and doubled over, moaning as his trapped cock tried to erect at even harder at the beautiful sight!

“That will happen for the first few weeks,” the barefoot girl giggled, flexing her arched feet in the sun.  “Until your cock gets used to being caged.”

“I don’t WANT TO- get USED TO IT!”

“You won’t,” she laughed.  “Every time I feel your body adjusting, I’ll give you a little shot of magic to reset the timer or I’ll wear something like this or invite you to another shower party... trust me, Albie, I’m going to make this so fun for both of us!”

She crossed her legs with her feet still on the table and Albert almost died, watching the tiny suit try to keep her covered!

“Where did you GET that?!”  

“From a friend.  Now come have some breakfast.  We’ll talk about your cage after.”  



And she giggled as the painfully blue-balled boy tried to sit in the chair next to her, but found it too uncomfortable on his bulging balls and had to lean against the waist-high fence instead!

He grabbed a piece of buttered toast and they ate in silence.  

For about 30 seconds.

“What happened last night?!” 

She laughed. “I think you might have made yourself into the most popular Nerd on campus!”

“WHAT?” he cried, pulling at his tight cage!  “HOW?!”

“If you don’t remember, I’m not gonna to remind you...”


And he felt her phantom feathers tickling him under his cage, which was infinitely more maddening when he couldn’t even touch the head of his cock!

He gasped and shut up, blushing and straining and pulling at his cage as they ate!

Eventually, yawning girls emerged from their rooms one by one, all wearing tight swimsuits or hot little bikinis like Brianna, some gold, some black, some with hoops on their hips baring even more skin, all barefoot and totally rested.

“Thanks for last night,” Gigi giggled, ruffling his hair as she passed. “Slut!”

“You made me cum SO HARD,” Cara whispered into his ear, making him blush!

“Morning, Slut!” Giselle laughed, yanking playfully on his cage on the way to coffee!

Kellie spanked his sore ass, laughing as he jumped.  “Morning, Butt Slut!”

“Such a butt slut!” Gigi agreed, sipping coffee.

“What... what HAPPENED last night?!”    

He remembered only flashes- 

-slurping tequila out of a laughing girl’s pussy-

-on his knees kissing and licking naked female thighs and knees and calves feet-

-a blurry girl sitting on his face-

-another soaping up his asshole-

“You don’t remember??” Kellie howled as the other girls laughed.  “Don’t worry!  You’ll get a lot more chances to meet my thick, blue, eight-inch strap-on again- stone cold sober next time!”

“NOOOO!!” he yelled, grabbing his sore red ass, which suddenly made sense!

And the girls in the kitchen just laughed harder!

None of them would give the red-faced boy any more details as they made breakfast barefoot in their so small, insanely hot bikinis, cutting fruit, cooking bacon, chatting with their long legs out or beautiful tight, g-string asses bent over a counter- almost too painful to look at- which is why it took the blushing Albert about fifteen minutes to notice the missing pieces.  

“Where’s... where are all my friends?!”

“Oh, they all begged Gigi to drive them to the nearest bus stop and catch the 7 am back to campus this morning,” Cara giggled, cutting up some pineapples, one beautiful slim foot scratching her other calf.  “I guess they couldn’t take Lake Party anymore.”

Albert pulled on his tightening cage!  “They... LEFT me here?!?!”

Cara laughed, pointing with the knife.  “To be fair, I might have told them that you already took the midnight bus back to campus... because Brianna wouldn’t let you cum last night and kept busting your nuts and being a total nuclear bitch!  They’ll be most of the way back before they figure it out, but they won’t be able to turn that bus around!”

“To be fair...” Kellie giggled, “Issac might have left because after each time I let him have a huge, magically-enchanced, triple-volume cumshot right in my pussy- I made him get down between my legs and lick it out!”

“You too?” Giselle laughed.

“You too?!” Gigi giggled. 

“ME TOO!” Cara howled.  “Dmitri really didn’t want to, but just a few quick hard squeezes to  his nuts and-” 

“-BOYS ALWAYS SWALLOW AT A LAKE PARTY!” the girls cheered, clinking their red solo cups together as they laughed!

And Albert felt himself stagger, at the injustice of it all!!!

All those cumshots he had heard-

All that magically increased sperm production-

“You... girls... teased and denied them for WEEKS- and then invited them up to a cabin in the woods and skinny dipped and danced with us in those socks... to make them cum even harder- just so you could make them all LICK IT UP afterwards?!?!”

Kellie laughed.  “Of course!  They’re nerds.”

“I barely let studs cum in me,” Giselle said.  “And they’ve got cocks the size of your arm.”

“Equivalent exchange,” Gigi giggled.  

“But that... that’s not FAIR!!!”

“What are you going to do?” Kellie laughed.  “Report us to the orgasm police?”

And the girls laughed as Albert puffed and tried to come up with a response, then collapsed into the nearest chair-

What WAS he going to do about it?

Cara came around table in her tiny black string bikini, carrying a tray of cut pineapple. “Albie, look, none of your friends would had EVER had a chance to fuck ANY girls like us while they were at college-”

“Except maybe Richard,” Giselle mused. 

“Except maybe Richard,” Cara conceded, then turned back to Albert.  “So we gave them a memory they’ll have for the rest of their lives, gave us a fun story we can tell to make them blush even twenty years from now, and now YOU get to relax and enjoy the fruits of their labor, as the ONLY boy left in the cabin!”

And instead of sitting in the seat next to him, she sat down right on his lap with her tiny G-stringed ass pressing down right on his caged cock, laughing as his face went red!  She giggled, holding a piece of fruit up to his lips!  

Albert gasped, not knowing what to do, looking over at Brianna for guidance-

“You were tonsils deep in her pussy last night,” the brunette laughed. “I don’t mind if you eat a little pineapple off her fingers!”

The boy felt his face go redder as all the other girls laughed again!  “No!  I just thought!  That you and I-”

Brianna smiled.  “Albie, I won’t get jealous of anything you do with any other girl from now on.  Not while you’re wearing my cock cage.”  

Did she mean-

She couldn’t!

“So stop THINKING so much and just ENJOY it!” Cara laughed, pushing a piece of juicy pineapple past his lips.  “Slut!”

“Think about it this way,” Giselle said as the girls laughed, all sensing the blushing boy’s caged cock straining to try and penetrate Cara’s perfect ass, “you and we are the only ones out of ALL the people who came to the cabin last night that didn’t have to swallow a quarter gallon of hot salty cum before going to bed.”

Kellie laughed and crossed her naked legs, grinning as she felt his cage pull tighter.

“Welcome to the winning team.” 


Albert could barely stand it-

The girls looked so amazing, standing or sitting around the kitchen in their string bikinis-

Their gym-hard asses bouncing as they got more coffee-

Their long athletic legs totally nude and free for him to look at-

Their smooth stomachs stretching as they giggled and relaxed in the warm sun-

And having the tall, beautiful, nearly-nude Cara sitting on his lap all throughout breakfast!

Her cute orange toenails bobbed in the air while she sat on his lap laughed and giggled with her friends-

Her skin was so soft and her body so warm-

And she rocked back and forth in her bikini as she talked animatedly with her friends, giggling on his lap, her naked ass pressing against his caged cock and balls-

It was like the longest most frustrating lap dance ever!!!

He tried to think about what Kellie had said-

Was it true?

Was it better to be on the inside than out?

Had he REALLY licked all these girls in the shower last night?

And would he get to do it again?!

And if so... did that make wearing this tiny cage worth it?!!

And every time Albert moaned and squirmed and had these thoughts, running his hand up Cara’s leg or down her strong back, the girl just laughed and held another piece of fruit up to his lips!  And blushing, the naked caged boy gulped it down!

Eventually, the girls were laughing at things their Nerds had done in the bedroom last night, trying to keep up with the taller, stronger, hotter, more experienced girls-

“And then he started licking my belly button!  I swear to GOD- MY BELLY BUTTON-”

“Mine kept trying to do this porno move on me?  The one with my legs crossed?  But he kept slipping out because he was too small!”

“Niels was SO surprised the first time I busted his balls last night!” Gigi giggled with glee.  “He didn’t even see it coming!!”

“Neither did Issac,” Kellie chuckled.  “I hit his unsuspecting nuts so hard- I was afraid I might have castrated the boy!”

Brianna sighed, sipping her coffee.  “We did warn them.”

“WHAT?!” Albert cried, gripping Cara’s smooth thigh.  “WHEN did you warn us?!!”

“I told you, in the water!” she laughed!  “That the girls wanted to have some ‘candy’ and then ‘steak’ tonight.  I thought you’d be smart enough to get the reference, at least!”

“You didn’t say that!”

“I’m pretty sure I did.”

“You girls... always lie to us!” Albert moaned.  

“How so?” Kellie laughed. 

“You said the boys could cum as much as they wanted- but then you made them lick it all up afterwards!”

“Swallowing was the price for cumming,” Gigi giggled.  

“You said you wouldn’t magically tease us during the week, but Kellie’s sperm production spell kept going!”

“A technicality,” Giselle laughed.  “We meant active teases.”

“You promised they’d be no ball-busting on this trip!  NONE!  And then you went and did it anyway!!”

All the girls laughed, especially Kellie, who crossed her long, naked legs slowly for Albert’s benefit.  

“Don’t quote laws to girls with legs like these.”

And all the girls laughed as Albert almost fell out of his chair- 

-as the reality of the world hit him like a punch to the gut.

Cara giggled, steadying him.  “Who said that?  Seneca?”

“Pompey I think,” Brianna giggled, her eyes shining.

Albert was still reeling-

His breath coming in pants, his heart pounding-

His cock cage straining because of the beautiful nearly-naked Cara on his lap!

“Someone needs to go cool down...” Giselle giggled, putting her plate away.

“I agree!” Cara laughed, jumping up off the shocked boy’s lap and grabbing his wrist! 

And Gigi grabbed his other one!

“NO!  WAIT!” he cried, as they pulled him towards the lake at a run!

“Just go with it Albie!” Brianna laughed, staying at the table.  “And remember to HAVE FUN!” 

And she watched as the two giggling bikini girls pulled the resisting boy off the end of the pier, blushing, butt naked and tightly belted, to jump into the cold deep water again. 


The water wasn’t as cold as last night, and the view in the full sun was definitely better-

Long wet legs flashing as they swam-

Breasts bobbing in the water-

Girls in full view as they climbed the pier just to jump off again-

Cara and Gigi laughing as they had a chickenfight with Giselle and Kellie, the smaller girls sitting on the taller girls’ shoulders, their long, slim, beautiful legs wrapped around their partner’s necks, laughing as they wrestled, wet and carefree and strong-

It was only when Albert looked away that he was able to finally think!

These girls-

And the job offers they were getting-

Gigi had just been offered a management position at NASA-

Cara was about to start an internship in the White House-

With their amazing bodies that could make men do anything they wanted-

And how little they cared about society’s rules or hurting men’s balls or their orgasms-

And now their Powers-

It was inevitable!

In five years-

Or maybe ten-

Every man in the world would be backed up, blue-balled, magically teased- and working under a giggling high-heeled mini-skirted girl, who could kick him in the balls or sit on his face as she wished, just to amuse herself!!!!

Albert gulped and went underwater, his feet going off a cliff!

“Are you okay?” Gigi giggled, swimming over with her long legs to pull him up out of the deep water.  “You looked a little... thinky there!”

“No!  It’s just- I....”

“You look sad,” Cara giggled, swimming up too, as did Giselle.  “How can you be sad, swimming totally naked with four cute girls?”

He blushed as the girls moved him back to a depth where they could stand, but he couldn’t!

“It’s just... I did ALL this work, to get into college!  Studied SO hard... Learned SO much-”

“AWWW Albie!” Gigi giggled, hugging him, her firm breasts pressing against his chin, making his cold caged cock start to rewaken!  “We all still NEED you to be smart and hardworking and nerdy about all those same science things!”

“Yeah,” Cara agreed.  “Especially math.”

“Why?!  What’s the POINT?!?!”

Gigi laughed.  “You know how college works, right?  The professors purposely give us way more math homework than any girl could do over a weekend-”

Cara nodded.  “More than any three people could finish, honestly-”  

Giselle laughed.  “And so the only way for any of us girls to pass and get our diplomas-”

“-is for each of you to get three or four Nerds to help you finish it each time!” Albert wailed, suddenly realizing  

“Yep!” the giggling, silly, hot Gigi laughed.  “Dean Crawford is helping train all of us girls in how to be managers... and training you boys in how to be managed!”

“OH.... GOD!” Albert wailed, starting to drown again!

Cara and Gigi laughed and saved him again, holding him tighter this time.  

“Awwww, don’t worry!” the Asian girl laughed, petting his head, the feel of her breasts against his arm making his cage start to tighten!  “You’re one of us now- if any of the other girls at school try to bust your nuts, they’ll have US to answer to!”

“Yeah!” Cara agreed, wrapping one long smooth leg around his, making his caged dick start to throb!  “You won’t be able to cum like the other boys, but you are going to get your cock sucked SO MUCH!  And not just by Brianna- but me too!”

“And me!” Gigi giggled as his helpless dick strained!

“And I guess me too,” Giselle sighed.  She gave him a look, her beautiful breasts floating in the water.  “But I might have to squeeze your nuts a little while I do it.”


Cara pulled him close, her hot body pressed against his.  “And you’ll definitely get to lick me again, every week!  You’re not good now, but by the end of the semester- you’re going to be a fucking tongue master.”

“A cunning expert!” Gigi laughed. 

“Analingus too,” Giselle reminded, fingers sliding down into his naked crack and circling his butthole!  

Cara grabbed his face.  “By the time we’re done with you, you’ll have made all of us scream out your name hundreds of times and have every girl on campus begging to take you to bed.”  She kissed him, making his blue balls ache!  “None of your friends will be able to say that!”

Giselle pressed her hand hard against his stomach, her manicured fingernails just brushing the root of his helpless, surging caged cock. 

“So... was that worth giving up all your orgasms for?”

And the girls laughed as the speechless boy’s underwater cock throbbed wildly in response.


After Albert’s little freak-out and the girls calming him down, he actually did start to feel like one of the team.  Cara actually picked him for her chickenfight partner, and while they never knocked Giselle off of Kellie’s shoulders all the times they fought, Albert did get to feel Cara’s bikini-clad pussy pressed against his neck from behind, and her long perfect thighs gripping his head as she giggled and squirmed, like she really needed him!

Brianna even came out of the cabin dropping off snacks and strawberry daiquiris (with one for Albert too!) and the girls started laying out and sunning themselves on towels on the dock to get warm, while Albert sat off drip drying to one side, trying desperately to resist pulling on his cock cage at the amazing buffet of tits, legs, ass, and feet in front of him!

After a bit of chatting Cara looked up at him, laying on her stomach, her cute feet swinging behind her tight smooth g-stringed ass.  “Hey! Brianna tells us you’re good at describing things!” 

“What?!” he gulped, trying so hard not to pull his cage!

“She said you described, like, her legs and stuff and it was pretty hot.”  Cara lifted her butt up, pulling down her tiny g-string to bare her golden cheeks to him!  “So do my ass!”


“Describe my ass!” she giggled, waving it back and forth.

“It’s... um...”  Albert couldn’t help but pull on his cage, making all the girls laugh!

Gigi giggled.  “He has to touch it, Bri said.”  She nudged him towards Cara.  “So touch it!”

“Oh... GOD!”

The nude boy’s shaking hands gingerly gripped the supermodel’s nude ass, his fingers kneading the firm muscle and then getting bolder, his thumbs sliding up her crack, feeling the heat there-

-and the bottomless girl just laughed and let him do it!


He was in heaven-

-and hell at the same time!

Albert closed his eyes, trying to think, as his tiny cage throbbed and throbbed!

“It is a rear... perfectly designed to break men’s hearts!  God did not play dice with this ass!”

Cara squealed and kicked her feet, making her nude cheeks bounce under his hands!

“Haha!  I love it!”

“Do my breasts!” Giselle said, sitting up and slipping her tight black one-piece down to her waist, letting her huge, full, surgically-enhanced Brazilian breasts bounce free, just inches from his eyes!

Moaning, the naked boy grabbed one in each hand, the smooth flesh spilling around his fingers as eyes closed and his cage dripped and bounced!

“I....I do not know with what lube boys will use when thinking about these breasts- only that their cocks would be limp for four days after!”

Giselle laughed and laid back, not bothering to put her top back on, her nude breasts bare as she laid in the full sun!  “Spurting so hard their cocks become useless?!  I’ll take that!”

On the next towel over, Kellie rolled down her tight, tiny, white string bikini bottom, so that her hips were bare and the bunched up cloth just barely barely barely covered her shaved pussy lips as she lay on her back.   

“Do my legs,” she ordered, looking him right in the eyes.

And the naked boy fell backward onto his ass, pulling at his painfully tight throbbing pink rubber chastity cage!

“Those legs... are weapons of mass destruction!”

Kellie and the other girls laughed and laughed, watching the naked, blue-balled desperate boy pull on his caged cock, feeling his horny, backed-up, helpless lust- and fear at the same time!

“You’re right!” Kellie laughed, taking off her top and stretching out in the hot sun, topless, tanned, naked except for a small napkin’s worth of loose white fabric over her pussy!  “In fact, that’s probably the smartest thing I’ve ever heard you say, Nerd.”

And they laughed again as Albert blushed and panted, unable to look away from this beautiful sunbathing beauty in front of him- even though he couldn’t get hard!

Cara nudged his ribs.  “Is she the hottest girl you’ve ever seen?  I can sense you’ve got a thing for blondes.”

Gigi giggled.  “No, it’s got to be Brianna, obviously!”  

Albert swallowed, finally tearing his eyes away from the topless Kellie!

“No..!” he gasped.  “There was... another!”

“Another girl who had a better ass than Cara, better tits than Giselle and better legs than Kellie?!” Gigi giggled incredulously.  “Who!?” she demanded, pulling his arm!  “Tell us!”

Albert gulped and shook his head.  “It was a long time ago!  I wouldn’t even know how to begin to describe-”

And they all  heard the sound of a car door slamming closed in front of the cabin-

Seconds after a tall, blonde in a thin sundress had stepped out-

In open wedge sandals over her perfect, white-painted toes-

Full breasts spilling a little out the top of her tight dress-

-which just barely covered the bottom of her round, mathematically perfect ass!

The naked boy yelped and jumped into the water, unable to cover himself from the girl’s view any other way!

“What is it?” Cara asked, leaning half over the edge of the pier!

Gigi too, looking down at him!  “What’s wrong!”

“It’s HER!” Albert hissed, feeling his face heat up even as he treaded water!  “The girl in the red bikini!”


“Brianna’s wearing the red bikini today,” Gigi giggled, confused.  

“No, he means he saw Cameron in it before, and now she’s here looking super hot, and Albie’s all embarrassed because he’s butt naked,” Cara explained. 

“You know her NAME?” Albert hissed, feeling his cock throb in the water as he watched the tall perfect blonde run over and hug Brianna, twenty meters away in front of the cabin!

“Cammie?  Of course,” Cara laughed.  “She’s around like ALL the time.”

“She hasn’t been in all of the time I’ve known you guys!”

Giselle laughed.  “Albie, you’ve known us like two weeks.”  

“Oh... god!” he cried, watching Brianna direct the tall graceful blonde to one of the deck chairs in the sun, where she and her two friends started setting up towels and sunscreen and drinks!  “She’s... staying!”

Cara’s eyes got big.  “You HAVE to go talk to her.”


“You HAVE to!” Gigi agreed.  “If she’s like, your one-and-only hottest girl you’ve ever seen!”

“NO!  I’m... naked!  And in a chastity belt!”

“That just makes you hotter,” Giselle laughed. 

He pulled at the torture device!  “How does a stupid cage- make me hotter?!”

Giselle giggled and sat up, one arm covering her full breasts. 

“Think about like... okay, think about one of those mousy girls from your Physics classes or whatever.  Super serious student, glasses, short hair, she’s got a cute face but no tits and maybe nice legs but you’d never know she always keeps things totally covered up in baggy pants and sweaters and never talks to anyone.  Maybe a 4 out of 10, right?”

Albert gulped.  “I... guess!”

“But take that girl and strip her totally naked-” Cara laughed. 

“And put her in a tight little chastity belt that doesn’t even let her touch her clit,” Gigi giggled.

“And leave her there for weeks and weeks as she just gets hornier and hornier-” Kellie said.

“And now put that girl in front of a whole pack of horny frat boys-” Giselle continued.

“-with her totally naked, panting, aching for sex,” Gigi giggled. 

“-face flushed, her little nipples rock hard-” Cara laughed.

Kellie smirked.  “-just gasping and aching and pulling at her little chastity belt trying to do anything touch her little clittie, even eagerly offering up her ass to five big dicked guys in the shower-”

“And now that mousy girl is like, an 8 out of 10 right?!” Giselle laughed, watching his face!

“OH... GOD!” Albert wailed, pulling the tube of his tight, straining cock cage under the water!

“You’re the girl in that story,” Gigi explained.  “You’re like a horny denied 8 right now.”

“Maybe even a 9!” Cara laughed.  “If you improve your tongue game.” 

“Play your cards right,” Kellie laughed, “and you could be licking that by the end of the night,” she said, nodding at the tall, graceful, statuesque blonde laying in the sun in a deck chair, her short sundress exposing all of her amazing legs.  

And the girls laughed as they sensed Albert pull at his tiny caged virgin dick under the water!

“You HAVE to talk to her,” Cara repeated.

“HAVE to,” Gigi agreed.

“I... CAN’T!” Albert hissed, heart pounding!  “I’m... with  BRIANNA!”

“Yeah, but did you see Cammie first or Bri first?” Gigi asked.  “When you came to campus?”

“...Cameron!  By a few minutes!”

“Then it’s fate!” Cara announced. 

“Gizmet,” Gigi agreed.  “You HAVE to go talk to her!”

“I CAN’T!”

“What are you fishwives clucking about over here?” Brianna demanded, walking over to the end of the pier where the girls and Albert were huddled.  

“Albie’s had a crush on Cameron from the first day he saw her on campus but he’s too afraid to talk to her now,” Gigi announced immediately.  


“And we’re telling him he’s SO much hotter than he was before, with his super aching blue balls and his cute pink cock cage, that he’s GOT to try to hit her up again,” Cara laughed.  “But he won’t believe us!”

Albert looked up at the girl who held the key to his cock!  “I’m sorry!  I’m not going over there!  So you don’t have to worry about-”

Brianna looked down at the blushing boy in the water.  “You should go talk to her.”


“Go talk to her,” Brianna said.  “I’m not one to stand in the way of true love.” 

“But... You’d be okay... with-”

“Albie,” she said, cutting him off.  “I’ve known Cammie since the third grade.  If she wants the key to your cock cage, I’ll wrap it in a ribbon and deliver it to her myself.”

Cara shook his shoulders.  “So it’s settled!  Go get her!”

“Compliment her body!” Gigi giggled, getting him up out of the water.  “You’re really good at that!”

“Take these for god’s sake,” Giselle sighed, handing him two beers out of a cooler.  “Try to pretend you’re not a super nerd.”  

Albert gasped and felt his face heat up, stepping away from the dock onto the grass in full view of three new girls sunning themselves behind wide mirrored sunglasses, less than twenty meters away!

He was totally nude in front of three tall fashionable girls!

And wearing nothing but a tiny pink chastity cage!

“Go ON,” Cara prodded, pushing him forward!

“Break a leg!” Gigi giggled, laying back down on her towel to watch. 

And holding a freezing beer in each hand that was already making his fingers ache, Albert stepped forward naked across the grass, towards his destiny. 


The first few steps felt like kilometers.  

And then one of the girls, a tall hot black girl with tight shorts and amazing muscle tone pulled down her mirrored sunglasses to watch him coming. 

“Well hello there,” she laughed, as did the other girls!

And then the last few steps felt like light years!

Albert didn’t know where to look, what to do with his hands as he slowly approached-

He tried to cover his pink chastity cage with the beers, but that only made it worse!

And then, ten steps away, the tall, beautiful, blonde Cameron lowered her sunglasses to look at him with her hypnotic blue eyes. 

“Are those for us?” she giggled. 

Her voice was like an Angel’s!

And Albert felt his helpless cock surge inside its cage!

“Ye... yess!” he gulped, thrusting both cans towards the laughing girls!

The hot black girl giggled.  “But there’s three of us...” 

“He must not be very good at math,” laughed the last girl, a beautiful fair-skinned redhead in a very short sundress like Cameron, letting the light breeze blow up her light dress so that Albert could see her dark cute purple panties every few breaths!

Cameron lowered her sunglasses even more, watching his cage bounce!

“You must be one of Brianna’s boys.  She likes keeping her little dicks locked.”

And he felt the heat of a hundred suns go into his face!  “It’s not... little!”

The black girl held her thumb and forefinger right above Albert’s curved cage, barely not touching him!  “You must not be very good at geometry either.”

“I AM!  I just...”  He was having trouble remembering how to breathe, with these three hot girls were giggling at him like this!  He thrust one beer out towards the blonde in the middle!

“My name’s... Albert!  I just wanted... to bring you this!”

“Cameron,” she giggled, taking the drink.  She crossed her long, amazing, naked legs, her perfect nude feet bouncing in the air.  “But my friends call me Cammie.  If you’re a friend of Bri’s, you can too.” 

“Th...thanks!” he gulped, his cock cage throbbing!

She opened her beer and drank confidently, Albert just sipping his, feeling totally exposed- because he was!

He watched her lips touch the can, her long throat swallowing, and he couldn’t help it-

He pulled a little on his pink chastity cage!

Cameron wiped her lips on her hand, almost spitting beer out her nose as she and the girls laughed.  “Ye Gods!  You’re horny, aren’t you?!”

And Albert noticed she was pressing her smooth toned thighs together a little!

“Yes!” he admitted.  “Brianna... never lets me cum!”

“That sounds like Bri,” Cammie laughed, eyeing him up.  “Good on her.  You’re sort of cute when you’re squirmy.” 

His heart raced, remembering what Kellie had said!

And Gigi!

He looked down and saw her beautiful, perfect, nude foot bouncing, as she tapped her sexy white painted toes against the edge of her chair.  

And took a deep breath.

“I just wanted to tell you... that your feet are a gift from God and-”

“My FEET?!!” Cameron coughed, slamming her beer down on the arm of the chair!

“NO!  I just meant- that I was looking at them before- on campus- and I thought that-”

“You were STARING at me ON CAMPUS??  WHEN?!!” she said, standing up to her full height!

Albert was backing up!

Even barefoot on the soft grass, she was taller than him by a good few inches!

And with the wind blowing her long hair and short dress around, she looked like an angry beautiful barefoot Amazon goddess!

“NO!  I meant, when you were laying out in the sun-”

“You fucking PERVERT!  STAY AWAY from me while I’m SUNBATHING- and don’t EVER look at my FUCKING FEET AGAIN!!”

And the tall beautiful blond swung one of those long naked legs knee-first into his crotch.  

“OOOOOF!” he cried, almost collapsing!

She was taller than Brianna-

With stronger legs than Kellie-

And madder than either had been when they first busted him!

Albert felt his stomach heaving, his brain shutting down!

“I can’t go FIVE FUCKING MINUTES on campus without one of you skinny PERVS drooling over my FEET-” she yelled, grabbing him by the shoulders and kneeing him in the crotch again!

The hammer blow crushed his soft cock cage and balls up against his body, almost lifting his toes off the ground!


“-And I’m fucking SICK OF IT!”

She pulled him closer, her blonde hair flying across both their faces, her short white sundress flying up in the wind, exposing her amazing toned ass and cute red thong and naked feet as she took one long leg and hammered Albert’s balls one last time with a knee so hard it felt like iron.  


She pushed him away and Albert collapsed onto the ground, crying, dry heaving, almost blacking out!

“Come on girls!  I’m not sticking around here, if we’re going to get fucking perved on all day!” she said, picking up her towel, slapping Albert’s offered beer to the ground.  “By LOSERS!”

Albert was still writhing on the grass when Cara and the girls ran over to him. 

“Holy fuck- what did you SAY?!” Cara laughed, kneeling next to his head.  

“Those were hard ones!” Gigi exclaimed, kneeling too.  “She was REALLY pissed!”

“What the fuck- did you say to her?” Kellie laughed, staying on her feet. 

He could barely talk!

“Nn..nnoothing!”  The kneeling girls were rubbing his balls, trying to get some circulation back, making sure they were still there!  “I... complimented her... feet!”

“Her FEET?” Cara laughed.  “The first time you met her?!”

“That’s more of a third date kind of thing,” Gigi agreed.  

“Her FEET!” Kellie was laughing, holding her naked stomach.  “Oh Albie- you don’t know FUCK about girls, do you?”

“Okay okay, everyone back off!” Brianna growled, stepping through the crowd, picking him up by one shoulder.  “Help me get him inside!”

“Her FEET!” Kellie was still laughing, as she helped carry his other shoulder.  

They took the rubber-legged boy back to Brianna’s bedroom, Cara and Gigi clucking like mother hens the whole time.  

“She REALLY hit him hard- he might be bruised!”

“I saw his toes come totally up off the grass!”

“And in a chastity too!  One wrong knee and she might have castrated him-”

“Enough,” Brianna growled, shooing the other girls away.  “Leave us alone for a few minutes- I’ll fix this.”

“But Bri-”


They scuttled out and closed the door, leaving a standing Brianna and a moaning, naked, bedridden Albert alone.  

She sighed and sat next to the boy on the bed, stroking his hair back into place.  

“Her feet?” she giggled.  “What is it with you nerds and foot fetishes?”

Albert moaned, his face as red as his swollen busted balls!  “Don’t YOU start!”

“That sort of compliment might have worked on Cara or Gigi- they KNOW you now.  But you can’t just START there with a girl like Cammi.  You only THINK you know her, because you were jacking off thinking about her so much,” she laughed.  

“I.. um!”

She giggled, stroking his hair again.  “You were thinking about her the day I flew you, weren’t you?”

And his face turned even redder!  “...yes!”

“Oh Albie... that’s why I like you- you’re so helpless!”

She kissed him and Albert felt the magic again.  

But this time, with his busted balls, it hurt as much as it turned him on!

“ARRRRGH!  Brianna!”

She pushed him to a seated position on the bed, laying in the space he gave up, her smooth naked legs under him, holding him, arms cradling him protectively.  

“You can’t just go around complimenting really hot girls on their feet.”

“I know!”

“It’s rude.”

“I KNOW!”  He panted, trying to form words.  “But she was so close, and you’ve got me SO HORNY- I couldn’t- I couldn’t THINK STRAIGHT!”

Brianna laughed and petted his hair, resting his head on her shoulder for a moment.  

Then she slid her legs away and pushed herself back against the headboard, holding her hair up above her head, making her bikini’ed breasts rise, her stomach go flat and her naked legs look infinitely long. 

“Do to me what you want to do to her.”


Brianna laughed, posing her body even more brazenly for the blue-balled boy. 

“Do to me... what you want to do to her.”

And Albert still couldn’t move!

He clutched his balls, which still ached from the busting!  “But... I...”

“I only have this bikini for a few more days,” she giggled, opening her tanned legs even wider, her red-painted toes tapping at his surging cage.  “And then I have to give it back to Cammie to wear...”. Using one hand, she pulled her red bikini bottoms aside.  “Did you know our pussies look exactly the same?”

And she laughed as the desperate caged boy roared and leapt on top of her, hands and lips and tongue going everywhere!

“YES!” she laughed, gripping him harder.  

He ripped off her bikini top and sucked on those perfect round smooth breasts-

He kissed her chest, her stomach, her hip bone, her thigh-

“Do IT!” she laughed, pulling him in.  “TAKE ME- STUD!”

The naked boy roared as he pushed his tight, throbbing, inescapable chastity cage against her, whimpering as he couldn’t even get hard!

“Come ON Stud!” the nude girl giggled, arching her body, making him almost shoot!  “What would you have done- if Cammie had said YES?”

And she laughed in victory as Albert hesitated, then dove into her waiting pussy, licking even harder than he had the night before!


She unleashed her Powers to make him feel psychic cheerleaders sucking on his balls, lubed fingers fucking his ass, Cara’s and Gigi’s and Giselle’s mouths sucking on his nipples, kissing his ears, breathing down his neck all to spur him into a greater frenzy as she played with her own breast and locked her legs around his head, enjoying the ride. 


The helpless boy was shaking the bed, he was fucking it so hard trying to get off!

“YESSSSS!” Brianna laughed, only getting wetter!

Just as she was about to cum, her back arched, her legs locked around his head, her head tilted back, a laughing Kellie stuck her head inside the door. 

“So how’s it going in here?”

“WE’RE STAYING THE REST OF THE WEEK!” Brianna cried, grabbing a fistful of Albert’s hair and cumming hard all over his face.  



Albert Timmsworth swallowed hard as he walked across the short green grass of Young State University, making a beeline for the Boys’ Dorm.

There were a few cute girls walking around the quad, but he didn’t dare look at any of them!  

His hair, while not perfect, was now stylishly cut, making him look a little older. 

His chunky square glasses had been replaced with a thinner, cooler frame.  

And he wore tight jeans and a loose, black t-shirt with a local band’s name on it. 

Even Issac did a double take as Albert walked back into their dorm room. 

“Holy cow- Albert!  You look... good!”

“Thanks!” the boy gulped, blushing as he picked up his long-unused backpack and started to fill it with books.  

“When you didn’t come back to campus Sunday night, we started getting worried about you, but then we noticed none of the girls had come back either so we figured-”

“Yeah,” Albert gulped, blushing even harder!  “They um... decided to stay at the cabin a little longer.  And get me, um, new clothes and stuff.”

“Oh.  Are you... okay?”

“As okay as I can be, I guess.”  He put another notebook in his bag.  “Did I... miss anything important?”

“I’ve been collecting your homework assignments all week- they’re in that folder!  If you hurry, you can still get them in sort of on time, without too many late penalties.”

“Thanks,” he said again, stuffing the folder into his bag.  “Anything else?”

“Niels and Dmitri and Richard got the first prototype of the drone swarm working.  After... what happened at the cabin, they were finally, um, able to think again, so it went pretty fast this last week, with us all working together.  The swarm mechanics are actually really cool!”

“Oh.  That’s good.” 

Issac blushed.  “And I guess I... sorta met a girl.”


“She’s not like Kellie!” the boy said right away.  “She’s in one of my Chemistry classes!  She’s cute and has glasses and short hair.  Her name’s Marie, she’s really smart and...”

Albert swallowed hard!  “Does she...?”

“She doesn’t use magic on me!  She says she never really developed Powers?  And we haven’t even kissed or anything, but we’ve just been hanging out a lot!  You might see her around here.  I just wanted to let you know.”  

“Um... good.  You deserve it, after what happened.”  Albert got up.  “Well, I should go...”

“Hey, sorry about leaving you at the cabin!  Cara told us you had already left hours ago and-”

“Don’t worry about it.  It all... sorta worked out.”

As he was leaving, Issac stopped him one last time.  

“And hey!   I hate to ask but... our Thermodynamics professor just told us... that Kellie’s going to become a TA for our class?  She already showed up in the lecture yesterday, and she kept crossing and uncrossing her legs in the front row and none of us could remember what the professor was saying- and I felt her um, magic mouths on me, and I think she even put her orgasm blocks on me again!”  He gulped, his face red!  “I just don’t want to cause any trouble with Marie and-”

“I’ll talk to her,” Albert said, standing in the doorway.  “I’ve gotten to know her... a lot better in the last week.”

“Thanks!  I really mean it!”  He looked after Albert as he left.  “Hey, the guys and Marie and I are hanging out later in the cafeteria- we’re planning version two of the drone swarm, Dmitri wants to include lasers, so if you want to come along-” 

“Maybe later,” Albert gulped, hefting his heavy backpack.  “I’ve got a lot of... stuff to catch up on.”

“Oh, okay.  Later then.”

Albert swallowed.  “Later.” 

Albert left the boys’ dorm, walking towards the academic buildings with his heavy backpack.  

And walked right past the tall Physics building, to the low, modern, university dance studio.

Where many tall, smooth-faced, long-legged girls were practicing their stretching in skin-tight leotards in the many mirror-walled practice rooms branching off the main hallway, and Albert just ducked his head and fought not to look as he headed to the room at the end of the hall!

It was cut in half by a thick velvet curtain. 

Albert entered, closed the door, and Brianna immediately peeked her head through a gap in the velvet curtain. 

“You ready?”

Albert blushed, putting his bag down.  “Not yet!”

“Hurry up!  We only have another two weeks to practice, before we’re on stage at the Fall Business Department Talent Show!”

And gulping, blushing, trying to get out of view of the wide glass door that had full view of everything in the studio, Albert stripped out of his shoes and socks.  

And then shirt, and pants.

All without Brianna needing to use a spell at all.

He paused at his underwear however, blushing.  

“Hurry!” she laughed, and Albert felt his caged cock vibrate!

Turning red, he quickly slipped off his briefs to reveal his tight-



-steel chastity cage!

“You look SO much better in the metal,” Brianna giggled, coming through the velvet curtain.

She was barefoot. 

Her lips and makeup done like she was going out on a date.  

Wearing a pink and white striped thong and a short pink crop top that stopped halfway down her breasts, leaving the swell of her amazing lower curves bare.

And a thin silver chain around her naked ankle holding a tiny metal key.

Albert moaned and grabbed his rigid metal cage, looking in awe at the barefooted girl walking towards him on the balls of her feet like a panther.

“Brianna!” he begged, sweating already!  “This cage- gets even tighter than the rubber one!”

“I know,” she panted, turning on the music with a remote in her hand then casually throwing it away.  Lambada beats filled the air.  “That’s what makes it even hotter.”

She had crossed the studio by this point and grabbed the naked boy around the hip and the back of the neck, just as the music beats timed to their choreographed steps started up.  

One, two, three, four-

She pulled the naked boy across the dance floor, her nude feet up on her toes like she was wearing high heels, giggling as she felt him unable to stop peeking at the tiny key hanging from her fast moving ankle!

“Did you enjoy your half an hour of blowjob this morning?”

“YES!” he moaned, his metal cage filling!  “Gigi’s really... GOOD!”

“Yeah, you hit your orgasm block within the first thirty seconds!  It was was really fun to watch!  Maybe tomorrow we’ll blindfold and have ALL the girls suck and if you can’t tell one mouth from the other... no unlockings next week!”


The music kept going, the dancing couple keeping time.  

One, two, three, four-

“And your licking sessions with Cara went okay?”

“YES!” the boy gasped, grabbing her ass as they danced.  It wasn’t strictly Lambada, so a smiling Bri pulled his hands back to her waist.  

“She’s says you’re getting kinda good.  So did Kellie.  But I want a master.  So maybe we do a blindfolded taste test on that too tomorrow?”


She could practically feel the desperation coming off of him!

The ache in his never-emptied balls-

The shiver of humiliation as he heard giggling girls looking in through the door at him-

One, two, three, four-

“So I heard back from CERN today...” she giggled as the music and their steps sped up. She threw one leg around his, kissed his neck, looked him in the eyes, then suddenly pushed him away as their choreography required.

“They gave me an even better offer than they gave Kellie...”

They were dancing in a wide circle now, eyes locked, stalking each other-

“They want me to start at the end of the year, $300k and ten scientists under me.. exactly what I wanted!”  

One, two, three, four-

“They also offered me a private secretary,” she panted, biting her lip as she spun on slow tiptoe with her arms up butt clenched, tits out, a grand prize for him to take-

“Probably some hot French MILF in a short business skirt and smooth nylons to crawl under my desk and to lick my clit between meetings to keep me happy, I’m sure...”

She giggled as the boy gasped as pulled on his metal cage!

They ran together, meeting in the center of the room, Albert taking his prize with his hands, she locking her leg around his possessively

“But I was thinking... I want you to come with me instead.”

One, two, three- SMACK!

The crack of her upward knee slamming into his caged balls at speed always took his breath away, no matter how many times they practiced it!

“Too hard?” she giggled over the hunched boy.

“A little!”

She pulled him back up, forcing the staggered boy to keep dancing in time with the music!

One, two, three, four-

“That’s why we have to keep practicing!  The Judges can use Powers to sense if you’re not really in pain- I have to knee you as hard as the other girls or we can’t win!  I know you can tough it out...”

She kissed him, filling his cock cage almost instantly and making the boy moan and pant.

They started the next cycle, in a wide arc, slowly chasing each other.

One, two, three, four-

“So come with me to CERN.”

“You mean... drop out of school????”


“I can’t!”

“I bet you fucking can,” she giggled, and pulled the waistband of her pink thong halfway down her hips, showing Albert the top of her smooth mound and half of her perfect ass as she spun!

Albert pulled on his cage, trying to keep up with the steps!

“I can’t... leave school- I just started!”

One, two, three, four-

They rushed together again and she let him dip her, her tiny crop top showing Albert but not anyone in the crowd the tips of her cute, pink, rock hard nipples.  

She came back up, lips inches from his.  

“But I kinda love the idea of making you a college dropout.”

One, two, three- SMACK!

“ARRRRGGGH!” he moaned, shuddering and clutching her!  

This time she didn’t even stop to soothe his nuts, just led him around the dance floor, still keeping time to the faster beat.

One, two, three, four- 

Albert could feel his knees going weak!

And in the mirror, see the wet spot forming in the bottom of her panties!

“Just like I love the idea of keeping you a chaste belted virgin until you’re twenty-two...” 

One, two, three, four-

“Or twenty-five...”

One, two, three, four-

“Or- OH FUCK- can you IMAGINE if I kept you totally pussy free- until you’re THIRTY????”

One, two, three- SMACK!

“AHHHHHHHH!” the naked boy wailed, going up on tiptoe and gripping her shoulders, as the laughing girl ground her knee into his trapped nuts even harder!!

“Come to Europe with me!” she begged, wrapping her hot smooth leg around him, kissing him madly, her fingers in his hair.  “I’ll have enough money to set us both up for years... more than you could ever make.  We’ll fly first class to Rome every weekend so you can watch me get railed by two huge-dicked Italian studs at the same time-”

“No!  NO!” Albert begged, his cock expanding, shaking, straining against its metal cage, dripping onto her thigh!

“-maybe I’ll keep the sexy French secretary anyway and she and I can both suck your cock as a team in the mornings together- naked in our matching thigh high stockings- before locking you up in your cage to do your chores for the day!”

She slammed her bare knee into his nuts again, not part of the choreography this time, just because she couldn’t help herself!!!

“Oh fuck Albie, it’s making me hotter every time I think about it!  You’d be a college dropout with no job, no money, no clothes and no erections unless I say!  Every minute you’re not in the cock cage you’ll be in one of our hot happy eager mouths- wouldn’t that be fun??”

Albert felt himself falling off a cliff again!

While naked and wearing a tiny metal chastity belt!

“But I need to have a CAREER!” he begged, pulling at it!  “A life... OUTSIDE of you!!”

Brianna hooked an ankle behind his and took him down, taekwando style. The boy gasped as the controlled impact with the hard wooden floor knocked the air from his lungs!

She landed on top, a knee against his balls, both tits against his face.

“Your career will be licking my slit!  Your life will be finding new and exciting and humiliating ways to make me cum- in front of the other management girls at CERN, after I’ve been with my Italian lovers, and maybe even someday- in front of your parents!

“Wouldn’t Mommy and Daddy be so proud, watching their naked, caged and blue-balled boy crawl between the legs of his older, hotter, smarter, richer, more successful girlfriend and lick her slowly to a screaming orgasm, like he’s the Nobel Prize winner of tongue fucking?!!”

Albert yelled as his cage tried to explode from pressure and the laughing girl shucked off her thin crop top to let her beautiful breasts bounce free as she pulled up her hair, her soaked panties bumping his chin as she straddled his neck!

“NO!  I wanted to be... a physicist!”

The topless girl laughed, panting, straddling him, her nipples rock hard.  

“Albie, I’ll be the managing director of CERN’s physics department... I’ll be able to bring you into any meeting I want...  You’ll learn more in ONE year with me than TEN at this stupid university- as long as you earn it with your tongue in my pussy every SINGLE time I want it!!!”

Their eyes met-

His panicked-

Hers confident-

-and both of them knew he was already going to say yes.

Brianna laughed and sat on his face, pulling her panties to the side to grind her oven-hot, absolutely soaked pussy against his face as the trapped boy moaned and licked and grabbed her ass, trying to keep up!

“Tell me something smart, Nerd,” she giggled, panting and grinding harder on his face as she felt his cage surge.  “Tell me something REALLY fucking smart...”

***THE END***